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  1. KT Kingsley

    Firestorm cache on a solid state drive

    If I remember correctly, the downside of a RAM drive was the extra time it takes to save it on shutdown and restore it on startup. This was a while ago, though, and it did go to an HDD when the computer was off: maybe saving to an SSD would be less of a pain. Also, if you only reboot once a week or so, it'll be something you can live with.
  2. KT Kingsley

    door/key script

    That counts me out then.
  3. KT Kingsley

    LSL-only, grid-wide communication

    Yes, they do for now. However, grid-wide scope for all is supposed to be coming "soon", so the access should become available anywhere except on land where a particular experience has been blocked. (At least that's my guess. I suppose it's not inconceivable that LL might allow landowners to block all experiences except those specifically allowed. Which, given the fear and loathing of experiences I've seen expressed in these forums, would be a feature that could be taken up widely, in the same way that many places disable pathfinding.)
  4. KT Kingsley

    Please help!

    I think you've changed the UI (user interface) size. In the LL viewer it's a slider on Preferences (Ctrl+P)/Advanced/UI Size, and in the Firestorm viewer on Preferences/User Interface/2D Overlay/UI Scaling. You should set that to 1.0 until you know you need something different.
  5. KT Kingsley

    Touch lag

    Specifically, look at the Scripts Run % in Statistics. When this drops to below around 10% or so the delay between a click and a response is really noticeable. But what's being described seems to go way beyond this.
  6. KT Kingsley

    0 is greater than 0? Why?

    So it's your lost bits that've messing up my scripts all this time!
  7. KT Kingsley

    0 is greater than 0? Why?

    Is this statement helpful: when you do arithmetic using binary approximations of decimal fractions bits fall off the end. But when you reverse the arithmetic the bits you lost stay lost?
  8. KT Kingsley

    0 is greater than 0? Why?

    I'd guess rounding errors and the fact that a float converted to a string has a precision of six digits white the internal float has a precision of something like seven and a bit digits. Or something like that.
  9. KT Kingsley

    LSL-only, grid-wide communication

    No, you don't need a dedicated sim. You do need to be a premium member to create an experience, and you do need to have the parcels where you use it allow it specifically (at least until grid-wide scope becomes a thing).
  10. KT Kingsley

    LSL-only, grid-wide communication

    An experience key value pair will do this on land where that experience is enabled. Hopefully, sometime soon, when grid-wide experiences come along, it'll work anywhere unless that experience is specifically disabled. Most of the objects I'm using this for are static and on one of my own parcels. My HUD goes with me, so if it loses touch (crashes or gets reset) I have to TP to one of those parcels to read the URL and reestablish the connection. No big deal, but I am really looking forward to grid-wide experiences, and hoping that access to key value pairs anywhere will be part of the deal.
  11. KT Kingsley

    Sensor Lighting

    If the lift accommodates more than one person turning the light off in the collision_end event risks leaving additional passengers in the dark. (I think you get a collision_end for each individual collider. I could be wrong, though.)
  12. KT Kingsley

    How to locate stray sound script on a parcel

    Firestorm has a sound explorer feature which might help. You'll have to go through the list of sounds and play them locally to identify the culprit, and then use the look at button to home in on the object.
  13. KT Kingsley

    Sort object contents to more object script

    I think DFS means Digital Farm System, so I'm guessing the OP is looking at setting up some sort of farmer's market. Or maybe an anarcho-syndicalist centralised distribution system.
  14. KT Kingsley

    Help! Simple Attachment/ Group Only Script

    The call to llAttachToAvatar in the OP's script is superfluous: the object is already attached. You just need to test the group using Wulfie's code and then have the object detach itself if it doesn't match. Also, the call to llDetachFromAvatar will itself trigger the attach event, so it may be best to test whether the event has been triggered by the object being attached, when the key id will be the owner's (wearer's) or NULL_KEY if it's being detached, in which case you should ignore the event. It gets worse: in order to use llDetachFromAvatar, the script first needs to get permission to do so using llRequestPermissions. PERMISSION_ATTACH is granted automatically to a script in an attached object, but in order to foster good scripting habits, I'd advise (as does the Wiki) to check the permission has actually been granted in the run_time_permissions event, and then detach it there. attach (key id) { if (id != NULL_KEY) { //get object group key if (object_group != allowed_group) { llOwnerSay ("Access denied."); llRequestPermissions (id, PERMISSION_ATTACH); } } } run_time_permissions (integer permissions) { if (permissions & PERMISSION_ATTACH) { llDetachFromAvatar (); } }
  15. KT Kingsley

    Dialog Box stops functioning after teleport

    Should one remove a listen that's been clobbered by a region change? Does an unremoved one still count against the script's allocation of 64?