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  1. Just to add you can buy the Maitreya feet separately from their marketplace store and they are cheaper than buying the equivalent individual slink feet
  2. Is waiting 7 days really that much of an issue? for the short term you can always use a titler that displays floating text of your choice above your head there's plenty of cheap/freebie ones on the marketplace, while creating a group to create a custom title isn't a bad idea you are limited on the amount of characters including spaces you can use on role names i can't remember the amount off hand but your name choice may not fit
  3. It's a region restart LL do this weekly usually Tuesdays for main channel Sims and Wednesdays for RC sims. Private SIM owners can restart their regions any time they like if they are experiencing performance issues or other issues. The yellow box is pretty much self explanatory and just a warning for you to TP elsewhere if you want to avoid being logged out when the sim restarts
  4. I don't resize my pics. i use Photoshop express, I tend to crop my pics if needed or give them a slight enhancement with one of the filters. It automatically saves any edited pic as a JPEG so it's a smaller file size and adds "edited" to the file name to find easily
  5. If you really like their hair keep an eye out on L$50 Friday & Saturday sale there's regularly styles available for L$50
  6. If you want to RP being pregnant there are add on belly's you can buy that do a better bump than can be achieved with appearance sliders, With the boobs that's the only thing that's irked me with the body if you want to go large they are just that bit too squarish in appearance to look natural. I expect the next upgrade will be to make it compatible with BoM. I believe the LeLutka heads which include the same GA skins as Maitreya are have been BoM compatible for quite some time at least the HUD for the most recent demo i have has a BoM section
  7. Hahaha, can't listen to this song with out thinking it sounds like bad sex
  8. If it's encroaching in to LL land they don't seem to mind how much someone encroaches on to their land if a former mainland neighbour of mine is anything to go by if it's land owned by someone else they can return it no matter how slight the encroachment is
  9. You really need a bento head if you do get one before you splash on extra animations go through the ones in the head a suitable expression might be included
  10. If you happen to find your way to Anati you are welcome to have a nosey round my place shouldn't be hard to miss i have a bike dispenser out the front
  11. It looks very much like a hair from Astrology called Hi Sabrina https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hair-by-Astrology-Hi-Sabrina-Colors/12392498
  12. Fashionably Dead do a coat/jumper combo similar the second pic, Jeans COCO group gift, Boots Lapointe & Bastchild
  13. Ettie by Doe might be worth a demo
  14. It's this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/N-Charlotte-Reading-Nook-Sage/9227934 or it looks just like it and is filled with all the books and what not
  15. The group's like Bellisseria citizens are well worth joing for finding things happening on the continent or just to get all the latest Linden/Mole banter about what's going on. Even if you only keep an eye out on the Bellisseria fairgrounds on the map if there's a lot of people there, there's bound to be a resident run event going on. I know so far there's been a Julyfest community day and a particle/light show spectacular
  16. They look like cooling towers from a coal fired power station. Maybe the moles are building a "Drax" power station the power all the homes and building on Bellisseria
  17. Some of the things i've bought lately have included a subscriber script before you are allowed to accept the item you're trying to unpack you have to select yes or no to being part of the store's subscriber list if don't pay attention to the blue dialogue you can end up in a list you wouldn't have clicked on in store
  18. I've never felt the need to use a security system and keep people out, there's almost no such thing as total privacy unless you have your own private region that only allows select people in. In my Linden home I do have the feature set that means people outside my parcel can't see me due to some of my items having adult animations but that's as far as security goes for me. If people decide they want to wander around my home if I'm there or not they are welcome to
  19. Except on very rare occasions jewellery's not something i go out of my way to shop for or specifically shop for most of the stuff i own has been hunt/event freebies. That said i have parted with money on things from Cae https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/55816 the complexity of 2-3 necklaces i wear from there is very reasonable along with 4-5 other jewellery pieces i regularly wear from other places including Zoom & Avaway my total complexity can come in as low as under 40k
  20. Experimented with lighting, it didn't turn out too bad
  21. The marketplace has a dedicated section for selling Gacha products https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=867 you can sell any unwanted Gacha there. If you are looking for a specific gacha type the name in to the search bar there's a chance someone will have the item you want for sale
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