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  1. Only 25 days late but still before midsummer so somewhat seasonal. 😉
  2. 🌺Sends over a fresh bucket of patience🌺
  3. If anyone did this to me more than once or twice, I’d really question not only the dynamic between us but also their ‘well-meaning-ness’.
  4. How did you do it, please? I want to do mine!
  5. I’m out too, when someone thinks is ok to not only repeat themselves blue but admittedly disregard other posters in favor of hammering on with their agenda, for me the ‘discussion’ is long over.
  6. I think both Carson and Letterman have a deep abiding curiosity for human weirdness and holding things up for an audience to decide about, with admittedly, some jokes and pokes from them as a kind of impromptu peanut gallery. That said, people agree to be on these shows, knowing full well what they are getting into, are paid for their appearance and often visit a second time. So who’s to say, really? Oddly, I like both of them but do not like Seinfeld (or Jason Alexander/George Constanta) and I can’t even really say why off the top of my head. I watched the Seinfeld show for Kramer and Elaine.
  7. I also think it was a hateful sign. If someone’s religion is against homosexuality, I’d advise them, in following it, to refrain from homosexuality. 😉 But to condemn others publicly with hate speech on a sign for not following their religious belief, I do consider a hateful act. So I agree with that much. Your reaction however probably did not mend anything at all in their hatred so it just seems self-serving, not in any way effective, educational or inviting dialogue. So I can’t say I’m a fan of your reaction because I don’t find that kind of opportunistic sniping amusing regardless of the ci
  8. For me, what they were doing was not funny or ok in the slightest but what you did was a form of trolling, maybe ‘justified’ by the fact that what they were doing was not ok in the first place? Two wrongs and all...you know how that goes... unless the sign was a public danger in its damaged state, you were ‘reporting’ it just to create your opportunity to give them tit for tat, right? In that case, I don’t like their MO but I don’t think yours was ok or justified either. For me it says something about me how I respond and reply, if even when I disagree and am exasperated if I can manage c
  9. For me it’s in the repeat action, and once informed of a Negative pattern, in whether the MO is changed afterwards. If someone is kindly told that bludgeoning people over the head by repeating same old same old as their MO is not a very good or acceptable thing to do (besides not getting any headway in the conversation at all) yet they continue to do it... well then there is some information to digest, isn’t there? Maybe the person did not intend to do it and stops. That’s ideal. But if they continue to behave this way, once informed, well, I am afraid I do see that as a form of troll
  10. Lol, tomato basil sorbet and cucumber sorbet are both tasty, at least to me. I hang out with experimental and historical cooks though so our idea of tasty, well, ymmv. But we ALSO seem to make the best pickles too so there’s that. 😉
  11. That’s why I made my posts, expressed my doubts as to whether or not it’s trolling (I have no way of really knowing) but also tried to provide something helpful too. Then left it alone. For me that’s a fair course to follow.
  12. I know several ULC ministers like you, a kind of ministering angel for sure. It makes me really happy that many states and places recognize and register these credentials. I’ve thought of getting them myself because I know there would be situations where they would benefit friends in the days to come. I just might.
  13. Here’s something from my own experience. When a priest has said that ‘God speaks in the everyday’ he has deliberately made a reference to ridiculing things like the toast signs, and references it as a perfectly normal reaction because to someone who is not taking it as a sign, it is a bit ridiculous and that is OK, it is their interpretation, the toast is not ‘speaking to them’ as it were. It’s like seeing things in clouds or thinking a vegetable resembles something else. Not a denigration of someone’s faith to think seeing Jesus in toast is ridiculous. Plus Jesus did have an affinity for good
  14. Maybe your brightness, contrast or night settings can be tweaked enough to make it tolerable.
  15. Yes, of course most of us will reframe occasionally. But when you repeat yourself multiple times in multiple threads on multiple topics and are still misunderstood in the same old ways but by different people, you also shouldn’t be surprised when you get handed a mirror.
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