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  1. Another possibility: are you running at walking pace, or running at running speed? Is this an animation thing? An animation overrider issue? Does the problem persist when you detach everything you're wearing?
  2. Ah, but what about a What Are You wearing Today (in RL) thread? But on second thoughts, there's more than enough of that already in in-world chat. (Or is that just in the places I visit?)
  3. Ctrl+R toggles the Always Run setting, which also appears somewhere in the menus (Me/Avatar, Movement, or something like that, depending on your viewer). That's the first thing to check, anyway.
  4. As Ron suggests, I can only think of using an llRequestAgentData/Username/DisplayName function. These, however, do not raise a dataserver event if the key isn't a valid agent key, so you might also need to set up a timeout to catch that. I've no idea what a sensible timeout for a dataserver request might be. Maybe a second or two. Oh, in this post: Rolig suggests it might be that agent UUIDs have a "4" as the 15th character. I cannot confirm or refute this, but it might be worth further investigation.
  5. Going on the absence of indentation in those lines, I'd guess that you're trying to do this as part of a global declaration. You cannot perform a calculation in a global declaration, though you can assign a constant value, as you do with size_original. Without seeing the rest of the script, I'd suggest you just declare the vector size_shrinked as a global, and assign it a value in the state_entry event. vector size_original = <blah, blah, blah>; vector size_shrinked; default { state_entry () { size_shrinked = size_original * 0.1; // etc., etc, } // etc., etc. }
  6. Isn't that exclusively a Firestorm/other TPV option? I think the LL viewer only allows one dialog per object (I seem to remember bitter recriminations and JIRAs about this flowing freely when it became a thing). However, using Firestorm with the single dialog option set, it seems a script in a link can open an additional dialog without replacing one from another link, including the root. Maybe that'll work in the SL viewer too.
  7. The maximum object height is 4096m. I'm wondering if when you try to rez them on your platform, the thickness of the platform plus the height of the object takes its root over 4096m. Ditto when you try to drag them to above the platform.
  8. You can use the RLV command adjustheight to set hover height from a script, but that does, of course require an RLV enabled viewer.
  9. Might it be easier to make a list of people not flogging BoM compliant stuff?
  10. Pure curiosity, but is that version designation a microsecond-precise timestamp, or is it a second-precise timestamp with an incrementing number appended?
  11. That is encroachment. Linden Lab don't seem to be too bothered by minor encroachment that doesn't interfere with people's access to or use of their land, so your tree should be OK. If it were to offend someone and they submitted an abuse report, someone from LL would eventually take a look and decide whether you were taking liberties. About the worst that could happen would be having it returned and maybe facing an admonishment from the Lab. If your tree were to overhang someone else's property they could, if they were so inclined, return it to your inventory.
  12. As when you create a new clothing item or a new alpha, right click on a folder in your inventory and select "New Universal". Edit: that's New Clothes/New Universal. Sorry
  13. Well, it's a wearable, in that it's something you wear. And it's universal in that it supports all the channels available for bakes on mesh, including the new ones that go beyond those used by skin, tattoo and system clothing layers. I don't know if you're a fan of tattoos, but, for example, BoM now allows a separate left arm texture so you aren't limited to a "MOM" tattoo on your arm. "I ♥ NY" on one arm would show as "YN ♥ I" on the other arm. Using the universal wearable with a tattoo image on your left arm you can fix this.
  14. Oh good grief! Within seconds of posting this, the answer appeared out of nowhere as the result of a post in another forum detailing someone's incomprehension of the term "universal wearable". It's an new item of system clothing with slots for all the new channels. Question (mostly) answered. And the bit about mirroring can be answered easily enough by trial and error.
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