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  1. So I've been part of SL now since 2005. And since that time I've watched the evolution of the grid over the entire time. And early on, back in the early years, it made sense that SL was laggy and performed terribly because hey everyone's PC's were so much less powerful. But since then the SL Viewer standard has remained pinned to minimum requirements that are no where near realistic in scope. And what's more the rendering technology even for a streamed asset platform of this type, is entirely built around standards that use literally none of the advanced CPU architecture or GPU architecture available to us in 2022. SL looks better than ever, but remains unable to pair those looks with acceptable performance because the Lab appears absolutely married to the minspec approach. But even in that case, new advances in Intel GPU architecture means even stuff like UHD integrated and the new ARC series of integrated chips, will have none of their advanced features used. With the low poly nature of collada mesh, and the low resolution assets SL is married to (2048x2048 is not a an HD resolution), the fact that my PC in 2022 gets the same 5 - 10 FPS on ultra with 256 draw distance in a sim that isn't EMPTY is literally embarrassing and really needs to be addressed if this platform ever wants to engage the modern user base that is out there, but avoids SL because it runs terribly and looks like a ten year old game even at its best. And while I understand not everyone in the world has a high end PC, there's no reason not to have support for the large percentage of power users in SL that do. In fact there is no reason why the minspec/integrated graphics design of SL is somehow exclusive to SL actually starting to use modern CPU and GPU capabilities. I'd like to see this platform last me another 15 years, but I'm starting to think its a waste of money to even upgrade my hardware any more other than for the tax write offs.
  2. Is it just me .. but sometimes the forums will now freeze when loading or refreshing a page. and 1then this happened ..
  3. Seems AMD finally released the performance optimizations to Open GL for their Windows driver. I updated to the 22.7.1 driver today with a Vega 56 card and the FPS seems to have increased massively. Highly recommended.
  4. We are happy to announce the availability of a viewer that includes adjustments to improve performance. We focused on reducing image decoding time, initial text rendering time, and the number of frame stalls that occur. As a result, this viewer should feel more responsive. Busy locations such as a crowded club or shopping event will be the best way to notice these improvements. Try adjusting your draw distance, shaders or avatar complexity and let us know if you’re seeing a difference with your performance. Please try it out and let us know if you see specific issues by filing a Jira. NOTE: This viewer is only available for Win64 at this time. Future versions will be available with Win32 and Mac builds included. Known Issues If you have a high frame rate, textures may blink white for one frame while streaming in. We are investigating the source of this effect.
  5. I'm looking for a possible Manager? for a friends role-play group. Someone who could take care of the social aspects of it. They are dance performers in SL so they'd need assistance with Advertising, Places to perform at and getting people to join their group in-world. Someone who really knows how to talk to people, organize events, get sponsors for them, etc. Feel free to message me or send a note card to Tianyii Resident for details.
  6. You've seen her sweet side while she saunters around the club greeting you and your friends, bringing you fun and flirty. But, are you prepared to see a darker side of that sun-kissed beauty? Does the thought of peeling black latex off her supple skin tempt you? This angel has a devilish side, and she wants to explore and show it off with you. Join Kiki Farrah at The Monarchy on Thursday October 21st 2021 for a special striptease and pole performance. Kick off spooky season right with the seductive succubus, you won't want to miss it!
  7. My gosh I miss concerts. *Pausing-moment of respect* *Remembering great days at the Meadowlands...* -Are you watching for tickets to come back online for some great artist? I am watching for: Bruce Hornsby, hoping with the Range, but fine if not. Cancelled due to pandemic. I fell in love with piano to BH.
