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  1. Jennifer Boyle

    Where do you live?

    Central U.S.
  2. Jennifer Boyle

    Ridable Horse Recommendations, Please

    Thanks for your help!
  3. I am interested in buying a rideable horse. I know next to nothing about them. I would appreciate recommendations. Thanks.
  4. Thank you!!!!! That solved the problem.
  5. Recently, the edit window has become larger so that the bottom part of it is off the scree and inaccessible. I can't make it smaller, and I can't move it up. See the attached photo. It is the same on two different accounts and on the LL and Firestorm viewers. This problem makes building difficult toimpossible. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  6. Jennifer Boyle

    Why do applier layers make mesh body show thru fitmesh clothing?

    Thanks, everyone.
  7. Jennifer Boyle

    Travelling in the void

    I would love it. I would love to be able to fly over the ocean between continents. It would be fine if I couldn't fly too near to some islands. It would be nice to have ban lines or something similar that were visible at a distance,making them easy to avoid. It would also be great fun to sail between continents and islands.
  8. Jennifer Boyle

    Why No-Mod?

    First, let me thank Penny for posting. I completely agree and am frequently frustrated by no-mod restrictions. Inability to rename is my biggest issue with clothing and body parts. I often have items the characteristics of which can be changed by HUDs or scripts. It is frequently convenient to make copies that are set to different characteristics, e.g., color or texture, that are parts of different outfits that I want to be able to don instantly. If I could rename the items, I could just add "-Red" or "-Black" or whatever to the name. As it is, I have to create a separate folder for each one in order to keep up with which is which. Every time I have to do that, I think unkindly of the creator, who didn't give a s#!t about making things convenient for their customers. Regarding the argument that users might mess up products: If I buy something, it's mine, and I should be able to mess it up to my heart's content. IRL, I can mess up anything I've bought---clothes, houses, appliances, cars, books, even artwork---and it doesn't seem to be a problem. It isn't in SL, either, except in the over-anxious minds of some creators. Most people are not going to buy something nice and then make it ugly; the few that do are not going to affect the creator's reputation significantly. Finally, the real underlying problem is that LL messed up royally by making the no-mod restriction possible at all for items that are sold and not given away; they could have and should have made the sale of anything for any amount greater than zero automatically set the permission to mod. What they did was to make it possible to enforce a legally non-enforceable restriction by technical means. Just my $0.02 from someone who buys a lot of clothing and accessories.
  9. Jennifer Boyle

    Apologies but I really need some guidance

    I have a Maitreya Lara body, and I still use a system head. I have Slink hands and feet. Since the Maitreya hands that come with the body now do everything the Slink hands do, and can be controlled by the Maitreya HUD that I'm wearing anyway, I never wear my Slink hands anymore. I still wear Slink feet sometimes when wearing shoes made for them. I have a LAQ skin that has appliers for Maitreya Lara and Slink feet.
  10. Jennifer Boyle

    Casual Clothing

    In summer, I usually wear shorts, a tank, and either sneakers or flip-flops. In winter, I usually wear a sweater or a blouse and jacket, jeans, and boots.
  11. The whole question is in the title. I have searched help, answers, and the forums, and not found the information I seek. The FAQ is directed at creators and has no information about what materials do.
  12. Jennifer Boyle

    Body Physics Issue

    There are various sliders to adjust avatar physics, and yours need adjusting.. Right click on your avatar, click on "Edit Outfit," click on the physics layer, and then click on the wrench icon. You can play around with the sliders and find setting you like. The sliders' effects are not linear, and some of them seem to have their maximum effects far short of their maximum settings. If yours isn't modifiable, you can make anew one. I'll send you the physics layer that I routinely wear. You can see how you like it.
  13. Jennifer Boyle

    Ban Lines at 1300 Meters?

    The post above is an error, but the forum software won't let me delete it.
  14. Jennifer Boyle

    Ban Lines at 1300 Meters?

  15. Jennifer Boyle

    Ban Lines at 1300 Meters?

    The difference is that in RL, you can find out about them without having to discover them for yourself by getting knocked out of the air. (Now that I have learned, here about the minimap showing them, I do have an altenative.)