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  1. You just nave to be really patient, willing to spend money, and sometimes use the workarounds that others have mentioned.I always wear a Maitreya Lara mesh body. I very much prefer (fit)mesh clothes to applier clothes because, with a few exceptions, they look so much better to me. I also like to layer clothes. I am constantly on the lookout for clothes that work together. I occasionally get lucky, and I spend a lot of time finding combinations that work by trial and error. For tightly-fitting clothes, appliers can have an acceptable appearance. I often use applier jeans, underwear, and tee shirts when I need to, but only after failing to make the outfit work with mesh versions..
  2. I find outfits to help tremendously, and make it pretty simple. I usually spend considerable time putting one together, but after that, I can change in seconds. I have hundreds of them.
  3. It would be wonderful if a repository could be established where we could share them. They are easy enough to make, but making them can be time-consuming. It's a shame for dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of people to duplicate work. I would like to see suggestions about how this can happen. I'll gladly make a small parcel available for placement of something (a simple giver?) to do it.
  4. For about the last week, loading has been very slow for me, much slower than before, even for content that I know must be cached. Are others experiencing this?
  5. There are a couple of ways you can identify my alts. Often, if they have no reason for another tag, they will be wearing a tag that reads, "Jennifer's Alt." Another way is to read the profile, where they are identified as my alts.
  6. I can't figure out how to delete the quote, which is now not relevant. As usual, my stupidity was my problem. I didn't understand how "Align Planar Faces" worked. I had checked it for each of the prims while editing them individually. When I was preparing to make a picture to post in response to Chic's answer and had multiple prims selected, I noticed that the box wasn't checked. I checked, and, magically, the problem was solved.
  7. The floors in my house consist of multiple prim boxes because one prim can't be large enough and because there needs to be an opening for a stairwell. I cannot get the textures to match up properly at the joints between the prims. The picture shows such a joint after my best effort. The "repeats per meter" is set to 0.3 in both directions on both prims, yet the textures don't align properly. What is the cause? How can I fix it? Thanks for any help.
  8. I've wondered for a long time why LL didn't seem to be subject to the usual requirements for reporting payments, which, in general require that entities that pay people money over some threshold in a year in the U.S. verify the identity of the payee and report the payment. I read the Tilia TOS. Aside from a lot of disclaimers of obligations and responsibility, it seemed to boil down to this: People who withdraw U.S. dollars from their accounts will have to provide RL information, just like U.S. residents must provide to every other entity from which they receive payments. I can't see any reason for a person to object other than that they want to evade income taxes. As far as the inactivity fee goes, it looks to me like a non-issue. It applies to accounts that have U.S. dollar balances and which are not accessed for a year, and a transaction of any kind or, even, just checking the balance, counts as access. Why would anyone keep dollars in an account for a year without doing anything with it? If someone wants to, they can avoid the fee by checking the balance once a year.
  9. Right. I've done that before. The advantage of the method I posted is that any changes I make affect all accounts, which is what I want. For example, even after I've overwritten trhe settings_per_account.xml files in all of the accounts with the same one, it seems that eventually things like the order of the taskbar buttons diverge among accounts.
  10. Me, too. I've never understood why they couldn't make drag-and-drop editing available for mesh. I avoid mesh structures because I can't customize them.
  11. This may have already been said. There is something wrong with people whining about paying a five percent cut to the platform operator when they sell online. Where else can people sell their creations online without paying the platform operator a lot more than five percent? Not Amazon. Not Etsy. Not Ebay. And SL is a much more elaborate platform than any of those.
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