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  1. Anshe Chung was in the news because she was the rarer exception, not common at all. She knew what she was doing and/or she knew how to figure it out, figure out what to do to make that money. After she cleaned up in real estate, she subcontracted for environments in IMVU, having a Chinese design team. I’m not even sure what she’s up to now but I definitely be interested in hearing about that. With the questions that you’re asking, it seems like you do not have that kind of foresight though - if you have to ask such basic questions instead of knowing that in any new platform you’re going to need to be doing the research to provide these kinds of answers yourself. it’s not enough to be the idea person, you have to have the start up cash and the know how to bring your ideas forth. Or the ability to gather a group of investors and then direct the efforts into a profitable outcome. I’m pretty sure that a lot of the larger brands subcontract their mesh building via less expensive overseas outsourcing as well. It’s true that once the assets are made and uploaded, there’s no more Linden Dollar outlet other than operating expenses for a business owner who sells product but so much new development is needed because Time runs faster here, people get bored much quicker and not as many want to buy some thing that’s a year old if they are a so-called fashionista, or a blogger. I don’t think that there’s a point where clothing stores and home decor stores can “rest on their laurels “and not do at least semi-frequent (seasonal) new releases. But that’s just my speculation. Assuming you are not just joking around with us, how many shows per week did you usually do and how many weeks did you actually clear 5K? I like live music in SL, I have occasionally sung at an inworld bardic circle myself and I’ve really also been thinking that I should go out and see a few more tribute bands - so I’ve often been curious how that whole situation works as far as performance and venues etc.
  2. There are people who have mimicked their system head style or look with the mesh head really well, and then there are people who have decided to make a change or that they could live with the changes that a mesh head brings. Some people are satisfied with their new mesh head and think it looks a lot like their system head. But if you want to stay with the system head, (and there’s nothing wrong with simply staying with your system head until you actually decide to get a mesh one - if you ever do)… I would try to figure out what about it feels dated to you vs the mesh heads. Is there a particular look or style you are going for that says ‘updated head’, or ‘mesh head’? For instance, (following my own preferences), I’d probably think about RL current makeup trends a little because sometimes I follow a few for fun - getting the brows a bit fuller and straighter, a newer, higher definition (or at least more sharply detailed) lipstick layer with a good upper lip bow highlight, new eyeshadows and liners, mesh lashes (if I needed updated ones) and adding some check and nose highlighter into the make up layers. When I switched to a mesh heads, I began to look less and less like my SL “self” for sure though. That didn’t bother me at all because I wear a variety of avatars, but it did kind of knock my partner back a bit when he didn’t even recognize Fauve. 🤣
  3. Halloween Party 2020 Something a little different for us. Edward Pearse presents an evening of old School Goth & Industrial music. Join us at Tomanah Hall in New Babbage 6pm SLT on Saturday October 31st Your carriage awaits! 🎃 Trick-or-treat 🎃 New Babbage is a 12-region Steampunk Victorian themed community. Historical dress and role play are optional and guests, visitors/tourists and the Merely Curious are always very welcome! Unofficial official time period is always 188x. Come visit!
  4. First mesh avatar, one of the early Coco dolls. Such strange rigging, this body would deform so oddly! But very cute for the time. My SL Web Profile says ‘7 years ago’, no dates! First photo HUD too, AM Radio’s Miracle HUD. So we did not have to post-process at all!
  5. I love this looks so much! And the background, the colors and the dark smoky pallor - just everything! 🖤
  6. I’m not sure what you mean? I recognize 3 resident accounts as themselves who are posting there and the SL official account posting too?
  7. I guess it kind of depends if you want something for more regular styles or something more textured, with a pattern for a side shave or something with edges or baby hairs etc?
  8. Because birb always pop up to say henlo! Is a thing. It just is.
  9. More current content is on the main r/secondlife page. https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/ specifically sorted for new content https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/new/
  10. A first & second life 2-fer 👩🏻‍✈️👩🏼‍✈️👩🏾‍✈️
  11. I know a more well-known content creator (from before mesh) who Everyone assumed made mad bank and was living the SLife... crowded store, well attended parties and sales, LE items always sold out etc...but I know for a fact that they returned to their close to minimum wage retail sales job because it paid more than their SL businesses, hours were shorter and the job had insurance benefits. They told me.
