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  1. If no one understandably is going to let him freeload on their home @WilliamJL could always buy a fully furnished property and rezz it whenever he likes in a sandbox
  2. I wouldn't want to see this. This'll be just as bad as the days of when TPV's had their own coloured tags to show other people what viewer you use in the drama it could cause. except it will comes across as "I am considerably richer than you" or "I am superior/more important than you because i am able and willing to be premium"
  3. If you care to broaden your horizons further than Catwa you could try demoing the Genus "Babyface" head. Going by the lip shape it looks like the head from your initial pic
  4. If your viewer allows it make a graphics pre-set for Bellisseria. What ever graphic setting you're using knock it back one or two levels if you're not on the lowest setting make your draw distance low save it and activate it before you teleport. you could also experiment with temporary derendering any trees, plants, shrubs with in view distance in your viewer to see what effect that has on performance.
  5. You could try https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/cheju/67/96/111 it should land you very close to a rez zone on Jeogeot Yava pods stop there too if you don't fancy driving yourself round the continent
  6. Happy New Year and may 2020 be better than 2019 Bit of trivia i saw somewhere: People born in the 80's are the only people to make in to 2020 having lived through two different Millennia, two different centuries and four decades whilst being in their 30's
  7. When i moved to Easton Priory in Bellisseria the person in the home opposite me sent a nice offline welcoming me mentioned they'd cammed round my place and it was nice. On mainland a neighbouring plot has an art museum they've warned me if their going to rezz anything might 'spoil the view' or nicely said they weren't keen that my sky platform was under 1k meters being a nice neighbour i did get it above 1k. other than that i've never really had much interaction with neighbours
  8. Did you land in the water? i believe in the brief time i had a houseboat in the original Squishy Pickle (32x32 plot) the LM landed me in the water and i had to go up to land to access it. if there truly is no boat and the lifebelt isn't rezzing one go with the other advice
  9. I don't think the creator of the sub was being intentionally racist. They probably had no idea of the significance of the flag. It does look like they've tried making a submarine version of the Dukes of hazard car. While I have been aware of what the flag represents, in my part of the world it has been adopted by people into rock & roll music and motorbikes the flag in various forms features quite a lot in the scene with no malicious intent
  10. When i lived in Anati there was a property in either Arabella or Glibson that often had multiple av's on it cammed one and up in the sky is/was a BDSM/sex club
  11. There has been some modernisation to info hubs and welcome centres. In the last year or two LL revamped Idu welcome centre got rid of all the fun stuff and the info hub status on map and Zebrasil info hub has had an update it's less tiki in theme and is now a place you can play for Glytches
  12. The groups themselves can't steal money off you if there is a fee to join a group and you choose to join it you have willingly handed over your money
  13. The Maitreya wasn't designed for plus sized shapes which is why there are bodies like Belleza & Slink Hourglass and TMP Legacy so it appears for people that want a more portly figure. The shape might be quite good but L$5k is a lot to drop on a body that could end up like the previous TMP body. My alt uses a version of that body the HUD works off an external server and is no longer loading up any of the customisation options and someone oh here a while back said the customisation options they obtained had disappeared from their HUD
  14. If you can afford it Premium might be the way to go the "Traditional" and "Victorian" style homes in Bellisseria definitely have the sort of neighbourhood suburb area you're after if you type Bellisseria Fairgrounds or Whiskey Bay in to the map and pan around you'll see the whole continent
  15. I saw something similar just not bright glowing pink on my travels waited a few minutes for it to rezz to see what it was Turned out to be a 32x32 or slightly smaller snowflake emitter looked very out of place compared to the neighbours
  16. The last skybox i used was https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Onsu-Maple-Skybox/15578688 though https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Onsu-Ash-Skybox/15964912 may be more the style you're after
  17. Either learn to live with it or fork out more L$ on another head be sure to thoroughly demo there will be another head i'm sure that gets near to your system head but you can't really get an exact match
  18. I can remember i had no idea where i rezzed in april 2008 as it never loaded up properly and what little that did looked like it could have been help island it wasn't a newbie exclusive area i don't think because a kind soul with more SL knowledge than me gave me LM's to Freebie Dungeon & Freebie Warehouse i opted for the "Girl Next Door" avatar there was another one with dark hair a dress and leggings, one fantasy style and i think one was an animal. The first place i teleported to was Freebie Dungeon where i tried getting to grips with SL it took me a while to understand that i couldn't pick and choose what i wanted out of boxes i had to buy the box to get the whole contents
  19. It's just a style of home nothing says your home has to take on a full on Victorian theme. If you're passing through Easton Priory and happen to wander round my place you'll find it very out of place and awkward for the time period
  20. I've seen that sort if thing amongst the traditional regions there are usually some kind of tree or plant with glow on in a non standard tree colour that hasn't fully rezzed. It does look kinda plant shaped in some areas. kinda glad i don't live near it i think i'd AR it if i did it's a real eyesore. looks like the object is encroaching in to the properties either side the owners might be able to return it
  21. If you have just a Linden home it's free there is no extra costs to pay, on Bellisseria you can have a property in the sky if it is at 2000m or above. If you choose not to have the home you can use your free 1024sqm tier allowance to buy Mainland there is a one time fee per parcel to buy Mainland from another resident or LL if you go over your free tier allowance there is a monthly fee based on how much additional land you own even if just for 1 second. if you no longer want the land you can abandon it or try to sell it. or you can have an old style Linden home or camper on 512sqm and 512sq of Mainland
  22. That terraforming is deliberate the land which so many seem to hate but wouldn't put me off if my draw distance was set high enough to see it is Pyri Peaks its been there years i've enjoyed many a visit. i think it could be seen as a mistake was to put part of Bellisseria so close to this attraction. it would probably be more palatable if it was put nearer to the Middle Eastern style garden in Hanshin in the most north eastern side of Jeogeot
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