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Found 104 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am back to Second life after 2 years of inactivity but now i feel lonely inworld.I wish to meet someone special in SL😊. IM inworld if you wish to be connected with me.
  2. I'm just curious - what have you come across inworld that you have found interesting, funny even? Anything really, including avatars. Mine so far: 1. I often see this fox av who would probably qualify as a griefer and is often at this public sandbox dressed as a bride with a complexity level over 400k. This fox bride hangs around asking everyone for their hand in marriage, and sometimes asks them to buy her a new L$1500 wedding dress. Creepy. 2. I see this dog av who busks at shopping events a lot - kinda small and kinda cute, and... 3. One time I walked over a rug that greeted me with "hey beautiful" and it turned out to be an actual avatar who planted himself on the floor of a store, greeting ladies as they pass by. Also creepy. How about you?
  3. I have some odd items in my inventory that just reproduce when I try to delete them. They go by the innocuous names of New Shirt and New Pants. Do I just rez a second inventory where I can transfer my good stuff or something else? I would like to keep my good items and discard those inventory disasters. And it may take a while, but I'm okay with that to get rid of those rascals..
  4. So I'd like to ask a question, have anyone tried dating on second life before? What was your experience? good/bad/other? I'm personally trying casual dating to see who i'm compatible with and who i have the most chemistry with. So I'd like to know if you're dating anyone what has your overall experiences been like? What is an ideal thing to do/or place to go regarding dating on second life? Did it turn in dating in real life? or a full fledged relationship? Thank you for your contribution.
  5. SL once again comes to the grotesque in its venality and double standards. My free product with the #Nintendo tag was temporarily removed from sale, its ok now, I simply removed that tag. I became interested and I decided to check whether this innovation was applied to everyone. it turned out that paid products with this tag remained on sale. you can check. I laugh at you, nation of merchants!
  6. Un saluto a tutti i giocatori di Second Life. 😊 Vorrei segnalare a tutti gli appassionati di volo che è attivo un gruppo denominato per l'appunto "Volare Second Life Italia" che ha come scopo quello di unire tutti gli appassionati di aerei, elicotteri e dirigibili. Per chi non conoscesse questo tipo di attività vi dico che sulla grid sono disponibili tantissimi aeroporti di differenti ampiezze che possono ospitare velivoli di piccola e media grandezza ma alcuni anche di grandi dimensioni (tipo 737/757) nonché numerose piattaforme per elicotteri ed alcune per dirigibili. Numerose sono anche le rotte ed i cosiddetti "waypoints". Ovviamente l'esperienza di volo è decisamente lontana da quella offerta dai simulatori di volo ma può comunque offrire una opportunità di divertimento ed un diversivo. Ho voluto specificare questo particolare affinché nessuno si illuda di giocare nelle condizioni di Flight Simulator 😃. Purtroppo le ben note condizioni inworld ed il lag possono "sporcare" questo piacere ma resta comunque una alternativa da tenere in considerazione. E' possibile volare su velivoli molto basici ed elementari così come su modelli ben equipaggiati che richiedono attenzione verso alcuni dettagli creando una sorta di moderato realismo. Per chiunque volesse provare l'esperienza di volo come passeggero/a sono disponibili numerose compagnie aeree e piloti singoli disposti ad ospitare a bordo i passeggeri. All'interno dei gruppi di Second Life c'è "Passengers of SL" dal quale, nella chat di gruppo, vengono diramati inviti a partecipare ad alcuni voli già predisposti. Come linee aeree italiane è possibile cercare la "Aquila Airlines" ed la "Klaber Air" alle quali è possibile fare riferimento, per la prima a me mentre per la seconda a Mara Klaber che è inoltre la leader della PAF (Pattuglia Acrobatica Francese). Visitando il sito: Aquila Airlines / Klaber air site è possibile avere una panoramica sugli aerei utilizzati ed attività di volo, nonché prenotare online una esperienza gratuita come passeggero/a. E altresì presente, su YouTube, un videoclip di 3min e 15" che può completare l'idea, alzate in volume e buona visione: 😜 In conclusione: chiunque volesse cimentarsi in questa differente attività su Second Life ha la possibilità di chiedere maggiori informazioni direttamente in questo post (in questo modo potrà essere di aiuto anche per ulteriori utenti interessati, anzi sarò ben lieto di dare più indicazioni) oppure contattando direttamente inworld: Robert67 Soulstar (io), Mara Klaber, Roberta889 Aquila, BossolinaMar Resident. Grazie per l'attenzione prestatami e buona SL a tutti.
