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  1. that is the whole beauty of it. the person doesnt know which is meant unless they ask. Instead they worry about it trying to figure out based upon the person in question and often get it wrong.
  2. but then it its not the same. part of the lure of pa is the local experience and having it respond to what someone is doing and others hearing or seeing it. but yes it has a sleep mode and a silent mode even has a user notification option. but a lot of other things do not have those sort of options.
  3. Its sometimes about the humiliation or the excitement for some people. just like slappers and spankers and moaners. it so other people get to know what you are doing or is being done to you by someone else. some people are exhibitionists and some people like to watch.
  4. LOL.. then you would not like my PA stuff.. Not all things can be set private. some of those kinds of things do not have a private setting or im only setting. So there is nothing they can do about it.
  5. The real issue is not about not knowing how to use mesh, that is easily learnable. The biggest issue is not knowing what to do afterwards, there is no direction or reason. A lot of people come here thinking its a game of sorts and has a direction a purpose a meaning a quest to complete and when they find out it doesn't they just leave. They need welcome people that are willing to set and talk with and show people around, help you learn more about how to tp, and places to go and things to see and do. Using mesh is not the biggest issue by far. My first time here I got stuck in a
  6. Often the audience does over do it as well. Mostly its the host/hostess that I see at times. which is why I usually dont tip them when they do. I usually end up muting whoever is in the club doing it. easier then letting them drive me away and ruining my enjoyment of the music at the moment.
  7. yep, they basically are shooting themselves in the foot doing it, but they think its the cool thing to do because so many other clubs do the same thing. So they think it is the normal or correct way to run a club. If at a club, I usually mute the host/hostess and often the dj, and just listen to the music because of it.
  8. Neh, I have to disagree that any more buttons are really needed. there is enough to cover the basics right now. If you don't like what is available then why not just post a response instead of just using an emoji instead.
  9. Don't take anything personal, don't internalize what anyone says about you or how they might reply to what you say or post. Everyone here has varied and differing opinions that might not mesh up well with each other and may lead to major disagreements. Remember sl is meant to be a fun place, so don't let someone elses problems ruin your fun while here or in world. learn to ignore what you dont like and learn to use the block feature to remove those who you have problems with from your viewing.
  10. because they think that will get you to tip them. because they think it makes you feel included and important and to hype up the music and club. its all about marketing, to get you to feel you need to or should tip them for all their effort.
  11. *snickers* you cant run and hide, you know you will be back.. everyone comes back eventually.. and some never really go away.
  12. I can agree with this one. Its really funny and yet not when you sit on a piece of furniture and suddenly you face gets all screwed up because of the animations the furniture has.
  13. Its because of how you come across at times. you act at times that you have the say in what is allowed or not here. that if you dont like it, it shouldnt be here instead of just not reading it or just ignoring it like everyone else would do. that test is not accurate and should not be taken as an absolute as to what you are. according to that test im a turbulent mediator.. had I taken that test when I was in my 20's it would have been different, and it will change in years to come too. Those tests are by no means truly accurate to what a person is. your personality can and does change ove
  14. its different for every person because there is no message but what is made up by each individual in their own imagination. you know that thing were fantasy and self lies live.. we just want to think there is a message for it makes us feel better about our truly limited existence and importance in life. that at the end of the day what we each do really doesnt matter, life will go on, the world will go on, people will continue to live the same way.
  15. I have to agree on this with you OP.. its really dumb for them to keep the prices at what they are. They are basically shooting themselves in the foot by hoping for idiots to buy their over priced lower quality items.
  16. OK.. try mine.. Its a secret though.. so cant tell you here..
  17. The universe in and of itself is dead, the only thing alive in the universe is life itself. even the planets are dead even though some people like to try and claim that the planet is alive. people like to attribute life to many things that are lifeless just to make it easier for them to accept the truth of reality. you get one life and that is it, you get one chance at living and when you die you become nothing but lifeless mindless energy. people just dont want to accept the possible chance that there is nothing else, because it makes life pointless. that every moral or ethica
  18. The universe is not alive and never was. Its dead. There is no universal force or consciousness. We are not connected by anything except the planet we live on and the air we breathe, nothing else. People like you who think there is some magical connection between everyone are a riot. Just like the flat earthers and the mandella effect believers..
  19. Bunch of typical responses from people here in the forums. Sarcasm and rudeness to anyone to ever says anything disparaging about sl or about leaving because sl is no longer what they liked.
  20. No there does not. No god or goddess or any supernatural force has any say in it at all and never really did. There is no universal power that has any control over it at all. And there is no illuminati either.. personal morals or ethics or values or views or likes or dislikes or opinions dont matter either.
  21. Trust, which can only be gained by honesty and communication and actions. Without trust no relationship or friendship will last for long.
  22. Nah, why do anything like that. its more fun when they are all the same person.
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