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  1. I have everything organised on my hard drive, too. I rarely use my SL purchased textures "as is" in world, they all end up being edited in Photoshop, becoming part of new textures for clothing or builds. I don't go all out with a spreadsheet to organise them but they are in folders by type of texture, with descriptive names and it is pretty easy to find what I need. I still keep them in my inventory and it is very easy to find the in world version of a texture just by searching for the name.
  2. Perhaps use the Eloh Eliot male skin template. It is licensed under the MIT license so would be suitable for the scenario you describe. http://eloheliot.blogspot.com/2008/01/lf0y-psds.html
  3. Eloh Eliot made free, open source skin templates. You can get them here https://www.outworldz.com/download/ They are very good templates to begin with because they contain a lot of shading in individual layers. Marketplace templates are of unknown legitimacy and generally contain a flattened skin layer with some makeup layers, and of course they are expensive.
  4. I use lots of different Omega skins with my LAQ heads, heaps of skins work with them. If you want a head that will have wide support for the things you are looking for though, you may be forced to go Catwa. I believe they have a couple of anime looking faces too.
  5. I put together an outfit this morning with hair, clothes, shoes and makeup - wearing a Slink bakes on mesh head and Slink Redux bakes on mesh body my complexity was under 25k. Although I am super excited to wear my old stuff, lowering avatar complexity is a huge benefit of BoM too.
  6. Well I just got excited because one of my favourite skin stores updated to bakes on mesh. Went to the store thinking that "update" meant that you could get an update if you had purchased the applier version, but they are selling the bakes on mesh skin separately, so you basically need to buy the same skin again at a price of close to 1000L. So this is going to be a thing now, I guess. No thank you.
  7. Aw, you would think there would be Linden cake! I'll bake you one, from prims, complete with original LL textures. I warn you, it will taste like saw dust. Thanks for inspiring my love of the mainland, by the way.
  8. Just use your asymmetry harness, which is in your Redux package. It has a HUD which will let you alpha out parts of the arm, getting around the limitations imposed by the SL UV map. You can also use the harness if you want to wear a tattoo on just one arm.
  9. I have finally been able to get my male alt looking the way I want after god knows how many years. He was previously wearing an extremely expensive head from a well known store and I was very unhappy with it. Slink released a new BoM male head, and I got a system skin, Cain from Lure (which also has some appliers in it). His hair is from No Match and you can't see much of it but the jacket is from Contraption. He doesn't really have any system clothes to show off, I think back when I made him I used to just put him in leather pants and boots and call it a day!
  10. I've had a chance to play around a bit more with my new Slink head, absolutely loving playing with BoM. I dug out some old system skins, this is one by Mynerva that isn't for sale anymore but it doesn't look that different to what she currently has in store. The cute hair is by Lamb. This is a pretty colourful look for me, I better get back to the pale skin and hair soon I think!
  11. I had an interesting experience demoing a "bakes on mesh" system skin today. It was part of a package that had appliers and I noticed that it said "Bakes on mesh - head only". I tried it on and it really was head only, the body skin was the standard LL skin texture from Ruth! You were expected to use appliers (sold separately) for the body. Well that's just great, I use a bakes on mesh body so if I buy the skin, I can have a pretty face and Ruth for the body, no other option since we can't wear 2 skins. I don't know what that creator was thinking but they definitely are not BoM ready. Creators really don't want to move away from that model of charging separately for head and body skins I guess. I'm aware of another designer who is selling BoM head and body skins separately by offering a body skin with a blank face, and the face as a tattoo layer. Give it up already, just sell us a whole skin. Oh, and then there's the creators who say they offer a BoM version but don't include it in the demo so you have no idea what it is going to look like. Applier demos are no good to me if I am wearing a BoM head.
  12. I'm going to say no, as she doesn't discuss any SL products on her blog anymore. Hopefully someone else does one but I'm not sure who else has a similar following and does more than take pretty pictures.
  13. I got a(nother) new head! I haven't touched anything yet, this is the default shape and skin. It's Amelia from Slink, bento and bakes on mesh. There are so many new heads in the store it was hard to choose. I am sure I will look very different tomorrow when I get time to play with the shape and try out all my system skins.
  14. I regularly forget that I am in SL and leave it running with my avatars standing in their homes. I've taken long naps and even gone into town shopping. I don't leave my PC on overnight though.
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