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  1. Old is relative anyway...are we talking eggs-out-of-the-fridge old, reliable car old or star old? peeve: why are there no tacos? I was told there would be tacos. What kind of party is this anyway?
  2. Aws, party pooper! 🤣 But I do feel both of your peeves, gift-giving is supposed to be fun so why is it so often hard/fraught. This has been a solidarity peeve notice which undoubtedly will also peeve someone for not being an original and carefully timed and spaced hand-crafted peeve.
  3. Warm snuggly kitties. Bright first snowfall of the year that always makes things feel so new again. Precious scents - oils, resins, in smoke and water...they have the power to soothe me and ease my mind almost like magic. Winter birds. When I hear them in the morning it can set the tone for the whole day. A pink dawn sky.
  4. the robot is a bug now? Wow, deevolution. peeve: crappy human things. Aches, pains, annoying eye strains. is the singularity still happening? If so, could we could just get a fast track order on that....?
  5. I think it can be complex in a few ways because even in the virtual...in the symbolic sense it’s good to divide the responsibilities of any relationship in the way that fits both partners the best. Learning to figure that out is a big part of the communication and the relationship dynamic, how we let our needs be known and how we negotiate things. It may or may not include some sort of a financial split or one person paying for all and the other taking the lead responsibility in another part of the relationship. If one person doesn’t put money at all into the picture, are they less committed? Is the one who pays all more ‘invested’? Is $3-$25-$100 not worth dealing with at all or is it not really only about the money? If you just free play, do you take as much care as if you had to pay a bit dearly? How is that value/investment calculated by each of you? and no, it doesn’t have to be complex either 😉 but there are level of realism and levels of payoff/satisfaction in any virtual endeavor so it’s sometimes worth thinking about to some people.
  6. Agree with this too. If it seems like someone needs to try and ‘convince you’ on their niceness, there’s also reason to take heed of it. I’m not generally cynical or expecting most people to be willfully badly behaved...but I am always wary of the people who need to say ‘I’m this or I’m that’ instead of just demonstrating it, walking the walk. I’m a slowpoke to enter into deeper relationships, I’ll test things out a lot with someone and I’m a big fan of waiting to see how someone will behave in a variety of situations, especially in their interactions with others too. There are some generally reliable signs and tells that I’ve learned to watch for to get at least a little better at reading people too...unless dealing with a very deceptive or disordered person. Then it’s much more baffling/difficult.
  7. If someone flat-out told me they were a bad person, I’d believe them and act accordingly, to nope out. I think if someone tells you that, it’s a blatant warning to eventually expect to see that badness manifest. Also if they have the self awareness to know they are ‘a bad person’ via repeat past bad behavior and haven’t taken steps to correct it and become a better person, that’s a sign of an even bigger problem. I’d feel similar if someone told me they ‘weren’t good at adulting’ ‘aren’t good at people-ing’ etc. and weren’t just joking over a blunder like we all occasionally make...it’s a sign of self-awareness that there’s a big irresponsibility or social/interpersonal interaction problem but a signal of something even more wrong if they are aware but aren’t taking any active steps to fix it.
  8. Yes, it only requires a bit of research and some simple text editing. Most people don’t mind helping someone on SL things. But when the OP’s attitude was to complain first, insult a gift, then continue to act as the ‘choosing begger’ many of us will consider it excessive need for spoon-feeding and nope right out. Which is maybe why this thread was nt so helpful or forthcoming with good advice.
  9. We’ve known it was coming for a very long time so people can hardly have a legit beef if LL drops something that no longer even receives security updates.
  10. He really does, he looks like such a bad boy!
  11. Photo peeve: when SL screenshots on Flickr are marked public and safe for all viewers and they are definitely not. It’s just bad form. You really just can’t be arsed to correctly flag them? Gauche and sloppy. 🙄
  12. I know somebody who would wear this IRL, he was actually considering a blue one with snowflakes. Y’all are dangerous, just saying. You win the white elephant gift every time don’t you?
