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  1. Sometimes I miss dramatic teleport poofers. 😉 Of course if we use a mover to gently set people to the side at a landing point still others will complain about that too. There’s no pleasing everyone.
  2. Granted, but it causes a huge series of nightmare audits...and alas, it was a miscalculation after all. I wish it would snow this week, I’m not ready for winter to end...but the first spring birds are already back.
  3. Granted but they are also terrible gossips and so they tell anyone who will listen all of your embarrassing secrets. Maybe even making up a few lies about you! I wish I had a chili dog.
  4. Granted, you have magically become a very gifted singer in the style of Inuit Throat Singing but now you must spend half your day explaining what it is and the other half staying in practice! i wish my cold was over!
  5. This may or may not mean anything significant but on my iPad, when I tilt it in low light, I can see some difference in water color in interesting patterns to the west of Bellisseria on the map so I just assumed that shading kind of outlines the areas they will go with the Linden Home regions. It’s big. 😉
  6. Grand View Lincoln Mountaineer Overlook I really like this theme even if none of them speak to me immediately. Grand View and Lincoln aren’t big on privacy with the huge windows and I’m sure that will influence some people’s choice.
  7. Thank you, @Madelaine McMasters, good to know! I only take it occasionally, and not exceeding the recommended dosage but you are absolutely right about being knowledgeable about your medications! A good reason to get better about my bedtime routine and maybe get the lavender essential oil diffuser I’ve been eyeing too. 👁👄👁
  8. I don’t need any changes. We got a bigger 2nd monitor, then for the SL UI, I moved a lot of things to sit on the left and to open or pop up on the upper left. I turned off all toasts and sent most group notice pop-ups to the chat window, which I usually close unless I’m actively chatting or need to see local chat at an event. Most of my AO’s are built into firestorm. All of which leaves a nice big clear rectangle free of UI stuff on the right for framing my photos. I still need a simple singles dance HUD with invites and easy ability to switch dances, that’s pretty much it.
  9. Faster to work in a RL job to pay the debt. Unless you buy and rent/sell land or deal in 3d goods and services, I’m not aware of many other SL jobs that pay anything like a RL wage, and even in these trades, competition is big. Admittedly I don’t know anything about the Adult jobs, but I’m assuming those require some particular skills (emoting, voice, cam, etc) and usually an initial investment in your avatar for mesh head/body/fashion, etc. I’m assuming a minimum wage RL job pays more than *most* SL jobs. I’ve actually known a couple of seemingly ‘successful’ creators that went back to their RL jobs because SL ‘fame and fortune‘ at the height of their business didn’t consistently pay the equal to a RL mall store clerking job + health insurance.
  10. This is confusing public civil rights with owner’s rights in private holdings. In the US, private clubs and membership societies that aren’t open to serve the general public, aren’t open publicly for business/trade and don’t file for tax exemption status, do NOT have to follow any anti-discrimination laws, so yes they can still (by law) admit or deny whomever they want, for any or no stated reason at all and many do still have very exclusionary policies. Many California country clubs, social clubs and golf/sport clubs are great examples of exclusion based on surprising criteria. All perfectly legal, their private facility, their rules. There’s a lot of blablabla written about it and not a lot done about it. It’s still also fairly common to only let ‘pretty people’ past the rope and into some private nightclubs. Businesses that are open to serve the general public are required to follow anti-discrimination laws. That’s a big difference, your civil rights here do not extend to any “rights” to admission to or inclusion in other people’s privately owned holdings. Many other places are just very hard and/or expensive to get into unless you ‘know someone‘, example Club 33 at Disney. Another perfectly legal exclusion practice that’s alive and well and purposely serving a very limited clientele. Very common. Am I saying any of it is good, right, fair, nice, etc? No. Because it’s not. (IMNSHO) But it’s the legal reality of how things are. In SL, there is a decent variety of freebie and very low cost mesh heads and bodies so the $$ barrier is moot. The usual complaint on those is that little in the way of clothing fits them...but I don’t really see that as a major problem in this case given the theme of the sim. 😉
  11. For me it’s Victorians Houseboats Traditionals Campers/Trailers If you are having trouble decorating a Victorian (but like them), do keep trying! I’ve lived in 4 RL and even though they are always more challenging, it’s a really satisfying house style to conquer with a mix of historical and modern pieces. I’m telling myself the same thing for when I do a houseboat, that will be completely new to me.
  12. There’s an avatar for that feeling too, if you were unfortunate to gain all over. indeed it is... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/piggu-June-20-Body-EARLY-ACCESS/18818551
  13. Throwback...Tuesday? Yep. (Going through my Flickr)
  14. This varies seasonally. Dipping, usually any ‘pan sauce’ that’s easy to whip up. I make fridge pickles in August or September, usually a hot mix veg variety so from about oct through spring we eat our way through those as a condiment or little side thing. I make Sakura sauce fairly often, there’s always Dijon mustard, rooster sauce, a tube of tomato paste, raw horseradish, pickled ginger, rice vinegar and Worcestershire in the fridge, fire roasted green chile in the freezer and a can of chipotle with adobo sauce and one of wasabi powder in the pantry. I really only like buttermilk ranch made at home with the little powder packet in summer occasionally, I’m a buttermilk bleue cheese gal when it comes to salad dressing, otherwise balsamic vinegar and olive oil with flavorful additions made in small quantities. Commercial bottled ranch and most dressings honestly have an unpleasant and gloopy texture to me. Exceptions are Skinnygirl dressings which I actually do really like and buy sometimes.
  15. Mmmm, so what time is dinner? Should I hunt down a bottle of Namazake? as far as Mexican/Southwest chile, I favor the NM #20 for rellanos, fire roasted Big Jim as chopped chile and then smoked (chipotle morita in adobo with ancho and pasilla ) for lively red sauces. Thankfully getting Hatch green varieties shipped in and roasted is a thing now. I really crave it sometimes.
  16. @Beth Macbain before you jump to anything prescription, have you tried a simple over the counter conventional antihistamine? The oldschool ‘make you drowsy’ type like Benadryl.
  17. Neither in just a random social setting because neither are at all my type. Yes, appearance counts for me because in SL we choose what to present. No there’s not anything at all wrong with the way either avatar looks. Just to be clear. I did look at Rhonda’s profile, only because the thread asks ’what do I think’ and last name was supplied so it was easy to cut/paste. And yep, skimming that profile shows that we don’t share any readily apparent major interests. I definitely would not approach or ask a partnered female dominant with the last name of ‘Huntress’ to dance in the hypothetical random social situation. That said, I’d pretty much ask anyone from here to dance at a party organized for forum members, because the social dynamic would be different, at least to me. I do ask some people to dance, both male and female. Just not often. Usually something we have strongly in common in the profile or when it’s evident that we share an aesthetic makes me decide to.
  18. I think these issues come up when things like human rights and civil rights are mistakenly conflated with people’s right to exercise their private preferences in the private sector of their lives. I use my actual vote as well as voting with my wallet on actual rights issues i stand for but I think it cheapens them in the extreme to mistake things like private preferences for important hills to die on when actual human and civil rights violations still happen with alarming frequency. Region owners are paying for their region, parcel owners their parcels. They have purchased and are renting the right to run them as they see fit as long as they stay within the LL ToS. That includes their right to allow or not allow any kind or style of avatar for any reason, or with no need to give a reason at all. Every avatar in SL is an option and reflects a preference and they are all swap-able, unlike RL, so with that playing field leveled, this becomes a non-issue even though people try to make it into one...because we can all choose our SL avatars, and no one has any ‘right’ to be on anyone else’s land at all in any form unless the owner says so.
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