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  1. Hi Chic and mikka! Thanks for your replies, but I'm afraid I don't follow you.
  2. We're hiring a Blender artist to make low-poly custom game assets. Concept art provided. Competitive real-world pay. Reply here or contact me in-world.
  3. Liquid Designs, the creators of Bloodlines, is hiring a senior-level developer. Must be proficient in LSL scripting and web application development in PHP / MySQL, and live in the US. Artistic ability, experience with 3D, and game design experience is a plus. This is a full-time salaried position. For more information, please contact Lyle Maeterlinck in world.
  4. I wonder how this name change will affect HTTP request headers. Currently, outgoing http requests from second life using llHTTPRequest include the legacy name in the header X-SecondLife-Owner-Name. I'd be interested in knowing if whatever the person's mutable (changeable) name is will be the name sent in this header, or if it might be sent in an additional header, something like X-SecondLife-Mutable-Name.
  5. I'm new to rigged / fitted mesh in SL, and I'm wondering if the following is possible: to have a rigged mesh that moves with the bones of the avatar skeleton, but does NOT deform according to the appearance sliders. What I have is a hand / forearm attachment that should only be deformed by the forearm and hand bones. What I'm observing is that the part that moves with the forearm is getting deformed based on the arm length slider, and the size of the hand part depends on the hand size slider. In my setup in Blender, I deleted all of the collision bones and collision bone vertex groups, and I'm
  6. Yes, sometimes this is definitely a scam. This is why we have a general policy not to transfer items or stats between avatars, and also because we have no way of knowing if two accounts are really alts. Even if it is their alt, it's possible they were banned for violating terms and then made a new account. We have the ability to deactivate items, so if we believe an account really has been compromised, we could deactivate the items on that account and forward them to another account if we wanted to. We don't usually do this, though, for the reasons stated above. I'd be interested to hear abo
  7. Thanks to those who tried to give helpful responses. Of course it's true that people have been stealing accounts forever, my point is that I have been seeing an increasing number of these incidents that appear to be credible, and all I wondered is if others have noticed the same thing or not. I'm just trying to open a discussion about something I've observed in SL. It's pretty disappointing to just get insulted in return. If all you want to do is insult me, please don't reply. This is not a thread about your objections to a game I developed. If you want to complain about Bloodlines, there are
  8. Lately I've been hearing on a daily basis from customers who have had their accounts stolen, hacked, or compromised. This never used to be a problem, it has only been a problem in the last several months. At first it was a few people here and there, and now it is almost every day, someone says that their account has been stolen. Usually they contact me to have their items and stats moved to new avatars, or to get stolen property replaced. Have any other merchants had this same experience? Does anyone have any information on this issue, or have they spoken with a Linden about it?
  9. I just wanted to say thanks for implementing this function. I think the ability to confirm a successful transaction before delivering a product is critical. We will be building this into the newest version of our affiliate vendors to replace the much more complicated system we currently have in place to confirm transactions.
  10. We've gotten lots of suggestions for the hybrid HUD, but don't have plans to release one at this point. However, everyone's input on this might make us change that. Ethan, you're exactly right about the coffin and the sarcophagus. We will do an update so you can have a 'fill to max' option. Jesica, that would be really cool to have vampire hunter weapons in war. We would actually like to have vampire hunters in the game at some point, so maybe we can make the vampire hunter weapons work in war as well! Great suggestion! Pserendipity, I'm sorry you're annoyed with our vampire game, but your
  11. Librancien and Morag: those pics are awesome!!
  12. Cinnamon - javalf is the one in the picture below, being bitten by LadyHarker, that's what he's referring to. Actually, you don't have to be turned by the first person who bit you, anyone can turn into a vampire. You just have to drain yourself to zero humanity, then back up to 5L of vital blood. Then you will be embraced. You can even turn into a vampire from being a lycan, or turn back into a human! Does anyone else have a fang picture?
  13. Nice shot, Merlin! This was just sent to me inworld by LadyHarker Keng! Thanks for sending!
  14. Want to show off your fangs? Take a picture of yourself in your favorite vampire spot with your fangs out. This is me at Liquid East!
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