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  1. I just took the first property i could get while it is near a pool which is one of my preferred places/community areas to live near, i'm not wild about the location. if it wasn't for the time it might take to get somewhere with nicer landscaping around it and now being settled in my home i'd try for another place
  2. Most shopping events are very popular or full in their first few days/week then the number of people in the sim starts to tail off, I find the "Region Tracker" in Firestorm useful for seeing how full events i choose to visit regularly are. if your viewer has the option you could always set your viewer to "Show friends only" or in the advanced menu disable "Avatar" rendering when visiting a shopping event.
  3. I've been loving the Kit Kats covered in "Ruby Cocoa" pink chocolate lately and also love peanut butter cups and their seasonal shapes more the peanut butter inside than the choc on the outside British Cadbury chocolate is also very waxy and nasty in taste since the brand got taken over by Kraft/Mondelez whatever it's called now, much prefer Galaxy or Ritter chocolate. Must admit i've never seen Oxtail soup flavour crisps anywhere. They don't exist anymore but i used to like Hedgehog flavour crisps
  4. My name is a mash up i wanted to go with my name but every last name i tried it wouldn't allow me to have. I toyed with some other names even deciding to use the name of the next female singer to come up on the radio but i couldn't commit to any them before having the bright idea i'd mash the two names together. When it came to a last name i picked one i could remember how to spell and liked i can recall several names similar sounding to mine that i would've picked being in the list Hesse, Hester & Heston. Since Hesse & Hester didn't sound quite right it was a toss up between the "en" or "on" spelling variants, Hesten felt more like a last name spelling so i went with it
  5. I blame the alts 😄 i think they're jealous that they don't as much inworld time
  6. It's the same on the inworld map too unless on max zoom been like that a few months
  7. If i know i'm going to be AFK longer than 30 - 45 mins i will TP home and log out. Whilst i'm always dressed when i log out occasionally when i next log in parts or most of my outfit has detached it's self
  8. The feet and lack of resize have always been somewhat of a downside, however i have tried on alts bodies with feet that can be resized in edit mode and the feet only look good and correct within a specific value range. if i remember right on the TMP feet the optimum foot slider value is 45 anything below 40 and above 50 looks weird. Traditionally in the days of system feet, shoes were made for a foot size of 0 you could go lager but your feet would look like ogre feet
  9. I have not known of any offer where you'd get the L$1000 sooner than 45 consecutive days of being premium only discounted quarterly plans. As well as the L$1000 i also recall getting another small bonus of around L$250 the first time i went premium many years ago for paying with Paypal i don't know if that still happens
  10. I don't know where you get the idea being 1.86m (6"1) is impossible with Maitreya i use that body and am exactly that height in SL and i have been far taller 7ft plus when i first made the transition from a system body to Maitreya. The body can handle any height it's only shapes where you might want lots of padding where a curvy body would be a better option
  11. I'm going to guess you look like this It's just one of those weird glitchy things that sometimes happens in SL, it last happened to one of my alts up in my basic studio using my own pose stand the posing script is a commercially available one that uses a blue menu to auto or manual cycle through poses & rotations, turn 180 or show and/or hide the stand & text which any pose stand you own might use. hoping off and on again will cure it. What Skell said is also very plausible it's not uncommon for items that can be worn to unpack to have a hold pose in them that makes you look awkward after removing
  12. There's lots of brands out there the ones i can think of off the top of my head are LeLutka, Laq, Logo, Catwa, Genus, Utilizator, Meli Immako (full perm)
  13. The most popular/widely created for head brands will set you back between L$5,000 & L$5,500 if you absolutely love a head in this price range and you can't afford it in one go save, don't buy a head you're not entirely happy with because it's more affordable as you'll never be entirely happy with it and will end up spending more money on your dream head anyway I believe the free eBody's still only allow you to use the built in skins so while you could use any brand out there i think the problem you're going to have is finding an applier that matches the eBody skins or a head whose built in skins can be tinted to mach eBody
  14. Unless the Beta body is dramatically different to the current body i don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to get the two items to work together
  15. I've never seen availability of a Beta body at either the Maitreya or LeLutka stores where Lara is sold. I have seen one or two mentions of Beta on product images this would have been from when Lara was no doubt in the Beta phase before mesh bodies entered my radar. Given the updates Lara has had over it's time if you don't have older versions of the body there's no way to get them
  16. The hunt gift uses CasperVend to dish out the gift, your friend could try a redelivery terminal or the redeliver option on any vendor in stores that use Casper vendors to load a web page that will show all items that can be redelivered
  17. I don't think i pull off teddy bear ears anywhere near as well as @Patch Linden does 😎
  18. If someone does go AWOL from SL and their tier isn't being paid after a period of time access to the land parcel will be blocked anything rezzed will remain for a week or so owners might be able to retrieve their objects via neighbouring land otherwise the land gets cleared by a Linden i have seen Guy Linden doing things connected to abandoned land in my home sim and objects are returned to their owners the land reverts to Governor Linden ownership before it's auctioned or sold on
  19. I thought it still was Michael's home it's described as such, it's a great place to explore around
  20. Yes. When i first started in SL i wanted to look like RL that went out the window when i was first introduced to prim flexi hair and seeing everyone was way taller than me. So i made myself just as tall made a shape i was happy with based on RL, with the odd tweak here and there. since getting a mesh body i have evolved myself to be less tall (still way taller than RL) and upped the fat sliders to reflect my current RL size. other than shape i have kept my skin and eye colour inline with RL along with many things i wear. clearly my hair is not a natural real colour i got a style that came in a shade called rose as soon as i tried it i thought that's my shade and have always gone with brands that do a similar colour
  21. If you find Vegemite palatable you should look out for Marmite only differences it tastes nicer (i think) and it's sticky rather than thick paste
  22. Oh dear i'd face getting wiped out then, my skybox is lower than 1000m only because the particular teleport pads i use won't work if they are more than a certain distance apart
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