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  1. You are very wise but I don't think so :) Recall that linked messages are addressed to one or more children and are heard by all scripts in that child. A good scripter targets linked messages to only the child that needs it. My point is that problems related to linked message pathology are not always related to number of child prims and a well scripted vehicle is not compromised simply by having many child prims. I have always said that I can crash any vehicle any where, any time, any place. The point is that region crossings have been historically unpredictable regardless of what coun
  2. RE: Pier Vehicles My Mountain Bike V1.0 - Bicycle works better on the pier today (4/30/2020). The last time I tried it, I could not get past any bollard. Today I only seem to have trouble at pier junctions as Abnor described above. I have put out a rezzer for the Culprit DQN Holo bike here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Memison/185/54/23 This vehicle can get thru the pier junctions if you hit them just right. Also it has a flight mode which levitates the bike a meter or two above the surface rendering the bollards ineffective. Touch the bike to get access to a ton of config
  3. If you own a parcel you can set the music stream by typing in the URL of the stream on the Sound tab of the Land Tool. Or you can install something that might be called a "radio" to switch the music stream for you. Follow the instructions of the radio creator (read the notecard). At some point during the installation, you will have to do a "deed to group". This means you rez the radio on your parcel, edit it and click the Share and Deed to Group checkboxes. Then the radio will be able to switch the streams. Note: This does NOT work on a Linden Home parcel. Good luck. It is possible that I
  4. You can sail the Chalet Home regions to Satori if you start in Diving Belle and go east... just follow the river and use the minimap. Here is a map we will use for an upcoming Leeward cruise.
  5. After sailing/motorboating/driving a bit around the Stilt Home Regions, I made some notes for the next time I build a virtual world containing piers and posts. 1. Removable Posts - Allow an owner to decide if a corner post should be there. All these posts in the water are not that attractive nor do they always facilitate navigation. If someone has an orb then, ok, let them mark their territory. But if they really don't care if some one crosses their corner.... let them make the post disappear. 2. Vehicles on Piers - The piers are constructed to block vehicle traffic. Ok... the piers
  6. Given the number of PG&E power cuts across northern California, it would appear that various LL assets are offline. Go here http://critweb-outage.pgealerts.com/?WT.mc_id=Vanity_pge-outages for an interactive map. The LL engineers are trying to piece together a working but degraded grid. Surely they have assets in areas other than California, but as SF is the world HQ, some must still be around there. Note that the grid is supported my many types of servers, all providing a specific function. Is why some things sort of work and others don't.
  7. Headline Apollo at the Beckridge Gallery, Bellesseria http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beckridge/198/137/25 July 15 through July 28, 2019 The Apollo 11 Moon Mission as Reported by the Fort Worth Star Telegram A Pop Up Exhibit by diamond Marchant Headline Apollo offers an alternative perspective on the Apollo 11 moon mission by presenting what the readers of a north Texas newspaper saw over this 10 day period in July, 1969. Local newspapers covered this historic event with great detail and emphasis, but also reported on other issues of the day, such as Vietnam, Chappaq
  8. SL16B is a 100% Linden Labs operation. There are 3 moles that are doing what we used to call the "Exhibitor Assistant" or "Sim Coordinator" job. If you are an exhibitor and need to get your parcel or change your settings or get an inspection, you must contact one of these moles via IM. The moles are Mischievious Mole, Squeaky Mole, and Alotta Mole.
  9. In the sailing community we call this "the weather". In spite of many Lindens attempts to address failures while crossing a region border in a vehicle, it remains a problem. Experienced sailors do things like 1) reducing scripts, 2) reducing draw distance, 3) maintaining a solid and fast internet connection, 4) avoiding sims with lots of avatars, and 5) avoiding 4-corners. In general, things tend to work better after region restarts. I really wish Linden Labs would fix this once and for all. Personally, I have never observed that the viewer makes any difference.
  10. As Bellesseria has roads that go about everywhere, it is now possible to travel about by riding land/sea/air vehicles. Many enjoy the sense of geographical presence that this gives. To inform others that you are supporting "Just Ride", please display the "Just Ride" flag. You can get one at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beckridge/199/138/25 - just buy for L$0. Your flag can also be bought/copied. If you have built your Linden Home as a destination for others to visit, this is a great thing to support. When you display the "Just Ride" flag, it means that the public can rez vehicle
  11. Who even needs roads or navigation huds? The moles have provided us with 25 sims of mountain biking, at least for a while. They may eventually put homes out there. But until they do, enjoy the free-to-go-where-ever experience. The passes between the ridges are particularly fun. Eight Linden rez zones for you plus a mountain bike rezzer at the Beckridge Gallery http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beckridge/201/138/25
  12. I have added a new "Learning Loop Bike Tour" at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beckridge/198/137/25 The intent is to have a small loop where people can learn about riding the bike and using the navigation HUD. It should take 10 minutes or less to complete the loop.
  13. I would estimate that it goes thru at least 60 sims and is around 15 km. I ride the AF2300 in 4th gear and have done it twice in less than an hour. The midsection has some long runs that go quickly. You certainly could do it in sections if you can find a place to rez a vehicle or ride a wearable vehicle. The nav hud is separate from your vehicle, so you can use any vehicle you like or even walk. The hud just sets a beacon at the next waypoint and tells you which way to turn (left, right, or exit traffic circle). In the future I will do some shorter tours that start at different places. Enjoy t
  14. Bellesseria appears to be made for cycling. The moles did a fantastic job creating an extensive network of roads along with diverse terrain and landscaping. Plus there is ample open space if you just like to ride free form. To get things started, I have created a bike tour that circles the existing connected land (as of May 20, 2019). The "Bellesseria Big Loop Bike Tour" chart shows where it goes but you really need a nav HUD, so I have provided one. Everything you need is at the Beckridge Gallery http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beckridge/201/138/25 , including a guest bicycle. Have Fun!
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