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About Me

  1. Hello, I have been having this problem for 4 days , I created a ticket but no answer. My avatar is a cloud when I log . I freeze and crash strightaway, tried the test female and forced rebake, doesn't work. Anyway, it's like 10 secs befre I crash so I have to be really quick. I tried other alts and I have no issues, it seems to be with my main avatar. Please help . Thank you.
  2. Hello I been having this problem for few months since i got my new laptop. The problem is that every time am in a populated place like a club, event.. etc with more then 15-20 avatars my viewer crash. I try different viewers and settings but the same happen. If any know any way to fix this pls this is my computer info in firestorm Firestorm 5.0.1 (52150) Dec 10 2016 12:21:33 (Firestorm-Release) with Havok support Release Notes You are at 215.5, 234.8, 3,001.1 in Atlantis City located at sim10499.agni.lindenlab.com ( SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/seco
  3. Hi, so has anyone else had the issue of their firestorm viewer randomly freezing for a second and then closing itself out? It is becoming really common and sometimes it happens minutes apart some sometimes it wont do it for an hour or so but it does always happen. I never get a crash message or anything it simply just poofs and closes itself. This is the only program on my computer that does this, I have already tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling firestorm. Has this happened to you? How did you fix it? Any knowledge or tips would be appreciated.
  4. i use firestorm viewer 64. when i teleport (or fly, or work) to a certain parcel, grund level, i crash. at the same sim, other spots on the ground are ok. that parcel, tho, where is the forced tp route of a rp sim, makes my viewer crash no matter if i move or not, if it is crowded or empty, or if my internet rocks or pants. i crash no matter. anyone has a clue? thank you.
  5. Hallo zusammen Seit 2 Tagen stürzt mein SL ab, sobald ich versuche zu teleportieren. Dies passiert mit versch. Viewern mit versch. Versionen immer gleich. Klicke ich auf eine Teleport (egal ob aus LM, gesendeter TP oder Favoritenleiste...) dann dauert es erst etwa 30 Sekunden in denen die Fortschritssanzeige nur extrem langsam weitergeht, bis sie dann stehenbleibt und der Viewer mich aus SL wirft (crasht). Egal von welchem Standort aus ich dies versuche ist es immer dasselbe Problem. Das selbe Problem gab es vor etwa 3 Monaten schonmal, da war es ein Bug von SL. Kennt jemand zur
  6. This week I'm crashing during TPs again, usually two or three times a session. Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. I don't know why.. sim restart after 300 seconds later, but I was AFK so I was crashed after I relog, I realize I lost all hud function(only the items I wore before crash) hud didn't work, mesh item(for example maitreya body, hair) didn't reply from new hud https://gyazo.com/011a5954cdf44d53f6919d744d846ca1 like this! other items that I didn't wear works so well.. I tried change place, reattach, refresh item, clear cache, reinstall firestorm viewer, logon secondlife viewer, rez that item and take again but nothing helped of course I can redeliver almost
  8. REcetnly my Firestorm has been crashing more and more frequently. Last days more than once every fifth minute. This forced me to make a totall uninstall - cleaned everyting - and install the new Firestorm Beta. But this behaves exactly the same. I have Windows 10 Home edition. I have set all graphics to low, my cache to max, it still crashes badly. I cant no longer do anything in SL. Does anyone have an idea what is happening? I am now practiacally unable to run SL and it is very sad. The crashes are weired. Parts of SL is first stopping. I notice it is about to chrash when I cannot open
  9. This happened a couple of days ago. I was basically going through my closet, and both refining and dumping certain outfits. I'd noticed previously that this particular woollen jumper had developed an "oily sheen", as if it had been dipped in an oil bath, but I'd thought no more about it. It's red, but was reflecting shiny black. So I eventually got to this outfit as part of my clearout, and found that I could no longer change outfits or remove this one. I tried to relog and Firestorm froze, as its been doing with the tp issue (which seems to be resolved now Hurrah!). So I tried
  10. Since I updated Second Life viewer to the latest Second_Life_6_1_0_524670_x86_64_Setup, it has crashed allot like what you see in the picture below
  11. Both SL Viewer and firestorm log me out after 2 mins my laptop is an alienware and more than capable of running SL and has done for a year graphics have not changed and update was done a few days ago and been perfect since any help is appreciated
  12. hello there there are so many issue on open water in sl i am a sailer for many many years but i never ever have seen this before since two weeks we are having a lot of issues sailing around in sl no matter what we do we lose our boats over and over again with each sim cross we get kicked of our boats.. we tried everything from small boats to big ones with even a standard old school avatar.. just skin with nothing else attached or worn i am not sure what lindenlab is doing but this is getting very annoying whats going on ? and when is this going to fixed ?
