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  1. Lots of people are busy doing stuff in the world, so I can second the good idea of finding people with common interests and actually going and doing things with them instead of expecting a lot of chatting via PM or group chat, no matter who ‘starts it’. Just now may not be the best time to judge people‘s sociability too because everybody is acting/feeling at least a little bit out of their normal element as human typists with all the remote working and social distancing going on (at least in my experience) so you’re not really getting a good example of “the norm“. that being said, I usually don’t keep many SL friends who are just “inworld chat” type friends because I’m busy doing stuff and I catch up on things like PMs mostly in discord when I’m not inworld and I don’t spend a lot of my time in the world typing in the text box. I may be a bad example of that though.
  2. I’m guessing that they already had something like this in the pipeline and the timing is just coincidental? Who knows?
  3. And since when has that ever stopped anyone before?😉 Paying remote part time marketing personnel to spin new marketing campaigns is probably quite a bit cheaper than paying tech developers to develop new platforms and features, so it makes economic sense to maximize and leverage the current technology in as many new ways as they can. They’re going to roll premium plus for hobby users, they rebooted the Linden homes project , they’re revisiting the education discounts again, so for me and makes sense to expect some kind of enterprise option for businesses to be coming along as well. I haven’t watch the marketing team guesting on lab gab yet, so there may be some clues in there since they said they were going to talk about some already targeted directions of their future advertising. Of course I’m just speculating here, not trying to come off as someone speaking with any kind of authority whatsoever, I’m just a curious person… but I can’t help but think the Lab is going to look at leveraging their existing resources in as many new ways as they can once they finish the cloud migration, try to maximize usage of what they already have for a while (2020 &2021) rather than more deployment of costly and fully brand new things like Sansar, I think the recent staff downsizing points to that too. Unless they realize some new revenue streams, what doesn’t change stays the same. They did a revamp with the Linden homes for a second try and it actually caught on this time, the not in the way that they intended (the new users)… But it did bump many existing members into one or more premium accounts even after a price increase and who would have predicted the huge renewed interest in the whole Linden homes project, to the tune of a big new continent with very few vacancies even many months later.
  4. We have VIP tickets to a big 3-day gala in the city the weekend of May 15-17 but that’s barely 5 days after the supposed ‘8week social isolation recommendation’, the city is limiting public gatherings of 50 or more... And I won’t be surprised if they actually extend the isolation time period, so I’m going to wait to book the hotel even if it might cost a little bit more later. I know this sounds like I’m complaining about something very superficial, and in a way I am… But it’s also more to do with the insecurity of not even being able to sensibly plan the future of your daily life that’s kind of getting me shook. Still trying not to worry overmuch, but especially with things like the toilet paper situation it’s just kind of highlighting the weird ways that people freak out when something like this happens. I’m trying to remember to be a little kinder to everyone, knowing this and knowing that whatever the silly issue at hand, it’s probably really just a stand-in for everybody’s terrible fear and worry.
  5. Teams replaced Skype as the MS enterprise solution in Office 365 as of Q2 of *last year*, I think I only know one freelancer who still uses Skype. Support for Skype for Business Online will end in July 2021, and Skype for Business Server 2019 will receive extended support through October 14, 2025. Also MS did partner with XBox to offer a free year subscription in 2013, “those who purchased an Office 365 Home Premium or University subscription before September 28, 2013 would receive a free one-year Xbox Live Gold subscription“ ...nothing stopping SL from possibly pursuing something similar, especially if they pursue any kind of partially rebranded enterprise solution and that would give them one reason to partition content more on the grid if that’s one of the directions they choose to go, screening for both adult content and more efficiently optimized content, whatever. Could be anything really and once they’re fully in the cloud I think that will be even easier to implement. Clearly with the bringing back the education discounts they’ve got something in mind beyond just regular subscriptions and personal hobby users. Ebbe said most of this year will be focused on the cloud migration project, so I’m thinking it will be Q1-2 of 2021 before we see what they are cooking up beyond the migration in any of their major areas, but I’m sure some plans are incubating now and I’d really be surprised if one of those didn’t include some kind of enterprise solution and some sort of grid partitioning. 🥚 🐣 🐥 🐓 🍗
  6. Preppin’ 😉 ...just a silly collage of stuff I found at the front of ‘newest first’ in mesh templates. (And no, I didn’t buy it, so my seekit alt isn’t profittering from the macabre). I do like the cart for an event shopping statement though, hm...
