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  1. I'm not seeing how the upper limit of the texture cache is in any way a problem relevant to low end hardware. Oh noes, Team Firestorm is catering to that guy still running SL on an 8600GT by not letting Titan RTX guy set his texture cache higher than 2GB!
  2. Guy who finds a pile of laptops that were taken out of service three years ago because they were no longer fit for purpose and no one got around to throwing them away, then decides to be the Covid-19 hero by handing them out as they are to random people for remote work without bothering to ask anyone in IT if it's a good idea.
  3. Go to voice echo canyon for troubleshooting to see if you can pin down what's causing it.
  4. It's probably really retirees trying to make you think they're kids.
  5. It seems to have worked itself out, some update must have fixed it. It wasn't anything I did. As mentioned by someone else in the other thread 1GB is the biggest texture cache you should be able to use on a 2GB card.
  6. Oh noes, I'm naked in their store and it's their own fault! I would never do that on purpose. 😜
  7. Try Firestorm or Alchemy and give it a little bigger texture cache in graphics prefs. Like 1024MB or so. While you're in the graphics preferences, turn particles down as far as you can tolerate.
  8. This is where having a short attention span pays off. I'm okay with a demo that lasts four minutes longer than I'll spend inspecting it. Not so good with demos with demo textures that end up looking better than the ones they used on the paid version. I was thinking about throwing demos that don't reveal deal breaking flaws into the pet peeves thread, but here is good too.
  9. YouTube overriding everyone's ad settings and putting mid-roll ads into every monetized video whether the creator wants them or not.
  10. To annoy the tech forum about 20 year old graphics cards.
  11. "Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." -REH
  12. You may also need to set the primary video to PCIe or Auto in BIOS. nVidia cards in my Lenovo would happily pass video through the motherboard video out when the only display was connected to it, but my 1650 Super won't. I had to change the primary video to IGP in BIOS because secure boot is permanently on and it won't boot with newer cards as the primary video device. Lunus Tech Tips did something like this gaming on an nVidia P106 mining card with no display output. There may be something helpful in there for you.
  13. Check the nVidia control panel and make sure the 2060 is set as the default OpenGL card. Also try plugging a video cable into the 2060. The other end doesn't need to be plugged into anything.
  14. Linden Lab keeps turning voice off in safe hubs and info hubs making it really hard to find that kind of entertainment anymore.
  15. I'm sure there's lots more comedy gold on their channel.
  16. 😜😜😜 🔩⚾ ETA: looks like YouTube took care of that. It was a video by the idiots who made the “Black Lives Matter Is A Leftist Lie” video whining about YouTube deleting Dr. Incubus’s Coronavirus insanity, and all kinda of other gibberish to appeal to the kind of idiots they obviously think their audience is full of.
  17. Looks like my fears that the lulz would disappear when Miss slavers and Nazis weren't villains bailed were unfounded.
  18. Thanks for your concern, but we already have plenty of home grown fascists and do not need to import more. We may even have a surplus, if you would like to take some off our hands.
  19. No, that’s too slow to provide anyone a satisfactory SL experience. At the bare minimum you’ll want a much faster processor (the base clock should be closer to 3GHz) twice as much RAM and at least Intel UHD 630 graphics, preferably something by AMD or nVidia instead of Intel. An SSD is good, but I’d go for something at least twice as big.
  20. I'll be sure and IM you next time I think about calling a far-right IQ reduction fetish site "fascist" to make sure I get it right.
  21. Considering the source, yes, she probably is.
  22. So were SS concentration camp guards.
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