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  1. On the Juneteenth and Fathers day weekend over 150 black men shot in Chicago. Where is the outrage? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE! We are killing our children.
  2. And you have posted in the past that you are well armed, however a two iron away from Minneapolis from your sites , well within shooting distance. I agree with your post - let the people rock.
  3. I enjoy posting to this thread as I have increased my post count almost 3 percent. Thank you Scylla.
  4. As a response to the OP (what else could it be) I would say terse, but honest.
  5. She/he/it/they/them/her/him/nonwhite/whitey/ is notorious for such language in this forum. And hides behind wretchedness.
  6. I agree with almost nothing you write. But this^. It took you this long to figure this out?
  7. Exactly, while obviously all lives matter, I, too, don't want the truism to distract from the BLM sentiment. But, I have to allow the riots, death and destruction to be defined by a few racist cops - who are looking at life in prison for their heinous crimes? This is accountability. I want to same for any person who acts as these police acted. Accountability is how we grow as a civilization.
  8. The position of de-funding the police will only make the police state stronger! Don't you see how that pendulum swings? Look how strong 'they' thought they were in an attempted coup against the President. We have the police where they are accountable for their actions - thank goodness! It took some 40 years of my life to see this happen.
  9. In times of stress people demonstrate their real character or their lack thereof. I will not riot. I will not demonstrate. I will protect my family. As I do every year I will vote this November. Proud to be an American and share in this wonderful American dream.
  10. Yes! Yes I am motivated. If the U.S. loses there will be no Doctors available. It will be just like Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, et al. Be afraid. That's what our Democratic Governors are saying: 'be afraid'.
  11. As a proud American citizen involved in politics at all levels of the local and Federal government, and a great appreciator of Cheetos, I think come November I'm going to get myself another 4 year supply. Stock up so to say. . . Yummy.
  12. Wrong. China flew 10's of thousands all over the world after they locked down Wuhan. WHO said nothing to worry about as it is contained. You could get out of Wuhan but not in. So wrong again. The President was advised to not shut off China - but he did it anyway. Insofar as WHO being the bad guys, yes. And they will get no more of my tax money. I respect President Trump's convictions.
  13. Exactly! WHO has done just that. Except, of course, but in China. It's not safe anywhere but in China. According to WHO.
  14. Yes I can. The Wuhan virus. It spread nowhere throughout China but Wuhan. Except, of course, the rest of the world. Over 1 million dead. How afraid should I be? Fall and Winter is our issue too. The Chinese do not control the weather except for their global warming practices that are destroying our planet. They are the major polluters of our world. So, I guess, I am afraid of fall and winter too. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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