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  1. I thought paying for a good head was better than the Clunky freebies
  2. What’s the best and worst ending of a game you have played whether it is a gaming console or even PC game??
  3. Thats the only issue about no security on your property. You might find all kinds in the house. I am guilty of squatting I must admit
  4. I am a guy and get asked to voice. I dont voice. I have never asked any girl either
  5. A roleplay relationship sounds nice , but i am on opposite times
  6. For modern/urban human rp. You could try Crack Den
  7. I dont remember probably 10 or 11. I remember christmas eve trying to stay awake in my bed for Santa then falling asleep. For my daughter its fun to see how she believes in that magic.
  8. How old were you when you found out there was no Santa??
  9. Never been picked up but I have picked up. You are not picking up. They are allowing themselves to be picked up.
  10. I dont give out pics, voice and a lot of personal info. If someone is demanding it then they are not worth your time
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