  7. I’m probably going to consolidate, stack up some yearly premium accounts in a land group to reap the 10% bonus and throw in whatever extra land their weekly stipend will Support. I think that’s the cheapest way to go if you don’t mind mainland, especially if the lab has another sale on premium memberships, I think you can pay up to three years worth on each account During discount periods? If anyone knows a more economical way, please Chime in?
  8. Glitter fatpack? Don’t mind if I DO.
  9. There’s nothing wrong with that...they could hatch and evolve. I’m in. 🥚 🐣 🐥 🐓 𝕴𝖓 𝖔𝖛𝖔 𝖕𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖚𝖒 𝖘𝖆𝖕𝖎𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖎𝖆 😈
  10. mostly Everyone looks so amazingly better and I really like all of the ‘then and now’ photo threads. Likes for everyone!
  11. I love this quote, but These people aren’t always going to be the ones that will optimize the content very well though, and that’s what a lot of the complaining is about lately so there’s two big things that are at odds with each other. Doubtless the optimizers will say “oh but the creators could And should learn to optimize” and many of the creators are going to say “muh hobby, no fun”. So that’s a little chunk. Then there are the people who only care about “their thing” in second life and to hell with anybody else’s thing, it’s really obvious in their posts, so that’s another chunk. and that’s just two examples that I can think of off the top of my head. So many chunks in search of a single metaverse that needs them all.
  12. Point WebCam at the screen and livestream it, then watch that in second life on screen 2? 😉 sorry not sorry!
  13. It’s something that Could be explored that way, and maybe not too many reasons why it shouldn’t be? Who’s to say that what has defined SL up until now needs to continue to define it for new people or really any people who might want something different. Things change without us even wanting them to so while the virus is it really not something to ‘take advantage of “ there’s really no reason not to try out some new things while we’re all in our in our isolation either. I was thinking more along the lines of more photo challenges, and some impromptu meet ups where people actually speak in voice, Some inventory cleaning parties maybe… but that’s pretty much tailored to my own current likes in second life. I mostly post on this avatar here but ‘Fauve’ is not so much visible doing inworld activity these days. 😉 for a few various reasons. I’m all for thinking outside the box in 2020 in second life, i’m trying some new things myself now that I know that Sansar is well and truly gone. It beats sitting around complaining about what’s wrong with SL, that’s for sure. (Not that you were @Bradford Mint but we all know that there are some people who are notorious for it) But also “it’s just not second life at all “ is pretty subjective. SL could be new and different things for new users. I really think that with so many activities and social gatherings in second life, people have gotten actually into quite a rut. Not everyone of course, there are new things if you look for them… But by and large a whole lot of the same old same old in clubs and social gatherings. It doesn’t have to be that way unless you want it to be. I think it would be fun to have a conference room with all of our avatars and be able to speak and listen as well as watch slides and use media and even be able to record the sessions. There are uses for that. there’s also room for some novelty here and there. (And no I don’t mean freenises on the heads of newbs, Beth can have all of those with my complements. 🤣😂) I like the meetings that different employees of the lab host inside the world, and I like the format of the Lab Gab sessions too. There’s really no reason why those 2 formats and more couldn’t be applicable for many of us, but few of us actually use them in that way, even after all this time. just some things that I’ve been kind of thinking about lately.
  14. Take good care Storm, both of you! 🌟
  15. ‘it’s a good time for a diet’ Lent runs till April 9 and no gym for the typist till the isolation period is finished. Oof. 🧐 Also...hey, plenty of SPOONS! *obligatorydisclosue: I’m not a spoonie, I just like flatware a whole lot.
  16. Yes, there’s a decline, I saw a chart. But it’s a long slow gentle one. No, I don’t care, I’ll ride it to the burning crash just still trying my best to do what I like there with some other eggs in other baskets, Kitely, etc...because I’ve honestly never thought that the much-touted social groups in SL have really been all that, 😉. ...probably personal and certainly anecdotal but I’ve had more satisfying social group interaction online via hobby and art forums and by using other meeting software since I use a mic and webcam for several non-SL meetups/meetings. IMO, for being such a visual world, so many people insisting on binding their SL communication to a text input box is, well...clunky and unwieldy at best, it’s really very outdated compared to other ways we interact in so many places online so when people say ‘Oh hey, you can work, play and meet in SL’, most new people don’t expect...just typing...and that’s what they find so I’m not surprised that many may just nope out in favor of something more lively and immediate, places where the people speak. Friends in SL? Sure, I have quite a few from my earliest days even and I continue to make them, but SL social and even hobby and work groups? I have honestly found most to be pretty dysfunctional unless they are purely work oriented or remain just very casually social.
