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  1. I've been in Second Life for 17 years. SL is actually 3 months older than I am. I finally realized that this platform is very expensive. When I realized that it was because of a platform/game called Dual Universe. DU is a metaverse like SL. In DU, you pay $6 a month and must purchase at least 3 months in order to have active service. If you ask me. It's a steal. Why? (BTW not advertising for DU pointing out the obvious with SL). In SL, you get a small piece of land for like what.....$10 a month? If you want a sim you must pay $300 a month. In DU, you get 10 times the size of a SL s
  2. The last time this happened. I was able to get in the next day. Nobody there to fix the issue. It's late in the am.
  3. What are you are experiencing here is a very very very very old platform. You will experience this for the rest of your life until one day.....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. The platform can no longer handle technology and the future. Welcome to old SL where nothing gets updated.
  4. For two days now, I get "Requesting Region Capabilities" when loading and it's stuck that way. When I turn on my VPN, I am able to log in just fine. What does this mean?
  5. Hi, I've noticed SL has brought some classic sims back entirely the way it was once many years ago. Can sims be rolled back? Someone went into a rage with the ability to return items and destroyed a full living Urban city I have created in full detail. I can't begin to explain how difficult it is to put back stuff and restore to last location given the fact grouped items cannot be placed back into last location and copy items cannot as well. Can LL do a rollback on a sim to bring it back to it's normal state? Since it's a server we are on, one would imagine this can be done.
  6. Thank you everyone for the help I really appreciate it. For some my Internet is back to normal tonight. I know that's temporary. Technical support found the issue and hopefully 4 hours from now it will be fixed. The filter in the box has gone bad. I'm not the only one having issues. We'll find out.
  7. Yes I've spoken with Comcast about it. They keep telling me my lines are clean. They've escalated it to the network department and that's been a week now. My gaming experience is screwed on all platforms not only SL. BTW, Really sorry about Mshadowsjj. She follows me everywhere. That block feature is not there for her name. Any way LL can IP block her from SL? She's mentally challenged and she won't go away.
  8. Besides the Internet issue, I've been getting harassed by Mshadowsjj who follows me everywhere on the Internet. I've tried the police and LL and nobody seems to help me in that department either. I thinking about switching ISP's but the problem is they have me locked in a 3 year contract.
  9. Yes same problems on other sims. I have another computer in the house my wife uses. She has the same issue.
  10. Seems like this is not just a SL issue. Been happening to me in Minecraft as well.
  11. I have it set to 1500. I don't use a laptop. I don't think laptops should be allowed in SL if you ask me.
  12. No! I use Kaspersky. I've disabled antivirus and firewalls and issue is still there. One of those freak moments when everything is perfect and all of a sudden 3 months of this for no reason.
  13. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz (3500.02 MHz) Memory: 32720 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 16299) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2 San Francisco Ping 58 Download 599.34 Upload 1.22 Tracing route to sim10328.agni.lindenlab.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 12 ms 14 ms 7 ms 3 12 ms 10 ms 7 ms te-0-0-0-16-sur03...................... 4 10 ms 8 ms 7 ms te-0-5-0-0-sur04......
  14. My problem is that I'm locked in a 3 year contract with Comcast. I'm at 1,000MBPS down and 45MBPS up. Textures are grey for me and load really slow. The lag is so terrible I can barely move. I randomly start to fall while I'm standing or spin in circles. It's so annoying that I stopped logging in and when I do I just stand AFK.
  15. Hi, After 14 years of Second Life I've decided it's time to retire. About 3 months ago I started experiencing my avatar spin in circles, massive lag, rubber band effect and items rolling back. Rolling back? What does that mean? Well, it's more like ghosting. Create a prim, move it and watch it move back on it's own. The same goes with adding a color to it or setting an alpha. It begins to switch between colors as if it's trying to fight with me. I thought it was a sim issue and was at a point where a Linden had to come and see for themselves. Turns out it wasn't the sim. I use f
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