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  1. I can't figure out how to delete the quote, which is now not relevant. As usual, my stupidity was my problem. I didn't understand how "Align Planar Faces" worked. I had checked it for each of the prims while editing them individually. When I was preparing to make a picture to post in response to Chic's answer and had multiple prims selected, I noticed that the box wasn't checked. I checked, and, magically, the problem was solved.
  2. The floors in my house consist of multiple prim boxes because one prim can't be large enough and because there needs to be an opening for a stairwell. I cannot get the textures to match up properly at the joints between the prims. The picture shows such a joint after my best effort. The "repeats per meter" is set to 0.3 in both directions on both prims, yet the textures don't align properly. What is the cause? How can I fix it? Thanks for any help.
  3. I've wondered for a long time why LL didn't seem to be subject to the usual requirements for reporting payments, which, in general require that entities that pay people money over some threshold in a year in the U.S. verify the identity of the payee and report the payment. I read the Tilia TOS. Aside from a lot of disclaimers of obligations and responsibility, it seemed to boil down to this: People who withdraw U.S. dollars from their accounts will have to provide RL information, just like U.S. residents must provide to every other entity from which they receive payments. I can't see any reason for a person to object other than that they want to evade income taxes. As far as the inactivity fee goes, it looks to me like a non-issue. It applies to accounts that have U.S. dollar balances and which are not accessed for a year, and a transaction of any kind or, even, just checking the balance, counts as access. Why would anyone keep dollars in an account for a year without doing anything with it? If someone wants to, they can avoid the fee by checking the balance once a year.
  4. Right. I've done that before. The advantage of the method I posted is that any changes I make affect all accounts, which is what I want. For example, even after I've overwritten trhe settings_per_account.xml files in all of the accounts with the same one, it seems that eventually things like the order of the taskbar buttons diverge among accounts.
  5. Me, too. I've never understood why they couldn't make drag-and-drop editing available for mesh. I avoid mesh structures because I can't customize them.
  6. This may have already been said. There is something wrong with people whining about paying a five percent cut to the platform operator when they sell online. Where else can people sell their creations online without paying the platform operator a lot more than five percent? Not Amazon. Not Etsy. Not Ebay. And SL is a much more elaborate platform than any of those.
  7. I already have multiple premium accounts, so, obviously, the current offering is attractive enough for me to buy it. What would I like to see added, either to the current premium account or as an added-cost feature? Better performance; this is way ahead of anything else in terms of something I'm willing to pay more for. I am so tired of waiting for things to rez. I wonder if it's possible to prioritize premium users when free and premium users are competing for server resources? If so, that's something I want; Better inventory management tools; More groups, new features that would make more groups less necessary; A much higher limit on offline IMs; More "free" land; The option of buying an all-water region with a low land-impact limit for a much lower price (so we could sail past what is now the edge of the World; Premium gifts that are actually worth having, i.e., include merchandise with the account that I would otherwise spend money for; For me, any increase in the stipend makes the account more attractive, as I see it as a cash rebate.
  8. There are many of us who are in-between. I had to do some Googling and reading to figure out how to do it, so it took some time. If I had been presented with the solution I suggest, and I had been concerned about it having some intended or unintended ill effect, I could have come to an understanding of how it works in a lot less time than I could figure out the details of how to make it work. I just intended to share something I find useful.
  9. I don't understand. The default location for an account's chat logs is %APPDATA%\Firestorm_x64\Firstname_Lastname, and if the location is changed to the same folder for all accounts in the preferences, the chat for each account will still go into a separate folder named Firstname_Lastname within the new folder.
  10. Some settings are per viewer, and some are per account. If you want to see which ones are per account, open settings_per_account.xml .
  11. If one has multiple accounts, it's a convenience to keep the settings the same for all of them. Until now, I didn't know an easy way to do it, and they always seemed to change so they were different over time. It doesn't work to try to use Windows shortcuts to do it. What does work is something called symbolic links. Here are step-by-step directions (for Firestorm 64-bit): Use notepad to create a file named something.bat; I named mine Linkmaker.bat Copy and paste the following lines into the file: ECHO ON DEL settings_per_account.xml DEL toolbars.xml MKLINK /H settings_per_account.xml %APPDATA%\Firestorm_x64\jennifer_boyle\settings_per_account.xml MKLINK /H toolbars.xml %APPDATA%\Firestorm_x64\jennifer_boyle\toolbars.xml PAUSE Navigate to C:\Users|Username\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm_x64. Choose one account, logically your main account, to be the one the actual files of which you'll use. Substitute the name of the folder for that account for "jennifer_boyle" in the file. Save the file in the folder for any of the other accounts, and copy it to each of the others. Open each copy. After you do this, the files will only actually exist in the main account folder, but the system will think that they are in each of the other folders, too. That's it! Now, any changes in the settings for one account will change the settings for all of the accounts. The same procedure will work for other viewers. You just have to change "Firestorm_x64" to, for example, "SecondLife."
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