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  1. I’ve met most of my SL friends through participating in shared interest group events & activities, not by just hanging out in any certain spot. I know group chat can be kind of broken sometimes but many SL groups also have a Discord now too. But I like to stack the deck at least a little bit and know people share at least one interest with me so groups help with that.
  2. How do I check though? What if I’m a men all this time and I didn’t even know???
  3. But are many of those people still active? Are they considered ‘top tier’ players/residents of today since all of those adjustments and perks happened that long ago? I rarely see many people from 2006 or before in the world anymore. Some forumites, probably?
  4. There’s no official or even agreed-upon criteria. But plenty of opinions about it. 😜 Have you ever been on a forum or in a group where the oldbies know all the lore, were there ‘back in the day’, know all the lingo, Easter eggs, codes, cheats etc? Sort of like that sometimes. Some will tell you there’s no difference though and that can be very true too if you don’t really care about all of the above. Some of the oldbies aren’t very good at the newest stuff too. But many are. Some will say a top tier player has the ‘best’ avatar...according to a variety of criteria. Some will say old accounts have one of the old last names, not ‘Resident’ or a purchased one. Some don’t care at all whether you are old or new. It just depends on who you ask.
  5. Some of us just aren’t adulting at all.
  6. Thanks so much, I never even thought of testing the curvy animations, that might just be the thing I need to use so my arms clear the sides of at least some of the gowns. Especially if there are some with very bent elbows/hands up higher! Lolita fashion, civil war and 18th century gowns have always been a challenge for walks and stands.
  7. @Skell Daggerhow tall are you at your tallest? Do you find you usually need to scale up on head size and ear size on a brand new head sometimes too?
  8. I have one AO that does this and you’re right, it looks much more natural than my maitreya hand cycling AO...but unfortunately, I don’t have a good kimono or large gown AO that has good bento hand animations yet. Regular AO look weird with kimono sleeves and large gowns need the hands not to vanish into the skirt and I wear both pretty regularly...so if anyone knows of either type with good hand animations, please LMK!
  9. Main av, building & script/perms testing alt, store inventory alt (easiest/neatest to have one for each store inventory if you have several brands - so I hear), then at least one account designated as a bot to play with automated things (mine will also be store/demo model, I think once I make a non-detailed body skin for her and figure out how to let people change her layers and dress and redress her without stripping her! ), then one anon alt that has no responsibilities whatsoever who can run about wildly. That’s at least 5 already, lol.
  10. To really height max and be the king of SL V-men you need to lengthen your torso, legs and neck too...to squeeze out those extra cm! 🤣
  11. Unfortunately none of this shop’s shapes are going to look the same way in my viewer as they do in their photos because they are taking them with the distortion of the SL lens. @Orwarexplains it really well here, it’s a really common thing most of us have done when we start taking photos. But it really affects how we see things if we zoom up on them with alt+zoom, when we make shapes or are taking photos. ...and a RL example.
  12. You pose lots of interesting questions and I can answer most of them with sensible answers that align with my RL values, fit well within the order of my RL scope of the world, my respect and care for others and my feelings and actions both here and there. But there’s still a tiny secret part of me that enjoys running freely through a virtual world anonymously - with no ties, no limits, no have-to or need-to’s so a while ago, I have made an alt who does just that. Nothing too wild, nothing odd, sneaky, disruptive or disrespectful to others, just another plain old someone who is free to come go, meet, leave, talk, not talk, play, ignore, explore, see what I want to see and leave when I’m done, suddenly disappear, come back soon late or never, etc. I also really want that from SL because it feels very free in my mind and I don’t really even have the words (or the desire to find them) to tell the why of it any better than that. 😉
  13. I’m in the kind of relationship you describe so here is my 2 cents: I think it’s much the same in SL as in RL, the best chance of eventually finding someone you are actually well-compatible with for any kind of relationship is not to go ‘looking for someone’ but instead to do the things you like, things that fulfill you and make you happy...and to seek out (and also create) opportunities to meet the people who are also already enjoying those things. Then if something develops, it’s has a framework that comes from the strength of a shared mutual interest and enjoyment, not from a situation arising just because 2 people are looking for someone. I realize that it’s harder in SL than in RL but at this point with social distancing, online dating will probably continue to rise, not fall...but the relationship will be more solid if it is firmly based in the things you both are already strongly interested in on your own.
  14. I met my fiancé in SL in 2008 and we took it RL in 2009. Still together and very happy. I rarely talk about it because I absolutely can’t recommend it because our long term outcome is so not a typical one for most people and there are really a lot of very good reasons for that. I was absolutely not even looking for any kind of dating or romantic relationship in SL. But it did happen.
  15. You could divulge quite a bit about your player base, numbers, your general concept (since GoT is a well-known entity) and most importantly give more information on your timeline, progress and what sort of return investors could look forward to in exchange for financially backing your project - all without giving away any of the secrets or details that make your idea/approach unique. Perhaps you’d get more interest from investors if you gave a bit more information besides something that basically reads ‘my friend and I have a cool idea, could someone pay for it, please?’
  16. I’d agree and some people make some amazing shapes! He said in another thread that he doesn’t put any money in the game though so I assumed he probably wouldn’t be a likely customer.
  17. I’ve actually been better at favoriting things and then seeing if I still want them later...and trimming down my SL hobby shopping this year. I’ve nearly cleared out both my faves list and my wishlist completely and though I buy fewer items, I’m more satisfied with my purchases and throwing my extra budget at more tier and creating tools. I kind of wish it was the opposite way, that people could see my faves or click a button to see my reviews and a list of things I recommend because I have bought them myself.
  18. So let’s see, free full-feature head, free starter shape - but actually complaining and can’t be bothered to make your own shape or just buy one you like if the default (and modifiable) one isn’t your preference? Duuuude. Waow. Just....
  19. I think they are just a little pocket on the side of time, neither past or yet to fulfill their ‘usefulness’, depending on what you use them for.* I always describe what I’m doing, then mention I’m doing it in SL or Kitely as a secondary point if it comes up. That always puts the correct emphasis on them as the platforms I’m using the same way as saying ‘I’m working on a digital painting’ highlights the work better than saying ‘Oh, I work in photoshop’. *edit: I also think they can be an amazing creative or business or social tool or a completely useless time-suck and become a bad habit depending on what they are used for.
  20. Once I’m dressed, all the HUDs come off if I’m going somewhere. A great reminder for those most-often-worn hair styling ones too though, I’ll be adding those in there so I can pop them on and off. Truthfully, while they are a fun idea, I rarely use them to ‘flick my hair’ as much as I used to but I do appreciate them for styling variety. I used to be a big fan of the hair you could take up and down by touching the hair ornament *grin*. I have my most of my AO animations in the firestorm AO utility but I think the bento hand animation AO needs to be worn for those hand changes to continue to cycle. same for dance HUDs as noted above. Part of the reason I prefer Lelutka is due to the HUD being so well designed and pleasant to use. Part of that is the larger size. The first Catwa HUDs really put me off with the small half and half buttons. I do prefer the larger, ‘prettier’ HUDs that aren’t just black boxes with a logo and little blips, disks or squares of color.
  21. That’s a great idea @animatsLet us know when you’ve got it all set up, coordinated, organized and staffed, yes? 😉
  22. Perhaps because THEN every sentence would be prefaced with, “Well we dinkies === so as a Dinkie now I must either === or speak at LENGTH about === became I’m a dinkie and that’s what we dinkies do.” ‘just guessing...
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