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  1. Late night snacking is a bad, bad habit...😉
  2. Soft kitty, warm kitty... petting him and hearing his purrs is so calming.
  3. champagne slush is delish! Granted...but you are the ONLY sane person left. I wish *groups* of people would stop hiking in a close clump on the woodland trail nearest my house!
  4. Granted, but now that’s all you want to do ever… And you become one of those people who ride a unicycle in the store, on the sidewalk, in the street, up ramps, down alleys, etc. I wish the champagne was cold already.
  5. Getting outside a bit, also continuing the spring cleaning...washing up some small china pieces after bringing them out to use. Taking comfort in everyday routine as well. I’m taking melatonin and sleeping better. So my outlook is more balanced now.
  6. I wish we would stop sneezing from all the dust I am kicking up from my spring cleaning. Who knew it was this dirty? UGH. I clean, I do...but it’s been a minute since I did edges and baseboards...my bad!
  7. Good reminder to pop by and support it in SL, maybe do a photo there, then a new photo in my closed region in Kitely. 👍📸🎞🕰
  8. Which one? 😉 Fauve’s ‘voice’ is my RL voice and reflects myself in many ways, so in that respect, yes. But I have male and female and everything in between and no gender at all avatars too. ‘She’ works for everything. For me, it has been fairly simple to address others too, address them as they present in the avatar, how they have specified in their profile or how they ask me to.
  9. Ribeye with balsamic vegetables agrodolce over herbed cauliflower rice Salad - green leaf lettuce with mushrooms, green onion, radishes and home made bleue cheese dressing. Greek yoghurt with honey and fresh raspberries.
  10. I expected both, and I’m seeing both. I’m not shocked. I hate the negativity too. I’m not a Pollyanna, I just think it’s good to do all I can do, after thinking it through, then make the best of any situation I cannot escape. Stay ready to change plans as new info becomes available. Otherwise I feel helpless and hopeless, which I’m not a fan of sitting with. I’m not panicked or scared because I’ve had several good friends who are homesteaders, and off-the-grid people so I know how to go to ground and keep calm. I got some good sleep last night so it always helps me! I practice HALT check-ins, Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. And then act accordingly. So far, so good! 👍
  11. Hi heidhr, welcome 🦋 more forum discussion on premium homes (and strategies to secure one) is here. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/357-linden-homes/ A new release of log cabin homes is scheduled to come out sometime soon, so your chances of getting a Victorian then will be better if you don’t get one before then. Hope to see you around the forums.
  12. The diamond painting looks pretty! I love sparkles! I glue them to myself 😉
  13. Both the first one because of the beautiful soft light the second one because of the aching clarity of the light. Both are really lovely.
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