  12. How many hours per month did you work? Now I’m really curious to see more actual job experiences and wages vs what is advertised. I gather you made 80-90% of your tips and then your club took a portion? Or not?
  13. There was a CSR job posted recently... Company name removed as per the forum rules. It’s been judged as ‘very low pay’ by at least one blogger but 10k per month for a couple of hours a day is from what I gather, ‘not bad for SL? Dunno. Because I have an SL bucket list, I made Fauve get a sales/CSR real $L paying job for a month one time and it paid 10k per month “plus extras”. I worked 1-2hrs per day 4 days per week and then attended some parties with clients on weekends, ‘as I wished to’. Perks were over $L30k in company merch, some live one-on-one graphic design lessons on Discord, a completely new mesh avatar (Freya/Lelutka) and 2 work ‘uniforms’ kitted out to the owner’s expensive Italian tastes (dress and bathing suit). I wrote notecards, sailed the Blake in beautiful boats wearing a sexy avatar with a white one-piece bathing suit, heels and stockings and sold a decent amount of those pretty boats. 👸🏼 Maybe some other people who have/have had paying jobs can tell you their experiences and wages? Not sure if mine are average/low/good because I only ever had the one job. edit: I have also heard that in many cases the ‘x hours per week’ often turns into more than advertised (and the pay is not) on many jobs when it comes down to it.
  14. The autumn color. It’s going to be fab this year! The rain… So I don’t have to water my outdoor plants right now. I’m ready for everything to go into winter phase except for the aero garden (fresh herbs) and my holiday bulbs. This is part of the uncultivated wild backyard spot, selective weeding only.
  15. That one is made via inworld Avatar customization, beginning as @FairreLilettesaid. A lot of it is the lighting and shadow matching in both the First Life human and the Second Life avatar photos too, that really emphasizes it. 😉 But the likeness is made via wearing a ‘skin’ that is similar to her own in tone, dimples and similar lip color on a ‘makeup layer’...then by creating a new ‘shape’ and adjusting the sliders until the facial features are similar...then creating a ‘brow shape’ that mimics the brow arch and height. Also a far better answer than mine is here compliments of @Scylla Rhiadra With pertinent questions further down in the thread from @Skell Dagger.
  16. I’ve been to The Cornfield...but only on a visit when it was open...there was a game of some kind going on IIRC Edit: here we go, they were using it to test experience keys. That’s when I was there. Because I’m never bad. 😈 http://cheyennepal.blogspot.com/2014/07/the-legendary-cornfield-come-to-life.html
  17. FIC - https://secondlife.fandom.com/wiki/Oldbie_Conspiracy
  18. Here’s a good SL Flickr gallery. Many people take photos and list what they are wearing and give a link to the shop address. I’ll strongly second the need to try on demos for fit and body compatibility.
  19. Probably should be recorded on each level because I’m sure people use it in place of YOLO to just do as they like by now...even though they don’t really believe it!
  20. Same! Our styles, interests and aesthetics are wildly different but I always learn something and I really enjoy most of her videos I’ve watched so far. They are a bit long for me, that’s my only complaint so I speed-watch. But the time-stamped videos are really easy to watch.
  21. Are we talking about a SL style likeness or something with deep-fake level of detail or somewhere in between? you can achieve about this level of likeness without getting something custom. If I wanted a striking likeness, I would choose the mesh head that looks the most similar to mine and then hire someone to make a custom skin based on some of my photos If I had moles freckles or other distinguishing marks on my face. I’d expect to spend $L 5-6K on the head, several hours tweaking the shape of it, then shop around for a skin maker that does custom work, their prices vary a lot.
  22. *merch with their own branding and their own items not SL hand/eye merch. Or original art, handcrafts or 3d printed stuff etc. One youtuber makes and sells soap in first life for instance and talks about it in some of her videos. Not linking because I couldn’t find the link, I’m frazzled today.
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