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  1. I saw an amazing picture on Flickr of a beautifully decorated venue with all these great Cuban buildings, they looked to be exceptionally high quality builds so I went straight there to see who had made them in the hope that they could be purchased somewhere. Of course they were damn backdrops. I am definitely noticing the trend too and it's annoying me, being teased with the facade of what could be a beautiful place to live.
  2. I'm in Tasmania, Australia and the furthest place from me is Newfoundland followed by Spain. I guess the furthest conversations I have had would be Canada and the UK.
  3. (Yummy) by Polyester Partridge has great stuff. https://www.flickr.com/photos/polyesterpartridge/
  4. It looks like the Violent Seduction Comtesse dress to me.
  5. I've left for extended periods of time before, so in a way it would be like that. I would save money, but also probably regret the money I had spent on land. The biggest thing for me would be concern for friends who rely on SL for their livelihoods.
  6. LeForme does some really great skins, lots of character, and they don't neglect paler skin tones like most designers do. Prices are also quite good. I would also recommend Pink Fuel, good support for a range of mesh heads. alaskametro also has a couple of stunning skins that are a real bargain.
  7. Try alaskametro. Beautiful makeup and she does Omega.
  8. A very comprehensive reply to that question is in this thread
  9. I would love to use the official Second Life viewer. If they would just add in a few of the handy Firestorm features that I use every single day, I would definitely use it. On the occasions that I have had to use it for mesh uploads, or to try beta releases for BOM and such, I just can't use it for very long without the features I depend on in Firestorm. It would be great if it was a lot more customisable but perhaps they just don't want new users breaking things.
  10. A lot of builders tend to hang on to these sort of things for personal projects, but has anyone seen any really imaginative buildings for sale on the marketplace or in world, highly creative stuff that has just made their jaw drop? Here's an older work that is the kind of thing I'm talking about, it's on the marketplace (for 1 linden) and unfortunately it's way to big for any land that I own. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Sea-Hole-Big-Monster-Fish-Shop-Building/7760639 Thanks for your ideas!
  11. This is a shopping request, not a scripting one.I'm looking for good looking pre-built systems like Curio Obscura's Anywhere Doors. Things that you could use to get from a ground location to a store in a sky, for example. Does anyone know of any? Thanks.
  12. What is your reason for suggesting this, besides trolling?
  13. You'll want a bento head that looks like Ruth then. Heads with very unique features tend to move too far away from the Ruth shape and using the sliders has less, or no, effect on the head and it is difficult to create a shape that looks like anything but that mesh head. I am sure someone could give a technical explanation for that. The <UTILIZATOR> Normie Head is pretty close to the standard SL avatar head, and will give you lots of room to move with most sliders. It might be worth trying a demo to see if you can create a suitable shape with it. It is cheap and Omega compatible.
  14. I'm not judgmental of people who haven't updated their avatar in 10 years. If I hadn't updated mine I would have saved a lot of money. I have over the years been friends with a number of people completely disinterested in SL fashion who have been quite attached to their early appearance. I think it's sweet. I am judgmental of how some people choose to present their avatars in certain locations though. I was looking at Zooby babies the other day and amongst the crowd there was all sorts of BDSM gear more suited to a sex sim, and a guy with a nazi tattoo (never appropriate) who was there to accessorise his baby. Poor virtual babies. I also strongly dislike nudity at shopping events, I don't mean changing clothes, I mean avatars just walking around with nothing on but body oil or whatever. Come on people, we are trying to shop here! Oh, and the dumbinants at shopping events with all their near naked subs on leashes, really not the time or place. I know I have been judged on my avatar appearance, based on IMs from guys telling me what I could do to be hotter (mainly ditch the pale skin, look less scary). Those are bonds I am happy to miss the chance of forming.
  15. Yes it definitely does work. You can make appliers using temporary textures, and the applier texture will update just like any other temporary texture when you make changes to your image file. I usually do this with the Omega applier. You just need a script that spits out the UUID of a texture on the face of a prim, then paste that UUID into the Omega applier script. The Slink Clothing Creating Kit will also allow you to use temporary textures but I am not sure about other bodies' kits. It is extremely useful when you need to make many tiny changes to an applier garment or skin. As for lining up seams, well fishnet, what a nightmare, but generally with patterns where you absolutely cannot reduce detail, as Chic said the warp tool or equivalent. I find as I work I can see by looking at the UV template where things need to go, but with fishnet, well........
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