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  1. I have some LSD. It starts out as a clear HUD screen overlay then gradually has some effects. 😉 For mushrooms, I think you’d need a similar screen overlay HUD with a wavy, wobbly rainbow effect, then also some tiny glowing particle sparkles to wear inworld. There is a drunk AO on MP, complete with vomiting. Looks like someone copybotted it though because I found 2, both with the same photo, one edited to remove the shop name. They go on my ‘no buy’ list. I hate that.
  2. I like SL food things, I think they are charming and fun. Any kind of ingredient hunt with a cooking station to take your gathered ingredients and give you a finished thing to eat or drink. Find and pick some grapes, find a barrel, find a bottle. Take them to the winery and rez them. Get a bottle of wine that gives glasses of wine. Maybe there’s a drunk animation in it. find mushrooms. Eat them and see what happens. (A hud with some effects). a cookie gun that shoots cookies, but you have to quickly run over and touch the cookie to attach and ‘eat’ it before it de-rezzes. Whoever can eat the most cookies within a given time ‘wins’.
  3. I think adopting this as a sort of ‘Black Heart of Doom’ to signal that a thread has gone into a decline is too good of an opportunity to pass up.
  4. I tip L$100-250 for a dj, depending on how long I stay and L$500 for a live performer.
  5. Thank you so much for the body sale tip, I sent my partner so he scored one too plus a Lelutka head. Let him play with BOM, I’m still sorting out my shizz. I’ve got nice gowns I’ve never even unpacked yet.
  6. It’s my partner, I made him do it, then teased him for looking like such a creeper! 😜good times! The photo was for a contest entry too. Needless to say, it did not place, what a shame, right? 😈
  7. One holiday event in the smaller ballet studio with proper social distancing, masks required, etc, then just we two for everything else. If so many corporations and nonprofits are following CDC guidelines and keeping workers apart as much as possible, I feel I should really try to keep up my distancing too. It’s hard because we miss our ballet guild friends - and no nutcracker performance madness every weekend this year, so it’s kind of bleak and tense because that’s also the ballet’s biggest fundraising effort too. 🥺
  8. 2015 - Some kind of Cinderella thing. No good shoes ever did fit this doll avatar body but I still like her and keep her in my SL doll collection.
  9. Almost time to get my winter kittycat out. It snows next weekend in New Babbage.
  10. People who gas on about ‘correct proportions’ in SL but when you see them inworld they are actually disproportionate AF. WT F’ing F? Really? Really?!? Well Damn, there’s a thing that happened...
  11. I found one...😈 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/C-Animesh-Face-Worm-Wear/20067247
  12. Then there’s no such thing in SL because it’s just capturing/screenshotting some configuration of pixels within the screen in our fancy viewers. Even Flickr has relegated all of SL-dom to the demesne of ‘screenshotlandia’. So..what IS ‘real’ anyway? 😉
  13. Thank you so much for your feedback @Nalates Urriahand @RowanMinx. I’m using my self-made projectors to see how far I can get with them as my start point. As far as Raw shots, I think I consider using lights, projector lights, windlight/eep and anything ambient within the world and the settings for those as ‘fair game’ but not the viewer photo filters. If you allow for filtering, what about HUDs? I have a photo HUD from AM Radio that adds an overlay of noise, a vignette, even a couple of frames. 😉 That’s just me though, I’m sure different people define it differently and I know I just like learning about the things so I just want to know *what* someone uses.
  14. my meat puppet needs to lay off the pie and reach for the Pilates mat. Welp.
  15. Without an ongoing list of creators that do this and with no ability to blacklist creators and their shops on MP, if you aren’t a gamer it’s harder to avoid this. I know I don’t recognize a lot of ripped game stuff unless it’s pointed out (I do ask gamer friends if I suspect things are ripped) or I try my best to look it up because I’ve never played very many games. Ditto for 3rd party imports that may or may not be used in SL against the original creator’s TOS, though often those are easier to look up on 3d sales sites by descriptive keywords. If it’s a very obvious thing like Disney, sure but otherwise? I’m iffy. edit to avoid serial posting: many people are a silent population in this kind of conversation because they still wear system bodies and heads with maybe still only slink hands/feet for ability to wear better shoes (and go barefooted with pretty feet) and do hand gestures that don’t look like fists or claw/paws. They upgraded from parts that had limited function and just never got into the aesthetics of mesh heads and bodies that hard, or if they like the ability to do non-scary facial expressions, they just picked up one of the cheap or free bento heads that is compatible with their skin maker’s skins. I know at least 2 people happily driving fully system avatars that have not changed much at all since I met them in 2008. They do other things in SL and only have their avatar styled ‘adequately’ to those functions. I imagine them IRL as people who aren’t into clothing and fashion. When you think about it, it’s often a weird game of aesthetics, some people are showing off their ‘skills’ in character styling and somehow derive some smugness in styling their character ‘better’ according to whatever criteria. I’ve always found that kind of weird because anyone who has around $20-50 to throw at it can pretty much grab a head, body, some clothes, search from newest clothing and hair items, slap on some (already perfect) makeup and do an up-to-the-minute avatar even if they have barely any RL style sense and hate fashion and shopping. Others do the same song and dance but with choosing and their home(s). It’s a weird flex sometimes and it can feel awkward. This point is a big reason why some noobs do question the point of SL. If they see a ‘basic’ avatar in a middle class home, that’s already achievable or achieved in first life for many of the people who would be attracted to SL in the first place so they don’t really see the point. This is a conversation I’ve had with several people.
  16. Screengrabs while playing with a lighting setup. Snapshots, Polaroids or snipsh!ts, whatevs. Need to get the rim light positioned better in the first setup but I’m still working on it! Suggestions and helpful critiques are always welcome.
  17. It really depends. So many people have so many different interests in SL, so some of those all-in-one options might be just right. What if they have 4-5 RP alts to make? What if they want to just wear things they make for themselves as much as possible? What if they want to be very low lag and just travel the grid to see the sights? What if they are a creator and don’t really care about styling their avatar as you might a Barbie doll? All of those reasons make sense to me and I’m sure there are other scenarios too. What if we all just tried wearing only 100% alpha everything for a week and did not focus on our own avatar’s appearance at all? How would it be? Do I judge? Of course, I think we all form some judgements when choices about looks and appearance in SL are so easy and much cheaper and easier than in our first lives. For the price of a nice meal in an upscale restaurant you can buy a top-of-the-line avatar in SL with everything needed. If people don’t, well that’s often a choice too and you’ll spend more time running about chasing freebies and finding things that fit those non-standard avatars once you do want to change something about them...and time is $ right?
  18. This is my current holiday favorite song and I’m not even sorry because it’s hilarious.
  19. I’m not really tempted by much in SL this year, I’m still doing KonMari in both lives so that’s got my main attention. I might splurge on some templates and use them to play with texturing in 2021, and I might get a new Lelutka head while they are on sale. That’s going to be about it, my wallet gon’ stay fat!
  20. It’s been a while since I photographed any of my avatar looks. I can’t tell if it’s the firestorm uploader or SL itself that softens things so much on the inworld image. Second shot is a direct screen grab from Gyazo and it has the typical screenshot jagged edges. 😠
  21. Not if he wants to (re)MAGA in 2024....what a thought. 😬
  22. The £5 short versions: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53558176 https://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2020-53785985
  23. I’m sure that’s someone’s fetish or ideal RP. Just not mine. 😉
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