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  1. This is the forum for fellow residents, not the LL suggestion box so yes, you are literally complaining to fellow residents an the Linden Lab crew will probably never even see what you have written here. Repeated complaining = whining. Your approach and then your ensuing attitude is a large part of the problem. You notice you only got one invitation to do anything, right? I’m betting many people came in, read your posts and just passed over even commenting? I don’t really care what you like and don’t like, you are the one with nothing to do so it’s a bit high and mighty to expect others to provide you with entertainment possibilities like a Cruise Director? You got some good suggestions in a broad range of interests and I think it’s really too bad you are too dull to even take them on for a try. The rest of us seem to have plenty to do or at least in this thread, we have liked to hear and share remarks on what others enjoy, not being so narrow-minded and uncreative that we have to rely on or expect something or someone to entertain us with no effort being put in. You may feel you are a discerning individual, only willing to do ‘certain things’ but to me you sound like a mopey and unhappy person honestly, believing nothing is good enough to even try, right? You’ve spent more effort complaining in this thread than many of us do having fun in SL. I’ve decorated a club and collaborated with a dj to make a party since this thread has started, and I’m on a tablet and not even inworld all that much? What have you done in-world since this thread has started? Anything at all?
  2. If it is an alt account then you know the drill, rarely does anyone stay in the first incarnation of their avatar when there are so many great ways to customize our avatars. Since we can do that right away, I’m not sure exactly where the problem is. I can even say that maybe the starter avatars are kept a little too few and a bit generic to actually encourage you to customize them to suit yourself better. Just as the Linden Homes are limited in features by design, knowing full well that many people will ‘outgrow’ them.
  3. The teen grid did shut down without much advance notice didn’t it? Many people were surprised by the closing IIRC.
  4. @manoji Yachvilidon’t stop interacting with people. You’ll find your way in a balance with most people and if the one-on-one interactions aren’t going too well, maybe try interacting within general chatty groups a little more for a while. Sometimes feeling misunderstood can lead to feeling isolated too and sometimes people act the way they do just because of the times or due to general social tension or someone having a bad day. I know it is hard, people talk fast, we use idioms, slang and lots of insider language without even realizing it and we often don’t mean to give the impression of being unfriendly. But please do not take it personally and do not give up.
  5. I think there’s a dancer for this, complete with the song and some vewwy smexi moves...can’t confirm of course and responding with interpretive dance isn’t always well received...but that’s never stopped anyone either! 😉 peeve: my own disorganized inventory. I’m annoyed with myself over it. Anyone up for a drinking and inventory cleaning party soon after Hallowtide?
  6. Peeve: shape makers who do not know how to take their vendor photo without the viewer lens distortion. If you don’t know that as a basic, how exactly are you making shapes without that same distorted view as you customize them? They’d all look terrible.
  7. Getting final things ready, hope some of you I’ll come out to join us ~shameless teaser photo bump!~
  8. Are you sure she wasn’t just trolling you? That’s a very common snarky way that people will act to snub your insult...
  9. I think it really happens a lot! It’s very hard between languages too (even in person sometimes) and that would be one of the cases where I would be in favor of adding emoji in the chat in SL because it’s such a quick and easy shortcut to bridge a language gap and clarify meaning. And I really do use Smileys a lot or the or “/me smiles” function a lot. One of my first maker friends in second life is Korean and he still doesn’t speak English very well and I definitely don’t speak Korean, but we have stayed in touch for quite a few years and we get along just fine with our hilariously bad translations and use lots of Emoji still.
  10. setting up the spoopy party place for Halloween.
  11. Except that then you’ll have a club full of new people seeking money, sex or a better avatar appearance. 😉
  12. I wasn’t suggesting everyone would enjoy the things on my list, it’s of course tailored to my own interests and I have done many of these both SL and First Life too. But it’s really up to you to make what you will of any life, isn’t it? If I ‘ran out of things to do’ in SL, I probably wouldn’t log in anymore. The breaks I’ve taken from SL were often because there was too much to do there and I like to keep a very good balance between everything in my live both on and off the computer. But SL is really one of the most creative things I’ve ever participated in online so it replaces social media for me almost entirely and I know many people ‘waste time’ on that in huge amounts. Many people in the thread have given you their impressions of what is good in SL but you must please yourself and assign your own values as we all do.