  8. This week we are given an inside look at the musical project Tia Rungray and the new art venue, Spiralo. Known as Takayuki Noami in RL, Rungray is based in Japan and describes his musical style as “noise classical: this style encompasses ambient, post-classical and noise music.” Rungray tells us that he uses several platforms for creative expression, but he says of Second Life, “I'm particularly impressed by the amount of user-driven creativity that goes on there. The freedom to do so is an important part of what makes Second Life such a great place for me to come up with ideas and try them out.” Like many talented SL musicians, Rungray’s tracks are “streamed live, not recorded.” This one-of-a-kind vibe is amplified by the variety of venues in which the music is streamed, “from art galleries and shopping events to installation art spaces that I produce.” The video offers a few shots of the mysterious region of Spiralo. Described as a virtual cultural complex, it is a minimalist structure that guides visitors up a spiral to a rooftop with a piano against a dreamily surreal background. As you traverse the structure, you will see several art pieces, and you are welcome to discuss your takeaway with others at the ground floor cafe. As much as Rungray enjoys the freedom available in Second Life, he is careful not to rest on his laurels, saying, “I'm looking forward to seeing how Second Life evolves in the future.” So are we! The special exhibit at Spiralo opens today, and you are all invited to observe and maybe even be inspired to create some experimental art of your own. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Spiralo “Spiralo” is a virtual cultural complex produced by the noise-classical music project 'Tia Rungray'. The space will include a sound installation hall, a gallery, a café, and a shopping floor. The name "Spiralo" means "spiral" in Esperanto, and the name comes from the fact that the floors are arranged in a spiral pattern, inspired by the image of everyday life and art blending together in virtual life. The idea is to make it easier to enjoy high-quality art activities in Second Life and to make visitors more aware of their close relationship to life. It functions to make everyday activities such as watching, listening, dressing, talking and photography more artistic. It offers you a way to enjoy the time and space in which you can relax in everyday life. As a cultural hub for contemporary art in Second Life, “Spiralo” hopes to continue to create a cultural scene. Visit in Second Life
  9. Hi all, First of all, thanks for second life, it is great! Below questions are both relevant for the SL viewer as well for firestorm. On my MacBook pro, 2017, i5 2.3 GHz, 8 GB Ram, AMD Radeon Pro 580 OpenGL Engine (eGpu, temporarily borrowed), i have bad frame rate. Typical fr is below 10 with settings reset to default. Apperently, the openGl implementation on the mac is sub-optimal, so maybe there is a fundamental cause that is difficult to solve. The eGpu works, MacBook air cooling is almost always off now and fr is independent of screen size, even 4K works with the same fr as VGA. So something is right. However, if I use reasonable graphics quality setting, fr is below par. If I go to Iow graphics I maybe get 20 to 40 fps outside crowds, but rendering is bad, my own av looks very flaky then. In all settings, if I am in a ‘crowd’ of > 5 av’s, fr drastically reduces to very low levels. In default (mid / high) to 3 or 4, in low to below 10 fps. Strange is that reducing the max complexity does not help, looks like jellies take up as much time as fully rendered av’s. Sometimes, in low settings, I get 10 fps, but the av’s only update once a second (which may be a local problem at the PC of this av). Which brings me to my network. I think network is OK, I have a fiberglass connection and also tested the bandwidth. But I did not look into this deeper, the firestorm lag meter is almost always green for network, although in crowds I sometimes get a warning about large ping times. I need a new desktop for linux, so I’m thinking to get a more high-end config with also windows and use that for SL. But that will set me back a couple of bucks extra and I would like to know if that is worth the money. So first, I would like to further trouble-shoot my MacBook, but I’m clueless at the moment on how to proceed. Would it be possible to use Mac steam? I saw something about SL also being released for steam, but if not for the Mac it would not help. Sorry for the long post, tried to keep it as short as possible. Thanks! Bart.
