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  1. Definitely meeeeeee. IMVU I had used for years...since I was a lil tween. Was fun but the characters are just ugly and everyone joins chatrooms just to AFK. I know some people do that on SL but not nearrrrrly as often as IMVU.
  2. Dress up, decorate, hang out with friends, take photos. Uses my avatar (well, the human one?) for inspiration for looks I want to re-create IRL. The other ones are usually to help me with art, like a model but with more freedom for me to make it exactly how I want.
  3. It's from my own character, it's not from an existing anime but features are inspired by certain other forms of media.
  4. Riiiiight? And I'm a people pleaser and I try to be so nice to these weirdos, who don't deserve it. My patience is wearing thinner and thinner and I'm getting more aggressive with them. What a world it is when you can't even VIRTUALLY dance with people without the majority of them making it weird. That's when I bust out my deformed shape I have saved that makes me look like an eldritch monster.
  5. Bruh this happened to me...whenever I FIRST find a new game, I have an addictive phase that eventually wears off. One day I woke up to my annooooooying alarm, and I was trying to do hand motions to "right click" my phone and delete the object. ...Yeah, was really weirded out when my phone didn't just magically disappear.
  6. Honestly, I'd rather RP with people's own original characters, but maybe we could give it a go? I just don't know anything about that character's universe and I've never done crossovers, but it could be fun maybe.
  7. A lot of people in dress-up games are really concerned about "not being copied". Jokes on them, I always find a way to find out what someone's wearing... >:) There are HUDs you can use to scan an avatar's outfit and find the exact items, haha.
  8. Nooo, never heard of it like I said in my previous post. But I'll check these out, sounds interesting. Was looking for more like Chobits thank you
  9. I love Chobits, not sure what the rest are. Will do! Where's better, forums or in-world?
  10. That's what the roleplay aspects comes in for, I guess.
  11. I make most of my SL friends through randomly IMing and complimenting their outfits. It's how you say it, I guess. I've made genuine connections. I am myself in SL and look for people who are also themselves. I can't really get close to someone who's super private or "SL does not interfere with RL" in their bio. I feel things intensely, and treat SL just as I would communicating with anybody over the internet - it's no different than if I met someone face-to-face.
  12. People I don't know asking me to cuddle, going "*nuzzles :3c*", or just being overly flirty or "cuddly" when ya just met. I state numerous times in my profile to respect my boundaries, and to specifically not flirt with me. My avatar is an extension of my real self, I know that's probably less common on SL, I guess, but. Like I wouldn't do that with someone I don't know, no judgement against everyone else, I'm just up to my ***** with this nonsense... Pardon the vent but how hard is it to literally read my profile? You don't even HAVE to read my super-lengthy picks, just...the little description box in my profile. I broke it down real simple.
  13. Never happened to me but I'd probably just reply lazily and half-assed. "Thanks I guess?" is all I can think of that shows I really don't care without being too mean.
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