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  1. Hi all, I am after some nice couples tango dances. There are a few at Henmations but not quite what I am after. Anyone know any stores? Thanks
  2. My main house is in Iris, near the infohub and SL Public Land Preserve. I get a lot of people wandering in if I am on the ground. I find it quite nice, chatting with unexpected people, many of whom are in SL for the first time. I try to help them out if they need it. My skybox has an orb though. On the odd occasion when I have been working on a platform way up in the sky, minding my own business, and suddenly someone appears on top of my head, I do think that is a bit rude and it usually isn't brand new people who do that either. But on the ground, especially on the mainland, I don't have an expectation of privacy.
  3. Well, hello neighbour! You are right near me there in Iris. It's the greatest spot.
  4. Bumping this to say that Catwa currently has a unisex gift head, available on her sim. Look it up in search. Limited time and the sim is full right now.
  5. I only shop for fairly niche styles on my male alt but I'm finding the designers who make that no longer support Slink. I'd much rather use that body but he's pretty much stuck to older clothes now if I am to use it. I believe it is the same case for mainstream men's clothing too, many designers dropping support for Slink. The only thing to do is look for slightly older clothing releases, there is still a lot to buy, just not all the brand new stuff at events.
  6. Into latex right now. BigBeautifulDoll has some great stuff. And as always, the white hair (from Olive) but I did get adventurous and wear pink for a few days.
  7. I can't believe anyone would even attempt to sell a skin without a demo and that they could get into a major event using this practice. I would buy anything else without demoing it before I would buy a skin. I've been trying a lot of BoM skins lately and cannot believe how different from the picture a lot of them look on my my avatar, even though they may not neccessarily be bad skins. Then of course, there are the skins with the morphed ads, and the just plain bad skins.
  8. I've bought shapes, particularly when I get sick and tired of the one I am wearing and can't be bothered making my own. I won't pay ridiculous prices for a shape but I don't mind paying someone a few hundred linden when I can't be bothered doing it myself, and I know of a couple of stores who consistently make good shapes at reasonable prices and market them well. I can get behind supporting those people.
  9. Tonic Fine is a lovely, delicate slim body, Tonic has also recently released an addon with different breast shapes for their bodies.
  10. I don't want to be that person who says "look on the marketplace". But there are seriously heaps on there and it is going to be the best place to look because hardly anybody is releasing new shoes for TMP and the marketplace is always the best place to look for older stuff. There is some really nice stuff to be found if you search for TMP under Apparel - Women's - Women's Footwear then go through the different sub categories for styles.
  11. That is very generous of you. I wish you all the best moving into the mesh body market.
  12. Well, why wouldn't you want to play as a female in SL? It's loads of fun exploring fashion and I'm sure there are tons of guys enjoying SL the same way you do. Enjoy your quest for friendship and I hope you find some fantastic fashionistas.
  13. Tonic has some young looking heads and the skins that come with them are really nice too. I generally go with LAQ for a youthful look. LOGO heads are very well proportioned, no overdone features or implant style lips. Just make sure whatever you go for has Bakes on Mesh compatibility and then you aren't limited in your choice of skins so much, and learn how to mess around with the shape sliders to make something you are happy with it. Sometimes just small changes to a few of the sliders will make your head look much prettier.
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