  13. I ran it through the @Orwar-izer. 🤣
  14. Dude, those brows though, wow....thin neck too. 😳
  15. It’s a good look for you, I like both but Ike Alain best with your subtle changes. You did a really good job on that head. I think that it must’ve been close to what you were going for, and really works with the way that you moved the sliders. I think that’s half the battle with one of the mesh heads, choosing one out of the gate that will do what you wanted to do and not try to force a very different one into another path. That always looks odd to me. So this is a really good example of when it looks great.👍
  16. Same, @CaerolleClaudelI wasn’t making light of the predicament, more commiserating and riffing off of the ‘all life is suffering’ and dear (deity of choice) can the happenings of this year please end with it - vibe/theme. I hope your 2021 can be brighter, mine and everyone else’s too. 🥰
  17. It might have just been a business decision, maybe something that was a condition of the sale and/or the handoff to the new owners for all we know, same with uplift. Big ongoing projects needing to be wrapped up and rolled out before the end of year. Just guessing about those 2 things and the timing.
  18. ITT @CaerolleClaudelreveals the secret: The True Meaning of Life! 😉
  19. It’s cool that everything below Heterocera is connected now too. Maybe I should put more exploring on the list for 2021. I’m also not sure on whether to keep my Victorian home or see if one of the log homes becomes available when the stilt homes release. I kind of like the forest atmosphere and tall windows of one of the log homes a little bit better than the landscaping and suburban feeling of the Victorian neighborhoods. I like the new timber ones as well, sort of modeled on a fake American interpretation of Fachwerk, I gathered from...an American tourist town? No clue on when they will release so that doesn’t need to be decided at all. I could probably be in and decorate my log home before that release ever has.I could probably be in and decorate my log home before that release ever hits.
  20. Or if we could viewer-side render them as a particle image of our choice? 😳🤣. I know I’d have a lot of fun assigning certain photos to certain people. Hilarity would ensue. Of course I’d have to take pictures and ruin it all by sharing it. Come to think of it I could do that now if I wanted to put the effort into it. Never have I ever derendered things and taking photos of them and caused anyone any upset right? right right.... ( lest I get myself in trouble from people thinking that I might have de-rendered someone’s clothes, no....it was a neighbor who had a really ugly build and I de-rendered all of their things, took a clean photo of the landscape and stuck it in my facing window frame. Course the neighbor peeked and it spooked them...or so I heard)
  21. True because I don’t usually have need to reference the account age when I meet somebody unless they are asking newbie questions in which case I pass them along to the first trusted (usually older) good teaching source that I can grab. I do sometimes note it in passing, or when I surf a profile… The age of the account. But I also know that soooo many people have made new accounts some even in a series...and don’t even play on their oldest account anymore so the human is long ‘in the world’ but the account isn’t very old. So that really kind of skews the system when it comes to looking at account age. For the most part, people I’ve met aren’t disingenuous about it but they also don’t dwell on the fact that this isn’t the first account. Fauve is my first account so that’s as old as I am ever in SL and I’ve taken several decently long complete breaks from the world so I am more of a noob than someone that would be several years younger than I am as far as experience goes, and I don’t consider myself an ‘oldbie’ or veteran user/player mostly because of that.
  22. I’m seeing the light, so a personal back-on-track garden-variety peeve...whyyyyy is the store out of @#$^ toilet paper again...? don’t tell me round 2 of Bogroll Wars is upon Us? Nuuuuuuuuuu! I pledge to do better in not touching the forum sticky-patch stuff. Agreed that energy is better spent elsewhere, real conversations, helping people, learning stuff! Sorry all!
  23. Ah, I remember a time when mainland parcels with Linden road frontage was a selling point. I’m lazy today, woke late, coffee late (but delish and mocha), still lingering over morning things. It’s snowy but bright out. I used to dislike electric and gas fireplaces but now they are just too convenient and cozy to argue against. Candles lit, fluffy blanket, hyggeligt.
  24. Gist of the thread before coffee: Seek the holy shroom? after coffee, something potentially useful: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fixed-ear-position-for-Genus-users/19656470
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