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  1. I’m with Lindal, it looks delish. I have just enough taco meat left to do these tomorrow for lunch too! I’m baking some potatoes tonight.
  2. Making a big pot of curry. Leang curry paste coconut milk potato onion mushroom yellow bell pepper simmer then add 10 med pre-cooked shrimps and a scoop of cauliflower rice to each bowl, pour on some of the curry, garnish with cilantro. Yumyum...even the cat is sniffing the air. 😻 might attempt a photo if it looks pretty...should have used an orange or red pepper for better photo aesthetics, lol.
  3. For lunch my fiancé had a mini meatloaf and then cauliflower with cheese and peri peri spice, I had an “everything” bowl with leftovers, extra beans, cauliflower rice…sprinkled with diced cucumbers and a spoonful of the spicy tomato meatloaf sauce on the beef, I really like mixed bowls as a lunch. He really likes all kinds of meatloaf, so I make them for him but I’m not a huge fan so I usually eat something else. Tonight will be steak, roasted sweet potato chunks and a large salad with homemade blue cheese buttermilk dressing, a few shrimp tossed on top with a dusting of grated Romano off the wedge. I enjoy cooking all kinds of things. edit: he splurged on a whole choice Angus beef loin so I’m happily sharpening the big knife! Good eats for days off of something like that, Grandpa!
  4. I think some men may just view formal wear as a sometimes necessary evil that is only needed to be able to abide by a dress code at the venue… A tux is a tux is a tux...And that’s fine, I’m certainly not out to cause anyone undue sartorial distress… but I have a suspicion that some of them do need something quick, inexpensive but yet decent in order to fit the purpose…however the photo you posted is just plain evil.😈
  5. One must rise to the occasion and do one’s part, after all. It’s simply the right thing to do in these sartorially challenged times. Many men may eschew formalwear in their everyday sartorial ouevre but there’s always that occasional need for it, usually last minute too...😉 So - something simple, elegant, and economical should do nicely. (and said something should just add with a click for ‘one and done let’s go to the party!’). Given the chance, my partner will endlessly fiddle with all of the choices in his many fat packs of all of his suits...with every part of the HUDs down to the studs and cuff links...but then he truly enjoys it!
  6. I’m feeling well-nourished from an ‘everything bowl’ lunch I made. I’m a little better on the worry front since we now have a fully stuffed fridge and freezer and a healthy pantry, not over-bought or anything hoarded, but enough that there’s no incentive to visit the store for a good while. So we are pretty much fully isolating and feeling safer that way. That should see us through 2 weeks until the grocery pickup/delivery slots will hopefully be running smoother. I’m not a ‘prepper’ but I’m seeing the wisdom of keeping 3 weeks of staple non-perishables and rotating them...where I wasn’t really thinking about it before. So that’s a good thing. Otherwise I’m getting my uniform on in SL for the theme of this weekend’s meetup. Who will I see there? You? Yes, you...hope so! 🦋
  7. I think I might take on a texturing project for this category, I have an idea. ❇️ 💡
  8. So you take the photos on the topic, and complete One line, horizontal, vertical or diagonal, or do the 4 corners...or go for a blackout and fill the card, same as RL bingo rules, I guess? The yelling is optional but you really should post your photos! I’ll post mine as an example once I’ve completed a LINE and then blacked out the card… I’ve only played RL bingo...hm, 3x in my life! 😉
  9. This is not really for your Photography (with a capital ‘P’) Art Images (although it can be if you are striving to improve your inworld photography). i just had fun making some photo bingo cards as a distraction...feel free to play one of these or make your own and post the results. You can do a composite or really post them however you like. I’m going to see if I can complete number five over the weekend. I am cross posting them to the big ball jointed doll hobby forum as well, we are all nuts about taking photos of our dolls. 😉 I’m going to sneak some second life doll photos into that, maybe some doll people would be interested in playing dolls in second life? If you’re interested, for the “toy or doll “topic, there is a free doll avatar at Coco doll, it’s a kid but you can size it up with a shape adjustment. There’s a limited amount of clothes for them, but several cute freebies as well. Just saying! She has a discount doll room with cheapies too although her newest style with bento and ability to make your own textures is still regular price of course because it’s newer.
  10. Victorians. The best kept secret...
  11. The numbers from my state took a couple of jumps in 24 hrs. It’s because more testing is coming back, and the testing protocols are coming on deck more fully to more accurately represent, not because of ‘suddenly new cases’. From roughly 42 to 64 in a work day. ‘The freezer is full, fridge almost so, pantry is looking good...but wow, the price gougers are really getting sneaky with huge shipping charges! ‘I’m hoping local grocery pickups and deliveries get regulated in the next week, the stores are too swamped to schedule. I re-activated our Hello Fresh account just in case we want it.