  17. The easiest way is to find a friend with a sim and some ‘spare prims’...I know because when we had sims, yep, I got asked! Unfortunately I said no for residences and only yes to interesting art projects, and limited the duration. Sneaky way: find an overlooked rez zone, rez a platform, send it to 2000 feet. Rez a skybox up there, rez the furnishings, place them, link them all up to the skybox, re-adjust your furniture sits for your main av and save. Take a copy into inventory. Alpha an alt (or dress them nicely if you like them to show), Sit them in a seat and then attach additional decor to their avatar center, pre-linking even more things to save LI, arrange the decor, then Save as an outfit. If you are a heavy decorator who loves their tchotchkes, you might use 2 alts... once a week as @Arduenn Schwartzman said, the restart comes...and you’ll have to place the skybox again, re-sit the alt(s) wearing the decor. or you could, you know... just rent a parcel.
  18. I’ve encountered some exceedingly needy, completely self-centered and very narrowly focused people which to my thinking makes a toxic cocktail that often leads to this type of behavior. Yep. So I’ve learned more about how to spot and interpret early signs of this so I can better avoid these people.
  19. Ooh, was also amused GenX was trending last night ...at least until I read the actual posts. I know better than to have expectations and yet...
  20. I think it is a great idea but I think you’d have to write up a very clear and direct info card about what it is (and isn’t) AND how to behave. 😉 I know there have been successful maid cafes, but I’ve never come across a host or hostess club yet.
  21. Warning, happy feels ahead so anyone who wants to avoid someone in a decently good mood - you’ve been warned. 😉 I’m concentrating on a new art project (delving into the research and planing phase before I bust out the airbrush and also the goopy textural paints) and feeling quite good. My sweetie is working from home, logging in remotely to his meetings and it’s amusing to hear him using his ‘patient voice’ soooo much. We are taking the recommended isolating precautions but otherwise I’m not ‘worrying’ overmuch. One of my 2020 resolutions was to ‘worry less’ overall. Neither of us are statistically in any appreciably higher risk groups due to age, health conditions, or habits so once I did some research I was reassured that even if we catch the virus, the probability of it killing us is tiny. Very glad neither of us had any doctor visits needed or scheduled so avoiding places where sick people gather until the contagion passes will hopefully be easier. Groceries ordered for pickup or delivery works well to limit contact and I need to dig out my exercise mat, I miss the pool, sauna, jacuzzi and massage - and we will miss a few cocktail parties and performances that we had planned to attend (thankfully they have only been postponed) but otherwise yes, I’m good and not freaking out with worry for once and that’s quite something! I’m going to make steaks for dinner and buy some e-books tonight and do some SL redecorating in our Angel Manor palace apartment over the next 2 weeks, something I’d been putting it off.
  22. Try Escapades and New Babbage, 2 places with very good, strong kid communities that I can personally recommend wholeheartedly. Network with some good kids there and you’ll find the right kinds of places you’ll like to go. I only RP as a SL kid part time with an alt in a specific RP based in New Babbage so my experiences as a ‘kid on the grid’ at large are purposely limited and specifically directed, so I’m not in SL to immersively act out or live out a second childhood experience per say so I plan OOC as my adult self, then the RP is written/happens. With that said, I just don’t go many places or wander around as an SL kid because I already know that there are a growing number of places that kid avatars do NOT belong, I have no wish to press or challenge that, and yes there are some people looking for activities that are against the TOS, some acted out with kid avatars - and yeah it’s squick as heck but there’s no need to highlight it either and get traumatized, just think things through and be careful. To keep clear of most all of it, you just have to pay close attention to the region ratings, associated groups and the covenants etc. Aside from a couple of questionable surface inquiries, I can honestly say I’ve had very little trouble with anyone acting inappropriate at all towards my kid alt and I’ve been in SL since 2008.
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