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  1. Thank you, I think that's it!! I did some serious testing today and found out that the middle graphics setting got me a better frame rate than the lowest setting. I think that's why catznip seemed to work better initially. And thats not all - Today I extensively tested Firestorm and Catznip viewer at 4 locations. Both graphic settings were identical (set to mid) and the network settings were identical too. In each case I gave it several minutes to settle down so everything could load after teleporting to that location. 1. Inside a small box 2000m in the air: Firestorm: 80 fps, Catznip 100fps 2. On the ground, looking at these waves hitting my beach: Firestorm: 44 fps, Catznip 15fps 3. At a public store (Truth Hair), with 3 people in my field of vision: Firestorm: 28 fps, Catznip 28fps 4. At a club (Fogbound) looking at the dance floor, at least 20 people: Firestorm: 15 fps, Catznip 15fps Overall there was no real difference except for the beach at my house. That result was so bizarre I tested it twice, and still same results.
  2. I guess that's my only real option, but I wonder how many times do I need to upgrade? I wonder if Sansar will be better. I do have to point out that your 120 FPS doesn't really exist. At least I've been told by people that the highest SL supports is 45, so anything above that is superfluous. I did try Catznip viewer and here's the weird thing - it did noticeably improve my FR at the clubs. However, back at my house, it was slightly worse then Firestorm! However on balance, it performs better. Only problem is I'm used to running Firestorm with the Old Phoenix interface and Catznip confuses the hell out of me...
  3. Yes, I've turned off advanced lighting. As I said, when I'm at clubs I turn down to the absolute lowest setting, and it's still laggy. Using a different viewer is a new suggestion - I'll try that.
  4. Trust me, I don't need any tips on tweaking my settings or selecting my graphics card. I have tried EVERYTHING. And even though my graphics card is from 2015, that doesn't tell the whole story - SL ran better for me back in 2009, and I was obviously using a much more low powered machine back then.
  5. Second life didn't used to be as laggy as it is today, and I don't think I'm imagining it, because my friends all say the same thing. I've been on almost 10 years now, since 2009. I didn't pay attention to my frame rate in the past, but in the past we could go to clubs, even crowded clubs as a group. It was a little laggy, but we could dance, and see each other dancing. Now it's impossible to enjoy except at the most empty places. For example, as I type this, I'm in the Fogbound club (a popular place every night). Even with my graphics preferences on the absolute lowest settings, I'm getting a FR of only 2 (TWO!!!) if my camera is in the direction of the dance floor. So in other words, if I actually want to look at people, all I can see are some glimpses of movement, and mesh body parts floating around the room. Even typing in IM is laggy. If the camera is on myself only, no other people, then the FR goes up to 11. If I stare at the brick wall only, then it goes up to 50. What gives? Just for reference, I'm using a laptop with an i7 processor, 16 gb ram, Windows 10, and an Nvidia graphics card (GeForce 940M), and have a very fast internet connection. I know that's not the absolute top of the line graphics card, but my machine is well above average. And I used much more modest computers years ago, some had no dedicated graphics card at all, yet SL ran more smoothly back then. Hell, I remember years ago using a very basic laptop on a library wifi connection and going to clubs or other public areas without much problem. I've heard some people speculate mesh is causing this problem. But mesh is less prim heavy, so it seems the opposite would be true. But if it is, then was introducing mesh bodies really worth it? Is there some other reason this is happening?
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