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  1. That is exactly my story, except I've never had a prolonged absence. I spend a few hours trying demos and get really tired of it and give up until next time. I'm wondering if there is a consultant that I could pay to find the right mesh head for me. It is important to me that I keep looking like me; I'd just like a better version, not a different face.
  2. Maitreya gives away a kit with which you can make an applier if you have a tattoo texture. It is simple. I don't know if Slink has something similar.
  3. What I do is this: Create a subfolder within the "Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara" named "Feet" Create three subfolders within the "Feet" subfolder named "High," "Medium," and "Flat." Copy the feet into each of the subfolders. Wear each of the copied feet one at a time, and use the HUD to choose the position that corresponds to the name of the subfolder. When composing an outfit, wear whichever of the feet works with it. When you save the outfit, the link in it will point to the copy of the feet that you saved with the correct position.
  4. Premium, paid for annually, costs $72 per year. You get a L$300 per week stipend. At $L250 per dollar, a year's stipends are worth $62.40, so the net cost of the premium membership is less than $10 per year. The benefits are easily worth that. I rent most of my land tier for L$0.25 per square meter per week, so the 1024 m that comes with premium is worth L$256 per week, or L$13,312 per year, equivalent to $53.25. I come out $43.65 per year ahead with premium. It's certainly worth while for me in that I save over $40 per year that I can spend on other things. In addition, the enhanced tech support can be valuable. I have not needed it in several years, but the few times I needed it, it was extremely good to have. The extra groups are nice, too. I don't use any of the other premium features.
  5. Yes, that makes (second) life a lot more fun, doesn't it?
  6. I used the !Xcite X4 for years. I recently changed to the Rigged Mesh VAW, which I thin k looks better and was certainly much easier to fit. It also has easy-to-configure included hair.
  7. Let me add a few thoughts. First, I do not understand the thinking of people who do things that make other people's lives worse without making their own better, and I never will. I have a pretty nice house: You are welcome to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Danim/95/116/57 I routinely leave it open to everyone in contrast to my RL practice of always locking my doors. In SL, people can't do any real damage. I ban people who persistently litter and those who behave badly toward others. Such people are rare. The ban list has 85 names, and I have owned the land almost 10 years. I am glad for other people to enjoy my house when I can't, which is most of the time. Occasionally someone installs a skybox. I periodically look to see who has objects on my land, and, if someone I don't know has some, I return the objects, and ban the owner if they had more than a few. I spend less than 5 minutes a month on that. I just don't understand why anyone is so selfish as not want to share when it costs nothing to do it. I also (try to) enjoy flying, and I particularly like to take off from my house and fly to some other place, which seems natural to me, so flying only in a "flying sim" wouldn't cut it. Again, I just don't understand why so many people want to make it hard to enjoy flying when it doesn't help them in any way. The only people it could help are people who get joy from making others' lives less enjoyable. One reason people think they should be able to fly over others' land in SL is that they can in RL. Helicopters fly low over my RL house all the time. Another thing I don't understand is why people set such short delays on security orbs, unless their intent is malicious. Why would they not allow enough time for inadvertent trespassers to see a warning and leave? Finally, as multiple people have pointed out, people are within their rights to use ban lines and security orbs with little or no delay, but there are many rights that people have in RL and in SL that nice people choose not to exercise.
  8. I have a Bueno Fox jacket that I really like because it layers well over a lot of my fitmesh clothing.
  9. Is there any clothing line that includes fitmesh that layers really well? Like sweaters and jackets that fit over shirts, shirts with tails tucked in or left out that work with skirts and pants, etc. It seems like a creator could make clothes that layer well with their other clothes.
  10. It surprised me that no one has already said anything here about the reason I don't like no-mod mesh clothing. I wear a Maitreya Lara body. Maitreya has made available an auto-hider script that, when placed in an object, automatically hides the areas that need to be hidden when the object is worn, and unhides them when it is removed. This is a great convenience. With no-mod items, I have to place the script in a prim and wear the prim in addition the clothing item. Sometimes, I'm wearing multiple prims. I can't even link the prims to the clothing. There was a previous version of the auto-hider script that was not as good. I have no-mod clothing items that came with that version in them; I can't replace it with the current version. I also have a few items that came with the script in them, but the hidden areas are not exactly the ones I need to hide, and I can't fix them. It would cost the creator nothing to let me have this functionality by making their clothing modifiable. It certainly feels like they don't care whether they inconvenience their customers or not. I am always on the lookout for good-quality modifiable mesh clothing. As creators' skills at making fitmesh have improved, I have less need to use the auto-hider, so this may be an issue that goes away in time. "I don't want people shifting around the colour because that's going to make the final product look like garbage and would reflect poorly on me and my ability to make clothes." If an item is modifiable, how can its appearance after it has left the creator's control reflect on the ability of the creator? Isn't it obvious that a modifiable item could have been modified by someone else?
  11. I logged onto the forums with the intention of posting a question about this issue, but I found this thread. I agree that this is a recent issue, an something outside my control has changed. I spend 90+ percent of my time on one or the other of two sims, and my cache is the maximum allowed size and is on an SSD. I have been observing the statistics bar. When I logon to one of the sims where I spend a lot of time, during the first several seconds, the cache hit rate may drop below 10%, but then it gradually rises to 100% . After it gets to 100%, I'm still looking at blurry or gray things for some time, which seems strange. My computer is plenty powerful (Ryzen Threadripper 2950X, GTX 2080Ti), so it isn't the problem. I just hope LL fixes this soon.
  12. My Facebook account was closed several years ago because I was not a real person. I know that many other accounts that obviously belonged to SL avatars were left alone then, and many others were, like mine, closed. I have no idea why mine was targeted. But, no, FB doesn't want us.
  13. I don't know about other bodies, but with Maitreya, just make an applier with a transparent texture, and apply it to the same layer you want to remove. Why would you need to remove one instead of just turning the layer off?
  14. Wouldn't it be simpler to put the script into the clothing itself and not add another prim to contain it? Let me make another plea for making mesh clothing mod. There may be future improved versions of the auto hiding script. If the clothes are mod, your customers can replace the script with the updated one. If they are no-mod, they are stuck with what's there. I have some nice fitmesh clothes with the previous version of the script that does not unhide when the item is removed. I can't update them with the V4 script because they are no-mod. Grrrrr!
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