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  1. This feature is likely to make many of us currently perfectly happy to join experiences turn our backs on them. It certainly won't do anything to allay the fears and suspicions of users who already shun them. This absolutely must be something users can turn off completely. And, LL, if you don't provide that ability in your own viewer, don't you dare try to bully TPV developers into excluding it too.
  2. In Firestorm there's a Range slider at the bottom of the Radar and the People/Nearby windows.
  3. Google: "good evening for 2 days my inventory is empty and does not display the annotations while if I use other viwer everything is normal" This page from the Firestorm wiki lays out the steps to take to restore your inventory: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory. The steps are pretty much the same for the SL viewer. It's in English, but Google Translate should help. Google: "Questa pagina del wiki Firestorm illustra i passaggi da eseguire per ripristinare il tuo inventario: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory. I passaggi sono praticamente gli ste
  4. As far as I can tell, no. RLV shared folders commands apply only to folders. Put the single item in a folder of it's own. Maybe a subfolder of whatever it's a component of, and then use the "allthis" variants of the RLV commands to attach everything including the subfolder, and refer to the subfolder specifically to detach just the one item.
  5. Here, pehaps: http://secondlife.com/httprequest/homepage.php.
  6. Have you set the object's Physics Shape Type to Prim? The setting is on the Features tab of the build window. And be aware that it's LI may shoot up dramatically when you do so.
  7. In the Die() function, doesn't the preceding return statement terminate the function, so any subsequent code – in this case the call to llDie() – isn't executed?
  8. Also, http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetKeyframedMotion is another option you might want to look at. This has the advantage that you get a smooth movement which might be suited to the sort of air taxi or shuttle you seem to be describing.
  9. Do you mean, how does one make mesh objects with an LI of 1? The short answer is to make them less complex, make even less complex LoD models, and an even less complex physics model. The long answer involves thousands of web pages on ways of optimising mesh models for upload into SL. Or do you mean that when you upload a mesh object it becomes a link set of more than one object? The only reason I know of for this happening (and I'm not an expert, so there may well be others) is that you've made the model with more than eight materials. Blender materials (I don't know what they might be ca
  10. You can't change the shape of a mesh object using a script unless you animate it. And animesh has an LI penalty all of it's own.
  11. All you have to do is save the text to a global variable whenever you define it, and use that variable to reinstate it whenever you bring it out of hiding.
  12. Wear it, attaching it to a HUD attachment point, either Center or Center 2. You'll probably need to resize it to fit the screen (so use a copy rather than the original) and rotate it so it's facing towards you.
  13. The function llRemoveInventory will do this, but only for the link the script is in. Removing inventory from other links would, I think, require a script in each link affected that'd do the removal in response to a link message.
  14. This does sound like RLV thinks the object shouldn't be allowed to be detached and thus reattaches it when it sees it has been detached. The RLV API page mentions this behaviour. Search for "reattach" there.
  15. It does seem to be dependant on how much time the simulator has for it. I generally get about two or three lines of code to execute pretty reliably on a detach. Any code that isn't executed at the time of the detach does execute when the object is reattached, and before the attach event is triggered for the reattachment, so if you can get anything that involves telling the rest of the world goodbye in at the start, and leave any internal tidying up until later, things should go ok. Most of the time.
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