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Found 66 results

  1. Afterhours presents SPANK A THON When: July 9th ALL DAY EVENT ♥ Click me for a TP Spanks and Spanks XXX half off + 1 free spank Wheel Spins will be half off for this day as well!! Catch our girls spanking themselves on voice! Join our Premium VIP group, 50% off all day including special perks! •─────────────⋅☾♡☽⋅──────────────• Afterhours is hiring Escorts & Dommes!! Come make cash on and off SL with us!
  2. so, they announced they gonna do like a new premium that is like "everything you could ever wants from second life" or something like that. I kinda wondering what that gonna be - some people saying maybe that how people gonna get the new second names, but what else could it offer? I welcomes the speculations! Also, I wondering, is it worth holding off on my yearly premium renewing so I can instead get this level of super premium instead? They encouraging us to renew early to get the lower price, but I wanting to pay like, the higher price to get the fancy stuffs.....but only if they worth paying for. I unsure on all of this and curious if others also thinking about it.
  3. Olá, tudo bem? Já ouviu falar na conta digital Neon? Você cria a conta gratuitamente e não paga nenhuma taxa mensal e eles te enviam o seu cartão de débito, porém, eles possuem um cartão de crédito pré-pago virtual dentro do app deles (ou seja, seu cartão de crédito na verdade funciona como débito) e o valor que você gasta em compras online é descontado direto do seu saldo em conta, ou seja, sem faturas. Dessa forma você consegue comprar lindens no Second Life ou virar Premium sem ter que usar um cartão de crédito comum, aquele pós-pago. Lembre-se que o saldo disponível em sua conta precisa ser suficiente no momento da compra, pois você irá pagar em dólar já convertido para real. Lembrando que o cartão da conta digital Neon, tanto físico como virtual, já vem habilitado para compras internacionais e a bandeira é VISA. Qualquer um pode ter uma conta digital Neon, mesmo se você tiver restrições no SPC ou SERASA. Aqui está o link do Neon: Oi, tudo bem? Use o meu código TIAGO26850 para abrir sua conta Neon que nós dois ganhamos um bônus com isso! https://www.neon.com.br/indicacoes/?id=9b483882-3bf9-4fcc-b8a6-16d2d2d4d28b Espero ter ajudado.
  4. Help... does anyone know anything about the offer of free voice morphing for premium members? I can't get any of the voice morphing offers to work at Voice Island, but I want it - please! Thanks
  5. Boa noite, entrei hoje na segunda semana de premium e não recebi qualquer semanada como era suposto, o que está a acontecer?
  6. Hi I'm thinking about going premium to buy this plot/parcel on mainland. It's 1,120 sqm. I read about how a group can get 10% bonus, but how do I actually get it so that I won't pay any tier on that parcel? Do I... (a) buy it personally and then deed the whole parcel to a group, or (b) buy it personally and then deed 90% of the parcel, or (c) buy for group at the point of purchase? Thanks (I'm a little confused 😶)
  7. I bought the 50% off deal with the Quarterly payment and I wanted to cancel it. However, in the process, it says I'd lose "all benefits"; I don't care much about the free house or anything else, but, I was wondering about the Linden Stipend. The documentation makes it sound like I'd immediately lose that when downgrading, so, I just wanted to double-check first that I'd still get the Lindens before downgrading.
  8. Make abandon land great again! Benefits: It will save on server hosting cost! It could help keeping cost low for SL users? Update mainland Attractive mainland
  9. Aloha, I was about to click "upgrade membership" tonight but saw that the only homes available are styles I have no interest in: traditional, houseboat, or camper. Sounds like none of the Japanese style ones are left, and there's no way to choose a beachfront parcel. Then some posts I saw said that no new homes at all are available, all are sold out. It sounds like upgrading membership now will result in waiting for an unknown period of time until more new homes, of an unknown style, on an unknown parcel, become available. It's something like waiting for a property developer to complete a new neighborhood during a housing crisis, because there's no resale market, only a rental market. Am I reading this right? Without the availability of a brand new home I want, is there any reason to upgrade membership? Or should I wait until what looks like an SL housing crisis ends and there is better availability and better choice? I'm at a loss - maybe I'm making too many comparisons to buying a home in RL. Mahalo (thanks) for any advice. /\ protect MaunaKea
  10. Oz Linden often says that not a week goes by when he doesn't learn something new about Second Life. I first heard him say this ...certainly more than 5 years ago... and it's true for me to this day. Courtesy of Patch Linden, this week's TIL: Stipends are paid out on Tuesday because .... "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Wellington_Wimpy And there you have it.
  11. My Account Your account is currently on hold. You will be redirected to submit a support case in 30 seconds. If you would like to sign in with a different Second Life account, please click Logout. support ticket : Re: [#1375893] Hello *****, Thank you for contacting Second Life Support, and thank you for your patience. Our records indicate that this account has had Premium Membership fees past due for greater than 90 days. Consequently, this account has been disabled. As such, you have been enabled to log in to secondlife.com and pay your balance due with a credit card, PayPal, or Skrill account before your account will be fully enabled for "in world" use. Please note that past due accounts are not allowed to use the LindeX to exchange L$ for US$. You can find your current method of payment information and the ability to update it here: http://secondlife.com/my/account/billing.php For more information about the Second Life billing policy, please visit our Knowledge Base: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Billing/ta-p/700037 If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know! Best Wishes, Ellie Linden what is going on ??? anyone have idea ?!!
  12. I've tried on several attempts to acquire a new LL home via the Dashboard and the new homes don't show up. I've even created a notification on the LL Homes forum and have not been getting them. I've been very patient and even up my old LL home for the new homes/houseboats but how can I get to it if on the Dashboard of Premium they don't show up. HELP I want my LL home as well.
  13. I just made my account a Premium Membership a week ago and have decided not to play on this account and play on my main account, is it possible to have my premium account transferred to my main account? I paid for a year :(
  14. Is there a name to the newly created premium linden home 2nd continent? Bellisseria Community would be the 1st premium home continent community. Hi5! and !
  15. So, I just purchased premium, and my account was changed to access it. I have never had premium before and noticed you're supposed to get a one time bonus of 1000 lindens. I didn't get that bonus. What's going on? I want to buy stuff for my house...
  16. RebeccaElizabeth58