  11. Hallo Leute, ich interessiere mich seit einiger Zeit wieder intensiver für die Möglichkeiten interaktive Umgebungen auf Basis von Second Life aber auch anderen Virtuellen Welten zu erstellen. Die letzten Wochen haben ich viel mit verschiedener Hardware rumprobiert und viele Beiträge in Foren (auch hier) gelesen oder Videos auf YouTube zu diesem Thema geschaut, um mehr über die Performance in Second Life zu erfahren. Ich habe auch ein eigenes Projekt welches ich seit einiger Zeit erstelle, in dem es darum geht, real existierende Orte virtuell abzubilden. Zu diesem Thema war ich auch schon vor langer Zeit in Second Life aktiv und so richtig hat mich die Faszination hierfür nicht wirklich losgelassen. Aber auch mich hat Corona ein wenig von meinem eigentlichen Ziel abgebracht und ich habe die Idee an die aktuellen Gegebenheiten der erschwerten Reise Bedingungen angepasst und konzentriere mich vorerst auf ein Gebiet für welches ich in der Vergangenheit viel Material gesammelt habe. Als Testumgebung sollte dies auch vollkommen ausreichen. Ich habe seit knapp zwei Monaten eine Homestead Region angemietet auf der ich nun beginnen möchte meine Idee Schritt für Schritt zu realisieren. Bis jetzt stehen nur ein paar Häuser, mit denen ich ein wenig mit LOD und Platzhalter Texturen getestet habe. Das erste Ziel ist es, für jedes Haus ein grobes Modell zu erstellen, welches jedoch schon die richtige Anzahl von Texturen in Form von Platzhaltern aufweist, in welchem ich dann auch schon mit den ersten Scripts beginnen kann. Die eigentliche Erstellung der Texturen kommt erst später da sie wohl der zeitaufwendigste im ganzen Projekt werden wird. Im Moment reizen mich weitere Test, die ich nicht ohne weiteres anstellen kann. Wie verhält sich meine Region im leeren Zustand mit voller Belegung von 20 Avataren. Wie, wenn diese 20 Avatare mit Fahrzeugen unterwegs sind. Letztendlich ist es mein Ziel, die Performance während der kompletten Umsetzung meiner Idee im Auge zu haben, um dadurch viel für zukünftige Projekte zu lernen und zu erfahren, wie ich auf Basis von Second Life interaktive Umgebungen erschaffe, welche auch für Nutzer mit einer moderaten Hardware Ausstattung mit einer verträglichen Bildwiederholrate erlebbar sind. Also wer Lust hat, sich ein wenig über Second Life und Performance Themen auszutauschen oder selbst gerne bestimmte Sachen Testen würde, ich stelle meine Region gerne zur Verfügung, solange sich meine Idee noch in einem so frühen Stadium befindet bietet sie noch genügend Platz hierfür denke ich. Meldet euch einfach inworld bei Clemens Crispien oder kommt einfach vorbei auf Before Tomorrow. (https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Farron/160/135/22?q=before+tomorrow&s=Places)
  12. The Charity Club Ladies and Gentlemen, for your presentation is our very own one and only Magicienne Nikki Sundancer! She is a beautifully enchanted stage magicienne here to offer her skills and perhaps ask for an assistant from the audience! Prepare for an evening of magic and wonder. Surrounded by the stillness of enchantment. Come to The Charity Club's stage have a seat, get relaxed and let yours imaginations come to life. From 8pm slt to 9pm slt
  13. Only at The Mermaid Retreat~ Ladies and Gentlemen, for your presentation is our very own one and only Magicienne Nikki Sundancer! She is a beautifully enchanted stage magicienne here to offer her skills and perhaps ask for an assistant from the audience! Prepare for an evening of magic and wonder. Surrounded by the stillness of enchantment. Come to The Charity Club's stage at The Mermaid Retreat! Have a seat, get relaxed and let yours imaginations come to life. From 8pm SLT -9pm SLT on 1/2/20 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frozen Field/100/77/2001
  14. 2-3:30pm: Fantasy Faire Radio and Seanchai Library present an encore performance of THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL & MR HYDE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Dickens Project/105/157/501 https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/2019/12/29/fantasy-faire-radios-the-strange-case-of-dr-jekyll-mr-hyde-returns-for-an-encore/
  15. My goal was to find out which CPU is better for SL (without paying a 500 bucks worthy CPU like the i9-9900k) I'm aware SL doesn't use multi-cores, but single-core: so in theory it benefits from the highest clocked frequency. I finished my CPU performance comparison FPS-wise in SL with same hardware/settings/viewpoints/avs/etc. for: Ryzen 5 3600 vs. Ryzen 7 1700x [stock + overclocked] check it out here: https://youtu.be/VDpN-w-0sts Intel i3-9350kf vs. i5-9600k [stock + overclocked] check it out here: https://youtu.be/my-J89BM6Nk Conclusion below the vids.
  16. Premier Wrestling [FREE TICKETS] Do you like wrestling? Do you want to watch a live show or get hired as a wrestler? We are sending out free tickets to anyone just this Friday!! Bring your loved ones or come alone, cheer and boo the wrestlers. Enjoy a great night instead of your daily routine. Event: Premier Wrestling House Show Date: Friday 9 August - 1:00 PM SLT (Please arrive 30 minutes earlier) Location: GOHA Arena (LM attached below) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Empty Net/174/23/22
  17. VENUE CHANGE!!! Usually at Slainte Castle Sundays 1 p.m. but for first time at JESTER'S NIGHTCLUB!!! ♫✰♫ COME ROCK WITH DEX!!! ♫✰♫ ♪♫♬ LIVE MUSIC!!! ♬♫♪ ✰ DEXTER SWANSEN at JESTER'S NIGHTCLUB ✰ SUNDAY, JULY 31st at 1 P.M. SLT Demacia (173,37,22) READY TO SHAKE SOME PIXELS?! ┣▇▇▇═─• • • • • • •Join Dex for an hour of feel good tunes! ♫♪♬Rock & pop hits ★ Request your favorites ♡ Bring your friends!♬♪♫ ➩ SUNDAY AT 1PM ➩ JESTER'S NIGHTCLUB ➩ SEE U THERE!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brighton/217/86/78 Dress: Casual (no nudity) VENUE CHANGE!!! Usually at Slainte Castle Sundays 1 p.m. but for first time at JESTER'S NIGHTCLUB!!!