  13. Perform with a ballet company show RL work in an art gallery (SL art too) Volunteer for a charity and participate in their events, Fantasy Faire etc. join a historical community, do historical research Record stories to be broadcast at a listening party read your poetry live sing live as a performance or just informally at a bardic circle or karaoke participate in a seasonal ritual with a group of druids build, decorate and dj at your own venue go to live performances, tribute bands and other entertainments theres my top 10 highlight reel off the top of my head today - there’s really a lot to do IMO. There’s a ton of things that don’t suit me at all too. But I really feel like there’s some truth to the saying ‘only boring people get bored’.
  14. I’m same for female singer preference but love a lot of male singers too but I honestly do think some Billie Eilish is soothing or at least ‘chill’...how about Bad Guy, Ocean Eyes, No Time To Die? Edit: Kate Bush is and probably always will be GOAT though for me anyway!
  15. Back to the topic once again, ‘atlas program’.
  16. regarding real estate also... From what I consider a reliable source: LL has offered (and may still offer ongoing) one or more purchase/tier packages with volume discounts on both initial land purchase and ongoing tier. One thing sometimes mentioned is the Atlas Program. Since I don’t know any particulars beyond these, I won’t speculate more about any terms...but it makes sense that there would be wholesale pricing and volume discounts (as there commonly is in other commercial endeavors everywhere) but...it’s also a hot-button discussion topic sometimes because it’s not openly available to everyone and the information and details are not easy to know.
  17. Ok now you’ve done it - I want that as my avatar!🤣 or at least my bartender bot! mixed meme metaphors like my mixed drinks - strong and make ya real dumb!
  18. Diner dash... fauve is 5 ft 3 inches here but looks really smol! That’s life as a doll 😉
  19. And that fine line is quite subjective and it is based on too many factors to really control in this environment. I often think ‘how rude!’ when I read things...but I also try hard to read the content and not just the tone too. If I see someone being a socially awkward panda but speaking a truth, I really do try to focus in on the truth part and not get hung up on the socially awkward part . That’s not to be confused with someone I would like to spend time with because that kind of behavior does set me on edge too, and I tend to avoid it. Very few people in SL know me outside of SL, and fewer still know me in real life so I can’t really take any of it personally if I’m thinking about it in a rational way.
  20. There are plenty of 40+ people on the forums here and in the world, hiding in plain sight so to speak. I just don’t think they do grandma and grandpa things in SL very much? Maybe because they are already real life parents or grandparents and have a fulfilling life doing that in their first life already and use SL for aspirational or fantasy things? I have wondered about avatars and aging and maturity and our tastes as we ‘age’ in the virtual, but I think that’s a topic for another thread? Edit: you could always start a role-play, like the teen girls do with their Karens on Instagram. Once at Gachatopia I saw the most marvelous avatar. She had a walker and super high heels, a leopard cat suit and hair to the sky. Her face was past middle-aged with cat eye glasses. That’s my kind of cool auntie/granny and I think I still have a snapshot of her somewhere but she was moving fast. Obviously places to go and hot bingo dates to keep. 😉
  21. It’s a difficult topic, because I do know that a lot of people who have been here a long time and really do know a lot of important and valid information do feel undervalued or discounted much of the time, and that never really brings about a positive connection. On the other hand I really do understand the frustration of a new person just saying yeah-yeah-yeah...but how do I do the thing? I don’t know where those two can meet or if they are oil and water, but I do know that everyone’s uplifted a little bit more if the thread stays positive when it’s not just a joking around thread. Throw in not being able to read the room, being misunderstood and sense of humor varying from country to country – well it’s kind of difficult all the way around. I’ve actually been thinking about this a bit lately too and I came to the conclusion that what you’re asking is never going to come about because everyone will do as they do… And really values their ability to do that over any sense of agreement on what we as residents can do to help retention rates . I would definitely try to contribute to a dedicated thread for newbie questions and keep my own sarcastic shenanigans to a minimum *in that particular thread*. That’s really all I can offer. 😉
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