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  1. The unpleasant combination of fingerprint scanners and people with dirty fingers.🤮
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    The slider in the basic settings is about useless. Skip it and fine tune your settings to match your computer and taste. Basic shaders should always be on. So should atmospheric shaders unless you're feeling nostalgic for 2006. If you have a computer that can handle it, Advanced Lighting Model should usually be on. It will kill performance on old and low end graphics cards. 128M is usually the highest you should set draw distance. Set particles lower to improve performance. OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects should be on unless you're using an old AMD video card that is well past it
  3. This fantasy has been a profound disappointment.
  4. Ennio Morricone's soundtrack to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Best soundtrack ever. John Williams Duel of The Fates from Star Wars: Phantom Menace. It wasn't all bad.
  5. Those really aren’t very different from SL’s practical requirements, except for HD space.
  6. Vaporwave Study Club playlist on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/playlist/28R4pz6Tdg5BO99rItKZK0?si=t185x4AVSR2fJTPH2fU2lQ
  7. They move when LL turns off voice in their current hangout. If voice is off, chances they'll show up are low. If LL left voice on in one hub and stopped routing people there when they tried to login to an offline region, it would go a long way to making everyone happy.
  8. Install MSI Afterburner and use it to monitor temperatures before you go mucking around inside it. I seriously doubt degraded thermal paste is the problem on anything that new.
  9. Because it's about gender expression, not tricking straight guys into having SLex with a supermodel. They aren't looking for gay sex, they're looking for a gender experience they feel comfortable with. In SL, I think it's generally best to take the blue pill and enjoy your steak.
  10. How about mandatory cybersecurity training on Orientation Island? If you think someone is using voice morphing software, ask them to whisper. That makes it much easier to spot.
  11. I'd give the AIO PCs a pass for SL. They tend to be full of laptop parts that will perform worse than their desktop counterparts.
  12. You can set a custom cache location with the viewer startup parameters. Just make a new shortcut for each avatar with the unique cache location. I tried this a long time ago and all it did is eat up storage unnecessarily. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_parameters
  13. Change your draw distance to 128. 376 is too high.
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