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  1. What I am interested in knowing about is objects because, whether the Maitreya body or autohiders is added first determines if the autohiders work as intended.
  2. I don't think anyone has mentioned Radigast. It is a lightweight, non-graphical viewer. I frequently use it for alts. It uses much less resources than standard viewers. You can download it from https://radegast.life/.
  3. I wear a Maitreya body. For years, I wore the !Xcite X4 cooche. It didn't keep up with the technology, so I switched to the VAW XTC Rigged part. It looked amazingly better. It's chief shortcoming is having only three states. My alt has a Pro Bento Vajayjay v2.3. I have never been able to achieve a good color match to her skin, no matter how much time I spend. I could be wrong, but it appears to me that there is no gradient to help hide the color transition. My current favorite is the The V. It looks very good, perfect color matching is almost automatic, there are plenty of states, and it can be worn under most fitmesh clothing without being hidden and without showing through. Its shortcomings are that it cannot be hidden (without being removed), it does not contain the Maitreya autohide script and is no-mod so I can't add it, it is slow to respond when the state is changed with the HUD, and, if it's important, it doesn't do things like emit fluids, make sounds, etc. I think The V would please the OP, since it pretty much follows the same contour as the mesh body. If she will catch me inworld, I'll be happy to let her see mine.
  4. I wanted a conventional North American name, so I chose such a surname from the list and added such a given name.
  5. Than ks for the suggestions and information.
  6. Thank you so much, Scylla, for starting this topic, and thank all of you who have given information about solutions. I long knew that I had a problem. I assumed that there was no solution. Now, thanks to you, I learned that there may be solutions.
  7. I have attachments that I want to be permanently attached so that they don't detach when I change outfits. I would like to use RLV to accomplish this by "locking" them. I don't understand RLV well enough to do it. Where can I find instructions for doing this? Thanks.
  8. Years ago, there was a tool that could convert prim linksets into sculpted prims. I have been told that there are tools for converting prim linksets to mesh objects. I have searched unsuccessfully for theses tools. Does anyone know where I can find them? Thanks for any help.
  9. You just nave to be really patient, willing to spend money, and sometimes use the workarounds that others have mentioned.I always wear a Maitreya Lara mesh body. I very much prefer (fit)mesh clothes to applier clothes because, with a few exceptions, they look so much better to me. I also like to layer clothes. I am constantly on the lookout for clothes that work together. I occasionally get lucky, and I spend a lot of time finding combinations that work by trial and error. For tightly-fitting clothes, appliers can have an acceptable appearance. I often use applier jeans, underwear, and tee shirts when I need to, but only after failing to make the outfit work with mesh versions..
  10. I find outfits to help tremendously, and make it pretty simple. I usually spend considerable time putting one together, but after that, I can change in seconds. I have hundreds of them.
  11. It would be wonderful if a repository could be established where we could share them. They are easy enough to make, but making them can be time-consuming. It's a shame for dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of people to duplicate work. I would like to see suggestions about how this can happen. I'll gladly make a small parcel available for placement of something (a simple giver?) to do it.
  12. For about the last week, loading has been very slow for me, much slower than before, even for content that I know must be cached. Are others experiencing this?
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