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  1. all of this store talk and buying things is totally off topic. should it be reported hmm..
  2. never assume anything about any company or any service provided by said company as to what level of support will be around 24/7/365. If you do this it only makes you look stupid. just because abc company works or has support on holidays for problems does not mean xyz company will or has too.. even if it provides a 24/7 service such as gaming. People are allowed to have holidays and not work. Just because some companies don't provide for that doesn't mean all companies have to act like that company just to keep its customer base happy. tough for anyone that doesn't like that answer, you don't g
  3. It is a game to some people. for that is all they see anything virtual online as. if its not real people with real bodies aka rl video, then its a game. plus you can play games here so again its a game.
  4. total fail when it comes to me trying anything like that. I still will respond and post. isolation has no power or effect over me. shunning has no power or effect over me.
  5. You can judge me all you want and guess how much value your opinion has to me 0%. Same as all the rest here that think they have any right to judge me at all and yet think I'm not allowed to judge them in return. Or get bent out of shape if I do. And yes people here do it all the time.
  6. It doesn't matter what media or Google does or doesn't do.. there are no normal expectations.. every company is different. No two companies have to be how you think they should ever.
  7. Tough if you don't like it. Their company their rules. Not for you or anyone to decide what is fair or not since you're not in control and never will be. A lot of companies completely shut down for the holidays. Does not matter if you think is fair or right or not. Just because you had to work the holidays because of the job you chose to work at.
  8. You know nothing of me and my reasons for what I do. Judge me how ever you wish and you will fail like all the rest. We do not need the help you think we do. We are fine as we are.
  9. Sorry but that's not how it really works. You still do need consent no matter what tag or title you wear ever. No one has the right to ignore anyone's consent ever. Not even if it's in the sim rules. Those who think they can are not predator or dominant or master.. they are just narcissistic misogynistic abusive manipulative jerks. Who doesn't deserve anything from anyone. And have no right to complain either. They don't deserve anyone's submission or faithfulness or loyalty or respect at all or ever as long as they continue to believe in that bs attitude. You sir are what is wrong with t
  10. Then use food delivery or curbside pickup and only order what you need. It's not hard to do.
  11. Cheaters will always cheat no matter what is said where or how. You can't stop them. For them cheating is part of the fun. Regardless if it ruins the fun of others.
  12. Then don't spend so much and you won't have the problem.. solution is plain and simple.
  13. Rule 1004.. calling a person a troll is not an insult to them. It just shows the childishness of the person using the word.
  14. Terrified of forming connections.. you are ridiculously so far off mark it is funny. You have no clue what I am doing or why.
  15. You really are the fool if you think I care. I don't. I don't need or want your pity or sympathy or empathy or anything from you or others like you.
  16. Sad.. that such a thing matters so much.. we did not even notice or care when we went over that.
  17. I am not the protector of the system.. do not equate me to that one ever. They are weak and pathetic, both of them...
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