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  1. There is no sensitive child inside of me. She died ages ago because of people like those here on the forums. I am what I am because it is what is left of me and I really don't care who doesn't like it. No one here deserve any empathy from me. Or care or sympathy or forgiveness for their behaviors. I don't expect it or want it from them either. I don't deal with fakes and posers..
  2. The world is what ever I choose it to be and no one tells me any different. Not you. Not anyone. Tough if you can't handle it. You have no say in anything I do and never did or will. None of the forum regulars do.
  3. Maybe it's because the mods see the truth in what I say at times even if others refuse. That my point is just as valid as any other regardless of what others think or like.
  4. Again why should I care. I have no reason to. Just because they may try and act nice some of the time doesn't excuse their bad behavior at all. One does not excuse the other ever. I have no reason to be nice to any of them or care if I upset them in what I say or how I say it. I have been given no reason to care at all about them. I don't expect them to care about me either. I can live without their hypocrisy. But it's not going to stop me from posting my thoughts about things said or done.
  5. I am here because I choose to be. To share my opinion in what ever manner I feel fits the situation no matter who likes it or not. I am not here to be liked. I never was or ever will be here for such a needy pathetic reason. I'm not going away anytime soon. Regardless of how many people here don't like me or want me here. Your opinion of me means absolutely nothing to me and never did or ever will. You are not any better than me. No one here is. No matter how much they might want to think they are.
  6. Simple they're to lazy to click to put on and take off and don't care if that little extra arc affects anyone else. Not everyone does or will ever care how their playing may affect other's because in reality they don't have to, no matter what anyone else thinks or says.
  7. Only when or if I feel like it or a store requires it. In my car.. nope. At home around neighbor outside.. nope. Walking in a park or down the street.. nope.. answering the door.. nope. Checking mail.. nope. When eating out once at my table.. nope.
  8. Strange thing is.. fs can do what he wants with a little work put in to it. Derender all but friends. Then go back and use the nearby list and choose only the people who you want to see and set them as render normally or render fully.. Now you only see exactly who you want to see.. gender or species wise. Or you can do it by setting complexity to as low as it will go. Then do the same thing above. You now only see who or what you want.. everything else is just clouds or jellydoll.
  9. Oh you mean like some of the people here who whine when someone posts in a topic in a manner they don't like...
  10. Some women go wandering around showing off their bits all the time. So of course some men are going to do it too. Especially on sex or bdsm sims.
  11. seen that site before.. in fact there was an old movie years ago, where a company scanned people into a computer and then had the computer animate them to make perfect commercials. only problem is they were killing off the real people so no one could tell anyone else what was going on. Looker - Wikipedia
  12. *snickers* hate all you want.. make veiled insults or threats all ya want.. make judgments all ya want. it just shows what sort of person you really are on the inside. thanks for all the fish... yall keep failing.. its quite funny.. oh and some of you really need to grow up; the use of the laugh is not always scorn. sometimes im really just laughing.. if its at your or not or what you post or not.. now that is the question.. and if it bothers you so much about its use.. too bad.. it just means your not as mature or secure in yourself or opinions or thoughts as you like to think at times.
  13. all this whinnie the pooh talk is totally off topic.. peeve.. people who rant if someone goes off topic then does it themselves and thinks its ok.
  14. aww give him some credit he might have one female(male in female body) friend..
  15. or set it to render friends only and make sure you only have female friends..
  16. No, that is not possible, you cannot just choose one gender to be rendered only.
  17. not really the best section to post this in on the forums, the adult section may have been better. yes sl is another beast completely compared to imvu.. its very different and the skills from one other then rp do not really cross over that well.
  18. Its changed a bit since you were last here, you might have a bit of catching up to do and readjusting to things like old friends no longer existing, old hangout places no longer existing.. mesh.. bom.. eep..
  19. or use google. can find lots of short stories to read on the internet, even erp's if that is what they are looking for.
  20. well to the alt sniffers it didn't matter if there was possibly multiple people in the same house using sl. as far as they were concerned all were alts. so if one was banned all was banned. and as I said it was years ago during the redzone scare.. the fools never realized that someone could have been using a vpn to connect the alts with if they wanted.
  21. been there done that.. had the narcissistic abusive misogynistic owner before.. who tried to call me garbage because I had limits and they didn't think they had to respect them.
  22. some try and trick people into using full time rlv viewers.. and then giving up their password so they cannot log into a different viewer to escape. and change the email so cant do a password reset.. they are so stupid that they forget a person could just put in a support ticket for a compromised account.. some even try and use TeamViewer to set the persons account as a child account and use parental controls to prevent them from downloading or using another viewer or browser to learn how to get free. as if that all cant be undone too... some people are just so stupid in what the will try
  23. the only thing that really annoys me is wanna be bdsm masters/mistress that think their rules are the be all end all of how bdsm has to be. the my way or the highway people. the you must act x way in accordance to the role you have taken. those who try and claim safe words are not allowed or are punishable for using. those that claim that limits are not allowed are are able to be ignored pushed or broken with no consent required ever. those that try and deceive people into thinking things can me bade permanent, like a collar, or rlv, or ownership or transformation, or death of an avatar. those
  24. the only minor issue with others being able to see your ip addy is they might be able to tell if you have an alt. since both accounts would use the same ip add when connecting normally. this alt sniffing, hunting was a big thing a few years back, but dont really think people care about it as much anymore.
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