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  1. I can now read group chat. Rocko Linden told me to clear cache, and restart my viewer. After I did that, it worked. If you have the same problem, then try to do what I did. First clear cache, then loggoff from SL. Then logg back on. If that doesn't work, then file a ticket, or if you have, then update your ticket. If you are premium, then you can use live chat.
  2. Well something is wrong at LL again. I can't read group chat. I could this morning, but when I got on a few hours ago, I couldn't. I can read personal IMs. So if somebody sends me an IM, I can read that. But messages posted in groups, I can't read. Even ones that I post. This same thing happened in November. I hope it doesn't take another week.
  3. I can now read group chat. That means that LL has gotten new hamsters to run their computers, or they have gotten new tape for their mainframe computer.
  4. Another update. I can read messages in a couple of groups. But not in the rest. Perhaps later tonight, or tomorrow morning, I will be able to read messages in other groups.
  5. Still not able to read messages in group chat. I wonder what is taking LL so long? I hope it will be working tomorrow. Tomorrow will be seven days without reading group chat.
  6. One person in one of my groups, said that she couldn't read group chat for about a week. So there is no telling when it will be fixed. I still can't read group chat.
  7. I still can't read group chat. But I did look at the status page. Below is the update. ======== Investigating - We are aware of failures with message delivery in group chat which are impacting some users. We believe that we have identified the cause, however the fix is going to take a bit of time to implement. Please forgive the inconvenience as we work to address this issue. Nov 13, 12:02 PST =========================== So the fix is going to take some time.
  8. Hey BillJakes, if you are premium, you can live chat with a Linden. I talked to Rocko Linden this morning. He said that they are working on it. I'm still having the problem. Last night, I unplugged the modem for a couple of minutes. That still didn't work. The hours that you can chat with a Linden is from 9 AM ET, to 5 PM ET. Yesterday I did file a ticket. This morning it said it was still being processed.
  9. I got on this morning, and it is still the same. I still can't read group chat. Anybody else having this problem? I'm hoping that somebody at LL will reply. I did read the grid status. LL posted that last week. You would think they would have that fixed by now.
  10. So I long on at 5;30 PM ET, and I can't read group chat. I can post messages, and everybody in the group can read it, but I can't. I can read a personal IM. That is no problem. And it is not just me. Somebody I know had that happen to them two weeks ago. She couldn't read group chat for about a week. I did file a ticket. But I would hate to go for a week without reading group chat. So what is going on? This keeps happening over, and over. Is anybody else on here having the same problem? I don't mean a few days ago, or last week. But right now.
  11. LL should accept Bitcoin. Then there would be no fees. Or better yet, accept L$ as payment for premium, and tier. No fees there either.
  12. It is a website for a server that is located in SL. So I think it does have some relevance to SL.
  13. I'm trying to set up an ad server. And I want to set up a website, for the ad server to communicate to. The server will be showing a different ad every 30 seconds, and repeat every 60 minutes. I signed up at heroku. After signing up, I went to my page. The page says create a new app. I don't want to create an app, I want to build a web page. I set the language as PHP. Another thing. It says I have 512 MB of RAM. But I don't know how much bandwidth I get. I got the free version. But I don't know if that would be enough. Another place I signed up was 000webhost. They offer 10 GB of bandwidth.
  14. Well it does have something to do with SL. Since the servers are in SL. But if it doesn't belong here, then I will ask somebody else.
  15. Here is what I would do. 1. Locate the servers in the Cayman Islands, and the HQ in Bermuda. Next bring back gambling. With the servers in the Cayman Islands, and HQ in Bermuda, they don't need to obey gambling laws. May have to accept some other payment. Such as Bitcoin. 2. If the above is not possible, then shut down the Lindex. Let third parties buy, and sell the L$. They can sell it on ebay, or exchange the L$ for another online world's currency. After shutting down the Lindex, bring back gambling. Tell the government that the L$ is not worth anything. Say they are like bottle ca
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