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  1. I'd probably feel better about this if there was some indication that the Lab intended to contract in more development and engineering staff on the back of it. I'll hold any further negative apprehensions on the issue til I've seen more of whats planned, if anything. Try not to muff this up, this is 15 years of my life and work.
  2. Old fashion style. I think I still have some pictures of that from 2005 in my inventory.
  3. I think my largest issue here is that with about 20 different options for actually communicating about what they're doing, why they're doing it and what not, main domain, the status page, their twitter and all that...absolutely none of it really explains what they're doing or why. Its all just vague "we are doing maintenance" well yes obviously, everything is down. Duh.
  4. I don't know that anyone in California goes to bed at 10pm
  5. "We will be doing network maintenance on Second Life this week." - Lindens "Oh....okay....why?" - Me "..." - Lindens "Who takes down a major service based system at 2200 PST for maintenance?" - Also me
  6. Hi.....I almost never speak up here about anything, but with Concierge support being handled by "Scouts" these days I am really not feeling like I can ask about this through support. What the heck is going on with teleports? Its been 10 straight days since the host migration and this issue has been flat out brutal ever since. There doesn't appear to be any way to stop it happening either, and its definitely not me or my internet as its happening to thousands of people in the various groups I run or am part of. Any chance we can....yanno...fix something here guys? I hate to be pushy but 10 straight days of getting disconnected every third time I teleport is starting to make me feel like its not worth even logging in and SL is literally one of my jobs so I can't imagine what its doing to people that simply come to SL to relax.
  7. Normally I don't have any time for this forum, I'm usually far too busy managing things on the grid we all know and love. Regardless its become increasingly evident that between you and the investors board, you've completely run out of ideas on how to maintain the grid through current economic conditions. Here's some free advice from a long time land owner and content provider for your grid. It Works For Wal-Mart: Its the business theory of "stack it high and sell it cheap". Heres the deal, you already got the stack it high process covered. You've increased class 5 sims per server to 16 from its original limit of 4. Now I'm not going to assume the worst and say you're putting 16 class 5 sims on the same servers you were using 4 years ago, I'm well aware that technological capabilities have increased and just about anyone with a marginal business interest that involves web based services can colocate with Limestone on some of the highest end hardware currently available on the market, so I'm going to assume the best of you and the Lab and assume that you only increased the class 5 server population to 16 because the hardware you upgraded to could do it...but still 16 class 5 sims on a server is quite a lot. Now lets talk about how much that rack mount actually costs monthly...cause I'm colocated myself to provide the services I provide to the grid and guess how much I pay for that? Wow, almost as much as I pay to share a rack mount with sixteen other customers of yours...except I have all the processors and all the memory to myself. Simple facts are is you're charging way too much. The market premium that the economy could bear four years ago isn't the same as it is today, attempting to paddle through this economic dip while maintaining premium pricing that was ostensibly "affordable" 4 years ago is probably not going to work. So, sell it cheap doesn't even really mean sell it cheap, it means adjust your market rate to the current economy. This will achieve a few things almost automatically. 1.) Land will become more obtainable to the end user. Creating higher grid concurrency and retention. 2.) Real Estate Operations will be able to buy more sims in volume due to the adjustments, increasing land availability options to the end user, thus promoting further retention. 3.) Businesses that depend on high user volume will see an increase in revenue from the influx of new land owners that now have places on the grid of their own, that need the goods and services that these on grid businesses provide. So you can think tank it up all you want up there but unless you and your board and the investors board can actually sit down and understand that virtual land at its current pricing is a luxury that is not ostensibly affordable to the prospective new end user, you will not achieve a Second Life that doesn't require Google AdSense on its main page (even for high end premium accounts, I might add) to try to keep up your bottom line. The Lab's profit has always been based in the ability to offer land to the end user, which the end user is more than happy to pay for, the current premiums for wholly owned virtual estates in Second Life are well in excess of a luxury expense at this time, in almost all the world economies Linden Labs provides with access to the grid. So TLDR: Its the Economy, Stupid! Try working some financial models that involve reducing pricing and increasing volume and see if they float with the investors board. And with that....I'm off. Agree, disagree, whatever, don't really intend to argue my points with anyone. Take care all.
  8. Adding some edited content at the request of Linden Labs. And greetings to everyone in the Second Life Vampire Community. CoLA - City Sewers - Mesh Build Version What do you think your sim will look like this time next year? As the first image shows we're doing a complete mesh overhaul of the City of Lost Angels™ to make it conform to more professionally detailed standards. I expect that at this time next year CoLA will largely stand out as one of the most advanced examples of the possibilities of Second Life with regard to not only community building but also with regard to showing off the best of the technology the Second Life platform has to offer presently, and it will all be done using completely original mesh and texture map bases as compared to some sims in Second Life that are a bit too willing to take short cuts with easily imported assets from other games. Overall I think CoLA will look more or less like it always has, busy, active, and a few steps ahead graphically, given the advantage the implementation of mesh in Second Life has given us. Suzanna Soyinka, Founder, City of Lost Angels™ What is the biggest misconception about the Second Life Vampire community? I'd say the biggest misconception is that Vampires, in general, are "emo" teenagers. This is pretty far from the case, as Vampires in SL that I have known over the last six years range anywhere from the age of 18 to the age of 60. Its not about any certain mental mindset. Its not about wearing black all the time and having dead white skin. Its not about jumping on anyone that will let you and "feeding" on them. The biggest misconception about Second Life Vampires is that Second Life Vampires must behave/look/act in a certain way that coincides with the predisposed notions people may have about Vampires as derived from other media. My avatar has always been a vampire. I've never particularly felt a pressing need to suddenly spend my entire time in Second Life in formal evening dress, or hiding in a crypt because the sun came up. Crypts, graveyards, medieval and gothic imagery in general, to me, are stereotypical and its sort of like making "racial" assumptions, it's ill advised. In my view of Vampires, if they were real, a normal human wouldn't be able to tell the difference if they were sitting next to one at a coffee shop. The biggest misconception about the Second Life Vampire community is pretty much all the misconceptions people assume about vampires in general. They translate just as much in a virtual world as they do in the real world. How to find Vampire Communities in Second Life? Well largely this is not hard to do using search, though finding specifically relevant examples of a "community" that might suit your individual tastes have gotten harder since the changes to the search system, you can still find them through a process of trial and error simply by typing "Vampire" in search with "Places" as the search category. Also one thing to remember is that due to the merger of the Teen Grid with the Main Grid this year, many "Vampire" communities have changed their regional ratings to Adult versus Moderate. This is not specifically because these communities host only "Adult" content, but in large part to ensure that they are legally covered by the Terms of Service of Second Life should underage players be found in their communities. So while a vampire community may not be all about "Adult" content, many of them have had to ensure they protect themselves from legal action due to the changes in grid policy this year. So be sure you're checking in the Adult rated category as well as many good communities in the vampire/gothic area fall under this rating for self protection. Tonga - Darvula Clan Elder, City of Lost Angels™
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