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  1. Not all princesses are ‘cuties’ 😉 cropping, small edits for neck seam etc. inworld windlight, projectors full bright, glow stuffs etc are left as-is. Yep, there’s clipping.
  2. M&M A sphere has three, a circle has two, and a point has zero. What is it?
  3. I watched the trailer. Wher da kyoot shooZ doh? That’s what I wanna know. 🤣 seriously though, will millions join and work together to do this game? After watching the trailer I didn’t really feel compelled to learn more.
  4. Business as usual then, I guess? 😉 I was thinking of holding back some and taking a more conservative approach but seems like abundance is in order! Thank you! Project is a secret for now but I’ll work on it for the rest of 2020Q4 .
  5. Extra grungy old photo. Only 3 years ago in SL but in SL...that’s a long time!
  6. This challenge I’ll revisit seasonally 🍁
  7. What next then? I need a list for the next decade! edit: pets only never babies, fell in love once and it stuck! maybe 2020/2021 = blogging or vlogging in earnest, that has not ever stuck!
  8. Shhhh, let people tease the bears! 🐻 it may be all the fun they get to have before the weekend! 😉
  9. Streaming now offers time stamps/chapters in the down box so I skip around from video to video just watching the sections that interest me. Occasionally I’ll watch through a whole one or circle back for some contextual reference.
  10. Very true. But I’m not mad at that. Just interested in watching how it goes down. this youtuber has been streaming SL content for a year now and I’m enjoying some of her stuff too - also not really into many of the same things she is (owning an adult club, etc) but it’s still interesting and informative in a different way.
  11. Edit: oops, my bad - I pasted the wrong link to the wrong thing, not a freebie. My apologies. I also did not catch on to the tags *sigh*. Granted, it’s more subtle than most but any form of begging for $L is a big no-no here @Soaping - no matter how politely you phrase it.
  12. She has done 10 videos on SL. None with under 30k views. Most are her fans ofc but also look at the engagement numbers...that’s at least partially due to the content And many of the comments are about SL. Her SL interests aren’t my interests nor maybe your interests...but imagine if more people made SL videos and other content about their own interests and not just the typical SL ‘sponsored’ blogging. I happen to like SL videos though and can laugh at (and along with) them. I relate in many ways. Just some Thursday thoughts. I wonder...well I wonder lots of things but I think I’ll go get some breakfast and watch the rest of her SL vids and see what I can see. edit: I do appreciate the bloggers that have blogged SL content diligently for so long (both important issues and Very Fun Things)...there are amazing blogs with impressive bodies of work, intelligent commentary and engaging topics, and they DO cover so much and have for years! I read and rely on them, believe me. I just also wish there were more and in expanded formats. And I’m also wondering what I might want to do too, and in what format.
  13. Ding-ding-ding! Instead of critiquing her...anything, that’s really the reason I posted it. I’m sure her experience is much like many first timers, even ones who have experience with things like The Sims and IMVU. If, with $L to spend, after 2 hours of she isn’t back out and about in her customized avatar, and doesn’t know how to ‘revert’ it into the default that she went shopping in...that’s a big problem. She came in, spent a decent amount of money and ended the video sitting in her (still dark) apartment, still needing help. And yeah, I’m also a little surprised at some of the responses here. I know I probably shouldn’t be though.
  14. I’d like a card please, regarding the creative direction of a new project. I’m looking at 3 possible choices, each with certain advantages...and I’m feeling a bit stuck!
  15. Submit a features request? Me? Burnt on them long ago in the dinosaur days of... ”Rose for the sexi lay-dee?” @)-,— 🤣
  16. Ok ok, last one today, wouldn’t want to over TAY my comeback or somethin’. 🤣
  17. Peeve: people who don’t grok the foo of kitten people? I get not wanting any cats yourself, sure. But you have to allow for we who wuv to fuzzle-wuzzle our widdle woojum bbys.
  18. Thoughts? THOTS? (S’ ok, she said it!) It was very interesting to see her first impressions, she has played the Sims and IMVU, but a lot of things confused her about SL at first.
  19. Thank you very much. I looked for the old thread but I admit I did laugh at the derail...some thing never change. No Tay-Tay gifs though, bit disappointing. 😉
  20. Every day above the ground’s a good one! 🌻🌻🌻🌻
  21. If you can’t care less... well you’re just not trying hard enough! 🤣
  22. One SL community I’m in has mostly moved out-of-world activity and chat to Discord from FB. Less FB is always a Good Thing(tm) for me.
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