  7. Hi everyone. I was browsing the marketplace for Kid avis and I've seen a few already, which are mainly TD Baby and Kid, as well as an Avi called Bebe. So, I was wondering if anybody kniew if Bebe was better than TD or about the same because, I saw that Bebe has a 5-10 body while TD had a 3-6 body with the normal baby one. I also noticed that Bebe was more expensive than TD I think and was wondering if it was worth buying or if I should just buy the TD Kid body and try to make it taller-ish or stay the same height. I've also noticed that TD has more clothes of course and I'm curious about if Bebe has a wide variety of clothing as well.
  8. Hello I would love to ask , if there is official discord channel. I´ve seen sansar does have one and its really helpfully , in case Im missing it I would love to know it. Thank you!
  9. Hi, people of Second Life, I'm looking for some second life content for the Second Life part of my site (www.thetorchentertainmentguide.com). I would love for you to answer the question "What is your crazy Second Life relationship story?" Here are the rules: 1) No drama in the forum thread below 2) No SL Usernames AKA no naming and shaming 3) I do want to publish the best stories onto my site and you will be credited for it. Nothing will be changed other than, of course, grammatical, spelling errors and any names put forward by you to protect the person or persons involved. 4) Second Life Relationships only please, length of time you were in the relationship doesn't matter I.e. From a week to a month or a year etc. 5) Humourous stories only the crazier the better. This should be fun to share your experiences with others. 6) Please, no mean-spiritedness. This should be all in good fun. This is not meant to be a platform for you bash your ex. 7) Give some advice at the end of it, maybe something you wish you would have known before the relationship and what you learnt afterwards. 8) If you would like to be totally Anonymous you can do so, message me in the Forum inbox as well! The Best four crazy relationship stories will be published over the month on The Torch Entertainment Guide. Got any questions? Email me at kenniem@thetorchentertainmentguide.com Thank you.
  10. Blender Precision difficulties emulating a Prim Slice with a mesh object. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227312 What just happened? I contacted the Blender Mesh Development group on SL who could not provide and answer to me currently only stating this was not a blender precision problem. I created a mesh tube 0.09194 long. I was told that if I created another object as far out as the length of the item I created it would move the axis as a splice does in second life with a prim. I had some difficulties in blender getting a box selection of dimensions which I felt was a the most basic requirement in Blender. However I could get this in object mode . I duplicated object so i could get one in object mode without the tiny item at the long end. The measurement .09194 on the z axis. as shown below: 1) I created another mall object precisely at .018388 giving my bounding box as this length this can be seen in image below 2) I imported this mesh via collada dae file into SL and rezzed it in world. I duplicated it so i had two next to each other ** 3,)And then increased Z on one of them to 50m Both ends of the item grew What were you doing when it happened? I was enlarging a Mesh item imported into SL expecting it to behave like a sliced prim cut halfway through . I was told by increasing bounding box this would emulate a spliced prim halfway through. What were you expecting to happen instead? I was expecting the end as shown in following picture marked by the green arrow to remain in position. instead it extends on both ends . This would appear to be an error of precision but my figures have been checked . Can some one explain why in mesh you cannot replicate a spliced prim? Other information I am hopeful for some intelligent replies not conjecture or opinion. It should be noted that it is very easy to slice a prim in half to do this with accurate precision result. How is it then that the mesh produced from Blender cannot match the resolutions of prim in SL? *UPDATE THREAD LOCKED As normal Jira has closed this without a referral to LindenLabs. I have to wonder what they actually do as none of my issues have ever been resolved by them. Its just typical of this service close the issue and hope you go away. I have already explained that the Blender Development Group was unable to resolve this why then has Kyle Linen done his useful dutiful obligation nothing ! Is it a wonder people are now spamming this group as it appears they are not willing to provide any reasonable required response. Kyle Linden can see from my objects that they are identical in size to those in blender thus this must be something that Second Life is doing different to mesh objects as oppose to prims . I reported this as a bug as it is a bug that you will not mend .Why is that exactly? As you have done nothing in seven days tin law this stands as a legal position without answer. Thank you for reading this Denise. Note above: Can anyone help please as Jira seems to do nothing but record information now .
