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  1. The change is that the previous owners of LL (which, in turn, owns Second Life and Tilia, but no longer Sansar) have sold it to new owners (who now own Linden Lab and its properties, Second Life and Tilia). What the new owners want to do with LL (and its properties, Second Life and Tilia)will become apparent over the course of time.
  2. Sansar has been sold. Linden Lab, who own Second Life and Tilia have been bought.
  3. The problem with llRequestAgentData (and I think all the various other request functions using an agent's UUID) is that nothing happens (the dataserver event is not triggered) if the UUID is not that of an agent. You'll have to set a timeout when you call the function (I'd try something like 5 seconds to begin with) and if the dataserver event hasn't triggered in that time, I'd assume the UUID was not that of an agent. This method does, however, leave plenty of scope for errors caused by laggy script environments. It'd be a lot easier if you could sort your UUIDs into agents and groups beforehand.
  4. Usually when I click on "Mark forum as read" I get a popup asking me to confirm. Every so often (and it's happening right now) there's no popup, but the page is refreshed, with all the topics shown as read. It takes two back clicks to get back to the main forums page. After a while the behavior has returned to normal. Is this something to do with my browser playing up, or is it an issue with the forum software?
  5. Are you using Firestorm? There's a setting there that lets you hide empty system folders. The Firestorm wiki has this guide to dealing with missing inventory (which pretty much applies to every other viewer as well): https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory, and the SL wiki has this: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss.
  6. Looking forward, you may find this function from the LSL wiki useful for checking than an input string is actually a valid vector: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Vector#Useful_Snippets. integer IsVector(string s) { list split = llParseString2List(s, [" "], ["<", ">", ","]); if(llGetListLength(split) != 7)//we must check the list length, or the next test won't work properly. return FALSE; return !((string)((vector)s) == (string)((vector)((string)llListInsertList(split, ["-"], 5)))); //it works by trying to flip the sign on the Z element of the vector, //if it works or breaks the vector then the values won't match. //if the vector was already broken then the sign flip will have no affect and the values will match //we cast back to string so we can catch negative zero which allows for support of ZERO_VECTOR }//Strife Onizuka This will let you distinguish between a zero vector that's been input deliberately and one that's the result of of the failed typecasting of an invalid string.
  7. Are you declaring a new local version of the vector in the listen event (vector userinput = (vector)message;) that overrides a global version that's used the run_time_permissions event?
  8. There's something very odd here: an invalid string cast as a vector will result in ZERO_VECTOR, which outputs as <0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000>. 0.000000 is what you get when you cast a zero float to a string.
  9. Somewhere in the script (quite likely in the dataserver event) there'll be a call to the function llSetText. That sets the floating text. You'll want to replace that with a call to llSetTexture, specifying the online/offline texture as required.
  10. Not properly woken up yet, but I think that the while test in the function adding_files is the culprit. The variable iNumber should loop through zero to one less than the number of files. If there are, say, five sound files, they are indexed 0 to 4. So the while test should read while (iNumber < iCount) By testing for less than or equal to (<=) the loop also executes when iNumber is equal to 5. There is no sound file with the index 5, so you add an empty item when you try to add that to your list.
  11. As ChinRey suggests, it looks like your physics model is a simple 2D plane, while the building has height. Try adding a vertical plane, perhaps corresponding to one of the walls of the main model, to the physics model.
  12. A mono script using the llSetMemoryLimit function will show up as using anything between 4K and 64K. I am given to understand that that function's setting and what a script actually uses have only a tenuous relationship. Nevertheless, it does make you look good on the memory displays. I've also seen that the avatar script memory reported in the viewer is frequently just plain wrong: when I've been attaching and detaching scripted objects the value shown has got lower and lower, and it's taken a trip to a different region to bump it back up to what it should be. I don't know if that bug affects a region's reported script memory.
  13. Textures really aren't my thing, and the one I use in my example is fairly basic. Maybe a bit of darkening at its edges, and making strands that are S shaped rather than straight might help to give it a feeling of depth. But that's a job for someone more talented than me.
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