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  1. No company has an "obligation" in the absence of a contract or legal requirement to do anything. However, no matter how secure a company feels, there is always the possibility that a competitor will emerge that is eager and able to serve their customers better. Plenty of smug, apathetic companies have bitten the dust because they forgot this. Therefore, well-managed companies strive to provide the best possible service to their customers. As others have pointed out, there are always employees who will be eager to volunteer to work holidays if proper incentives are offered. As a
  2. Yes, that's what I was thinking of. I tried it just to see how it worked, and I thought it worked OK.
  3. $150 per month works out to less than $0.25 per hour, so someone should be able to turn a nice profit by charging, e.g., $0.50 per hour, which isn't prohibitively expensive at all.
  4. Some years ago there was a service (operated by Sony, I think) that allowed games to be run on servers and the video streamed to users. Second Life was on it; the viewer ran on a server. The advantage was that, since the viewer didn't need to run on the local machine, which just needed to display video, low-powered devices could be used to access Second Life. The service was discontinued by its owner for unrelated reasons. I wonder why LL does not do something similar itself to make SL accessible to larger audience. People could use smartphones and tablets as well as low-powered computer
  5. That idea has merit. A problem would be that alpha maskjs work with anything, so if there were alpha masks in the box with autohiders, everyone could probably use them. Maybe have labeled sections for boxes that contain only body-specific content and one section for all boxes with any alpha masks? It's not that burdensome to delete what we don't want.
  6. I know that alpha masks work with system avatars and all BOM mesh bodies. When I said "all avatars," I was thinking of autohiders; I presume, but don't know, that other brands have autohiders like Maitreya does. The contact sheet is a great idea.
  7. Perhaps I should expand the scope of this project to include all avatars? What would be the best way to inform people about what body the stuff in a box was made for? Hovertext? I think hovertext would be overlapped and hard to read. Texture on the box? This seems like a better idea. Thoughts?
  8. What I'm talking about is lingerie that is produced both as a BOM/system layer and as fitmesh, the creator having tried as much as possible to make them the same. The reason I'm interested is that, if one is going to wear underwear under clothing, it is sometimes necessary to use BOM panties and usually necessary to use a BOM bra. In those cases, it would be ideal to have the underwear as bothe, so that while wearing clothing, the BOM could be worn, and when the clothing was removed, the BOM would be there. Then the fitmesh version could be added and the BOM version removed.
  9. Would that explain multiple sims running on both AWS and LL servers running poorly?
  10. A question for everyone who is interested in this project: should we include the alpha mask textures to make it easy for people who find that an alpha mask almost works for them?
  11. For several weeks SL had been performing better for me than it ever had---good frame rates, little lag, and fast loading of textures. Then day before yesterday, Sunday, the lag became terrible, textures were very slow to load, and frame rates were low. Then, Tuesday night, the problem, whatever it was, resolved. I changed nothing on my end. The problem was present in multiple sims running on both LL and AWS servers. I found none with normal performance. It was so bad that my avatar, when walking, would take two steps, freeze for an instant, take two more step, freeze again, etc. Others notice
  12. It is fixed. You can either take a copy of the box or buy a copy for L$0. Thanks for letting me know about the problem.
  13. Less interest has been expressed than I hoped, but I decided to go ahead and and give it a try. The Free Alpha Mask and Autohider Exchange is now open at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Danim/45/8/61.
  14. !. The biggest hurdle for me was understanding norms for behavior in SL. My first account was abandoned because I didn't understand and "got off on the wrong foot." I started this one four months after I started the first one. 2. My mentor. Once I explored SL a little, I knew that I wanted to be a stripper because it was so far from anything I had experienced, or would ever experience, IRL, and I was very curious about the experience. The club at which I got hired had a formal mentoring/training program. My mentor went shopping with me and helped me select a skin, a shape, etc., to make
  15. If you take it a step at a time, then you don't have to learn as much all at once, and at each stage you'll find that some of what you already learned helps you. If I were in your position, I would start with a mesh body because the mesh body is a bigger improvement over the system body that mesh heads are over system heads.For me, the most important characteristic of a body is support by clothing makers. I got Maitreya for that reason, and have been completely satisfied. Not only are plenty of clothes available, but the body keeps getting better, and the tech support is good. You sh
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