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  1. Using Firestorm, but probably applicable to other viewers, if you use the keyboard paste shortcut (Ctrl+V) you can paste simultaneously into multiple selected folders. First, copy the item you want to paste. There isn't a keyboard shortcut for "Paste as link", so if that's what you want to do you must first create a link to the item and copy that. Then select the multiple folders you are targeting using Ctrl+click and Shift+click. Once you've selected the folders you want press Ctrl+V. THERE IS NO UNDO (CTRL+Z) AVAILABLE FOR THIS ACTION.
  2. Thanks. Not either of the first two, but Edge worked fine where Chrome failed.
  3. Trying to download the latest Firestorm I'm finding access to the Firestorm website is blocked by this: www.firestormviewer.org Checking if the site connection is secure Verify you are human www.firestormviewer.org needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Checking the verify checkbox appears to reload this same page. Any suggestions as to what's happening here?
  4. I have a vague memory of something called "Key Experience", which is, I think, an estate level setting that requires visitors to a region to belong to a particular experience or be denied entry. I've not used it myself.
  5. It's in the most indented items under the "buttons limits" heading:
  6. The LSL wiki page for llDialog includes a code snippet that'll trim strings including multi-byte characters to 24 bytes.
  7. Also, you could use the changed event and CHANGED_TEXTURE to trigger the report.
  8. Any code in the attach event that isn't executed before being derezzed gets executed when the object is next rezzed, and before the attach event is is triggered for the reattachment.
  9. For what it's worth, the braces issue has been fixed in the latest Friestorm.
  10. I think auto-unindentation stops working following a line of text that wraps-around.
  11. In the Firestorm viewer (I don't know about others) there's a Copy Keys button near the bottom of the General tab of the build window which seems to work even for other people's no modify objects.
  12. I think the RLV command @attachover will work here.
  13. Also, Ctrl+click for adding or removing single items (which includes whole folders and their sub-folder) to or from a selection.
  14. You could try "preloading" the images by placing them on some object faces in the vicinity of the main display, so that they're already loaded into viewer cache before they're projected, and you could try setting the transparency of those faces to 100%, or colouring them black, so that they're not too intrusive.
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