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  1. It could be your viewer's settings, some names will change collar based upon your distance to that person and if that person is active of afk or camming around. you can change the colors of peoples names in firestorm depending upon various choices such if they are in shout distance, whisper distance if they are a friend or not if they are a linden if they have mismatched names.
  2. There once was an rlv script that allowed syncing of the user's cam to another's cam, basically letting you see what they saw, or letting them see what you saw. And not directly through rlv itself but your an object with rlv on they can actually speak for you without your consent. the IControl collar allows this, it even allows them to drive you around, walking you where ever they want with you unable to refuse them doing it. mumbler objects can even change what you speak, replacing words to turn you into a bimbo or other various effects. there are even petplay items that can control what you can or cannot say or see and even change what you say to something else. but again that's not directly through rlv itself. it often just uses rlv to prevent you from removing the object doing it. catch me in world sometimes, I might turn you in to my hips or wings and then limit what you can say or emote as them. grr.. the forum split my edited reply again..
  3. Unless the collar has the spy script and that was activated no they cannot see what you are saying in local. even with the spy script on and consented to it cannot see what you say in im or group chat. lsl and rlv cannot monitor or record group and im chat, it lives in another dimension separate from local chat. and in most cases, they cannot even see what you are doing via the cam either unless they are in the same region you are in. Now with the spy script, they can see your login, if you tp and where to and if you sit on things or someone touches your collar. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Protocol/RestrainedLoveAPI lists everything that can be done in rlv, so pretty much if it is not there it cannot be done through rlv or your collar.
  4. Well, technically there is a way to detect if certain people are afk even if they do that. Within rlv there is a restriction that can disable that ability to disable the afk setting and will basically cause a user to be set as afk after 30 minutes. So anyone with rlv on and wearing a relay or collar that has it set to auto could be forced to reveal they are afk. Any scripter could then perhaps write a script that would then use that force tp them out through their collar or relay at that point too. So all someone would need is rlv control zone like object that applies that setting to anyone with an auto-collar/relay. Meaning any sub that cannot turn of their relay in their collar because their owner doesn't allow it would be ejected for being afk. Actually, you would not need an auto typer at all. You could simply run a macro that repeats itself every so often with the sl window in focus. like using an old autoit script macro. It could either type a response and never post it, or just inch the avatar in a random direction every few minutes. Now toward the original topic, I think such a queue would be a great thing especially if it requires user interaction to keep their place or they lost it and were moved further down in the queue. I think it would be beneficial to any kind of sim and not just shopping or event sims.
  5. some will even demand the other use not use their account anymore and have to create a new account because that account is now considered dead. Or they will demand that you do not ever use the same avatar again in that sim or region or any sim or region because that avatar is now dead permanently. if you agreed to be so-called 'perma' vored/snuffed that account/username is now dead and not to be used anymore by you or you are cheating. Some even go as far as trying to demand the other user give up access to that account so they cannot login to it anymore. But I think I have derailed this thread far enough with this, so will leave it that.
  6. Smell just like a BL clone to me but without the opt-in/out options. Which I would think would make it against ToS since there is no way to prevent your username from being used by their servers without consent. Sounds like they are even skirting ToS even more by how now they do not want anyone to be told or let know what was being done. So that person won't/can't inform the land manager of the sim to have them banned and prevent them from ever coming back to a popular sim to do it again and again without peoples consent. call me paranoid but it sounds more like some sort of username gathering/harvesting system, which then could be used for several different types of nefarious or malicious activities. Including the often popular around this time of the year gift card scams. the creator of the system can harvest hundreds of users names to then send the 'steal your linden' or 'take control over your avatar' objects hoping for people to click ok on the warning or popup that might come from it.
  7. Not just the combat junkies, but the snuff/eoa/dolcett and vore players too. "I ate you, you are my belly pudge until I reform you, you can't come back to this sim or speak in this group or I will have you ejected and banned for cheating." "I perma vored/snuffed you and now you are not allowed to be here unless I say its ok." Yes, I have actually seen that said in a group chat before...
  8. I don't think there is an actual hud for that sort of need. You might have to find someone that is good at scripting and get them to make it for you, which may mean having to pay them if they don't feel like doing it just to be nice.
