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  1. In first life, don’t need to see my entire closet, my makeup palettes all opened, my nail polish and nail art collection, hair accessories/wigs and all my shoe choices within my field of view all at once in order to get dressed. So same for SL. I usually choose my skin, then my clothes and hair, add shoes and accessories, do makeup, make final tweaks then all huds off but hand animation cycle and maybe keep the hairstyle hud on if I want to swish my hair about that day. Since I have fave clothing stores, I often already just know their colors or tones. Makeup, I already know basically what look I’m after so I can build it, I usually don’t need all the color huds on at once. But I can fit most makeup huds on at once, I’ve done it when I got the Powder Packs, just for fun and playing in the cosmetics. At home, I also store my makeup in drawers, not all spread out, I already know what colors and finishes I’m looking for. The only time my screen has been super-annoyingly HUD-filled is when I did a fashion show and I needed over-the top layers of makeup to work well together with a hair and hair base for 2 looks, changed fairly quickly...so it took trial and error to find a good combo that worked, and I kept some huds on for the quick change to the second look. I’m sure full time models have better ways and with BOM, there are better tricks...for me, it’s still just easiest to save a second head copy in the outfit folder, I guess.
  2. People who have commodified themselves to the point that they think everyone else thinks that way about everything too. A justification? Perhaps. And maybe understandable. But still really off-putting.
  3. Down the street from On the {W}hole? 🤣 sorry, I’ll see myself out...
  4. This now thankfully. I’ll probably wear the rigged eyes that come with these heads now! I didn’t really mention it or several other things I notice that can slip many people’s heads or whole avatars into uncanny valley territory for me tbh...because some of it just wasn’t that ‘fix-able’. T-Rex arms, ‘joker’ mouth, this eye thing, many little face tweaks that send a head 1-2 numbers past ‘regular features’...mirror flip on the textures being used a little too often on eyes especially but also on brows, baby hair, beards, freckles, entire contour and highlight areas. Even too much clone brush on skin texture areas, etc. The lipstick ‘fit’ being off, especially if the edge has a highlight that doesn’t hit the actual edge... Can’t unsee...some of these ‘break’ it for me, some seem fine. We are sensitive to patterns. And yes, I know, they are avatars, realism is on a sliding scale etc. etc., but when the presentation is a human(oid) portrait, it does sometimes look very strange if some of these little details are just ‘off’. edit: I do like to play with the settings a lot when making more doll-like and fantasy avatars and not trying to closely match something human-looking, but when ‘close to human as possible’ is the goal, many of these are the ‘tells’ that don’t register consciously but signal that something’s just not quite ‘right’.
  5. Many avatars do these days and once you notice it it’s hard to stop seeing it everywhere ...people change the space between their eyes without moving the eyes a tiny bit too.
  6. I would love a MP block option, there are so many stores I’m absolutely not interested in to buy anything from. It would make searching for what I DO love and buy so much better. I’d for sure shop more.
  7. SL scale (or lack thereof). 5’7/170cm is not ‘short’!
  8. Sorry, yes, it was a reply to the peeve of ‘not enough good goth furniture’. Those were a few I have/like.
  9. Aws, @Rat Luvthat’s not stupid...until you learn something, how can you know, y’know? I always hate that attitude some people have about how ‘one should just know these things’ when it’s not something intuitive or contextually referenced well. It’s high time that gets put to bed. In embarrassing news, TIL my cat gets spooked from a sound sleep by sudden mysterious er...noises...possibly made accidentally by yours truly. It was so funny but he gave me such a filthy look.
  10. Nothing wrong with nakee...one must accessorize and wear a good AO though.
  11. Re: new-ish gothic furniture with decent LI - Cureless has a few nice things https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/92616?search[category_id]=6&search[maturity][]=General&search[maturity][]=Moderate&search[maturity][]=Adult&search[page]=1&search[per_page]=12&search[sort]=created_at_desc&search[store_id]=92616 Abiss has a deco set I like. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/the-Decadence-by-Abiss-sofa-set-copy-version/5077031 Libertine’s Justine set is big but ‘seats’ many... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Libertine-Justine-Set/8288266
  12. Poor Orwar. I’m serious too. Fashionable and dark men’s things of good quality are some of the hardest to find. Ever.
