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  1. Screenshot, then playing with an app and really adding a lot of obvious processing, lol. My name is Fauve and I have a filter problem...
  2. Screenshot. I took some larger high resolution shots to work on later.
  3. I also do online check-ins and at home,we silence non-essentials. I also mute many of the SL UI sounds, it’s really nice to have that option, to just hear ambient sounds of that world too. ‘I’m tired tonight, and my mood feels somewhat flat. I’m not sleeping enough. But tomorrow is another day.
  4. Before I got it I used a dry erase marker on the freezer door. 🤣
  5. That’s the important part. I didn’t post it to be cryptic, just to show how sometimes something so simple as a very a basic drawing form can be soothing and a form of good self-care. I color with markers too but I was too lazy to take a shot of that...and the marks on the Budda Board disappear as they dry...so I posted these that were already sitting in my camera roll.😉
  6. Yep, with Apple Pencil in Markup. I have a Budda board in the kitchen for closer to the real deal. Have another, lol.
  7. Sometimes a body just needs cheap wine and a Moon Pie 🥧 🤣 eaten in bed...
  8. @Lindal Kidd , lol, Ensō is not that obscure or cryptic to get your confused reply! This spiritual practice of drawing ensō or writing Japanese calligraphy for self-realization is called hitsuzendō (筆禅道, "way of the brush"). Ensō exemplifies the various dimensions of the Japanese wabi-sabi perspective and aesthetic: Fukinsei (asymmetry, irregularity), kanso (simplicity), koko (basic; weathered), shizen (without pretense; natural), yugen (subtly profound grace), datsuzoku(freedom), and seijaku (tranquility). I do mine on my iPad or on this, it’s in my kitchen. It uses water.
  9. I made my taco potato today, so yummy! I’m not a good ‘morning eater’ or really into breakfast foods much and never have been. I usually just want a Milky tea or coffee...but the past 3 days at about 10am I’ve been eating a cold ‘parfait’ of overnight oats, Greek yoghurt and defrosted berries in their juice...I add a shot of sugar free caramel, mocha or vanilla syrup. A homely mason jar of goodness and very little effort.
  10. so beautiful! I’ve been listening to gayatri mantra 30 minutes - Deva Premal I can easily chant along. For me it’s relaxing, energizing, strengthening. I have chanted it in SL at a live bardic circle too, it’s a good one for me.
  11. Ready for the meetup this next weekend, messing around with settings at Cyber Fair and yes, I bought the poses...but I just liked the wind light and ambiance there so I snapped one on their demo pose stand. 1 setting up, 2 with some firestorm phototools settings tweaks.
  12. Nope! He packed it up as an OAR and gifted it, I have my personal (but unscripted and no sounds) copy set up in Kitely. 😉
  13. I figured it could be both a bit challenging and a leisurely ongoing pursuit to give a good distraction...but still fun and low-pressure enough for anyone interested to give it a go. A bin go. 😉 I’m almost finished with my first 2 to complete my first row. A screenshot if I’m in a hurry, a large shot with depth of field to noodle with when I have time/inclination.
  14. I love this thread, thank you @Beth Macbain. I’m just peeking in tonight but I’ll try to check in regularly with a post. One thing that I did immediately was looked to our eating and nutrition, and did a massive grocery shop. Not hoarding but fully stocked so we can limit contact with outside people as much as possible for now. I’m pausing on waking, at noon and in the evening to just lightly check in with myself and my fiancé for a minute, to see what we are feeling, and what we need to do for ourselves to stay calm and centered. Oddly, a big comfort for me is re-starting KonMari. It makes me feel very in-control of a tiny something that gives visible progress for every hour I devote to it. I’m gong to dry-brush my skin tonight an have a masque and an oatmeal and black salt bath and trim my bangs back into a cute Hime cut. I’d been growing out my side bangs but eff-that for now, I need some insta-cute when I look in the mirror right now!
