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  1. Here is a longer video ‘for new people’ - this time with time stamps so we can just watch and comment on the thing(s) we are interested in. I’m still watching so I’ll comment later. I hope we can return to the thread topic, please?
  2. Yes, of course. But AFAIK not any references, links or sales about it on MP.
  3. Would you wear official SL merchandise? What about buying, using or wearing first life merchandise or products from your favorite SL designer if it were allowed to be sold in connection with their SL products at some point? (not saying that it would ever be and currently it’s not allowed to be advertised, referenced or linked on SL’s MP as far as I can see...but just asking…) For myself I only wear logo T-shirts to the gym, so when I go back I might think about that...but still undecided.
  4. Too many things from this site 🤣 way too many! https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/cirqueconnect hours and hours
  5. That would be so cool for something like an ‘Explore With Me, See What I See’ kind of video series. It’s a little bit daunting to think about controlling the avatar controlling the camera In a way that looks good for an audience and still narrating a video coherently all at once in real time in a live stream, so having a head rig for the avatar would eliminate at least one part of that.
  6. I probably should have left the ‘ism’ words at the door, they’ve really become too much of a red flag and a dog whistle and people have used them far too often to belittle or demean someone’s valid opinion or preference, that’s very accurate. That’s on me. That was not my intention. I’m very much in favor of everyone honoring their feelings and preferences and expressing them freely in their own choices. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wishing to date a person whom they find sexy. But there was no need at all to negatively reference ‘a fugly witch on menopause’ when that damning stereotype has actually cost women their lives in the past so yes, I do take exception to it. I’d also have a similar negative reaction if the subject was reversed and the ‘dirty old man’ or ‘young horn dog’ phrases were leveraged dismissively against a man though so there’s that as well. I have considered your words but as far as a reprimand, well I don’t really accept those from strangers so I’ll respectfully decline yours too.
  7. I wasn’t saying they shouldn’t be attracted to whomever they are attracted to, that’s completely their preference and I’m all for it. Personal preferences are just that, personal. Devaluing people using dismissive, pejorative language because they are old (or young), ugly (or pretty) is my issue.
  8. Naria’s livestream: This time ~about~ noobs. 2 of the guests are very old oldbies...but they don’t really act like it (to me).
  9. Oh come on...if you would ride in the glitter car, you know you ‘still got it’. Everyone who knows, knows...it’s not about the age - it’s about the outlook. 😉 But no one can be all ‘get off my lawn’ and still be the one playing with the kids in the lawn sprinkler all at the same time!
  10. Such a troll, referencing a 24 year old movie, sexism AND ageism in a ‘just for fun’ thread? Shame on you! You do realize that Fairuza is 46, now right?
  11. @Velk Kerangbut a parent or a teacher is in an appropriate role to ‘let people know those things’ where we (and she) are your fellow users (and therefore your SL peers regardless of anyone’s age) and for me, it really does make you appear condescending to assume anything like those roles when speaking to or about someone unless you have established that relationship with them which in this case, you have not. With her or with any of us. I’m asking that you rethink your approach. It did not read as a friendly sharing of your opinion, it came off as someone with assumed authority. I don’t have any previous bones to pick with you so my impression of the tone of your manner is from your replies in this thread. And judging by some of the other replies you certainly did read this room wrong. Also not to be confused with me saying that ‘your opinion doesn’t matter’ because it does, each of us have one. And just so you also know, the “c’mon you are smarter than that” appeal has very frequently gotten the behind your back eye roll - because just as often you are missing the whole point of why someone is acting that way. You implied that some former profession makes you able to judge some things but that also doesn’t ever mean it’s appropriate or welcome outside the context of your former profession. At cocktail parties, I don’t see doctors diagnosing people, or firemen nervously monitoring the alcohol burners, rather the opposite. Maybe some of the general discussion forum threads are more like that...
  12. Maybe just look at people’s experience in the world as ‘theirs’ and don’t feel the need to judge it or wish it was different than what it is? For whatever reason, people are making videos of their experiences and you (and several people besides you) felt the need to comment on things beside that. I’m not sure why... but for me it was surprising and it did feel quite, well, judge-y. I was that naive in my teens and very early 20’s and I was judged for it. It’s not a good feeling.
  13. This is so cool. I bet the physics will actually work now since you didn't need deformers to get the kind of curves. , @FairreLilette. Fauve has always been thin and I have used the coco doll avatars for a very long time (since before they were even rigged to the SL skeleton and could only use their own items and heads) and I’ve always just made my own thin shapes for them. But honestly, RL ball jointed doll trends are also swinging towards thicker bodies after so many types being very thin for so long. I’m here for it, too - even if it might not suit my personal aesthetic. I really do crave variety, otherwise I get bored.
  14. When I see ‘appeals to younger users’ I always count myself in and I suspect I always will. It’s not an SL thing, it’s a perception thing. My join date is early 2008 yet I’ve never been part of the ‘older SL crowd’ (regardless of anyone’s RL or SL age) and I’m still not. If the only avi someone has is older than hm maybe 5 years...they usually begin to identify more as oldbie. I’m treated a little different in this avi by those who joined 5 or more years after me and I’ve been told that many people do encounter (and now expect) that whole ‘get off my lawn’ attitude. Which is why I don’t trot Fauve out that much anymore unless I need to. It’s a shame too, she’s got the weirdest fun clothes. 🤣 That fresh look at SL is key for a lot of reasons.
  15. I wish there had been some male noobs making a video too. Or better yet, several someones besides only ‘identifying as female’ people. For me it’s just good to see all the new user experience videos popping up. I really have had a lot of fun in SL but over the last year, I’ve kind of hit a low point with it so these types of videos make me ponder on ‘if I were just starting SL today, with no previous SL experience to inform my choices, what would I want to do?’ I think that question might be a good one for some other people to ask too, and to be able to see a glimpse of SL through fresh eyes? That’s the point, not ‘how someone acts on video stream’. (Or what anyone else thinks about it). (Or what someone else thinks about what someone thinks about THAT). Edit: we all agree that there are so very many kinds of people using SL for really different reasons so isn’t this just more of that?
  16. That’s the reason I started the thread, I feel the same way. I’m enjoying these so much. Do I agree with everything and love each presentation? No...but it’s not a deal breaker either. I don’t see youtube ads and I skim, skip about and speed-watch longer content.
  17. New accounts don’t choose their avatar on the web at sign-up anymore. You do not see your avatar at all until you log into the viewer.
  18. There’s always option 2, the old ‘solution’ to witches...
  19. What if a condition of the sale is completing the cloud migration? What if staying half self-owned servers, half cloud will break even more things meanwhile? There could be several good reasons for the full press between now and holiday that we don’t really know. They may not even be able to wait (now that it’s started in earnest) without breaking things even worse and essential performance taking a hit. Both EEP and the uplift were in motion long before the virus struck. I’d rather they push through.
  20. Fake money. Or ‘history’. I think both could fit the riddle.
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