  12. Currently I use three heights in second life and I alternate between them. I also have a 1/3 scale petite avatar and I shrink a lot of things for her. At least two communities that I interact with a lot actually are built/scaled realistically to reflect modern human sizes and one is larger. For many years I was five foot three exactly, and I built and scaled so many things down to fit. I’m a little more flexible these days. I think that fitting in to the scale of what’s around me feels best, but there are times when I don’t pay attention to it still and just want to be a certain height. I think you’ll get as many answers to this as there are communities who like a certain scale.😹
  13. You may run into problems with Victorian style dresses and mechanical arms and other parts because there’s no way to hide one of the sleeves, etc and you may have some of the same kinds of poke-through issues you’ve already experienced. You can always get her a key to wear on her back in the meantime if you want her to be a clockwork, there are lots. Maybe if you could show us a picture of the type of mechanical parts you’re looking for it would be easier to recommend some more things. There’s a dizzying array of all kinds of implants, prosthetics and add-ons. It’s just kind of hard to figure out the keywords in order to find them sometimes. You said that there were some examples? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wiccas-Originals-Eagleden-Arms-female-ADD/18682727 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AZOURY-Arsinoe-Arm/18864117 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Asphyxia-Heavy-Cyber-Arms-and-Claws/7061972 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Android-Arms-The-Leal-RX-1-Bento-CREATiCA/14039784 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LEmporioPL-L33L00-Arms-Meccanic-Implants/16950820 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KOHAKU-Arms-implant-Female-Shu-Mesh/14929942 I second the Maitreya body for the most selection/compatibility But with add-ons you’ll need to read the description and try the demo to figure out the best fit. A lot of things are modifiable, but somethings are rigged and only have a limited amount of fit ability via the appearance modification sliders. Another thing that I have noticed is that there are a lot of ‘no copy‘ parts for sale, and those commonly do not have any demos at all and many of them are not modifiable either. If they are modifiable, and you mess it up… Well they are ‘no copy‘ so it stays broken unless you know how to fix it. Proceed with caution on those by watching what the permissions are, I suggest mod and copy permissions for these kinds of add-ons.
  14. Like RL advertisements for mascara where they actually wearing false eyelashes?😉 and did they have to stop doing it? No they just have to disclose it now. That one particularly bugs me because I have always had anemic eyelashes as it is so I just gave up and started wearing some cute and comfortable silicone band lashes most of the time. Most skins have demos anyway and I would never buy a skin without the demo regardless of how the vendor looked. The only time I’ve really gotten steamed over something is when I get the demo, decide to buy the product, follow the style card because I want that particular vendor picture look and then it’s not reasonably accurate. One of the things the advertisements have made me start doing is upping my photography and settings game to make my own photos look better, and that set me on a path to actually start caring about learning more about photography, inworld and RL, so that was actually a positive outcome. It’s absolutely a valid peeve, I’m just commenting.
  15. That’s not even one of his worst ’lewks, He’s too easy of a target here 😉. Some of his sartorial choices are… Astonishing.
  16. Feb 2008 - Slink feet debut, no sandals, and for water, mer tail or swim fins...not even joking, I went to big lengths to never see my avatar flippers feet. 😂 shoes with toes creeped me out too! IRL, I’m not overly concerned about anyone’s feet or their shoe choices at all for any reason but for some weird reason SL Classic avatar feet really bugged me!
  17. Found this thread in a search for ‘doll’ so for some of us, that’s an advantage! 😉 @FairreLilette Genus Baby Face nose is cute and seems to be more turned up. I’m not sure if you’re pursuing a human look anymore but I just thought I would mention it. i have Catwa Catya and Lelutka Simone and I alternate between them depending on the look I want. I have an Akeruka Lulu too but I did not have much luck getting a look I liked with her. I’ll be demoing all 3 of these this week to test for some dolly looks on an alt and yes, I know that the doll thing is not relevant to most people, it just kind of helps to see something way off and left field in order to assess the possibilities of all the different heads. Sometimes thinking a little more out of the box helps inform even the regular choices. So no I’m not pushing some kind of ‘doll agenda’, it’s just something that I enjoy and as a side note I noticed that it really showcases exaggeration and the wide variety of things that you can do with the different heads that you might not normally think to do, which may help some people push the limits and experiment more to find their own style(s).
  18. Ditto, my partner was/is sometimes a Great Wyrm, (Spirit, the wingless Eastern type) since 2008 and he really likes Chibi Noodle as a ‘Hatchie’ size but is looking for something larger in addition. We will compare the new ones to his Wyrm in 3 sizes which frankly, did not have too many animations outside of the walk, run, fly IIRC...I remember a few sits, a curled up sleep, a very sedate toe-tapping head-swaying dance, something for the roars and mist breath/fire breathing...I guess it also kind of depends what standard (and variety) you are expecting in quad animations? That can account for some of the differing opinion maybe too.
  19. Six broke chicks from prison shave with rusty razors.
  20. Since he sometimes appears in his meat puppet in videos and sometimes in his avatar, I think the difference is really interesting and cool. I really admire people who can make good facsimiles of their meat puppet in second life, That’s a whole other skill level…but let’s face it, some days some of us just want to be a Second life Glamour Puss even if our real life sartorial offering is er...a messy bun and Totoro pajamas? Hot Topic, you’re welcome. 😂
  21. Decisions decisions, people are so creative with them. With all bjd really but these especially, lately. Maybe I should just make an inquiry about a base doll and that wig, just for funs! It never hurts to know these things.
  22. Comparing photos of a real life ball-jointed doll head (Popovy sisters Little Owl) to an SL head/skin/shape(center photo)… It sure is cheaper to collect/customize/dress dolls in second life! But I still like my real life dolls. We maintain a bjd doll comparison website for the hobby community so I always love to do doll comparisons of any kind virtual, real photos etc. i’m trying to tell myself that I don’t need this doll (or indeed any new dolls) as a ‘reward’ for finishing my KonMari later this year. Time will tell if it works and I believe myself but in the meantime I think I will re-create something similar in second life. Doing KonMari also means taking an inventory and counting all of my dolls, something I’ve never done before.🤦🏼‍♀️ one, two, three...many! 😹 👩🏼👩🏻‍🦱👱🏽‍♀️👩🏾‍🦳 I wish I had this as an SL hair too! 🤣
  23. My fiancé’s level of irritation can be judged by how hard he types and by how much he’s using ‘the patient voice’ ...his team is not used to having virtual meetings so hilarity ensues. The cat is having a little trouble figuring the situation out 😂. Me? I’m keeping the vanilla spice coffee flowing in his cup and timing any of my video-watching for between his meetings.
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