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  1. During the time one of my alts used a free Alatmura body where no Alatmura rig was included i found there was better compatibility with Maitreya than any other included body rig. just use the alpha HUD as needed
  2. I understand the desire for wanting to keep the "me" look. I would not rule out demoing all heads offered by known brands like LeLutka, Genus, LAQ, Logo, Catwa, Utilizator etc. anything with BoM (Bakes on Mesh) would be more desirable so you can use your current skin. When i was looking in to heads i didn't want to look too alien to what i'd been used to seeing for more than 11 years having got a bunch of demos went with LeLutka Chloe as just with my regular shape no mods it was more or less "me" just needed a few tweaks to get it how i want It may help to take a head shot put that image on a prim and use it as a guide to see how well any heads you like the look of do at replicating your look. As i spent time saving up the L$5k for my head i took head shots to compare and get used to system head me Vs future mesh head me
  3. I don't know about other viewers but definitely on Firestorm in Prefs > Notifications > Alerts you can stop that from showing up scroll down to "Warn me if my avatar complexity may be too high" click it and click the down arrow to move it in to the "Never show" section
  4. Try the Primpossible inworld store it helps if you have area search and can sort by price lowest first there are a number of chandeliers and ceiling fans set out in the displays that are free take multiple copies if you want they are no copy
  5. I'm not sure it's even possible to make trending come up by default what ever i do it always defaults to following even if i've logged out or exited the page on trending and any content you don't like on following you can remove from your feed The stuff seen in trending has been posted by other users to their own feeds and from what i can make out has received a minimum of two interactions likes/comments from people that have viewed that post
  6. Definitely not this week as has been noted by Patch in the Bellisseria group chat multiple times and not the 7th that's this Saturday. I would not expect there to be a release in the next week or two. When the caravans and Victorians were coming along we could see the land on the map but not go there till very near the release time
  7. Spacious home types they are bigger inside than you think they might be The ability to be frivolous with prims If i could go further Ability to rezz a sky structure at 2000m+ for even more space or to escape ground level lag landscaping Locations Community features/attractions/points of interest No ban lines Roads and the incentive of stepping out your front door and going for a wander with out the houses so close together you feel like a peeping tom or your encroaching someone elses privacy
  8. All my Bellisseria properties have been called "Hesten Acres" it has a nice ring to it, sounds a bit fancy and I've always liked the idea of using the name if I ever got rich enough to have land to rent out
  9. I don't see what the big deal is if you don't want to see what's in trending don't click it if you go on my.secondlife.com it doesn't default to it, if you click home it doesn't go to it, if you click anything other than trending you won't see what's there.
  10. A week or two ago Complex had the sort of boots you're after for L$50 Friday worth checking out the inworld store the they might have a version more like what you're after There's also these from Roc and these from Lapointe & Bastchild that are a bit taller
  11. First pic judging by the boob shape (side on) it looks Maitreya you can buy it inworld from type Maitreya Isle in to map Second pic modify means you can adjust all aspects of the shape if you don't like the nose/lip shape or anything else you can change it to a certain extent if you max or min the sliders the head could potentially look somewhat deformed
  12. I know i have loads of hair not exact numbers though, brands that appear most often in my inventory Elikatira Astrology Truth Doe BonBon Besom
  13. They are Linden Realms (nothing to do with Linden homes) you can access them via the portal park you can't direct TP, there's a few other games and places that can also be accessed from there, not sure what's there these days as i'm not allowed there anymore
  14. There are two good styles I'm tempted by Mountaineer and Overlook not entirely sure I'd give up my Vic to move though I like the master bedroom and ensuite in the Mountaineer but not the box room opposite, not sure what I'd do in the attic space but the openness of downstairs is nice think it would make a great family home In the Overlook the upstairs rooms are just a bit too small I think I would've extended the front upper room in to what is the landing to make it more useable. the downstairs space is good the entry isn't too dissimilar to the Hardy
  15. I would suggest contacting support you may have a problem directly related to your inventory such as a flat inventory they can fix it for you
  16. There's a few bodies that might be suitable BBL https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/YENTEMENTS-BBL-BODY-BETA-25/16977299 Sking marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKING-BRAZILIA-DOLL-KATENA-HD-REGULAR-EDITION/16667600 Eve Ruby https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EVE-Ruby-BOM-Bento-Mesh-body/18935929
  17. If you mean here on the forums, no. If you want to use a different name you'll need an alt account with your desired name
  18. @Meredith8888 @Matty Luminos great job with the heads they don't look too shabby. only discovered them today, the alt using the body has the very basic head that was available at the inworld store think I might be generous enough to spend L$29 getting it something a bit better to try out.
  19. Your profile shows you have payment info (used) which means you could buy the L$100k right now (if trading limits allow) at best buy rate it'll set you back $373.24
  20. Sahara has 3 BoM Bento heads on the marketplace for L$29 each https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/186418 i've not seen them before though me and an alt have versions of the Maitreya compatible body which for reasons i don't know is longer available
  21. As others have said they are Torley regions there used to be a third region that wasn't open to public access it's flickering in and out of view on the world map. Tried to send an alt to the region on the left named Torley it no longer exists. If you've never been there it was a wacky region like stepping in to a weird dream. The one on the right was called Here, wasn't really anything going on there
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