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  1. It wasn't an issue or question of sides. It was an issue with individuals and their individual opinions. Bilious crap from some. You picked sides, I didn't. I read the posts from individuals.
  2. I agree, his post is vile. But one of the most vile . . hate filled screeds you have read here? Please take a moment and reread some of the posts in this thread ripping white men, conservatives, trumpers, capitalists, christians, et al. Yes, the bilious crap. The OP was predicated on bilious crap. What did you expect? Hate begets hate, period. And many have taken the opportunity to express theirs.
  3. RB, Beth stated in this forum notsolong ago that she had an IQ of ~140. I have no reason not to believe her, ergo I am not so sure she isn't bright. However, politics clouds many a mind. While I understand what you wrote above I think it would be insane to paint the whole trans community with this brushstroke. Yes, there are fanatics, but it is not the whole. Every 'belief' has its fanatics. It ain't worth the fight because within the norms of today we have gender politicking with PC intersectionality that judges not someone on their strength of character but their sexual preferences or party affiliation. You are wrong just because you argue outside of gender politicking and not within the norms of PC. Are you a fanatic? Is it either your way or no way? Just asking.
  4. And what will they all do when he loses! Rhetorical. PS Did I use the correct pronoun for Bernie?
  5. Well, I, for one, thought this post was a joke. Actually, I had a very hardy laugh. Thank you.
  6. Hey Pebbles, BamBam here. I just don't believe your words or your encounters as written. Smells like a jussie to me. This is my not so humble opinion.
  7. I don't think I have written more than twenty words in your direction in the past so many years (10-11?). And we are/were feuding? Quite frankly I don't even remember your words . . . unremarkable!? But I do know that in the past two months you have done nothing but take a poke at me at every opportunity. Careful lassie you just may get what you ask for. PS See Haute thread.
  8. Haute imbibing. Yes! See item three of my favorites.
  9. I am so sorry Lindal, but I enjoy haute service. Not faux service.
  10. Happy Holidays. But why after 11 years are you now kind to me? Should I brace myself?
  11. My favorite French word; written or spoken: Haute. Haute Cusine Haute Couture Haut Brion inter alia. I like it large I like it classy As I live large and I live classy, im(haute)o In SL I have only encountered: Haute Boob Haute Pectoral Haute Derriere Haute Biceps Haute Attitude Is this because we are not real in SL? Is this because this game is just a game where 'haute' leveling up does not exist outside of ones avatar presentation? Don't get me wrong, I like haute boob just as much as the next guy even if it is only pixels. But. Anyway, I was just asking.
  12. If one posts something kind it is now considered brown-nosing? Cool. Envy anyone? PS I never expected my nose to land there . . . Cool again.
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