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  1. Your hate talk is way overboard. Any other social platform you would be banned. So, to this end, I hope what you send around comes right back around to you aka RIP. You should really do a soul check you pathetic creep!
  2. It's oficial, summer is over. I did nothing! I quarrentined, social distanced, and have forgotten about life with friends and family. If you did something/anything please post here as I would enjoy living vicariously through your words. How pathetic am I.
  3. Agreed. However, we have ONE and only ONE virus we have eliminated: Smallpox The others are still with us. Including the flu and the common cold.
  4. The problem was he acted too late and consequently over 50K dead! The rest of what you wrote agreeing with me but not agreeing with me. Using the same words I wrote but only understanding what you wrote. Seriously? I am not an anti-vaxxer, but ANY vaccine the government (and Bill Gates and corporate America) mandates I take because it is good for the whole is a vaccine I will avoid like the plague itself. The same government and corporate (pharma) who classifies weed as a class A felony (just like opium, LSD, barbituate inter alia): imprisoned thousands for smoking. Get real.
  5. Living in NYC is TYRANNY! Only protesters, rioters, and murderers are free of quarantine - in the name of social justice. (Quarantine is a social issue, I'm sure you agree). Gov. Cuomo attempted the quarantine of the somewhat healthy elderly. How did that work out for the CITIZENS of this city? Over 50K dead! Go to my local dictatorship country? FFS I'm living with this asshat!
  6. QUARANTINE is when you restrict the movement of SICK people. TYRANNY is when you restrict the movement of HEALTHY people.
  7. On the Juneteenth and Fathers day weekend over 150 black men shot in Chicago. Where is the outrage? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE! We are killing our children.
  8. And you have posted in the past that you are well armed, however a two iron away from Minneapolis from your sites , well within shooting distance. I agree with your post - let the people rock.
  9. I enjoy posting to this thread as I have increased my post count almost 3 percent. Thank you Scylla.
  10. As a response to the OP (what else could it be) I would say terse, but honest.
  11. She/he/it/they/them/her/him/nonwhite/whitey/ is notorious for such language in this forum. And hides behind wretchedness.
  12. I agree with almost nothing you write. But this^. It took you this long to figure this out?
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