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  1. Kiosk spam - is this something that can be abuse reported?

    Oh that's really great, I had no idea you could do that, thanks!
  2. I've found my main and several of my alts added to a store subscriber kiosk, and now receive lots of spammy notices from the store owner on my accounts. I did not sign up for this, have never been to the store before, never purchased so much as a demo or freebie of theirs from the marketplace on any of my accounts, the stuff the store sells is terrible. I went to the store and found the kiosk and from the hovertext I can see there are literally thousands of names being sent notices but there is no way to unsubscribe. I guess I could send owner a notecard asking them to unsubscribe me but I just blocked them instead because it was faster and someone who conducts their business in such a questionable way may not care to remove me anyway. But anyway, as per the title, is the person doing this breaching the TOS in any way? Thanks.
  3. Unfair ban from a region

    Not all landlords offer refunds. If you would like to have any chance of getting your money back, I would suggest that any correspondence you have with the landlord be very polite and apologetic and that you don't try to argue that what you were doing was OK (hint - it wasn't), because that is just going to annoy them and make them less likely to refund you.
  4. Unfair ban from a region

    Private landowners can ban you for any reason, or no reason at all. Most people really hate spam. Oh yeah, you might want to get rid of that business name from your post too, it's against the rules.
  5. Full Perm Fair

    If you use full perm items to make stuff, even just for texturing, yes it is. Sellers usually have new releases and discounted items.
  6. LL Policy for Gacha Games is a need

    The OP seems to focus on gacha resellers as those who play machines for the primary purpose of profiting from reselling gachas on the marketplace. There are many people who resell gachas who do not play gachas for that reason, we just end up with so many extras in our inventory that the easiest thing to do is shove a heap of them on the marketplace and hope they sell so we can get back some of the lindens we've spent. Oh, the creator hates resellers and really meant for their items be traded? Please, who is going to spend all their time in SL sitting in groups hoping that someone wants to trade for that common item that everyone has 10 of already. List it on the marketplace and forget it, but do the right thing and put it in the correct category. Anyway, one thing I certainly agree with the OP on is gacha creators who use those despicable delete on rez scripts. You are going to destroy items your customers have bought and paid for because you assume they are thieves? Well, not only is your malicious little script ineffective against theft, you can be sure I won't be shopping at your store again, and I'll be telling all my friends to avoid your business as well. The worst example of gacha creator paranoia I have seen was a no copy / no mod / no transfer bodysuit with a delete on rez script. That person must have really hated their customers.
  7. HUD Texture Changer Script

    Not in world to check for sure, but from memory if the UUID is unencrypted it shows up in the description of the HUD prims you use to select each texture (if it is encrypted you will see some random text instead). So all people have to do is edit and inspect your HUD object to steal the textures you are using.
  8. Help with Weight Painting Issue

    It would be best if you don't link to tutorials by copybotters that contain links to pirated dev kits and software. Edit your post.
  9. HUD Texture Changer Script

    Is this for items you plan to sell? If so, I would suggest looking for a script that will encrypt / encode your texture UUIDs. These will be more expensive than the scripts that leave the UUIDs visible to customers. Brands that sell scripts with this feature include PXL, KinetikTech and .:*BoSH*:. but I am sure there are more. If you are happy to leave your texture UUIDs visible, there are lots of cheap scripts available on the Marketplace, just search for "texture change HUD" and find something at a price you are happy with that has a few decent reviews. These scripts will cover off both the mesh object and the HUD. As for ease of use, if you find using the script confusing, setting up a really big and complex HUD probably should not be your first project, do something basic first (eg a mesh object with only one face).
  10. Could Someone Explain About the Ears, Please?

    It looks to be this one
  11. Sour stomach - broken heart

    The repeated postings of similar tales from new accounts makes me suspect that this is a man who is trying to force others to read his fetishistic fantasies. But I am cynical.
  12. clothing creator for kemono

    For prices, think along the lines of how much people would earn per hour in a decently paying real life job. You may find people who would be willing to do something for less because they are young and desperate for lindens, or because it sounds like a really fun project, but anyone who can produce decent work is going to charge realistic prices because they can. Work is work whether it's done for SL or the real world.
  13. Need Feedback - Photo Service

    Absolutely, it most definitely is not a case of just taking a screenshot. When I had one of my avatars photographed for an ad by a professional SL photographer, it took a whole lot longer than I expected it would. Getting the composition and lighting right is really important, and then there is the creative (and fun) side too - most of the very best photographs on Flickr have clearly had a lot of thought put into them as far as creative design is concerned. You don't take an amazing SL photograph by just standing an avatar in front of a green screen, grabbing a screenshot and doing a little editing in Photoshop.
  14. Merchants, Marketplace, Events et al -- the state of the nation

    I believe they dropped promoting a major event due to the bad behaviour of the organiser. Events and sales don't have to pay for advertising, but they can choose to do so if they want extra coverage, for example being featured at the top of the page.
  15. clothing creator for kemono

    Nobody is going to do custom work for 500 linden. That's $2.00.