  11. Any chance at fixing shadows? shadows can make the scene look nicer but in second life shadows feel broken in the engine with ultra preset under 10 fps turn shadows off over 40 fps computer https://valid.x86.fr/9v0vjw
  12. SL16B: SECOND LIFE 16TH BIRTHDAY Second Life's 16th birthday celebration is coming up! The dates of this year’s celebration will be June 20th, 2019 through - July 8th, 2019. SL16B Applications for volunteers, performers and exhibitors will be opening soon - so stay tuned to our blog for more updates as these applications become available. SL16B Shopping Event We’re bringing back our multi-region inworld shopping event, complete with gifts and great deals from many Merchants from all over the Grid. If. The cut-off for submissions will be June 1st, 2019, so be sure to apply sooner rather than later. The shopping event will take place for the duration of the celebrations - June 20th, 2019 through - July 8th, 2019 SL16B Music Faire The 1950s were an exciting time for music - and we have such an incredible live music community in Second Life, we’re going to carry on the spirit of Music Fest with a new event called Music Faire - and will be announcing application for the audition showcase and more very soon. Second Life 16th Birthday Music Faire Audition Sign up SL16B Gifts and Parties There really ain’t no party like a Second Life party - and there will be some parties within the party that you won’t want to miss. Come As You Were Party (dust off those oldbies and round up those Ruths) and a modern twist on the dance party are just a few of the opportunities you’ll have to come out and shake your virtual tail feathers. There will be costume prizes - so start planning those looks. Dates will be announced as we get closer to the celebration. More info: https://gamingaddiction.club/-Second-Life-16th-Birthday-Celebrations-Confirmed
  13. Hola a todos. Es la primera vez que escribo aquí que no se si realmente es el lugar donde debería hacer esta pregunta. Sepan disculpar si no es así. Mi consulta es la siguiente . Acabo de armar mi pc pero no estoy muy segura si va a correr bien SL. El Procesador es un i3 8100 3,6 GHz con gráficos integrados (Intel uhd 630 v2) 8 Ram 1T disco rigido 240 ssd No tengo la tarjeta gráfica porque bueno, ya no me alcanza el presupuesto de momento. Agradecería si alguien puede darme una mano con esta duda. Muchas gracias. Nuvya
  14. I have a recently growing confussion regarding Second Life's meanings when it comes to Advertisement and Branding and hopefully an official source could put light onto the subject. Recently there has been plently of mentions regarding advertisement and commercial activities on Linden Lab official things like Linden Home Covenants and SL16B Guidelines. What I understand on these is that branding is being seen as commercial advertisement, but is not exactly clear. For example: Recent changes to Linden Homes covenant as described by Patch linden: "As a note of clarification and to call out a specific use case example: If a content creator is using a Linden Home as a display model to feature content they’ve created specifically for a Linden Home, this by itself is ok. What you may not do is put up signage on the parcel that advertises it, your store, brand, redirect people away from the home for purchases, etc. You can not sell items off your parcel. What you can do is direct people to your Linden Home as a demonstrator of your creations from elsewhere (your main store or marketplace listings). Also, the little cafe/pub type places that have popped up are really awesome and fun, but should also follow the same sorts of guidelines." SL16B Exhibitor Policies: " Your display at the event should not be commercial. Exhibits promoting buying and selling of goods and services do not fit in with