  9. Yes, SL numbers are much lower than they used to be and RP is very different then what it used to be years ago. Plus some people are just picky about who they are willing to rp with no matter how good the lure might be. Some groups and sims are very clicky as in if you are not an original or a long-term member of the group you will probably be ignored. which means time to find another group or sim or if you have the courage time and money, start your own. In today's sl groups unless the group specifically says ooc only in the group charter expect that some rp will happen in the group, and expect that some people will be ooc in the group even during any rp in the group. search for and join the nanite systems user group, you will see this happen often even though they do have an ooc group and a ic group for their sim and products. rp happens in the user group and sometimes even starts in the ooc group then is moved about to the user group or local or pm.
  10. Well, I used to use a necromancer in Diablo II. Just give me the time I might find one even older to revive.
  11. There are many reasons why its changed, the first and foremost is time. As time changes everything and everyone changes with it and what everyone wants or expects or has the time to put forth the energy or effort to be part of. Nothing stays the same or lasts forever, not even in SL. Either the sims and its residents adapt or they die out over time. Most cannot or will not adapt so users become bored and the sim dies out. The learning curve for SL can be very hard and very high for new players, making them become easily bored or frustrated and seek other simpler methods or more complex methods to find their entertainment and enjoyment. Some of the objects have too complex of menus for some people so they become frustrated and give up, some are too simple and not stimulating or challenging enough so they become disappointed and quit. There are only so many ways you can rp doing something or having it done to you before it becomes repetitive and dull and boring and no longer interesting and requires more effort or time and energy to try and keep it interesting then some people are willing to put forth. Once it reaches this level many people will move on in search of something different. If they cannot find it here they simply move to some other platform that fills their needs. Some people have very limited likes of what they want to rp, and once that limit has been reached they simply fade away and move to something else in the similar genre somewhere else in hopes to find new entertainment and enjoyment. Not everyone likes starting fresh over again because their old sim died either because the admin left and no longer paid the tier or because the admin was a jerk and everyone left out of frustration of how it was being run and no one else was willing to put the money up to create a new place to continue on. Many have grown up and moved on, many have become disenchanted or jaded because of how they were treated by some here. Some simply moved on to consoles and games, some moved to other rp formats like mmorpgs. Some have moved to other social media platforms for quick simple entertainment like facebook and its myriad of games. Some have had rl take away what free time they had to be here when younger and no longer have the time to be here. Some have found what they were wanting in sl in the forms of relationships or friendships and taken it to the real world so no longer need or desire to be here anymore. Some no longer need to escape from the real world because they grew up and learned to deal with rl issues and problems without the need to escape from them. So no longer need to rp in fantasy situations to escape. Some have rl families that are more important than some online virtual world full of people you cannot really trust or believe what they say because they are more than likely playing a role and don't mean it to be taken seriously. Let us not forget about public embarrassment on that some newer players might not feel they have the rp skills they think would be needed to join so don't try or only rp in pm and not in local. or the fact that some like to be more private about their rp for it's between them and the other person and not for everyone else to see or interfere in or take part of. Yet they might be in a sim and just been seen as standing around because all the rp is being either done in a group or in im's either singular or multi im. Because of the ability to use im's people have little reason to do their rp in local no matter where they are even if on a rp theme based sim. which leads to anyone coming in seeing the sim as dead or full of afk avatars when really it might not be and so they leave and never return. if and admin tries to make a rule about all rp must be in local and no afk avatars allowed they effectively kill their sim. if an admin makes a rule that all local chat must always be ic they kill their sim. if an admin makes a rule that no ooc chat is allowed in local even when denoted by ((hi)) they kill their sim. if an admin makes non-up-to-current-active-rp visitors or members where special group tags to indicate if they are part of the ongoing rp or not they kill their sim. there are so many quick and simple ways to kill a sim and so few easy ways to keep it alive and interesting. If an admin tries to limit the scripts players can have on but then used prim objects with large laggy scripts or textures they kill the sim. If the admin uses old scripted objects when newer ones are out that might be easier to use, they kill their sim. if an admin makes the sim or rp to convoluted and complex they kill their sim. If they make it too simple and easy they kill their sim. if an admin makes a themed sim and refused to allow any difference in avatar look without just telling the other players to just imagine they are properly attired for the sim or that maybe it some strange event they kill their sim. not allowing furries in. if an admin allows changes to a themed sim they kill their sim. letting furries in a previously non-furry sim. finding that proper balance between rp and content and context and avatar appearance and interest can be a hard thing to do now and not everyone has the time or wants to put the time to do that, and instead wants someone else to for them. which leads to sims dieing SL is not as popular as it once was, there are enough other sources of rp and fantasy that the time and money and effort it takes to keep an rp sim going or interesting and its visitors rping in local in sl is just not worth it to people as it once was when it was more popular. which is why some sims resort to hunts or other special events near the holidays to try and draw people in and get them interested in the sim, when really they are only there for the items then have no reason to ever return after that point or until the next event is done. I could probably list many more reasons why rp is not the same here as it was or is remembered by some here and why many sims now slowly die. Which have lead to the decline and death and emptying of sims; but would that really matter if I did? Not like it would magically fix or undo those reasons or bring back the nostalgic times and memories many are having here in this thread.
