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  1. Slink now has 4 BOM heads for men. They are priced at 2k each, which is pretty affordable compared to most competitors.
  2. Terrible to read about the emotional toll this took on the Genus owner over these months. So glad to hear this is over. Yes they did update to BOM and I find a lot of skins look really good. I am currently using a Genus head on my main (though like you I am not a fan of the HUD) and Lelutka Evo on my alt.
  3. I would never run around wearing that many attachments, but I have certainly made a few outfits for photos and hit the attachment limit.
  4. Woman here, posting as requested. This is a picture of my alt.
  5. Disagree with what? I didn't say it's not offensive in SL, or that some people are not offended by it. If I thought that, I would not have even noticed it or commented on it. The point is, that unlike in real life, it is comparitively well accepted AND rewarded by people favouriting pictures of avatars who do it. Same as people getting their kicks creating pictures of abused female avatars, which is offensive as hell to any woman who has experienced domestic violence, or those who have been impacted by it (ie a large number of people). And well known events are happy to accept morally question
  6. I was just thinking something similar the other day, about how some things that are definitely not OK in real life are just fine in SL. Take cultural appropriation. We all know now that if we are white and wear items that have great significance to other cultures, we are going to cop a lot of flack about it. But if you have a white avatar on SL and want to take a pretty picture for your Flickr, the sky is the limit! Make that white avatar a geisha, or put her in a Native American headdress. Nobody will bat an eyelid and you'll get heaps of faves. And kink! It's perfectly OK for your avata
  7. Had some fun messing around in Photoshop on this one.
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reorfin/156/92/40 Priced to sell at only 6.9L per metre.
  9. Changed my look. No more pale skin and white hair. And its time to make use of all the sci fi stuff in my inventory.
  10. I had a guy start talking to me at a dancing venue recently, and almost immediately he demanded to know my real life age. I refused to tell him and asked him if he trampled all over every woman's boundaries in this manner. He then accused me of being insecure for not telling him my age. On the contrary, having boundaries is a sign of healthy self esteem. My close friends in SL know quite a bit about me. Strangers have no reason to know anything.
  11. No way would I buy something presented like that. It looks terrible and it indicates that you don't take your business seriously. There's an easy solution though, just ask for help in the appropriate section of the forum. You will probably find someone who owns the correct full version of the head who is willing to model for you in exchange for receiving your products for free.
  12. And how lucky we are that it only took one major massacre for that to happen.
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