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  1. Yes i am a male and roleplay as a female too. I like it and it is different than being a male. I do put in my female avatar’s RL bio that i am female and most times I am a lesbian but try not to get into any relationships
  2. I did this once having an alt in the same social as my main but no one knew. Never did it again as I found the group talking about me..mentioning private stuff too.
  3. Thats another great point. You are only experiencing what they want you too.
  4. I like this answering. I think some people consider it catfishing because their SL is an extension of their RL. I have never catfished anyone. Have I lied about myself... oh yes.
  5. If they are upfront thats showing honesty otherwise its guesswork
  6. I usually have given limited information about myself. Only one time I lied about my gender
  7. Depends on the situation and who i am with
  8. Have you ever been catfished in SL? With many not wanting to give out personal info I would Imagine it happens a lot
  9. I would ask him if you need to know and sometimes I have had the conversation about real life info. If you are with a male or female in SL its very nice to know the guy is a guy or girl a girl even if you never meet them in RL. You feel you can connect, share info and talk.
  10. Sounds interesting but if you have a dozen people and if the system is not a quick play system it could get bogged down a bit. A combination of dice role and roleplay perhaps. A roleplay area based upon a D&D supplement like Forgotten Realms for example would be interesting though.
  11. When I was out from work on a medical leave I used an alt to have another girlfriend on a different time zone. Now i use my alt to play around when my gf is not logged in
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