    Live Chat?

    I just got a premium account. It says one of the benefits is having access to live chat? How do I access live chat?
  17. This is a digital issue. PERIOD! So now I am seeing only older homes after abandoning my very small new home - with the 117 prims still. I was excited about the new 300+ prim increase too. But really - those of us waiting have to deal with the less prims? Is this not just a matter of you getting your servers to allow more empty Linden Land per database coding? Get off your lazy buts and do it? You have our premium payment!? I am a former IT database, computer and gps coder and Team Manager. I never dealt kindly with lazy programmers on my team either. Are the Lindens REALLY doing all they can? My knowledge and experience say "no". I decided to make this forum topic because I saw this on You Tube: All new Linden Homes in Second Life More coming soon Oh my, how Second Life is being bragged about to the You Tube masses. If they only knew your negligence? You should be ashamed of yourselves! The Second Life inworld World Map screen shot below was taken right outside the home I abandoned a few days ago. I could probably use a clone code in Minecraft and make 100 villages quicker than your database programmers can get that green sim empty land filled with new Premium Homes? Really now stop BS'ing your Premium members and insulting our intelligence? Get it done already? Adumelial Rothstein est. 2008 P.S. I spend nearly 120.00$ a month on Linden Lab L$. Those of us like me may get a little less generous having to wait for your most celebrated Premium Perks. Start new topic
  18. We have several fully furnished cabins available starting at L$200/week on a beautifully decorated forest themed region. By renting with Magic Moon you will have access to the following: An active community Low lag region optimized for performance Beautiful scenery Virtual Fishing, Magic Fishing, Seven Seas Fishing Owners and Managers Live on site Community events for entertainment. Here is the best part. If you do not like your cabin and want to switch out to something else you can! You may exchange the cabin or any of the furniture with anything you want as long as it remains within the prim allotment + the Land impact of whatever you are changing out. You can view our lovely cabins inworld as well as our beautiful region by going here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Salvation%20Isle/58/119/22 Our region-wide teleporter allows access to the cabin areas, and our vendor keeps an up to date listing on all available cabins! Need assistance? You can message me inworld or reply to this post.
  19. Does anyone know how to apply the 1024m premium member credit to a rental box on the mainland? I've seen in the group info, the Land and L$ tab you can set the your contribution to the group, https://gyazo.com/38ed22f2c7460b55ce43af6782e3d698 Are there any other steps needed? I was looking to see if there was an official article somewhere. Thanks!
  20. Hello, I wanted to say that i paid 7 times for being premium (1 quarter and 6 one month) and since passed 2 days (meaning for the one month, paid again for quarted today but still nothing), I don't know what to do anymore, I also sent a support ticket to second life staff, got closed by them, i also tried to call them, didn't answer and plus i sent an email to support@secondlife.com and no answer, can someone help me please?
  21. Hello, I wanted to upgrade my account to a Premium, when I connected my account PayPal in second life and going to upgrade it, PayPal asked me for a credit card while I have money in the count of PayPal, can somebody help me?
  22. is it worth it i use to be a yearly member a year ago so im wondering if it is gotten better or worse or not worth it to be a premium?? so are you a premium member yes or no?
  23. Hi all, I apologise in advance if this question has already been asked, and answered. I am considering starting a SL business, but worried about land use fees - just trying to keep the costs/expenses as low as possible. I have a premium account - LL recently added 1024m2 land allowance for premium accounts, without implications for the tier level. I have a free Linden home, which consumes 512m2 of my tier free allowance. My question is - if I choose to give up my Linden home and abandon the land it is sitting on, do I have 1024m2 tier free land allowance for business use, or is 512m2 always reserved for the free Linden home, regardless if you opt to have one or not. Cheers!
  24. PRICED TO SELL 1024sqm - CHEAP - L$6850! A small quaint tropical island priced to sell quickly. Nicely situated with a cozy feel and an open view of the beautiful sea. Items on the beach are yours to use as long as you wish. They can also be returned to the owner at your leisure. Very Nice area at the Edge of the Sim - No one can build in front of you. Premium Account Needed - No monthly tier on the first 1024sqm. Click here to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triggerfish/104/226/21
  25. Nice flat land of 4096 green grased land available with around 1400 prims to use for your needs. Breedables allowed. PG rating. Contact me in-world to buy. Thank You, HallysAngel
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