  18. Hi, I'm a visual artist and set designer at RL and use SL since 2007 for some works that mix reality and virtual platforms. I would like to know if anyone can inform you if it exists, or if there is any forecast for an Art and Performance gallery to be installed in Bellisseria.
  19. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Entrepreneur/221/210/21 Celebrate July 4th with us & ZOREE JUPITER! Beachview Restaurant & Bar Proudly Brings You A Live Performance You Don't Want to Miss! Thursday, July 4th from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. An accomplished artist who has performed at famed venues such as Carnegie Hall! Zoree sings passionately, blending the lovely sounds of her native land of Portugal with her love of music from her life in the USA. ★ ★ American Pop ★ Blues ★ Rock ★ Jazz ★ Disco ★ Portuguese Fado Singing ★ ★ BEACHVIEW BALLROOM next to BEACHVIEW RESTAURANT & BAR ==^== ▄▄| TAXI |▄▄ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Entrepreneur/221/210/21 0 0 ★ Dress Code: Classy Casual - Semi-formal ★
  20. LIVE MUSIC at the BEACHVIEW BALLROOM on Sunday, June 30 from 4 - 7 p.m. SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Entrepreneur/171/232/21 JUSTIN ELIAS ANATRA & JACK SLADE 2 Talented Performers SING LIVE in 1 GREAT SHOW on SUNDAY, June 30th! TODAY! ♦ JUSTIN ELIAS ANATRA, Singer/Songwriter - Pop/R&B/Motown/Rock 4 - 6 p.m. ♦ ♦ JACK SLADE, Singer/Songwriter - Folk/Rock/Southern Rock 6 - 7 p.m. ♦ BEACHVIEW RESTAURANT & BAR IN THE BEACHVIEW BALLROOM Dress Code: semi-formal/formal (Classy Casual OK)
  21. Any chance at fixing shadows? shadows can make the scene look nicer but in second life shadows feel broken in the engine with ultra preset under 10 fps turn shadows off over 40 fps computer https://valid.x86.fr/9v0vjw
  22. Hello! The Steel entertainment network is re-opening the Black Velvet Ballroom! We are looking for hosts, DJs, and performers, maybe a bartender as well. Hosts and bartenders don't need to have prior experience, but it is required for DJs and performers. DM me in-world: ashleymclour for more information or an application! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadow Shore/113/109/3902
  23. Hi guys, I am planning on buy the new Macbook Air with following specifications: 1.6GHz dual-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz; Retina display; 8GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory; 256GB SSD storage; Intel UHD Graphics 617. I wonder if someone around here has it - or something similar - and can ask me about how is the performance on Ultra Graphics. I currently have a Macbook Air 2012 where I need to be almost all the time on Low Graphics. Before anyone suggest I get a PC, I may say that I also have an Acer Nitro Gamer, where I use SL on Ultra Graphics all the time. The fact is that I tried and found out I prefer Macbook Air design and ergonomics, and I would love having Ultra Graphics experience on it. Thank you in advance.
  24. Hey all, looking to come back after a few years away. Just wondering if this laptop would run sl. Dont mind low graphics.
  25. As I see it, Second Life has three big bugs that keep the big virtual world from performing well. Level of detail. Second Life often chokes on complex user content. Some of this is because content creators are uploading models with far too many polygons. Some of this is because the upload pipeline for mesh optimization is way behind the state of the art. And some of it is because viewer level of detail handling needs to be smarter. Region crossings. Movement is cramped in SL because region crossings don't work as well as they should. I've discussed this extensively elsewhere. Inadequate sim-side concurrency. Sims start to choke around 15-20 avatars. That's far too low. The sim code seems to be mostly single-threaded, and can be easily overloaded. Parts of SL thus feel like being stuck in a traffic jam. Modern MMO games do not feel like this. This is a major turnoff for new users. This is a technical debt problem. The design decisions that brought us here were reasonable in 1999, but are obsolete today. This is a problem that can be solved within the existing SL architecture. Not easily. But it's not impossible. Fixing SL is probably easier than fixing Sansar. Sansar lacks important functionality that is yet to be written. It also lacks users and a use case. SL has about the right functionality; it's just the performance that's bad.
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