  12. I have to disagree; because for those types of people, the emotions and feelings are even more real and intense, which is why they often act how they do. Its all about them and their needs and desires and how they can manipulate others to get them filled in whatever means they believe is appropriate. Being a sociopath or psychopath does not mean they lack emotions or feelings or can't or won't show them, it means they often have little to no control over them or understanding about them and how their actions might affect other people or might and just do not care. They do not have empathy or care or pity or sympathy for others. Not caring or having no empathy is not a lack of feelings or emotions. They may just take sadistic pleasure in seeing others hurt just because they can because they feel they are above any an all consequences for their actions or behaviours. It makes them feel good if someone else suffers. It is their right to hurt and use and abuse the other person as long as that person continues to allow them to in their mind. They see their victims as inferior as less than equal and that they are in some manner superior to them. They are often egotistical and suffer from delusions of self-importance and grandiose beliefs. They are often manipulative and use lovebombing and gaslighting and other mind-control methods to get their victims to do or respond how they want. I know I have been in a few relationships with rl sociopaths and psychopaths, who at the time of getting with them seemed normal at first, in my lifetime and suffered at their hands until I finally got free from them after being abused and used for several years. I fell for the 'normal' stage, where they act and behave in a more normal manner to gain your trust and faith and belief in them then slowly change or drastically change revealing their true nature. it took a while before I believed my family and others who see it from the outside trying to warn me of what the person was like. Which ironically if you compare those kinds of people to many here in sl they all share similar traits and beliefs at times. In fact, if you do a close comparison to most role players; they share many of the traits and behaviours of a sociopath or psychopath. because of how they can act or portray themselves to be something so different then what they want others to believe they are not like in rl, which is a combination of some of the basic traits of the psychopath, manipulation and deception with pathological lying about who and what they are.
  13. In Sl.. probably sitting at a club, probably afk. In RL, don't know it changes so much lately which is why I am often afk a lot when I'm in SL. So if you see or find me in world, send a message and you will know which since I do use the auto-respond feature of firestorm with an auto-away timeout set.
  14. Which I do to prevent online stalking by those I don't want to talk to. So unless they already knew my groups or I met them from the group and still a member of the group; they can't see my groups. Luckily a lot of those group hiding groups also don't show the member list in them. So someone cant just join that group then to see when you were last online or if you are online at the moment. So unless they just get lucky joining random groups and ever see you post they won't be able to know. grr.. it split my post when I was trying to edit it and didn't notice.
  15. As a few have mentioned just look at their groups if you can see them then join one of the groups and look them up in the member's list. Now some groups don't show the members list so you might have to try several of their groups until you find one that does. Oh, you can also use this as a method to see if they are online or not too and just marked as offline to you. For no matter what they set their privacy and online status setting to, they will always show up as either online, if logged in or offline if not, in the group regardless of what they chose. Some people like to think they can hide if they are online, but really you cant if you share groups that they are in. Plus there are inworld objects you can buy and use to track them if they log in. Just requires you to be able to rez the item somewhere and leave it out and wait.