  15. I woke with the false alarm of sneezes and a scratchy throat but it’s not getting worse. 62 cases in my state, 2 in my immediate area. I was very relieved to read about the medicines helping some of the secondary illnesses after the virus, that’s a big part of what had me so worried. I’m not in a risk group and we stocked the fridge and freezer so we can avoid any contact via eating out or meals delivered and have quarantined ourselves for the duration. I’ve re-started my KonMari project, I’m still drafting along on my art project, I’m setting up a photo area to practice photographing some of my dolls a bit and concentrating on positive things. in SL, I dressed up for the forum meetup tomorrow and I was a fun distraction. Gonna try to spend at least 1hr in SL per day simply having fun! Since we are actively doing the best we can, I’m really going to try to relax and concentrate on pleasant things. I need to find my yoga mat and clear off the clothes draped over my ballet barre! 😉
  16. I’m with Lindal, it looks delish. I have just enough taco meat left to do these tomorrow for lunch too! I’m baking some potatoes tonight.
  17. Making a big pot of curry. Leang curry paste coconut milk potato onion mushroom yellow bell pepper simmer then add 10 med pre-cooked shrimps and a scoop of cauliflower rice to each bowl, pour on some of the curry, garnish with cilantro. Yumyum...even the cat is sniffing the air. 😻 might attempt a photo if it looks pretty...should have used an orange or red pepper for better photo aesthetics, lol.
  18. For lunch my fiancé had a mini meatloaf and then cauliflower with cheese and peri peri spice, I had an “everything” bowl with leftovers, extra beans, cauliflower rice…sprinkled with diced cucumbers and a spoonful of the spicy tomato meatloaf sauce on the beef, I really like mixed bowls as a lunch. He really likes all kinds of meatloaf, so I make them for him but I’m not a huge fan so I usually eat something else. Tonight will be steak, roasted sweet potato chunks and a large salad with homemade blue cheese buttermilk dressing, a few shrimp tossed on top with a dusting of grated Romano off the wedge. I enjoy cooking all kinds of things. edit: he splurged on a whole choice Angus beef loin so I’m happily sharpening the big knife! Good eats for days off of something like that, Grandpa!
  19. I think some men may just view formal wear as a sometimes necessary evil that is only needed to be able to abide by a dress code at the venue… A tux is a tux is a tux...And that’s fine, I’m certainly not out to cause anyone undue sartorial distress… but I have a suspicion that some of them do need something quick, inexpensive but yet decent in order to fit the purpose…however the photo you posted is just plain evil.😈
  20. One must rise to the occasion and do one’s part, after all. It’s simply the right thing to do in these sartorially challenged times. Many men may eschew formalwear in their everyday sartorial ouevre but there’s always that occasional need for it, usually last minute too...😉 So - something simple, elegant, and economical should do nicely. (and said something should just add with a click for ‘one and done let’s go to the party!’). Given the chance, my partner will endlessly fiddle with all of the choices in his many fat packs of all of his suits...with every part of the HUDs down to the studs and cuff links...but then he truly enjoys it!
  21. I’m feeling well-nourished from an ‘everything bowl’ lunch I made. I’m a little better on the worry front since we now have a fully stuffed fridge and freezer and a healthy pantry, not over-bought or anything hoarded, but enough that there’s no incentive to visit the store for a good while. So we are pretty much fully isolating and feeling safer that way. That should see us through 2 weeks until the grocery pickup/delivery slots will hopefully be running smoother. I’m not a ‘prepper’ but I’m seeing the wisdom of keeping 3 weeks of staple non-perishables and rotating them...where I wasn’t really thinking about it before. So that’s a good thing. Otherwise I’m getting my uniform on in SL for the theme of this weekend’s meetup. Who will I see there? You? Yes, you...hope so! 🦋
  22. I think I might take on a texturing project for this category, I have an idea. ❇️ 💡
  23. So you take the photos on the topic, and complete One line, horizontal, vertical or diagonal, or do the 4 corners...or go for a blackout and fill the card, same as RL bingo rules, I guess? The yelling is optional but you really should post your photos! I’ll post mine as an example once I’ve completed a LINE and then blacked out the card… I’ve only played RL bingo...hm, 3x in my life! 😉
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