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  1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It is what it is.
  2. Yeah, when I login to SL, the first thing I think is "this is probably what the Nazi death camps were like". Seriously, without naming and shaming, what kind of places are actually practicing serious discrimination? Like banning "an entire class of people" (and no cyborgs in 1920's Munich or formal dress at place that thinks Celine Dion is jazz don't count).
  3. Are you using the LL viewer to do that? If not, try that and if it still isn’t working open a support ticket.
  4. This is what strikes me as the important bit. It’s not logging in and discovering my L$ balance is mysteriously 20K higher than when I logged out. I know where it came from, how it got there and that it isn’t mine. I would think about calling support, especially if it came from some rando n00b, to make sure it isn’t some kind of scam. Like they bought $80 of L$ with a stolen credit card and were trying to stick me holding the bag when the chargeback comes. But in any case, it’s someone else’s money.
  5. That's not the same thing as restricting avatars to match the theme of a place. I can only think of a handful of places I've been to who have arbitrarily banned people on those grounds. Whether or not those places are okay with the TOS, I'm not really okay with them and I don't go to them.
  6. Using the Linden viewer, go to Voice Morph Services at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Premium Morph Services/132/126/26 click the Megamorph sign to activate them all. Click the refresh link in the local chat and the voice moprhs should be active under the Communicate menu > Voice Morphing. Then go to Voice Echo Canyon and prepare for disappointment. It should be more or less the same in any viewer.
  7. Evil monsters don’t start being evil when they’re called out for it.
  8. Meh, it's a 2 watt Atom. It's not going to miss a fan.
  9. Who knew giving a highly contagious virus easy access to a virtually unlimited supply of willing hosts was a bad idea?
  10. That study is from July. The UK revised the way it counted coronavirus deaths since then. I’m not sure why this is newsworthy.
  11. It’s helpful that British Infowars doesn’t post a link to the original study.
  12. Because that makes a lot of sense. The Navy really benefits from making sure their mechanics don't know how airplanes work.
  13. Some people have issues with them in computers that have integrated graphics. Disabling the integrated graphics shouldn't be a big deal, I can't imagine needing them with a 2060. In my experience any nVidia card made since 2007 can run SL. With the 3070 scheduled to drop next month, the deal on a 2060 would have to be really sweet for me to go for it today.
  14. I saw it on someone's icon yesterday, but not today. If they're still fiddling around, it would be great if they took that informative sidebar for posts with a bunch of replies off mobile devices. It's not a big deal on a 27" monitor, but a quarter of the screen on an iPad is a lot.
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