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  1. I claim this thread in the name of my lovely alpacasso ‘Snowflake’ and her trusty faithful sidekick Kuragebo. (ibtl)
  2. I’ve kept to fully dressing most days, it lifts my spirits. Only on bleaching day once a week do I wear clothes I don’t care about, lol. My fashion friends have been hosting some virtual teas, we like to share our coordinate shots, sometimes wearing but just as often in a flat lay. I’m not very good at flat lays but I still like to do them sometimes. Today I’m lazy in my nightgown though, I confess!
  3. I’ll re-start this sort of thread if it goes sideways. I’m sure several of us would. It will be ok. 🦋 self-care, Pony AND TS. 😉
  4. /me plucks this thread up and dusts the corners...
  5. Oh come on now 50% right… The potato part anyway😉
  6. Ooh secrets! Well fair enough and thank you for the video. 🤣 Goodness knows this forum is no stranger to “special potatoes” so I think will be able to manage something, but I did find this: This variety is also known as "Swedish peanut fingerling" or "Mandel potato" . I predict cloudy with a chance of meatballs this week.
  7. I made some pickles but the Jam is from IKEA😉 The blackberries are not ripe yet and we have no lingonberries. Recipe for the meatballs, pretty please? I have one from my grandmother whose grandmother was Swedish but I’m betting it might be missing something.
  8. Same! And it made me interested to do a little search... “Hurrian Hymn No. 6” is considered the world’s earliest melody, but the oldest musical composition to have survived in its entirety is a first century A.D. Greek tune known as the “Seikilos Epitaph.” The song was found engraved on an ancient marble column used to mark a woman’s gravesite in Turkey. “I am a tombstone, an image,” reads an inscription. “Seikilos placed me here as an everlasting sign of deathless remembrance.” The column also includes musical notation as well as a short set of lyrics that read: “While you live, shine / Have no grief at all / Life exists only for a short while / And time demands its toll.”
  9. That’s happening here more too, I’m really watching the tracking more closely. OTOH one delivery guy scared the pie out of me because he hollered Really loudly from the street after he left the package. 🥺
  10. Double dip. I also have these few little lettuces but they are being so slow...I am going to plant a zillion more in a wide pot and just harvest them as babies and nom them up before they have time to bolt.
  11. Never reply. Ignore and block. If that is the best they can do as an opening gambit then I assume they have nothing higher quality to offer so it is not even worth the time to mess with them.
  12. He’s all yours Bby, I’m just here for the eye candy, not the actual beefcake! 😉
  13. Blame it on the crazy grocery substitutions! We got 2 bags of Sun Chips delivered and someone else must have gotten my missing bag of lemons!
  14. You are buying a piece of content under limitations and designed for certain applications. You enter a legally binding agreement to do so in many cases by purchasing said content. I guess you can also stuff a hammer up your ass too, it’s probably physically possible but that’s not the intended or recommended usage. You ‘can’ do a lot of things.
  15. I’m definitely not peeved. Best morning photo! peeve: my compost pile isn’t heating. Whyyyy? I have a great ratio, the weather is right, it’s nice and moist, not too wet or dry... Why!?!
  16. Those are not digital content or assets. Quite a few ‘rules’ changed with digital content. You are technically not buying ‘a thing’, you are purchasing the rights to use some content within the way the creator or the platform allows.
  17. Same but different. It’s ok to want to be somehow a little special, that doesn’t discount anyone else’s value. Sure someone can copycat and make a thing but they are always late and second if they do and person 1 is usually off to tgeir new creation by the time the copycat has made their thing. And off to a new topic while Pedantica beats her point to the ground too. 😉
  18. If they made it, that’s one ay of looking at it. There’s nothing wrong with having something unique and special. Many people only buy copy mod as their choice too. There’s room for both of these things.
  19. They aren’t random, they are replies, reactions, a form of commentary too. But I do actually enjoy and occasionally indulge in posting in random photo threads too, just saying...
  20. No-copy / buy each instance is also somewhat of a design decision, many people will think twice about rezzing 10 identical chairs if they. have to buy each one. Some creators would rather you not do that so they charge by the chair. I’ve bought many no mod and no copy items because I liked them and I accepted that that they were permissions-restricted. Sometimes it’s OK.
  21. Our state is opening things back up but so many people are just ignoring the social distancing protocols, are only half heartedly wearing masks but just pulling them down etc. ‘contactless’ pickup for groceries is failing because the workers are pulling down their mask, and can’t hear the verification replies unless we open the car window😒 do people even know what 6 feet/2m distancing looks like? I’m beginning to doubt it.
  22. In Line Camera 😉 A recent thing. I grew some pea shoots... Filling is masago and Greek yogurt, underneath is a sprinkle of wasabi fumi furikake
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