our policies and theme. Any part of an exhibit that violates this rule will be removed. While commerce is a very important part of SL, this is a party, not a mall or sales fair. No selling is allowed and no advertising will be permitted. " What does the word brand means for Linden Lab and what exactly falls under advertisement? It is extremely common in Second Life for users to advertise a variety of things in many ways. The most clear way of advertising would be using logos with messages that would direct others to either visit a location, a website, open a group, etc, often of stores or content creators, but the problem starts when they also advertise groups that are not exactly identified as stores or paid services. They can be advertising groups of people with something in common, or a society with same interests, or even a legitimate non-profit organization. Eeven these cases that are not stores by the mean of the word, they do also have a brand, often a logo that identifies these groups, societies and non-profits, and those logos or brands are also widely used by Second Life users on all kinds of situations. Now, what I understand is that branding is branding no matter what the brand is for, the brand purpose or what it represents. I also understand that branding does not necesarily means advertisement. A logo could be use in a way of showing support, giving credit, or simply the logo is part of an object or texture already and there is no intention from the user to use it as a way of advertisement or brand awareness. There are numerous cases of logos (or branding) being use for other purposes that are not commercial, for example: Belliseria houseboats commonly features large yellow flags with a logo that represents a group. These homeowners clearly don't intend to commercialze the land with these, but non the less, the logos are a brand and they could be seen as advertisement depending where Linden Lab draws that line. Would be interesting to know what other people thinks about this matter, and if someone has been affected by perhaps some loopholes that may exist giving this situation.
  15. Hey there so, I've been on second life for a few years now and I still don't get it. Everyone has these awesome stories and views on the game and I am like the one person who just sits there blank like "I don't get it.." Let me explain. I want to be apart of the Second Life community but I am not sure where I belong or how to make the experience great for me. Most people came here in search of something but for me all I know is that this 3D World is pretty cool and I want to be apart of it, I want to experience all it has to offer but I am completely lost as it relates to which direction to go, what to do, what is my thing? Has anyone else ever experienced that or is it just me going through it? As a result I was just logging in, shopping on marketplace then logging off. Emptied my profile not to long ago and cleaned my inventory to take a break hoping maybe an idea comes to me. Just thought I'd share on the forum as well since I've never actually used this platform. Any tips or advice would be great.
  16. What: Hair Fair 2019 When: August 17th-September 1, 2019 How: Application If you are a hair or hair accessory designer and are interested in participating in Hair Fair 2019, please check out our blog for more details. There are specific rules and conditions, and more information can be found on the application post here. Not just another event, Hair Fair is an amazing expo of Second Life hair designers and their best work!
  17. Hello! Does anyone know where to get water texture of sl? that endless texture of water.
  18. I have seen several SL members identified as virtual storytellers. So I'm curious, is that the same as a RL storyteller, just online/inworld?
