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  1. I hope this is the right place to post this. I had a no-copy object created by someone else in my inventory. I was on group-owned land owned by a group of which I am a co-owner. The parcel settings allow anyone to rez objects there. The parcel is nowhere near capacity. I attempted to rez the object by dragging it from my inventory to the ground. It did not rez, and an error message was displayed saying to owner of the land didn't allow rezzing objects. The object was no longer anywhere in my inventory, nor was I able to find it inworld with area search. It apparently had disappeared. SL w
  2. I have had some fun with semi-transparent colored tattoo layers worn over a normal skin. They are easy to make. Would they serve your purpose?
  3. What is a "custom last name," and how does one get one?
  4. I hope that, if you find out the answer to your question,you will share it with us.
  5. I would logon with Firestorm from a different computer. If you don't have the problem then, it is something local, and deleting all Firestorm files and rebuilding then should fix it. If you still have it, it's something on the server, and either LL or the FS team, or both, will have to address it, if it is to be resolved. I have had a few empty outfit folders, but I found them immediately after I had moved them around between folders, and I thought it had something to do with that.
  6. I find the "Replace Links" feature of Firestorm to be very useful for this. Just replace the links to each item that gor\es with the3 old head with the corresponding one for tyhe new head. After you do that, all your outfits will have the new head.
  7. You might try the internet archive. I don't know if it would help, but it might.
  8. You should do what make you happiest. My avatar is an idealized version of the RL me, a version that is not only idealized, younger, prettier, and more shapely, but is idealized for a different environment in which I don't need to be concerned about professional and social repercussions of appearing unabashedly sexy. Therefore, I don't want her to look exactly like me.
  9. Yesterday and today, my avatar has been baking MUCH faster that it did before. It is particularly noticeable when I add or re
  10. My understanding is that there is a grace period after a group's tier falls too low to cover its landholding, so, if you wanted to, you should be able to withdraw your tier donation, downgrade your membership, and then donate your 1024 sq m again until it disappears at the end of your premioum membership's term.
  11. I have alts as co-owners of my group as insurance against such mishaps.
  12. I remember reading that LL offers short-term rentals of sims for one-time events. I searched and could not find any information about it. I am thinking about hosting a large event for which it would be desireable to have as many avatars as possible in a sim. What kind of short-term (a few hours to a few days) rentals are available from LL? Where do I find info? Are such rentals available from third parties? Thanks to any who can help.
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