  13. hi.. for the last 3 days we r experiencing a weird problem on our rented island. we asked for the landlord but she didnt reply. she s offline most of the time. so i wanted to ask here. have you ever experienced such a thing? sim is crashing once in every 20 minutes. it s like there s a timer which restarts the sim. she said she restarted the sim but it didnt work. if we hadnt paid for 2 weeks rent 3 days ago, i wouldnt bother. but now i m very curious. what may be the reason for this? have u ever experienced such a thing?
  14. Hi I am on a MacBook Pro but also a MacBook Air (High Sierra) with the latest SL-viewer downloaded from http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/. My entire computer crashes (black screen and automatic reboot) on both computers repeatedly. I have tried a couple of destinations InWorld but always the same thing happens. Any ideas on what is going on and how this can be resolved? Best wishes Karen
  15. Not even going to attempt to fill out a JIRA report - the last request for support over DoF Issues remains unanswered (a month now - unacceptable), but I'm wondering if the following is happening to others, or whether it's (typically) only happening to me: Crashed roughly an hour ago (just another day at the office taking photos on ultra) but when I logged back in, all my chat logs were gone and Firestorm is not restoring them. Never happened before today. Reinstalled FS - waste of time - chat logs are still not being restored. Originally followed FS's own advice by saving them to Do
  16. I am having a weird issue with my SL, i am from latin america and theres a problem i can't solve. My account doesn't stop crashing or disconnecting every 10 mins from SL with no reason at all.... what's happening? help me! I'm not having a internet problem, my internet works fine... the problem comes from SL and i have no idea of what's going on...
  17. I am having a weird issue with my SL, i am from latin america and theres a problem i can't solve. My account doesn't stop crashing or disconnecting every 10 mins from SL with no reason at all.... what's happening? help me! I'm not having a internet problem, my internet works fine... the problem comes from SL and i have no idea of what's going on...
  18. Hello, I need your help. I just created an account and deleted the official viewer for Linux. I log in (login) and up there all right, but in the loading screen the dice connect the region and it closes. I leave a fragment of what is read in the console: 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFORMATION: print: *************** SURNAME OF CALL END OF LL *************** 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: handleViewerCrash: lock marker file created /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/SecondLife.error_marker 2017-12-08T02: 56: 55Z INFO: writeDebugInfo: opening debug file /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/dump-76e39617-a589-
  19. Howdy, Has anyone ever encountered an issue where when there's around more than 40 avatars in the parcel the viewer software just crashes with no error message? The more avatars there are, the faster it crashes. This computer doesn't lag but regardless changing graphics settings doesn't help with this issue at all. I have also tried with different avatars. On my not so awesome laptops, it does not crash, but I just bought a really good gaming laptop and it crashes all the time. Second Life support doesn't seem to know much about technical stuff, so I am a bit bummed that I spent
  20. These issues started about two months ago or so. Everything works fine upon logging into to second life, but after staying on for about half an hour or so i am unable to teleport to any places whatsoever, i can't make changes or recieve items to my inventory, i can't recreate the bridge either. If i try and teleport it will freeze on the teleport loading screen and eventually log me off the viewer. Things i've tried so far: Tried multiple viewers Tried both 64 and 32 version of firestorm Tried opening ports in my firewall, also completely turning off the firewall, di
  21. I've logged on a couple of times since maintenance finished and been booted both times after about 5 mins the sim freezes and logs me out. Once from ZOHA islands and once from Inspire Park. Wassup with that?
  22. I'm running a brand new iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) running macOS Sierra 10.12.6, with a 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, and a Radeon Pro 575 4GB. The software usually crashes in crowded areas. Very annoying. Here's the crash log info: SLPlugin_2017-09-16-154626_imac-2.crash Process: SLPlugin [16132] Path: /Applications/Second Life Viewer.app/Contents/Resources/SLPlugin.app/Contents/MacOS/SLPlugin Identifier: SLPlugin Version: ??? Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process:
  23. Firestorm always crashes when typing characters with tilde (for example: á, é) in chat. I'm using a linux distribution (Arch Linux) with the following characteristics: Kernel: Linux 4.12.4-1-ARCH x86_64 GNU / Linux. Video: 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF117M (rev a1) [GeForce 610M / 710M / 810M / 820M / GT 620M / 625M / 630M / 720M] Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. GeForce 820M Kernel driver in use: nvidia And this is the error message in the terminal: "The program 'do-not-directly-run-firestorm-bin' received an X Window System error. This probably reflects a bug in the program. Th
  24. Hello. So i've been having a certain issue lately (rather my friend has). I downloaded SL, played for a few days, and i suggested to a friend to join me. The thing is, everytime he logged in, he'd crash a few minutes later (see picture). I did my part of research and some others seemed to have this issue aswell... So we tried reinstalling the game, and make him log in to another location, but neither worked. As for the internet connecting, he's able to browse and play quite graphic-demanding games, that require internet connecting, so i doubt its either graphics or connection problem.
  25. Hello Guys, I have a Macbook Pro laptop and I have been taking photos in ultra until a couple days ago where my laptop starting crashing everytime i take a photo in ultra. I have no idea what is happening or how to resolve it. Please help thank you!.
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