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  1. Granted, but it then becomes very boring too. I wish I had more raisins!
  2. My current peeve is that I’m all out of raisins and too lazy to get up and get more. Also, I’m both restless and bored tonight.
  3. Where’s the Stacy though? 😉 From the New Babbage Discord, we have a daily Vocabularium... Brobdingnagian [brob-ding-NAG-ee-uhn] (adj.) -Pertaining to something or someone that is gigantic, huge, enormous etc. -Marked by great size. -Of huge size; gigantic; tremendous. (n.) -An inhabitant of Brobdingnag. -A being of tremendous size; a giant. From Brobdingnag, the imaginary land of giants in Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift First Known Use: 1728 Used in a sentence: "The pills purchased from the quacksalver failed to live up to their promise to bestow upon the g
  4. I use an orb and lock down my stuff if I don’t want others to enter/use something/interact there. In several of our places, I don’t mind at all, in some I do. I write info in the parcel description. But it really depends on the place. If I’m concentrating on something on my platform or I’m in our suite at the Palace, I don’t like the surprise of someone popping in so the orbs there are fast to notify/kick. Pretty much everywhere on the ground at our places in New Babbage are open and welcome/encourage everyone who is exploring. But damage is on and there are a few, er...surprises? Just to ke
  5. I was wondering when the antique medical equipment would show up to keep the antiquated medical rumor ‘advice’ company. Seems they are just in time for the patio restaurants in some places to stupidly re-open...as long as they maintain social distancing between the tables, ofc. 😷🤤🤧
  6. I’m so sorry to hear that @Evangeline Ling.
  7. I’m going on a pork roast adventure today. I allowed substitutions in my grocery order for meat because we’re iffy on what’s in stock from day to day and pickup and delivery times are on a 5 day delay here still. So I have a cut of pork I’ve never cooked before. Wish me 🍀 The beef pot roast cubed, marinated and stir fried did turn out well Friday so I’m hoping for 2 for 2.
  8. I thought this too. Unless you really change your look a lot (and most don’t!) why do they need all those heads anyway? Not to say it’s wrong to collect heads if that’s your jam but really, being offended because you can’t have more free heads? Bit ridiculous...
  9. I use both mesh and system and I have a variety of human and non-human avatars. Since I consider my avatar a chameleon and shapeshifter, I’m not hooked on any consistent ‘look’ so I don’t reject things based on that. Most people don’t turn off names over people’s heads so I’m not really super invested in being recognizable as one type or aesthetic. I like to change, wear a look for a while, then completely change again.
  10. I think it’s a harmless indulgence if you are spending hobby money well within your budget on SL for fun. If something is $L250, I ask myself, ‘well...will you get a dollar’s worth of fun or amusement over that thing?’ (USD) A cremation oven is a dandy item in my book. A unique conversation piece for sure. 🤣
  11. For me, it would depend on it being mod with the texture guides available at least and also what it looks like undressed/dressed in other things.
  12. The specific combination of numbers and the information on the style card requires time and work to produce. Spending $1-3 USD on a basic for your look doesn’t seem outrageous. Several people make L$99 shapes as their hobby and business and seem to like it. I don’t see an issue? I make my shapes because I like to but I’d buy one if I liked it a lot or wanted the style card. I also have a few friends who are very bad at shapes so they like to buy theirs. $500 seems to be where people set the cutoff for ‘more than that and it’s too expensive’ for a shape.
  13. 30cm waist to hip difference is quite curvy, I’d try belleza freya and reduce the bust for this look. But agree, demos are your best friend.
  14. We will be waiting patiently, but I’m sorry to hear of your delays. I’m sure it’s beyond frustrating and I hope your shipment comes through for you quickly!
  15. I think the home-made masks are for just that, droplets and physical touching. Not virus prevention. I think it can help but I know some people don’t really think it does. Best refer to trusted experts for expert advice in all cases, agreed. My mask for hobby work is a P100 but good luck getting filters right now if you didn’t already have extras. 😑
  16. Granted, your graphics are maxed now..and the clear view, fast tracking and lack of lag all combine to now show you every little flaw in every object in the world. Can’t unsee... I wish I could go get my nails done. Simple, selfish - yes I know...but I still wish it. It’s a simple pleasure that I miss.
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