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  1. I've found that textures that have some transparency are susceptible to this. I have sometimes saved a texture as a png with the transparency checkbox set in my graphics editor when the texture actually had no transparency in it at all, with the result that it didn't work as intended under different SL lighting conditions. If your texture isn't supposed to have any transparency, check that the transparency % setting in the build floater is zero, and that the alpha mode is set to none. Also, is it possible that a script might be turning the fullbright setting on and off?
  2. On my dashboard, under Account, I can see Change email settings, Contact information and Billing information. And that's about it. (And my contact information is blank.) If it's identification for process credit that's changed, I've no idea. Maybe a support ticket?
  3. It'd be quite easy to script something like this so that inappropriate prizes didn't get handed out in inappropriate regions. And yes, a one-size-fits-all approach will never work with condoms.
  4. It can be done pretty much the same way: a series of outfit folders in the #RLV folder, filled with links to the actual items. You can get RLV to report the folders to populate a menu. To change an outfit you can lock everything in the target folder that's already worn, remove everything else you're wearing, and then add the rest of the target folder. I've found it's worth waiting for RLV to report that everything in the target folder is now worn before redisplaying a menu. For myself, I put sub-folders for things like a jacket that can be removed independently into the outfit folder. It's this sub-folder capability that persuaded me to go the RLV route, something that's sorely missing from the system outfits, though it was available briefly after the initial introduction of outfits.
  5. I seem to have learned something new (new to me, at least). If Inara Pey's blog (here) correctly reports Grumpity Linden's statements at the Tilia town hall meeting, I and most other SL users won't even have to accept the Tillia Terms of service to continue using SL. Grumpity says "Only those who have a USD wallet [balance] need to accept the Tilia Terms of Service".
  6. Yeah, UUIDs. Ah well, back to waiting for grid-wide experiences.
  7. Oh! Does that mean I can keep a notecard in my inventory and have scripts read it from there?
  8. llKey2Name asks the simulator for the information. The simulator only keeps information that's relevant to it right now, and maybe for a just bit longer until it gets purged for not being immediately relevant. The llRequest* functions ask the database for the information. This is always available, but takes longer to access, hence the use of callback functions. Depending on the context, using the forms from Viewer URI Name Space may be a useful option, for example: "User secondlife:///app/agent/" + (string) llDetectedKey (0) + "/inspect was detected."
  9. In my case the bad effects on scripts have been that those I've edited (whilst worn, and not subsequently detached and reattached) shortly (in terms of the number of TPs rather than time) before the TP failure have reverted to their pre-failure code. As has data written to the object description field. It's one of a number of scripts I use constantly (as part of my always and everywhere HUD) without issues, and on relog after a TP failure the data recovered from that object description refers to a situation a while before the failure rather than that at the time of failure.
  10. Will do, @Oz Linden. Is stuff like location at relog to last location, state of scripts and script-saved data useful or relevant? For instance, there's stuff like time and region I could have my HUD scripts save to an object description and report on relog, highlighting any differences. Maybe you guys could publish a script (maybe a variation of that TP tour thing one of you did recently) that we could add to a HUD, that made a note of anything useful you'd like to know. Also, what words or phrases do you prefer to see when users are venting?
  11. Less ubiquitous than at its height, but I've been having it more frequently in the last few days. Cannot teleport to destination, then TP is locked, then disconnect, or log out manually before that. On relog Last Location is a few TPs prior to the disconnect, and while my outfit is the same as when I disconnected, any recently edited scripts in my attachments and any data they had saved in object descriptions have reverted.
  12. If this is a worn object that rezzes when the avatar logs in, you can check llGetAgentSize, which will return ZERO_VECTOR for a few moments until the sim comes to terms with its existence.
  13. Re changeable link numbers: use llGetNumberOfPrims and loop through them checking their names with llGetLinkName (counter) and storing the link numbers in variables or in a list. Re moving linked prims: use llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast with the link number and PRIM_POS_LOCAL. You can combine all the prim position changes into one list, selecting different links with PRIM_LINK_TARGET.
  14. That looks rather like what I got when I once downloaded the wrong version of the driver. Go back to the drivers page and make sure you've chosen the correct graphics card and the correct version of Windows for your machine, and try again. From your posted specs, I think you want: Product Type: GeForce Product Series: GeForce 900M Series (Notebooks) Product: GeForce: 950M Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Click on the question marks next to Windows Driver Type and Download Type for advice on which options to chose. The defaults are probably what you want. You can find the driver type you need in the NVIDIA Control Panel. Right click on your desktop and start the control panel from the options there. Get the system information from its Help menu. Driver Type is the second item shown. When I last tried, Game Ready Driver was the only option available for my particular graphics card. Choosing Studio Driver got me an error when I clicked on Search.
  15. There's this: https://modemworld.me/2019/06/17/sl16b-meet-the-lindens-when-and-who/
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