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  1. You’re wrong. Everything you wrote is wrong, stop being stupid.
  2. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra, Shaka when the walls fell, Temba, his arms open Temba at rest.
  3. I think it works better if you translate it into Chinese then into English.
  4. YouTube shills who will pimp anything a company gives them for that sweet sweet Amazon affiliate money. They don't disclose the fact they were given the product for the review at any point in their lieapalooza "review". Bonus points if the shill had built up a reputation as a pretty good reviewer before completely selling out.
  5. It might be worth it for someone with a really terrible name and the selection was better.
  6. Spotify's directive to their ad salespeople to give discounts to advertisers directly proportional to how annoying their ad is. I'm positive this is a real thing.
  7. It looks like OpenGL is already dead as far as development goes.
  8. That's okay, I may be mean but I'm not that mean.
  9. Free pizza or turning everyone else's internet connection off... that is a tough choice. Can I do both?
  10. Whatever happened, it's still there and looks unchanged.
  11. Okay, so the real question, how did it go? And boo for not posting the SLURL for us.
  12. That's sort of the point of the ignore list.
  13. That sounds like a good idea. Post it in events so everyone can enjoy the ensuing hijinks.
  14. So i could have a slave army of Oreo addicted raccoons? Hell yeah!
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