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  1. nah, only voted once in my entire life. oh wait maybe it was twice.. none of the people I voted for either time won. so I decided my vote really didnt matter... just like me.
  2. its to make you stop and think and then come to the forums to ask silly questions and get silly responses from silly people because of silly reasons.
  3. OMG!!! I had to agree with you for once!! The world is ending!! Drat you covid-19!! Drat you American election!! *runs around yelling*
  4. They should add more just to keep it alive here on the forums. Maybe do one for a different country that is having an election soon and see who complains then about it not being for their country instead...
  5. 1. Why did the ketchup blush? He saw the salad dressing. 2. What did the elephant ask the naked man? How do you breathe out of that thing? 3. How do you make your husband scream during sex? Call him and let him hear it. 4. Why does the mermaid wear seashells? She outgrew her b-shells! 5. How is life like toilet paper? You’re either on a roll or taking ***** from someone. 6. What does one boob say to the other boob? If we don’t get support, people will think we’re nuts. 7. What’s the difference between a G-spot and a golf ball? A man will actually sea
  6. 21 pages of drama about a blog post.. what a laugh.. people must be really bored lately...
  7. proving he didnt have you blocked and was just being an arse about it like a lot of people do.. oh the fun times when people do that and then get caught..
  8. I usually have voice enabled so I can listen to others talk, I have speakers, but I dont talk through voice. I will just respond in text. Im more used to using text online from all the games and irc and other text message services I have used that voice just seems sort of pointless to me. peeve... people who object into being turning into other... some people like to be objectified. or turned in to a mirror or chair or lamp or painting or some 'other' thing.
  9. I have no ignore list. I know I am on several peoples lists here and that is completely fine with me. I am not here to be liked by everyone or friends with everyone. Thats not my reason for being here. So for anyone that ever ignores me... more power to them for using the tools to make the forums what they want. I know I am objectional and controversial and brash at times and im not changing either. Those that don't like it.. ignore me. It doesn't hurt my feelings, I am old enough not to care about the childish popularity contest that some get so infatuated here with. with being with the in cr
  10. its not as easy as you think to tell when some people are going to hurt you or not. Some people are very good at hiding their motives and reasons for doing things until they actually do them. and they dont always have to be a sadist either. for not all sadists are evil and only seek to hurt anyone they come across. a true sadist only hurts those who want to be hurt in a consensual manner.
  11. Maybe one day.. anything is possible.. i see a therapist for a lot of problems now.. sometimes it helps.. sometimes it doesn't.
  12. Are you completely and totally 100% perfectly without any doubt assured of that? You could be and just not know it. For there are lots of things humans think they know but don't really.
  13. I dont expect anything from anyone not even best friends I have learned not too. For yes I have had a few so called best friends in my past betray and hurt me because it suited them to do so. Be glad you dont live in my world...
  14. Not everyone, I did not say that, I said most people. There is a subtle difference between the two. As toward myself; No, I dont intend to ever betray or hurt my friends. I find that deplorable and those that do and then try and excuse it away or make the other person think it was their fault for doing it.
  15. could have been maybe they didn't like the avatar the other person had like how some clubs are anti-furry/mythical animals. could have been a club that still thinks that it would still help on visitor count and doesn't realize they have to be there for a set time for it to count as actual traffic.
  16. I have to agree with maitimo on this, use a system developed for you or one you create on your own. don't use actual lindens. this will keep away those who will just log in and stand around waiting for their pay. there are some rp/battle systems that implement things like this, but they would not be really suitable for family rp sims.
  17. Even so called friends can be jerks at time and you shouldn't trust them so much that they wont be when the time is right for them to do so. Even your best friends can and will betray you at some point when you least expect it and it suits them. But of course you will probably be one that just takes it on the chin and forgives them for it and makes nothing about it. Or you will oblivious too it until someone ever points it out and even then you still probably will discount what ever is said. I don't choose to be around jerks, it just happens. When I can I keep away from them, but it
  18. peeve... people with peeves... "whaaa life is not going how I want. I need to rant about it..."
  19. To the OP I could see it happening maybe if the sell goes through and the new owners decide they want more money out of SL then what they would currently be getting. But I can also see it not happening because it would drive away thousands of users that will not under any circumstance ever pay for premium; even with the stipend and the free house/land it doesnt make it worth paying for it. plus if it became a subscription based system it would slow down new users joining by a large percentage. Not a lot of people are willing to pay for a subscription without first being able to test it ou
  20. But you see not every staff member in every club of venue does the same thing. So this is the you and your place rule thing. Which is completely fine and within your rights to do. The problem is not a lot of clubs have staff members or owners that think or feel the same way about gestures. What this topic really is about secretly is one persons dislike of gestures and wanting everything to be dull and boring because they don't like any distractions in what they are doing. They want to be at a club and think its has to be quiet except for the music or the dj. That is not how a club wo
  21. See, here is the issue. You think your entitled to people caring about how you feel. You are not. No one has to care how anyone else feels about anything as long as it is not breaking the rules of the sim or the tos. It doesn't matter if one person or even several get upset or annoyed, they have the choice and power to do something about it, put the person offending them on ignore. If they don't its their own fault for not using the tools that were given to them. Tough if they don't like the idea of having to do so or don't want to because they want to be lazy and just expect the other person
  22. Maybe so, but they don't have care about it unless the sim/club owner or a staff member request them not too or puts it in the rules not to. What any other person there thinks or feels or likes or doesn't is irrelevant really. No one really has to care what anyone else likes or doesn't here or in world ever. People need to stop thinking that others have to or should or need to and instead just uses the tools provided to remove that annoyance and then continue on. If they don't and then complain or get annoyed its their own fault, not the fault of the other person at all.
  23. oh my oh my.. such drama in this thread its so thick you can cut it with a butter knife.. its hilarious what some people will argue over at times and what others will get offended by. Just proves that no one here is superior or better or more enlightened or mature or adult than anyone else no matter how much they might want to think or claim they are.
  24. But see its their choice to do so and others choice to mute them if it bothers them. They dont have to not wear it in public just because a few people dont like it.
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