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  1. I left SL for a few years and came back to find some of my inventory lost. Fallingwater's flowers were among the irretrievable items. I am still disappointed about that.
  2. Yes, Tasmanian here. I used to have a lot of other Australian friends in SL but most have left now, I still come across a few. You'd probably have to be specific about your interests for anyone to help you with hangout spots. Personally, I hang out on my work platform so that isn't useful.
  3. Dakota Buck's Whippet and Buck (and Savvy before that). Gorgeous hand textured clothes. Some of it is still available on the marketplace but I want new things! Dakota was my platonic SL partner for over 12 years. She even stayed partnered to me when I left SL for several years. She hasn't logged into SL for ages. Saeya Nyanda's Kyoot, I miss her work, great creativity and skill. The last day I saw her online she was quite insistent that she will not return to SL to make more things.
  4. Try visiting The Velvet Thorn in world. You can find it in search. The sim isn't always busy but they have lots of events and a group to join.
  5. Slink male body is less toned than its competitors and may be worth demoing to see if you can get the look you want. It uses BOM. Legacy also uses BOM, Signature too, Jake via a relay you can pick up in the store.
  6. You can definitely get copiable dances from Bits and Bobs. And it is worth going there regularly because they sell a random dance of the day at half price and that is copiable, your dance ball will be overflowing in no time.
  7. You don't necessarily need mocap for furniture, you just need high quality. Try RNP http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/189/232/25 as well.
  8. Henmations disappeared last year, no idea what happened, the sim is gone.
  9. Conviction makes good bloodshot eyes. They usually have Omega appliers. Just get the relay for your Lelutka head if you don't have it already, it comes in handy to be able to wear eyes from different stores.
  10. I own land there. It is near to impossible to buy anything because so much of the sim is public preserve, land rarely becomes available and I was very lucky to pick mine up at an affordable price at the time. Ravenglass has some rentals.
  11. Yes! They are Army of the Sith Republic Memorial Obelisks, very tall, and there are a few on 16m parcels around the place, including one right next to my house that never used to be there.
  12. Oh, there are also these, that go from thigh to feet, a bit pricey but there is a demo. You could definitely wear them with short skirts and shorts though. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BentBox-Faun-Set/7843514
  13. What has become of my view at one of my waterfront properties, sigh. I can derender, obviously, but it makes you wonder what some people are thinking.
  14. I pay for a quarter of a region. That is 7 parcels of land on 5 different sims. I cannot possibly say how many different parcels I have owned in SL over the past 15 years, not to mention renting, and Linden homes too. I've owned land in Bay City and in Zindra, but the one place I can't leave is Iris. I own land in more than one sim because I can't own a quarter of Iris 😛 But really, I like the water, I like the mountains, and I need a parcel for my store too so I have all of that.
  15. Maybe try the Whisk faun set. It's a gacha but it is 99L to play and gives you a full faun set (and mesh head!) for that price, plenty available on the marketplace if you want to try to get a specific colour without gambling. The legs are very closely fitted and hardly change your shape. You won't get pants over them but you can certainly wear lots of dresses and skirts.
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