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  1. so i been looking around and just wondering what is your Favorite Jewelry store?
  2. im looking for a sub female sub mostly message me in the game Sexy Jinn
  3. looking for a female slave that likes to have fun or even just wants to be with me message me in world Sexy Jinn
  4. i have problems some days and some days i dont as my internet is what they call line of sight so dish to tower but i do get over 15mbps so i may have it set to low and it just cant download the textures fast enough it is set like at 500kbps right now
  5. what viewer do you guys use if on wifi when on secondlife and have no issues with i do get the crashing and disconnecting often on Firestorm so im just wondering if there is a better viewer that might have more luck that will have less crashing and disconnecting
  6. ok im trying to figure out the huge differences between these 2 ive tried alchemy and kinda like it but it dont have the layout like firestorm and alchemy dont give me any packetloss or issues so im just wondering if anyone knows what the differences would be? do you use alchemy or firestorm?
  7. is it worth it i use to be a yearly member a year ago so im wondering if it is gotten better or worse or not worth it to be a premium?? so are you a premium member yes or no?
  8. im looking for stores that have really made new ones i been to tutys vista and they really havent made any new ones lately
  9. nordica next to the big brown building on the map 512m
  10. who doesnt like their sub clothed at all and who like's to use the sub im me in world Sexy Jinn
  11. how about No Jeramiah you did nothing to deserve it
  12. im guessing either the mp is having issues or LL has network issues with it alot of friends have same issue i have too
  13. [RESOLVED 4:49 PM PDT, 01 September 2013] The unscheduled maintenance has been completed. [postED 12:05 PM PDT, 01 September 2013] We are investigating network issues which are causing multiple errors throughout the system. During this time, some residents may be logged off and may be temporarily unable to log in for a brief period or may experience other losses in functionality. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects or making inworld L$ transactions while this maintenance is in progress. Pleasecheck back here for updates. its over now try a relog and hope all goes well
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