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  1. We do get into some old history here. As I recall the Lindens thought the Mainland would develop in a 'natural' way around the old telehubs. Businesses would set up near the hubs and the outlaying areas would be residential. But it never happened the way they expected. I for one always maintained that a very modest level of zoning was needed with some areas being rated as 'residential' only. I myself lived on Mainland for several years and outside of a griefer attack things remained pleasant where I lived. Maybe I got lucky with good neighbors. We respected each other.
  2. My guess is that Linden Lab only polices what is reported to them. At least that is my opinion. They could have someone(s) assigned to seek and destroy this stuff but I kind of doubt it. I also doubt that they would admit to us if they did. But as to the OP's question, the answer would be how you define the word "proximity." " Yes, child avatars are allowed in Adult regions, as long as they are controlled by a person who has verified themselves to be at least 18 years old. However, the avatar should not be in proximity to sexual content or activity; and must obey the policy prohibit
  3. We appreciate this. One of my comments in times past about certain new features and / or other development decisions was that they were being made by people who obviously did not have a Second Life. And I can point to specifics to back that up.
  4. But do you remember the "Classic Clouds?" http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Classic_clouds
  5. SL has a lot of confused people in it, period.
  6. Word id that you only stay logged in long enough to toast your marshmallows.
  7. Looking at all the old starter Avi's reminds me of the greatest of horrors in the olden days: The Freenis.
  8. See Whirley's explanation HERE. I seem to remember a WIKI page on this subject also but can't find it right now.
  9. Tell the truth now Maddy. Those 8,000 "objects" are all fire.
  10. And now looking closer that was a different thread by a different poster.
  11. It still exists in my activity log AND if I follow the link from my log I can see it in its entirety but only only the first three replies show, not the rest of the thread. Much strangeness.
  12. There is no "On Hold" function you can do. Simply do not log in. Basic Accounts exist in perpetuity. Premium Accounts however will be deleted by LL if they fall into arrears. Note: If you do delete your account you risk inventory loss and LL may charge you a fee to reinstate. See: Inactive or canceled accounts.
  13. "Each MSB [Money Service Business] is required by law to have an effective anti-money laundering (AML)compliance program. The regulation requiring MSBs to develop and maintain an AML compliance program is contained in 31 CF 103.125. Each program must be commensurate with the risks posed by the location, size, nature and volume of the financial services provided by the MSB." Source: Page 10 And in the U.S. MSBs can face stiff fines for failure to enforce stringent AML activities. Source
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