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  1. That study is from July. The UK revised the way it counted coronavirus deaths since then. I’m not sure why this is newsworthy.
  2. It’s helpful that British Infowars doesn’t post a link to the original study.
  3. Because that makes a lot of sense. The Navy really benefits from making sure their mechanics don't know how airplanes work.
  4. Some people have issues with them in computers that have integrated graphics. Disabling the integrated graphics shouldn't be a big deal, I can't imagine needing them with a 2060. In my experience any nVidia card made since 2007 can run SL. With the 3070 scheduled to drop next month, the deal on a 2060 would have to be really sweet for me to go for it today.
  5. I saw it on someone's icon yesterday, but not today. If they're still fiddling around, it would be great if they took that informative sidebar for posts with a bunch of replies off mobile devices. It's not a big deal on a 27" monitor, but a quarter of the screen on an iPad is a lot.
  6. Sure, if the mask I'm wearing is an N95 respirator. Which are still virtually impossible to buy. What I rely on the government to do in a global pandemic is not to actively undermine the efforts of public health workers, state and local government by lying about it. Unfortunately I live in the United States and that's something I can't rely on because Americans are collectively the stupidest people in the world.
  7. I doubt there's a global never trumper cabal squelching COVID-19 research because they don't like him. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=hydroxychloroquine+covid-19 You know what does prevent the spread of coronavirus? Wearing masks and not lying to people about how serious it is.
  8. That's some heavy science you're dropping there. Does that article include multiple references to birther, 9/11 truther, Infowars contributor and blobfish impersonator Jerome Corsi? Impressive.
  9. Yes, that was certainly a comprehensive summary of the scientific literature on the climate research of the day.
  10. Credible articles can be found on credible web sites. If someone won't go to the insignificant effort of finding the original source instead of posting a link to a crank magnet site like Breitbart, Infowars or Rense, their citations should be dismissed out of hand.
  11. Rense.com is like Infowars for people who think Infowars is the mainstream media. I'll bet that paper is even more compelling when you see the original manuscript written in crayon.
  12. The graph isn’t wrong, you are.
  13. It’s a lot closer to one end then the other.
  14. If you aren't using the Intel graphics, it shouldn't effect anything else.
  15. I thought it was using the energy faster than it gets replenished is an unsustainable plan. My bad. They're both bad though.
  16. What video card do you have? There have been people using RTX 2000 cards experiencing similar problems. I think the solution is disable your PC's onboard graphics or something like that.
  17. Putting the carbon that has been sequestered in that battery for millions of years back into circulation faster than it can be removed produces another problem.
  18. If you think that's what the film is about you didn't watch it. Like all of the right wing chuds who seem to think citing it is some kind of argument against the reality of climate change.
  19. Michael Moore produces a documentary that is a warning that we get one shot at dealing with climate change because there won’t be any do overs so we’d better not screw it up.
  20. Michael Moore didn't make a documentary that debunks climate change and the role of human activity driving it.
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