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About Me

Found 52 results

  1. Help... does anyone know anything about the offer of free voice morphing for premium members? I can't get any of the voice morphing offers to work at Voice Island, but I want it - please! Thanks
  2. We have several fully furnished cabins available starting at L$200/week on a beautifully decorated forest themed region. By renting with Magic Moon you will have access to the following: An active community Low lag region optimized for performance Beautiful scenery Virtual Fishing, Magic Fishing, Seven Seas Fishing Owners and Managers Live on site Community events for entertainment. Here is the best part. If you do not like your cabin and want to switch out to something else you can! You may exchange the cabin or any of the furniture with anything you want as long as it remains within the prim allotment + the Land impact of whatever you are changing out. You can view our lovely cabins inworld as well as our beautiful region by going here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Salvation%20Isle/58/119/22 Our region-wide teleporter allows access to the cabin areas, and our vendor keeps an up to date listing on all available cabins! Need assistance? You can message me inworld or reply to this post.
  3. Does anyone know how to apply the 1024m premium member credit to a rental box on the mainland? I've seen in the group info, the Land and L$ tab you can set the your contribution to the group, https://gyazo.com/38ed22f2c7460b55ce43af6782e3d698 Are there any other steps needed? I was looking to see if there was an official article somewhere. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I wanted to say that i paid 7 times for being premium (1 quarter and 6 one month) and since passed 2 days (meaning for the one month, paid again for quarted today but still nothing), I don't know what to do anymore, I also sent a support ticket to second life staff, got closed by them, i also tried to call them, didn't answer and plus i sent an email to support@secondlife.com and no answer, can someone help me please?
  5. Hello, I wanted to upgrade my account to a Premium, when I connected my account PayPal in second life and going to upgrade it, PayPal asked me for a credit card while I have money in the count of PayPal, can somebody help me?
  6. is it worth it i use to be a yearly member a year ago so im wondering if it is gotten better or worse or not worth it to be a premium?? so are you a premium member yes or no?
  7. Hi all, I apologise in advance if this question has already been asked, and answered. I am considering starting a SL business, but worried about land use fees - just trying to keep the costs/expenses as low as possible. I have a premium account - LL recently added 1024m2 land allowance for premium accounts, without implications for the tier level. I have a free Linden home, which consumes 512m2 of my tier free allowance. My question is - if I choose to give up my Linden home and abandon the land it is sitting on, do I have 1024m2 tier free land allowance for business use, or is 512m2 always reserved for the free Linden home, regardless if you opt to have one or not. Cheers!
  8. PRICED TO SELL 1024sqm - CHEAP - L$6850! A small quaint tropical island priced to sell quickly. Nicely situated with a cozy feel and an open view of the beautiful sea. Items on the beach are yours to use as long as you wish. They can also be returned to the owner at your leisure. Very Nice area at the Edge of the Sim - No one can build in front of you. Premium Account Needed - No monthly tier on the first 1024sqm. Click here to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triggerfish/104/226/21
  9. Nice flat land of 4096 green grased land available with around 1400 prims to use for your needs. Breedables allowed. PG rating. Contact me in-world to buy. Thank You, HallysAngel
  10. Oz Linden often says that not a week goes by when he doesn't learn something new about Second Life. I first heard him say this ...certainly more than 5 years ago... and it's true for me to this day. Courtesy of Patch Linden, this week's TIL: Stipends are paid out on Tuesday because .... "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Wellington_Wimpy And there you have it.
  11. Hi guys, i paid for premium on sunday 22, i received the mail thanking me for buying premium and the amount is fully paid for with paypal. My account still says basic today. i've send ticket to LL but after 4 days still no answer back! Are they closed for the holiday? Any help is greatly appreciated. Renzo
  12. Beautiful home for sale, awesome quiet area! Around beautiful homes, so it is good spot to go explore You can keep everything you want here (ownership on furnitures and decor still mine) or return them and decor the land your own. Go see: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Katipo/251/14/37
  13. BryRenee

