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  1. Rider, it's 1.5 years later. Can you confirm or disconfirm this, please?
  2. Matty, can you show me an "acceptable" region on Mainland? I've looked many times. The land looks like a mix of SL 2006 and Teengrid. Are there any "worth living" areas? I'm curious. IM me inworld, I'd really like to see.
  3. I doubt that you can see "land for sale" at this zoom level. Still, many locations seem to be less crowded month by months.
  4. Ok, in other words: People migrate from private estates to Lindenhomes in a large number?
  5. Lindenhomes? Popular? Competing with the quality level of Fruitland? Are you serious?
  6. Hello communmity, I joined SL in 2005, left 2010 and came back 2016. The past 18 months it feels like people "emigrate" / flee from SL. Locations that used to be very popular and always crowded are simply empty. I wasn't sure if this is just my my subjective view, but today I saw the map of Eden/Fruitland/Northsea (to me, one of the most attractive places in SL) and I was shocked - by not only the amout of empty parcels, but the speed how fast people obviously have left. Is this a "regional" problem or does it represent the (drastically decreasing) number of active accounts? best regards, Martin.
  7. Most of us are member of 42 groups now. What happens at the day the change to 35 applies? Will 7 groups just randomly disappear? Or will we stay in 42 groups and and if we leave one we just can't add a new group until it's 35?
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