  19. Hello! So, I saw Strawberry Singh's latest New Year's blog post, from Avatar Social Networkers' Website, and was intrigued about TED . I have seriously spent ALL day watching these videos, and have just been VERY excited! Even found an old video on there about SL from Philip Rosedale, from 2008! I've been trying to share some of my favorite videos with others (like friends and groups)... but they're just not too receptive. ...Is this because TED is old news? In the age of "sacrificing TV to pay for the internet" (which is what I'm finding happening a lot these days... or ROKU, Firestick, Netflix, or whatever-have-you)... I'm actually very glad I stumbled upon something like this, and am surprised a lot of others aren't nearly as excited. Where are all the like-minds that would like to talk about their favorite videos, or videos that should be made, etc., etc.? SL think tank! I think that would be great! Especially for a world of creative ppl! What say you? 😁
  20. Hello! I'm looking to buy a private full sim, if you have available one for transfer contact me by mail... of 20 or 30k prims. I listen to offers! Communicate by email, with the dates, price and level of request. Thank you. Email: mysecondlife03@gmail.com
  21. I wonder if anyone can help. Does anyone know of any fashion designers in Second Life that are from the UK, My SL partner is an SL Model and needs a designer from the UK. If anyone has any ideas that would be awesome. Thanks in Advance
  22. Hello there Second Lifers First I want to say sorry because what you gonna read might be gramatically so screwed up. As long you understand it's okay, I hope... I'm a new player, started to play a week ago. Before anything you should read my profile, specifically the "Thought" part. I'm doing this post because somebody in-game suggested me. As the title say I'm offering as a dancer in any kind of club/bar. My schedules are very flexible, however I'm a person that tend to be much AFK. Not really looking for a fix "salary" nor anything like that. (not sure how's named here). Here are some screenshoots, so you can see what you might be missing out. That's all, for now. Have a great day. LatteCaffe.
  23. www.secondbeat.org Welcome to Second Beat! Second Beat was originated in April of 2018. Second Beat is created, published and hosted by Apollonia Belavidorico, who is known as Apollo. Since that time over 50 feature pages highlighting events and live musicians from Second Life have been published. Additionally over 54 posts about Second Life live music venues have been published. In this online magazine you will find links to SL radio stations, other SL music blogs, real life news stories about SL music happenings and SL films as well as videos of SL music performers getting together to jam in real life. A directory has been newly added and in these few months interviews have gone from text only to live recorded video. All live recorded video interviews are listed in the directory in white text. Changes are happening all the time and skills by yours truly are improving with each project. I hope you enjoy this news source for live music in Second Life, I know I have enjoyed this project immensely and consequently I recommend a hobby to everyone. It has been enriching, informational and satisfying to get to know our beloved music performers on a deeper level. I hope you will tell your friends about Second Beat and continue to join me on this journey of discovery. Current live recorded video interview guest stars: Option Y, Ladi Java Devine Xue, Aaron Cabott Jones, Shannon Oherlihy (aka Shannon Macmahon) and LoneWolf55 Genesis. Please consider joining Second Beat. Membership is free and members are able to contribute content in the forum section. If you own a venue but you don't see yours listed, you can add it! Have you recently seen and heard an outstanding musician that you want everyone to know about? Shout about it right here in the Second Beat forum. Please keep comments positive and keep the beat. Love, Apollo
  24. Just in time for Veterans' Day, please enjoy this very special interview with Second Life's very own esteemed LoneWolf5s5 Genesis. Meet the man behind the guitar and learn more about his service as a US Navy Seal during the time of the Vietnam War. Please consider becoming a member of Second Beat. Membership is free and members are able to contribute photos and comments in the forum section. There well over 50 previous feature pages including a special on SL15B featuring over 30 artists. Second Beat originated in April of 2018. https://www.secondbeat.org/ https://www.secondbeat.org/blog/lonewolf55-genesis
  25. ♥ Buenos días a todos, mi nombre es Yana. No uso mucho los foros pero debido a que me gusta conocer y siempre andar ocupada, vengo a compartirles mi servidor de Discord aquí también. En general quiero reunir a la comunidad joven, [No más de 30 ni menos de 18] en un servidor donde puedan hablan y compartir, después de todo es un lindo juego y no perdemos nada intentando. Agradecería que entraran y mantuvieran un ambiente amigable, compartieran fotos, invitaran a eventos o sims, cualquier cosa. Habrán personas que hablan inglés porque son mis amigos, pero hay channel para español y si llega la ocasión otros idiomas, sientanse libres de entrar e invitar a sus amigos ♥♥ https://discord.gg/e7Mbadq Para que se den una idea de qué estilo sigo y porqué busco más personas igual. Tengan lindo día y gracias https://www.flickr.com/photos/162710718@N03/
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