  13. But don’t you see, either way they get to hop up on the soapbox and have an ‘opinion’ and a ‘say’ about it which, hey-ho and surprise-surprise...is always quite judge-y. Because that’s what they do, it’s their proven MO in thread after thread. edit: my personal peeve is that I’m currently out of Christmas candy and feeling cranky about it.
  14. I have several m and f avatars just on my Fauve account and I switch them. I made a new account with a gender neutral avatar at some point and I will be using them more in 2021. Currently they are just wearing the default start avatar I was assigned because I have not decided on whether they will even be a human or just a series of changing avatars that take my fancy with no limitations whatsoever. I’ve been meaning to spend some SL time in an avatar that does not require any ‘styling’ at all, maybe an animesh puppy or a penguin or even just a bling spark, as both a social experiment and a break from any ‘fashion’ stuff, lol. With adjusted camera settings too, a more ‘down in the world’ view instead of looking at the back of my avatar’s head So ‘gender neutral’ is now a signup choice when you make a new account and has been for a while. I ticked that box and my starter avatar was ‘Chris’, technically designated as a female shape. I edited appearance and there’s still just 2 shape choices, male and female, and you have to wear 1 or the other. So I’m thinking everyone inworld is technically still gendered m or f regardless.
  15. I think this. I can see wanting to add more clarity and light to the face, maybe I would want to also dodge the clothing edges of the body to separate them from the background more but for my taste and this type of dance, the dynamic mood of the light falling across the body in the original is what I like most. This following comment isn’t a critique of your photo skills but I’ll make it anyway because that’s what ‘breaks’ this photo for me regardless of any edits. The first thing that struck me about the scene is that the hands and feet don’t seem to be planted, she’s not supported but it’s not a dynamic ‘caught in motion’ moment either. Not a fan of this pose maker, they just don’t seem get the gravity and weight distribution right on most of their dance poses. I noticed they crop the feet from their vendor photos on several of the worst examples of them too. Does it matter if we are playing pretend for fun photos in SL? Nope, not a bit and if you don’t care, please disregard. But does it somewhat break the believability of a motion shot and therefore make the realism take a big hit? Yep.
  16. I do think many places provide the gift calendar or holiday gifts for existing customers and group members as a thank you. I know I’ve been in a couple of groups that actually close group enrollment just before and during the gifting time. I also feel like it’s their choice to do so to make a nice holiday atmosphere for those customers. I’m not a freebie hunter so I’m not offended. No store owes me any gifts or freebies.
  17. I live on an estate like this, a 12 region palace with mostly public builds and beautiful grounds to explore. The residential areas are parceled, and they do have clearly visible polite signage but we do also have both lockable doors and security orbs that we can configure for ourselves too. I’m always surprised how many people do actually try to walk in, or will even use the sit-in trick to bypass the locks. I’m not bent about someone camming in because they can’t see avatars but once they actually cross the parcel boundary with their avatar, we are visible to each other so I do keep the security orb on and I usually use the ‘kick immediately’ option in the drop-down if I’m home and getting dressed. Otherwise they are warned politely and booted in 30 seconds.
  18. Feeling cute, might steal some gifts later. #mood not my photo morph, ofc...stolen, duh.
  19. Irl some do... I’m actually surprised. US$74.99 with the special coupon too!
  20. Y’all need to level up...there’s soooooo much worse to be found...and guys, why stop at a sweater when you can have ugly Christmas SUITS!
  21. I remember a bunch of us had Starbucks cup avatars, the stir sticks were little swords and if you poked another avatar (on damage-enabled land) it did a certain % of damage up to kill level and also made a cute *poik poik* sound when you were stabbing everyone. 🥳good times!
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