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  1. Ok, I decided to do something else. I unplugged the internet cable from the desktop, to the laptop computer. I can now get on SL from the laptop. But if I unplug the laptop while in SL, my avatar can't move. I'm now going to do a speed test at speedtest.net. The download speed is 70.83 Mbps, and the upload is 11.90 Mbps. I will now do the speed test with the internet cable unplugged. Now the download speed is 45.12 Mbps, and the upload is 11.94 Mbps. So it can't be the internet speed. Even with Wi-Fi the speed is still good for SL. So what would stop it from going on SL with Wi-Fi, but not with an internet cable?
  2. There is something I forgot to add. I use Windows Firewall. When I search firewall, I bring up Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. On the left are inbound, and outbound rules. But other than that, I don't know what to do.
  3. Tuesday night my laptop did some updates. Now I can't get on. I can with the desktop, just not the laptop. I know it has something to do with the firewall. The region handshake comes up each time. I did get the firewall up, and put Singularity Viewer as allowed. But not sure about TCP, and UDP. I have it on the list two times. Should it be just one, or more than one. It is a Dell computer, and it is Windows 10.
  4. I got it done last night. I tried over, and over the past few days. First I had gotten an old one that was from 2,010, to 2,014. I did some more, and the IM history went blank. Then I tried a few more times, and I got it. Now I just have problems with media. When I click play media, I can't turn the media off. I can turn the radio off. Just can't turn off the media. When I turn it on, the off button won't show up. The only way I can turn off media, is to click on nearby media, and then click stop all media.
  5. My old computer is a Vista. Should I copy the items in the SL folder, and paste them in the folder that is setup in the new computer. Or should I drag the old folder in there, and delete the new folder?
  6. Ok, I have now started SL on my new computer. I already did the settings. How do I put in the IM history?
  7. Ok, I do have the folders on the new computer, and on a USB drive. I didn't know if they could be installed in the viewer, and I didn't know how to install them. This is what I have on my new computer. I downloaded Singularity on there, but not run it yet. Just had it come up. Didn't enter the name and password. C:\Users\myname\Documents\SecondLife\frankie_antonioni
  8. I know that you can transfer chat IMs to another computer. But can you install them in the viewer, so they will show up in the chat history? I got a new computer, and I would like to transfer all the old IMs to my new computer. I use the Singularity viewer. The computer is Windows 10.
  9. I went there because I had forgotten his name. But I did see the name of a sim in his picks. Now some goodnews. I was contacted today from a person that owns a sim. I was given a TP, and I went there, and then was given a group tag. I went there two hours ago, but when I tried to rezz the house, it said that you cannot create plants here. So I did a Google search, and I found my answer. Torley Linden has a sandbox where you can rezz objects that has plants with them. The sim is called Here. The auto return is set at 15 minutes. I found out something about the house. The door scripts are no transfer. There doesn't seam to be a problem if I drag the house from my inventory, to somebodies profile. Only after I rezz the house. I sent the creator a message, and asked him for a door script that is full perm.
  10. Update. Yesterday I got an IM from a guy, and he wanted to know how many prims was the house. He sent the message when I wasn't on. I messaged him, and told him. 54 prims, and it needs a lot that is 2048 sq. meters.This morning I got no reply, and I had forgotten his name. But I remembered an island sim that he owned. So I TP there. Then a Voodoo security orb sent me away home. I saw his name in my radar. So I sent him a message. He didn't reply, so I went to eat breakfest. I came back, and still no reply. I messaged him some more, and no reply. But when I messaged him one more time, I saw a message that said that he had blocked me.
  11. Its not just the building I need to set perms. Its also to set perms on the scripts. Make them no copy, and no modify. I do that with all the objects I put out. Also need to see how many prims. I knew one time, but I forgot.
  12. Does anybody have any land that I can rent for a few hours? I bought a house from somebody that has left SL. The house has Linden trees, so it won't rezz on a sandbox. The house is 20 meters, by 40 meters. So it won't rezz on the land I have. I plan to put the house in a Gacha machine that I'm making.
  13. Click on search, then click on Land Sales. There is a drop down menu. Click on that, and choose mainland. Then enter the amount you would like to spend for 512 sq. meters. Also check if you want PG, Mature, or Adult. TP to the land you want to buy, and then click on the land, or click at the top where the title is. It will have buy land. Then just click on buy.
  14. I belong to 11 spam groups. I open, and then close each spam group when I get on. I was in 7 spam groups just a few months ago. I decided to join a few more. The last four I joined, allows me to send out notices.
  15. If this is in Ondori sim, then I don't think you can sell your land. I think that sim is for Linden homes. I don't know how you would get rid of the land. You might want to email LL, and put the link to this page on there.
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