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  1. Jennifer Boyle

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    It surprised me that no one has already said anything here about the reason I don't like no-mod mesh clothing. I wear a Maitreya Lara body. Maitreya has made available an auto-hider script that, when placed in an object, automatically hides the areas that need to be hidden when the object is worn, and unhides them when it is removed. This is a great convenience. With no-mod items, I have to place the script in a prim and wear the prim in addition the clothing item. Sometimes, I'm wearing multiple prims. I can't even link the prims to the clothing. There was a previous version of the auto-hider script that was not as good. I have no-mod clothing items that came with that version in them; I can't replace it with the current version. I also have a few items that came with the script in them, but the hidden areas are not exactly the ones I need to hide, and I can't fix them. It would cost the creator nothing to let me have this functionality by making their clothing modifiable. It certainly feels like they don't care whether they inconvenience their customers or not. I am always on the lookout for good-quality modifiable mesh clothing. As creators' skills at making fitmesh have improved, I have less need to use the auto-hider, so this may be an issue that goes away in time. "I don't want people shifting around the colour because that's going to make the final product look like garbage and would reflect poorly on me and my ability to make clothes." If an item is modifiable, how can its appearance after it has left the creator's control reflect on the ability of the creator? Isn't it obvious that a modifiable item could have been modified by someone else?
  2. I logged onto the forums with the intention of posting a question about this issue, but I found this thread. I agree that this is a recent issue, an something outside my control has changed. I spend 90+ percent of my time on one or the other of two sims, and my cache is the maximum allowed size and is on an SSD. I have been observing the statistics bar. When I logon to one of the sims where I spend a lot of time, during the first several seconds, the cache hit rate may drop below 10%, but then it gradually rises to 100% . After it gets to 100%, I'm still looking at blurry or gray things for some time, which seems strange. My computer is plenty powerful (Ryzen Threadripper 2950X, GTX 2080Ti), so it isn't the problem. I just hope LL fixes this soon.
  3. Jennifer Boyle

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    My Facebook account was closed several years ago because I was not a real person. I know that many other accounts that obviously belonged to SL avatars were left alone then, and many others were, like mine, closed. I have no idea why mine was targeted. But, no, FB doesn't want us.
  4. Jennifer Boyle

    How to remove an applier?

    I don't know about other bodies, but with Maitreya, just make an applier with a transparent texture, and apply it to the same layer you want to remove. Why would you need to remove one instead of just turning the layer off?
  5. Jennifer Boyle

    Maitreya Autohide - issue with unhiding

    Wouldn't it be simpler to put the script into the clothing itself and not add another prim to contain it? Let me make another plea for making mesh clothing mod. There may be future improved versions of the auto hiding script. If the clothes are mod, your customers can replace the script with the updated one. If they are no-mod, they are stuck with what's there. I have some nice fitmesh clothes with the previous version of the script that does not unhide when the item is removed. I can't update them with the V4 script because they are no-mod. Grrrrr!
  6. Jennifer Boyle

    Invisible Clothes?! Help please

    Are you "adding" the clothes and other attachments, not "wearing" them? Adding does what it sounds like; wearing can make other things detach.
  7. Jennifer Boyle

    Chat logs between 2 computers

    An easy, low-tech way to do it would be to change to location of the logs within the viewer to a flash drive and move it between computers.
  8. Jennifer Boyle

    Makeup/brow for classic head on Lara body

    I wish I'd known a long time ago. I've deleted many, many system clothing items, some of which were quite nice.
  9. I know that this thread is old, but I just found it, and I think I can add useful information. It is quite possible to run a viewer on a USB flash drive; I have done it many times. The reason I did was that I wanted to use different computers and have the whole experience carry over from one to the other. I used a Windows batch file to copy the files from C:\Users\Username\Appdata\Roaming\Secondlife(or appropriate folder for other viewers) to the flash drive at the end of a session and copy them back at the beginning of the next one. I tried putting the cache on the flash drive, but that made the viewer run very slowly, so I ended up copying the cache back and forth, too. The default location for the log files is C:\Users\Username\Appdata\Local; it worked fine to just change the location to the flash drive from within the viewer, but it's necessary to always use the same drive letter for the flash drive if that is done. When the drive letter is always the same, it's even possible to have shortcuts work normally; you just have to install the viewer on the flash drive from each computer you run the viewer on. I used both the LL and Firestorm viewers this way. If you didn't care about preserving data when you moved between computers, you wouldn't need to copy files, and, if you didn't care about other users or administrators seeing the files, and didn't care about the disk space they occupied, you wouldn't need to delete them from the hard drive. In that case, you could just run the viewer from the flash drive without doing anything special.
  10. Jennifer Boyle

    Salvaging Shoes with Invisiprims

    I had long forgotten about invisiprims. This old thread is a reminder of how much clothing has improved.
  11. Jennifer Boyle

    Ladies - what do you think about sex in SL?

    This is something I've wondered about a long time. The majority of the male partners I've had in SL wanted to talk about RL even though I had told them that I did not want to talk about RL at all. These were seemingly nice, stable people. They want to talk about their erection, what they are doing to stimulate themselves, etc., and they ask about my RL state of arousal and what (they assume) I am doing to stimulate myself. When I guide the conversation back to what we're doing in SL, they often persist. I am RPing having sex in SL. I wouldn't ever manually stimulate my genitals(inserted because the forum bot put ***** in place of the word that means that) while doing that. I might get mildly aroused, similar to reading a good erotic novel. I don't care if they are masturbating IRL, but I sure don't want to know it. Why do guys have such a difficult time understanding this? What is others' experience? Do I just attract wiredos? Am I the weird one?
  12. Jennifer Boyle

    Is there any way to combine two tattoos?

  13. Jennifer Boyle

    Is there any way to combine two tattoos?

    I wear a Maitreya body, and I have a lower tattoo applier that I made. I would like to also wear a lower tattoo that I bought. Is there any way I can do that? I doubt that there is, but I think there is a small chance that there is software to combine two tattoos. If not, does anyone have a suggestion, other than to get the creator of the tattoo I bought to sell me the texture so i can make a tattoo with both textures? Thanks for any help.
  14. Jennifer Boyle

    Sex & Nudity in Mature Mainland?

    This thread perfectly illustrates my reason for residing on Zindra. To my knowledge, I don't do anything that wouldn't be permitted in a Mature sim. However, by residing in an Adult sim, I just don't have to worry about it. I don't know why my text is underlined.