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  1. Thanks, Maltimo. I'm using BOM for both head and body, and I'm looking for one skin. This is the only way I've found to completely get rid of the neck seam.
  2. Thanks, Orwar. What I'm unclear about is how necessary it is that a BOM skin be made for a specific head and a specific body, how likely a skin that isn't made for the specific head is to look good on it and if there is any other characteristic that would correlate with how well it would look. The skin that I'm currently wearing is one i happened to have that I though looked pretty good, just not good enough to wear forever.
  3. I recently asked a similar question, but I think I worded it poorly, resulting in few responses. I wear a Lelutka Simone head and a Maitreya Lara body. I recently changed to BOM for both. I am not completely satisfied with ther skin I'm currently wearing and want to replace it. I know that I can try demos, but I want to avoid spending hours or days blindly trying demos that don't work well. Are there any characteristics that I can look at that indicate which skins are more or less likely to work well with my head and body, so as to narrow the search? Thanks for any help.
  4. Let me summarize: If using a mesh avatar without BOM, you need one alpha, to hide the classic body completely, and, if you're also wearing a mesh head, the mesh classic head as well. To hide parts of the avatar to keep them from showing through clothes, you use the HUD that came with the body. If using a mesh avatar with BOM, you have to first turn on BOM using the HUD for the body. You do not wear the body-hiding alpha. You can use alphas to hide body parts that show through clothes. Alphas are fairly easy to make yourself. I have not made any yet to use with BOM, but before I had a mesh body, I made many for use with my classic avatar and mesh clothing.
  5. I feel for you. I don't know how many false starts I had changing to a mesh head. I would mess with demos for a few hours and then get so discouraged that I would give up, over and over. Two things really helped me. I posted frontal and side views of the classic avatar face I was trying to duplicate here. I received invaluable help from a very knowledgeable and generous member, and useful advice from several.. Even so, I spent a full day tweaking sliders. I got on a posing stand wearing my new mesh head and the shape to go with it, with the body sliders all set to the same settings as before I added the mesh head (but different ones that had been suggested by the person who helped me for the head). I had an alt wearing the same body and my system shape, with a classic head, an identical twin to my classic avatar, get on and identical posing stand. Then I moved the two posing stands to exactly the same coordinates, so that the two avatars were superimposed. Then I tweaked and tweaked and tweaked and tweaked the sliders for the mesh head shape to try to get it as close as I could to my old classic shape. When I finished, my new mesh face wasn't exactly the same as my old classic face, but it was close, and people easily recognized me.
  6. I love strippable, the more stages the better.
  7. How well does it work for petite,fit women with large breasts?
  8. I occasionally want to use mesh clothing as a prop. For example, I might say in chat, "/me kicks off her shoes," and then remove the shoes from my avatar and rez a pair nearby. Sometimes, I can't rez them because they are only wearable, not rezzable. I don't understand why a creator would care if I could rez them. Does anyone?
  9. I have been experimenting a lot recently with skins for Lelutka Simone and Maitreya Lara. The only way I have found to make the neck seam completely go away is to wear a single BOM skin, so I am looking hard at BOM skins that include both head and body. The head seems to be the part where it's most likely that something won't look right. I am confused about what kind of specifications or compatibility claims I need to look for, and if there's a better way to find good ones than just trying a lot of demos, which is time-consuming and tedious. Advice on the best way to find skins that look good on both the head and body would be mush appreciated. Am I correct to think that this is the only way to completely lose the seam? Thanks for any help.
  10. I like to wear fitmesh underwear whenever it will work with my clothing, and I'm constantly on the lookout for underwear that does. Fitmesh bras almost never do. Panties often work with skirts and dresses, and occasionally with pants. A couple of panties that frequently work are Layla's Madison and Jana and Little's Dynar. Both are sold only as parts of outfits. As others have said, you can wear system underwear if you use BOM, which I recommend because it is the least cumbersome way. Otherwise, you can use appliers.
  11. I care about fitmesh clothing being no-mod. Here's why: my body is Maitreya. An auto-hider script comes with it that can be put into an object to make specified parts of the body be hidden when the object is worn. With no-mod clothing, I have to wear a separate object with the script to achieve the intended functionality, consuming an attachment point unnecessarily; with modifiable clothing, I could put the script into the clothing. Similarly, scripts to position the feet come with the body. If shoes are mod, I can just put the script in them; when they are not, I have to wear an extra object containing the script. With all of the HUDs, objects with scripts like I describe above, etc. 38 attachment points sometimes isn't enough. I expect that, in the future, it won't be enough more and more often.
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