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  1. Nar Mattaru has a nice skin for LeLutka Evolution, Catherine, and it comes in pale tones with all different brow colours as well as no brows. My pic. In addition, Pink Fuel has just released a new skin for LeLutka Evo and it definitely comes in pale tones.
  2. Great post! Siddean Munro made some videos showing how to make alphas in both Photoshop and GIMP for anyone who is interested. These videos do not just apply to the Slink Redux bodies.
  3. It's fine if you can get it for the 2500L sale price. I would not pay full price for it. Maitreya still has a lot more clothing options so you really need to factor that in especially if your style preferences run to anything that isn't completely mainstream. The HUD can be really laggy which is a nuisance and it requires you to have all your media settings turned on to use.
  4. Really worried about this? Make sure the person you are roleplaying with has payment info used and that their account is so old they could not possibly be underage any longer (10 years plus). Then just hope they haven't logged into their mother's account to play 🤣
  5. Lots of people do this. It isn't cheap but a lot of people make an income from it because they don't want to run a store themselves. Some of the full perm sellers on the marketplace and in world take custom orders too if you look at their profiles.
  6. That dance is from Bits and Bobs if anyone is looking to buy it for themselves. I have it in my dance ball at home, I love it Something I like doing for dates is going dancing at places we wouldn't normally go, and dressing in theme. This is really fun and gets a few laughs. Both hate country music? Great! Dress in your best country and western gear (maybe grab a cheap hat) and go to a country venue anyway, guaranteed you will have a great time bonding together.
  7. Not sure if this is a troll post but I will take it in good faith. Yes it is cheating. Online affairs can be just as devastating to your partner as real life affairs. What matters is the affect it has on the other person, not that it occurs in a virtual world.
  8. alaskametro also has a gift skin for the Lilly head, for group members only (50L join fee but there are some other great gifts too). I'll also mention that when you demo the makeup at alaskametro they are actually "testers" with fully functional shades included, well worth a look if you want some more makeup options for your Lilly head.
  9. I have 2 accounts who receive the 500L per week stipend. I'm in the habit of checking who is around me when I attend events or go dancing and such (I like reading profiles). It is rare that I see anyone older than me out socialising in world. My friends list includes a lot of older players and only a couple log on now. But I know there are quite a few on the forums who pre-date me.
  10. *By Swirly* is giving out a free BOM skin and shape for LeLUTKA Lilly till the end of the month, no group required.
  11. Prim building, and the amazing prim builders that we lost with the introduction of mesh. I feel that in some ways SL lost a great deal with the introduction of mesh. A lot of creators have a solely commercial rather than community focus now. I'm not saying that you shouldn't make money from SL, of course not. But in the past, people came to SL, participated in the community and were inspired to create with the tools that were available to us all. Shopping malls and shopping sims, rather than events. Yes, some of them were gaudy, but there were some really good ones too. Hell, just give m
  12. Have you tried online tools like this? https://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/ There's a few of them out there.
  13. Unless I needed to get a larger parcel to accommodate that person moving in with me, I don't see why they would need to make a contribution. I have the land anyway, I have been paying for it quite happily. I have never asked a partner to contribute to my tier, I don't see that that would change if I was renting. Maybe people who move from some kind of 30L rental to a proper home that is going to be a big difference in cost when they get a partner may need to talk about this stuff.
  14. Guessing this is for furniture, since you mentioned animation menus. This should do what you want and it integrates with AVSitter, it is very hard to find anything off the shelf that works with that. I have made a bed with themes, different textures, and coloured glow using this. It does sub menus to avoid things getting too confusing I believe, but I did not need to use those. Marketplace link, and a link to the documentation so you can check all the features too. There is also an in world store so you should be able to see it in action. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Black-Tulip-S
  15. My horror interior at Iris. I promise it can't really be seen from outside and the outside building fits in nicely with the sim. My outside area there, with rides and dancing. I like to hangout there with my partner but it is open to anyone and both my house and this space get a fair bit of traffic from new people, including last night's day old naked lady with a hat who enjoyed dancing in my living room. Don't live right near an infohub if you like privacy.
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