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  1. Stephanie Misfit

    being blocked from a destination

    Mine certainly is not. It's more a collection of memories than anything else.
  2. Stephanie Misfit

    being blocked from a destination

    I got kicked and banned while looking for rental land a while back. I messaged the owner to ask why, and it turns out it was because of my profile. My profile says I'm Truth Hawk's mistress and a "hardcore Gorean" and she didn't want that sort of person living on her land. Obviously, those things in my profile aren't true, Gor is misogynistic and Truth isn't that silly, but people can make judgments based on what is in your profile and be unwelcoming as a result.
  3. Stephanie Misfit

    Small house with 3-4 rooms

    Roost has some. Convair has one that I really like, the Pinewood Cottage. I have it on a 512 lot, it just fits so it would work really well on a 1024 with landscaping. Bee Designs is sure to have something, I don't own any of those houses yet but I have been to look at them a lot and they are quite nice. I am very fond of Glas Houses by Sandy Glas, particularly for the mid-century modern houses. They have rooms. I'm really not a fan of the trend for one room houses either, it's particularly annoying when you find something really pretty.
  4. Stephanie Misfit

    Quality Cyberpunk/Sci-fi fashion

    I thought I would add some more stores in case people look at this thread for reference. I'll also mention, when I find that sci-fi armor is too revealing, I wear an applier catsuit / bodysuit underneath it to get a full armor look. I'm just going to write store / creator names for people to search for in world and on the marketplace. This is female clothing focused. -> A&Y: Anabel Crystal - clothing, hair, footwear and accessories - cyberpunk focus -> Graves: Jackie Graves- sci-fi and cyberpunk clothing, a lot of it has a fetish style but plenty is covered up. Usually comprised of appliers plus mesh accessories. -> Meli Imako- full perm marketplace seller, has quite a number of sci-fi armors and outfits that you will find some sci-fi sellers use for their work -> Isil: Isilmeriel- creator of sci-fi buildings and furniture who also has some jumpsuits in store, and I believe accessory gachas -> Stargazer Creations: Aggie Mactavish- clothing, skins -> Have Unequal: HaveUnequal- small amount of sci-fi outfits -> Bare Rose: June Dion- after all these years you can still find everything at Bare Rose. Everything is no copy. Some of the older sculpt outfits have been updated to include Maitreya appliers - watch in horror as your ARC skyrockets to 900k. Pretty great for photos though and super cheap, and there are a few new mesh items too. -> ROSAL: Tsarina Mint- worth mentioning for the amazing Viron set -> r2: rei2 Aya- full sci-fi outfits, usually very revealing. Shove a full applier bodysuit on underneath and many of them work really well. -> ANTINATURAL[+]: Collaboration between Anxiety and Cureless- Has some sci-fi clothing and accessory gachas -> Neurolab Inc.: ono Zinner - lots of sci-fi / cyberpunk accessories, there are some newish mesh catsuits for Maitreya etc, I have not tried them as they are a bit ...... erotic for my tastes
  5. Stephanie Misfit

    Drag queen's insipired outfit

    Few days later answering this but here are some additions to existing suggestions. For makeup, you are definitely going to want to check out Dotty's Secret by Yannick568 Sands. His work is fun and really well done, lots of over the top stuff for drag queens but some of it is just cool if you want a dramatic look too. I think that some of the hair from Vanity Hair would work really well in creating a drag queen look, really big updos and beehives.
  6. Stephanie Misfit

    What mesh bodies do you use?

    Yes, my alt wears Isis and I have noticed when shopping for her that a lot of designers are leaving it out now and just creating for Freya and Venus. I have Maitreya, all Belleza bodies and Kemono on this toon. I much prefer Belleza to Maitreya (and would also prefer the Tonic and Slink bodies which I own on other toons) but feel like I have to wear Maitreya most of the time as it's hard enough to find the style of clothing I like, let alone find it for a range of bodies. I purchased it begrudgingly.
  7. Stephanie Misfit

    What is Your Favorite Style?

    For furniture, usually mid-century modern, but I am also drawn to cute and quirky stuff. It depends which house I am decorating. For clothing, sci-fi or post apocalyptic. Always with pale skin and white hair. SL has been getting better at meeting my clothing style. Good sci-fi clothing and accessories are a bit easier to find now. I could do with a few more good quality pale skin appliers, particularly for the Genus head.
  8. Stephanie Misfit

    Market Place and Gacha resales

    I didn't know about it till a couple of days ago. I wonder if large sellers who are used to listing in other categories even know that it is there. I sell my excess gachas on the marketplace and will certainly make use of it. I know as a customer I hate having to sift through gachas when I am searching the marketplace, and if I am shopping for gachas I always search by the name anyway.
  9. Stephanie Misfit

    Why beginners don't learn the basics first?

    I think you identified the problem.
  10. Stephanie Misfit

    Voice or Text?

    I have yet to try Second Life's voice feature. I've been around since 2006.
  11. Stephanie Misfit

    List of shops with content for Tonic bodies

    Thanks for all your hard work on this!
  12. Stephanie Misfit

    Very short blue hair

    Bear in mind that Rezology can be a bit hit and miss. Cheap, yes, but some of hair is not rigged quite right and sits rather high above the head (on account of it being made for another platform than SL). Others are fine but you won't know until you buy them.
  13. Stephanie Misfit

    Wanted: Custom Skin

    TMP products can only be configured via the style HUD which connects to an external database. Only approved designers can make appliers for the TMP bodies so if you want a custom skin for the body, you would need to approach one of those designers, they are listed on the TMP website. A lot of the stores would be closed now, many of them probably wouldn't do custom work, and the ones that would may be expensive.
  14. Stephanie Misfit

    Creating clothes in second life.

    This is a tutorial that shows you one way you can texture full perm mesh templates, using the AO maps as mentioned above. The tutorial uses Photoshop but I am guessing the general principles would apply to GIMP as well. It's probably also worth mentioning that if you buy rigged full perm clothing to texture, you will not be able to attach another unrigged mesh object to it (like the reindeer head you mentioned), so that can be a bit of a limiting factor, but you can still have a bit of individuality by being creative with your textures and by making outfits that use pieces from different mesh creators. As a lot of people use the same full perm mesh templates, you need to make your final product stand out from the crowd a bit. OH, and be aware that there are some disreputable sellers of full perm mesh clothing templates on the marketplace who sell stolen work, have a good look at the seller's store before purchasing, check reviews, make sure that any logos in the item images match the seller.
  15. Stephanie Misfit

    Sci-Fi landscaping/builds

    Reality Designs has full perm sci-fi plants and other assorted sci-fi stuff. Athena Creations also sells a lot of full perm sci-fi bits and pieces. Milk Motion had the Unknown Planet gacha which was a rocky sci-fi landscape with volcanos and stuff, not sure if it's in their store but I am sure people are selling it on the marketplace. Not sure if it is what you have in mind but going through my inventory it's the only full sci-fi planet landscape I can find and I have a lot of sci-fi stuff. Other stores that are not sci-fi but that sell a few quality pieces are Culprit and Mad Pea. Culco has had some sci-fi house and furniture gachas.