  16. An audiobook from 'The Dragonriders of Pern' book series.
  17. Yeah, its the ole gift card/gift item/redelivery of an item you never bought scam. Just do not attach the item at all to begin with and if you did by accident or curiosity, click deny then detach it. then ar the account that gave it to you. lots of people that prey on the noobs in sl at this time hoping they will just accept then attach then not read and click ok. happens every year around the holidays. it can't give you a virus because nothing in sl can directly access your computer outside of the client itself without some other object/application already on your computer acting as a go-between
  18. well yeah, since you are replying from the email. so it will send that information back to them. so yes if you don't want them to know your email always wait until you log back in then reply to someone.
  19. If they knew all the tricks why were they asking for help... I don't think anyone here really knows all the tricks in sl yet.
  20. Thank you for letting me know that, that is something I didn't know.
  21. I guess I am one of the exceptions of those who don't see it as different. Just because the name/nick is different doesn't make it different to me. Just because the appearance is different doesn't make it different to me. But then again I have played video games been in mud/mucks, irc, and always been myself in my responses. I didn't really fantasize about who I was. It wasn't escapism or fantasy to me, just another form of interaction with other people at least in my perception of it. I wasn't the soldier shooting an enemy, I was just a player, playing a game. I wasn't the hero saving the town, I was just doing a task to further along the story. I don't read a book to become a character in the book or the world of the book, I read it just for the story and entertainment. I have come to accept that it might not ever be as real here as it is in rl, it causes minor disappointments at times but that's part of life too, realizing you don't always get what you want or expect out of things. That sometimes it is not how you want to think it should be. I have tried to learn to not take it so personally and at times I have been able to. Just sometimes I fall back on old habits because they are comfortable. you are right most dom/me cannot be a therapist because they don't have the professional training to be one. but sometimes just being there and listening can help, or sometimes just giving an alternate view of the situation can help at times. So it is not always a therapist that is needed just a close confidant. Someone willing to care and offer advice as you have been doing. Which it has been a help to me. but yes you have to be cautious and wary of those that become overly needy and clinging and draining, usually people who have no one else in their life to turn to. I have taken a break from my submission to others in a way, I don't really have an owner anymore at the moment. The holidays are always a rough time for me anyways because of my past. So I am healing and changing and growing a little each day. I don't even spend as much time on sl actively as I was just a few weeks ago often just afk for long periods of time. I find more enjoyment being on the forums then being in the world at the moment. I am not entirely sure if my lack of trust is a bad thing now. it prevents anyone from getting to close to hurt or abuse. they only get at close as I let them or want them too. if they become too disrespectful of me then they deserve little or no respect or trust from me either. yes, it still hurts a little when coming to that decision about them but then again that's part of being human too. At times I think people should have to come to the forums first and read and respond to a set number or certain kinds of posts before being allowed in word, at least then maybe they might enter with a different perspective about certain things and maybe not be surprised or shocked or upset or hurt about how people might act at times. it would give a more healthy view, of how many people see and respond here differently than what might have been expected, coming from other places.
  22. Oh my.. that is so hilarious. I guess most do not understand that if you were born and live on a planet with lesser gravity, you have lower muscle density and thus are weaker then anyone born on a world with a higher gravity level. Because the person living on the higher gravity world had to develop stronger muscles to do the same work. I guess no one ever watched Buck Rogers and ever seen the episode where Buck fought with a person that had lived on Saturn, so that person seems to have superhuman strength compared to Buck. And back to the topic itself. SL sex is just sex to me. It has its good points and its bad points depending upon who it's with and how good they are at emoting/rp'ing the scene. It doesn't have to be para-style emotes or replies but at least some effort and more than just two or three-word replies, "Oh baby yes!", and that's all you got or something similar repeatedly through the entire scene. Some more emotions and feelings and descriptions help keep the interest up. I am not great at rp myself but I do try and keep it interesting at least. and adapt to the other user in both length and style. if all they give is one sentence replies that are all they will get back. which at that point it's probably more just a poseball thing for them and just about the visual. which means the chance I will scene with them again is fairly low. I like a little more effort put into it. if all they want is poseball slex then might as well go watch pron off the web, except they can't control the scene at that point. which is why they probably do it here instead. Or maybe to gain photos or vid of the act so they can then use it for pseudo blackmail attempts later on; "I've got a vid of you having sex and will show it to your prudish friends or coworkers or family". Yes, there are some here that will try that, and yes there are some here that like having that done to them. Which if that is their kink or part of a longer rp, its fine, it is after all their sl.