    Linden Home

    So I have a premium account and noticed my Linden Home is one story and is connected to three other homes. How do I obtain the two-story, single standing, Linden Homes that are also shown?
  14. Hello. I recently learned that instead of claiming a Linden Home, a premium account could claim 1,024m2 of land. How does one go about doing that?
  15. What do you think there is an intermediate account modality, not Premium, which allows the purchase of land in Mainlands by anyone (previously qualified) and only that with nothing but benefits, such as 300 lindens a week, premium sandbox, absolutely no another benefit. Exclusive rights only to get right to buy 1024sqm land in Mailand. Would that be consistent? Note: I did not elaborate on the qualification for such an account. Thanks for the opinions.
  16. I bought a premium membership with the right to own 8K sqm of land. I got the free house, so I know my payment went through. But when I try to bid at land auctions, I get a message that I must have a premium membership, and an offer to upgrade. Why is my premium membership not being recognized?
  17. so i got premium and i stopped my subscription for next month. So it wouldn't take automatically my money. Now it keep saying i am not premium and i can't buy premium either till next month. But now i want to keep being premium since i enjoy sl. I made a ticket a week ago no reply. So i wanted to know is this on accident that they removed my premium while i paid for it. Or is this how they work eitherway i feel screwed. I hope someone can explain to me how to claim my premium i paid for. Thanks so much for reading please help me.
  18. so i got premium and i stopped my subscription for next month. So it wouldn't take automatically my money. Now it keep saying i am not premium and i can't buy premium either till next month. But now i want to keep being premium since i enjoy sl. I made a ticket a week ago no reply. So i wanted to know is this on accident that they removed my premium while i paid for it. Or is this how they work eitherway i feel screwed. I hope someone can explain to me how to claim my premium i paid for. Thanks so much for reading please help me.
  19. Vanessa577

    Premium Account

    i'm premium but i accidently downgraded for next month and now it says i am not premium anymore
  20. Ira993

    Can I remove card?

    Hello, just wanna ask if I take premium membership do I have to stay connected to my card or I can remove it?
  21. I have a nice flat 1024 mainland. Flat is hard to find. Not a lot of building around. if you have any questions at all please contact me. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lunaris/80/230/50
  22. Let's say I buy a premium membership per year. If I go then to somewhere like Bay City or Gel Community and buy a plot of land 1024 sqm or 512, after i buy the land upfront what else do I pay for? Nothing? Just my yearly premium account. - If those areas offer me 500 prims can I use the 500 prims and be fine? With no charges? Or do I have to stay in the Premium members prim allotment? I'm trying to find out if it's truly worth it getting the premium account. -KittenMinx
  23. I just bought a 1048 parcel of land, and want to stay in the free tier. I have a LL house that came with my premium membership, and I want to give it up. How do I do that?
  24. Sailor's Island, Constance / 140prims 680L$/week OR premium buy 25k L$ Total prims for premium buyer: 351 (when parcel is totally empty) FURNISHED & LANDSCAPED You get 140prims extra for your own use, If you want use your own living room furnitures, possible to change that Read the notecard and go see this available rental - Perfect spot for sailing and summer time hangout! FOR SALE: 25,000L$ for premium members (LAND ONLY, but you can keep the decorations on the parcel!) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Constance/13/78/23
  25. Okay, so I know that if you're a premium member you get that 1024sq of free tier. But then if you're NOT premium you can still have 512sq for $4/month. I'm aware that premium also comes with the weekly stipend and a handful of other perks. I also know the thing where you get a bunch of alts into a group and give them all premium and turn their free tier into one big land. And you can cash out the stipend to pay a significant portion of the next year's premium and all that. I've been researching my options. But you can't buy mainland if you're not premium, right? Am I getting that part right? Or is it that you can't buy mainland direct from LL if I'm not premium? Can I buy directly from another user? And then I can just pay the $4/month for 512sq and not do the commitment of a yearly premium. If I'm doing my figuring right, a month-by-month premium is $9, and the L$300 per week stipend costs just under $5, so the $4/month 512sq mainland tier boils down to basically the cost of a Linden Home without any of the premium perks. If I'm not ready to commit to a year (I could get bored of, banned from, or burned out on Second Life, for whatever reason) then that seems to be the best way to do a low-commitment land ownership. If I decide I want 1024sq or find myself buying L$ a lot I can make the jump to premium, but I might end up not needing that. I bought a month of premium when it went on sale on April 1st. So I have until the end of this month to buy land, if only premium members can buy land. If that's how it works. If any basic member can buy land from some other user then I don't have to decide within a week. So basically what I'm asking is, 'can a basic user buy mainland,' but if anyone has some advice or clarification on my current planning it would also be greatly appreciated!
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