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  1. use it for what ever reason you want. as a prop as part of a conversation or as the avatar itself and run around like some crazy escaped food monster.
  2. Covid is not going anywhere anytime soon. It will more than likely be around even in late 2021 and even possibly into 2022. pandemic level viral infections usually don't go away in just a year because they mutate and change and often become more virulent and resistant to any vaccines made to combat them. Until herd immunity is high enough to fight off any changes or mutations its not going away soon at all. And currently herd immunity is very low. For those who do not understand or like this possible outcome.. go and find and play the game Plague Inc. its on android. It will teach you a l
  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using them if all you want is a simple body and simple outfits and don't plan on spending a lot of money on useless outfits and trivial accessories that you probably wont wear all that often. To many people put too much emphasis on mesh or bom or having fully decked out bodies and heads and outfits and just waste a lot of money by doing so to feed their vanity and pride ego and insecurity issues about how they look or how others will see them or think about them. Using one can be cheap an a simple easy upgrade from the standard chosen bodies at
  4. Unfortunately your only choice is to put in a support ticket with LL and see if they will do anything about it. You will have to provide as much detail as you can and it may take several days or weeks as they investigate and decide what to do if they feel there is a reason to do anything. Don't believe everyone else in the post that you have no rights and nothing can be done. There is good chance nothing may be done, but that does not mean you do not have the right complain about it seek some sort of recompense about what happened. You might get lucky. The only thing that many of the
  5. Salutes with paw in the air..and feet side by side facing forward.
  6. it would not bother me if the home i go to in sl crashes for a day a week or a month, I have other places I can go to and enjoy my time in world. it doesn't matter how busy your life is. you are not important or as special or as entitled as you might want to think you are because your so busy. If you have only one hobby and it gets interrupted because of technical problems that is your own fault. as i said before dont put all your eggs in one basket, if you do its your own fault if something goes wrong. paying for premium does not entitle you to instant service or support the mo
  7. Yep some people will. Because they are hopelessly and foolishly optimistic about things getting better.
  8. Actually no they don't have to be here just to make you happy. Just because you are premium doesn't really make you special or important beyond what they decide. Tough if you have limited time. They don't have to cater to your wishes ever. You are not in control and never will be. You don't get to have everything be how you want just because you think or demand it. No one owes you anything really. Get yourself more than one hobby or leisure activity.. then it won't be so destructive if something goes wrong. Never put all your eggs in one basket.
  9. Totally called for when dealing with the Op.. and people that believe like the op.
  10. Like that will ever happen.. most people in this world today only care about themselves and how they can take advantage of others. Hit them while they are down.. then hit them again and again. If they crumble it is their own fault. They are just garbage or trash anyways.
  11. And you should not be surprised I don't care about you or your opinion either then. You can go F off too.
  12. Actually no. When I want to see my family I make time.. not need a excuses like holidays.
  13. I have taken breaks before.. but it doesn't change. People still judge me and are rude or sarcastic or abusive and when called out try to defend their actions as if perfectly acceptable behavior. So why care. Why be nice to anyone. Perhaps I should just start to report everyone that does. Even the slightest insult or attack or rude or crude joke against me. Kill em all and let the mods sort it out.
  14. You ever think that sometimes the laughter may be to cover up the pains and the hurt.. probably not.. because you don't really care.. so you know what.. F you too.
  15. There are several games out there that have sl flavoring.
  16. From Santa: its been a rough year, will you accept installments..
  17. which is why have to proactive at times.. and sometimes politicians do get caught and end up paying for what they did.
  18. not everyone likes to use such things.. just because they are their doesn't mean they should have to be used.
  19. it doesn't really do any good to care or try to or have feelings or empathy.. laughing it off only goes so far for so long before even that doesn't work anymore. sometimes its better to lash out then just let others keep acting as they do thinking its ok and acceptable behavior.. sometimes someone has the be the troll until the others open their eyes to what they are doing and how wrong it is. sometimes one has to mirror back what is wrong.. in hopes that others will see and stop.. that their jokes are not harmless that their mockery or rudeness or insults can hurt.. what better way for them t
  20. you have made a point.. a small one but one none the less.. you never did really attack me like the rest.. and my treatment of you was unfair. Even if i said sorry I would not expect you to believe me.. or anyone else to either. im just fed up with those that do think its ok to act and behave as they do and then if ever called out they get defensive, yet if I ever do the same im just triggered or further being wrong in how i reply. there are a lot of hypocrites here on these forums and Im just tired they think its ok to be that way.. that they think their sarcasm or jokes are ok at all..
  21. and some people deserve no respect or care or empathy what they think or feel or like or don't like at all.
  22. why should I be decent to anyone. when everyone else likes to be rude or think they are being witty with their little veiled insults and attempts at bullying or humiliating or degrading me or joking about me.. just because they don't like how I post or respond at times. why should I treat anyone here any different. why should I turn the other cheek or care.. people want to see me as vile or a troll or a monster.. then why not fit that role exactly as described. take the higher ground.. not worth it.. be the better person. not worth it. might as well be what they call and insinuate i am.
  23. for the most part there is no reason at all to be getting so freaked out like so many are doing. you will or will not catch it, and nothing.. will make it go either way. even being in a full hazmat suit will not 100% protect or prevent you from catching it at some point. Even living in a heppa filtered hospital clean house with hermetic sealing doors and windows and a clean room style entrance and exit will not stop you from possibly getting it. there is no perfect protection or 99% or even 90% effective protection. people are foolish for thinking there is or can be. one simple tiny mista
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