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  1. I think you unless you’re on a personal friendship basis with people it’s good to stick to the “three things you don’t discuss “rule and add a fourth. politics religion money health of course everyone is free to do as they like, but those topics avoided equals four things you absolutely will not get in a fight with someone about, which is really very nice! Highly underrated-rated pleasant-ness can occur freely in conversations just by leaving these alone. Many people with different views about these big 4 can find a lot of common ground otherwise and I like testing
  2. When I make a new account, it’s not going to be disclosed but I’m not going to carry over any old account biz on it either. I think that’s the creepy part. But I also think the alt hunting is creepy unless someone is using an alt to bug, harass or otherwise get around your ‘nope the first time’ limit. I’ve seen that actually work a grand total of once only and the alt was made because the person really did learn a hard life lesson and made a big (and lasting) change.
  3. Recipe: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a20877685/balsamic-grilled-mushrooms-recipe/ both of us have hobbit-levels of mushroom love😉
  4. Don’t second guess yourself. KISS DO>think
  5. I like it. The new font looks clean and crisp, the blue is clear and bright.
  6. Totally not offended. 🦋 I really try to keep what I’m doing about my own process and not be as invested in what people interpret though I really love all feedback. Yours was very on point though . In society, something *HAS* gone terribly wrong Recently with the virus spreading, things are upside down and in many ways ‘something’s just not right’. So thats what I was trying to convey with the photo. I can easily make that impression with post-production Filters and overlay settings so it was the challenge to do it from the firestorm camera tools only.
  7. Many SL content creators also hire meshers to make their things or use downloaded meshes and lots of people use 3rd party textures, where do you draw the line?
  8. Not sure - that state between sleeping and waking lets you think and see a ton of things and if you are too young for people to have said anything much about it yet, you don’t have the preconceived notions that come after people either dismiss it or call you nuts! Do I think grey aliens visit me in my sleep? Of course not. But do I think this sort of thing is something other than my brain simply playing sleep tricks? Yes. 😉
  9. I wanted to age and distress it but in a regular way, as if it had gone through some kind of roller or got stamped but not use a filter or any post-processing. So yep. My goal was not a pretty picture but something ‘wtf’. 😉
  10. Is this some kind of Swedish optimism? 😉 I can totally see David or Jenny Mustard saying something like that...
  11. For me, it causes dissonance but that’s because of a purely personal thing. possibly boring and unrelated story-time: When I was a kid, I had insomnia and had lots of instances of this weird half-awake state where I would see all kinds of things. One was a ‘little man’ who looked remarkably like this, peeking over the side of my bed. That didn't scare me, he was benign and just seemed curious, never stayed long or did/said anything...but it freaked me out when I first saw a picture of a ‘grey alien’, showed it to my mother and said ‘oh look, that’s my little man’. That simple remark e
  12. Left is raw, setting up the shot, right is raw after a slight shift of angle, some de-rendering stuff in background, waiting for the star fall and torturing the firestorm light settings, then cropped.
  13. For me, that’s totally part of the charm. I want it. 🍓
  14. Our local museum is still closed but they continue a popular class series online via Zoom: ‘Art by the Glass’ . Fun fun! https://crystalbridges.org/calendar/virtual-art-by-the-glass-found-image-photo-collage-with-robert-gordon/
  15. People price-gouging on safety equipment. I’ll pay it because I need replacement vapor mask filters for upcoming work to enter a competition that’s only held once every few years. I’m very grateful we can afford it, yes. but I resent it. A lot. I’ve been delaying doing any spray paint work because I was hoping supply would catch up and prices would settle back down but then the competition was announced suddenly and there’s no getting around it if I want to enter. Dammit, dammit.
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