  23. Kind of sounds like a rose coloured glasses syndrome. where the person perceives the world as if there is nothing wrong and everything is enhanced. An altered state of reality and thinking. sort of like in a hypnotic trance but caused by drugs.
  24. Well SL to me is an extension of RL I don't separate the two it is not escapism to me, the only difference in being how I look and how much information I share. Its always been a problem for me anywhere I have been online. I don't see online as any different from rl. who I am in sl is who I am in rl. Its been this way for me ever since I ever came online before sl even existed, back when there was nothing more than forums and chat groups(before social media places like fb, or myspace or livejournal), and services like icq and a-o-hell and irc. the visuals in sl is just an added on feature to me. I have never seen myself as the toon/character or avatar in anything, not in any game either. that toon/character/avatar was just a vessel to interact with the world. it had no special meaning to me. it was not some sort of an alternate reality or alternate me or alternate personality. my emotions here are the real deal, so it does make it a little easier for me to be hurt by people at times. even as many times as I have been hurt or lied to I still want to believe in the good of humanity at times. I tend to be too open with my feelings and sometimes forget not everyone else is or ever will be like that. that to some it is just a fantasy, a game, a story and make believe or imaginary. bdsm to me is not just sexual rp, it has a deeper meaning to me. Its a more personal thing. it is not just about being on some furniture or poseball and then emote what being done or emote in reply to what the other said or emoted. I don't take my submission lightly as maybe others here might it is not an rp to me, its a lifestyle. not saying that it's not the same to others too or at least to some. honestly, your replies have been refreshing to see, it proves you care and have a heart and worry what others feel, so no what you have said has not been seen or taken as unkind or flippant. I am ok now over what happened on that day. I have managed to calm down about it. My original post was not just because it had startled me because of my past but also to see what others thought about it. It helped me put it more into perspective you could say. No offence taken in what you have said, you have a valid point about the dom/me is not a therapist at least most are not or cannot be because they don't have the training to be one. I am not really seeking a therapist dom/me, just someone I can be with and spend time with, who values me and my submission for what it is really worth. I am stronger then my post or replies may make it seem. I just get very emotional at times over some things. because there is no difference between my rl self and my sl self other then what I look like. and what was posted in the group chat triggered a bad memory which leads to the panic attack. I don't trust people as easily or as deeply anymore, yes this is true. which can lead to problems of its own which I have had to learn to deal with and accept in various ways at times. I did the whole account deletion thing once before. I even took a break from sl for several years once before back when my first owner had me so messed up I was chronically depressed and became suicidal over how she had treated me and she finally left me and then just disappeared for no reason with no further contact ever, including leaving sl and deleting their account. without going into too many details I have been abused several times in my life, RL and SL and other places. Including being molested and raped. it does something to a person going through that, it changes you. sometimes not for the better. but you adapt as best you can and try and find ways to move on. I am sorry if I had you worried about me, it was never my intention. I was seeking others views on the topic and then started down a trip of memory lane again as I do sometimes. another one of the problems I have to deal with that makes my ability to trust or submit at times hard. I sometimes let myself drift too deep and too far back into those memories and get stuck there for a while. I have a vivid imagination, where I actually relive the moment of the memory, including the emotions and feelings when it happens. Which affects how I think and feel and respond at that moment. which can be a problem at times. Once free of the memory again I return back to normal. Still, I want to thank you for worry and concern. it proves you care and worry about others unlike how some here are.
  25. As far as I know, SL does not do age verification anymore. So really what you need to do is look in preferences and just change it to allow you access to adult content. Which viewer are you using? In firestorm it is under the general preferences tab, you just find the box near the top and click it and then chose the one that allows adult as well as G and M content.
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