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  1. I dont give out pics, voice and a lot of personal info. If someone is demanding it then they are not worth your time
  2. Its about connecting in SL with the person I am with. I can deal with a guy who wants to play a girl or a transgirl who wants to be a biological girl in SL but not if I find six months later
  3. Honesty in SL and some honesty about your gender in real life
  4. i think being open and honest in a relationship in RL is important. Being open and honest in your SL relationship is important too. I understand why it bothers you also. A lie is a lie. She wasn't forthcoming about it before you met especially since she thought it was no big deal. Doesn't make a difference if you are telling lies about bumping pixels or stealing the last cookies to taking money from your wallet. but you need to make your own decision on whether this affects your relationship or not. I can't tell you what to do.
  5. Can I use a ****** for a ****** instead of a *****? Do you get what I am saying?
  6. A lot of luck and a pocket full of linden is nice
  7. She does and i dont mind.
  8. I got Alantori BOM Rick and if your easily confused on shapes and heads don’t buy this.
  9. Its not frowned upon, but being up front about it is important like you are doing. Some aren’t and Some guys would like a biological girl. Not fake or a trans. what does a guy know how a girl feels or should act?
  10. Looking for a girl to hang out with on the side. My sl gf’s rl schedule changed and see her occassionally on the weekends. Looking for a female friend to do stuff during week.
  11. Dont fall asleep on the beach cause me and the newbies will be there without our AO’s and a free dong that has serious color mismatch issues with our body
  12. If you are in a location known foe sex then what do you expect
  13. Yes i am a male and roleplay as a female too. I like it and it is different than being a male. I do put in my female avatar’s RL bio that i am female and most times I am a lesbian but try not to get into any relationships
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