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  1. you can do arrays with json? JsonGetValue JsonSetValue llJson2List llList2Json Here is a small example by Dora on how to use json that i was playing with, ... there should be forum posts on Json somewhere.... // JSON array forum example by Dora Gustafson, Studio Dora 2013 // Building an 3 by 5 array in a JSON Object // Rows are indexed by name and columns are indexed by number = 0,1,2,3,4 string JSONVotes; string JSONVotes2; tellVotes( string voter) { string Js = llJsonGetValue( JSONVotes, [voter]); list Jl = llParseString2List( Js,[",","[","]","\""],[]); string output = llDumpList2String( Jl, ", "); llOwnerSay( "Votes from "+voter+" are: "+output); } integer x; string Main; string votes; default { state_entry() { // Building the JSON object votes = llList2Json( JSON_ARRAY, [0, 0, 0, 0, 0]); // one row // Main = llList2Json( JSON_OBJECT, ["MAIN",JSONVotes] ); <--- cannot define before or will be null JSONVotes2 = llList2Json( JSON_OBJECT, [ "Betty2", votes, "Jerry2", votes, "Pierre2", votes]); // complete object JSONVotes = llList2Json( JSON_OBJECT, [ "Betty", votes, "Jerry", votes, "Pierre", votes]); // complete object Main = llList2Json( JSON_OBJECT, ["MAIN",JSONVotes] ); //<--- top lvl defined last } touch_end( integer num) { // Testing the JSON object ++x; llOwnerSay( "main before " + Main); string name = llDetectedName(0); Main += (string) llList2Json( JSON_OBJECT, ["SECOND", JSONVotes2] ); llOwnerSay( "main after " + Main); } }
  2. Lol ! ... Now That is a Big Listen!
  3. or you can try ... llListenHarder(-99, "", "", ""); llListenReallyReallyHard(-99, "", "", ""); ::ducks::
  4. it may also be that some of the HUDs that appear to move so fast are setting the alphas to zero before moving, so that the movement is not seen at all?
  5. The wiki suggests a little trick too... so something like... llStopAnimation(danceFileName); llStartAnimation("b43c9176-112c-944f-33fa-da2d275a9ac"); llStopAnimation("b43c9176-112c-944f-33fa-da2d275a9ac"); the UUID is one i have for a blank anim, from MP Blank Animation-Zero priority
  6. in your control event... if(level & CONTROL_FWD) { if(llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()) & AGENT_WALKING ) { llApplyImpulse(<-8.0,0,0>,TRUE); } } Negative values greater than -7 or -8 will make you drift a bit mebbe?
  7. is this the You? ( there was only 1 Phil Deakins in "people search") ...if so, ... kinda cute!
  8. In SinCity, and in serious need of ... coffee !
  9. Heya, sorry, isit just me?.. mebbe i am cursed?.. or at least a lil slow... i cant see "Member Title" anywhere?
  10. Mebbe you get the option when you go over 500 posts?.. or are an admin ? **from the web somewhere... on the Admin panel...
  11. just curious, i see a few people with unique tags under their name in the "rank" field.... how to do this plz?
  12. OMG ... these forums .. why can't professional people just do it RIGHT? anyways, i tried adding a forum image sig, and there is no way to change/delete those images? Edit: apparently you have to re-open "Account Settings" to do it, you can only see them in "my attachments", not add or delete from there.
  13. Testing ... is there any post area for testing? @Xiija ...
  14. make sure you define the variable as a float somewhere... float cat; if(channel == 0) { cat = 1.0; }
  15. from your example, it looks like you want to use a gesture? you could make a gesture, and for the trigger ... /move and for the steps, just add a chat step with this chat... /-323 move now and your script could catch that in a listen and then do the move... default { state_entry() { llListen(-323, "","", ""); } touch_start(integer total_number) { } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message) { llOwnerSay("do something here"); } } }