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  1. My sl relationships are more just akin to friendships. Most of the time we don't communicate or do anything outside of sl. I do have a few that are closer and we actually do talk a little out of sl. But other then those most anyone else I meet is just an acquaintance and treated as such. It takes a lot for me to trust someone enough to call them a friend.
  2. lol.. ok. that is fine. not like I expected anyone to really care because I know most really don't and only use the forums as a means of ego stroking most of the time anyways. i actually decided to go back and read it, i hadnt mentioned it before so now I did. what people do with it is their choice as always.
  3. Necro reply incoming. For those that don't like necro replys get over it and yourself please.. seriously. It seems as if in the most recent version of firestorm the ability to use the wearable favorites folder to add and remove things when inventory is block by rlv was patched out. You cant attach or remove things by that means anymore if your inventory is blocked now. Oh, I cant remember if I mentioned this in the original, you do know that if you set yourself as unavailable you cannot be force teleported by anyone. Same goes if you set yourself as offline. They cant send the tp lure request to you so they cannot force teleport you. just thought I would add that if I didn't state it before. Yes im being lazy and not re-reading my initial post again get over it and yourself please. Stop thinking you or your view or opinion is so great or important, its not an neither are you and neither am I but I am aware of that fact already.
  4. I first read it and thought 'oh a forum for submissives seperate from the adult section? wont the dom's be annoyed they dont have one..*giggles*' but yeah use the jira, and dont hold your breath it might be a hundred years before you see it.
  5. Yep, got to love the people that come here and think they really can trust what someone says on here is true. though one could try and verify by cam or voice, but even that can be faked by a person who really wanted too. voice changers, and getting a friend to do the cam work for the *****s and giggles they both get out of it when they reveal the truth. happens both directions.. I know a few guys here that play as girls and a few girls that play as guys.. sounds more like he is hoping for a long term relationship that might go to rl.. aka using sl as a bdsm dating service.
  6. To the OP, I know of a sim you earn lindens just for being there while class is going on. Most of the time people just stand around and dance or chat. and as long as you talk once every 10 minutes you have a chance to win anywhere from 1$ up to as high as I have seen some win 16$ just for being there and participating in the sim. Since not really allowed to advertise I cannot directly say where it is. toward the afk sims yes they do work, especially if you find ones with active mods that will kick and even ban anyone that tries to just poseball and run and not tip. for there are several that take it serious and do expect people to have the courtesy to tip after playing with the patrons that are there working. you might not make a lot at them and could make more just finding dance events or trivia or sploders at sims with events going on. towards how to make more, that depends on the place and clients that come there. and if you are actually afk or there and rp with them where they might be inclined to pay more. some dont require you to pay anything, they take a percentage out of your tip jar of what you were paid like a tax for using their service. will it make enough to cover actual computer/internet/electric costs.. probably not in the short run and not even in the long run. but that really is up in the air based upon what type of whales go there and how much they might pay for your service. and the avatar that makes the most may vary too depending upon if human or furry or angel or demon.. there is no one avatar that 'will' make the most at all of them. no set gurantee's. so if you are looking to do this as some sort of rl full time job..to pay bills.. dont... lol.. just realized this was from last year originally..
  7. there is one other side to this, the op bought it and has it but just didnt like it and wants their money back so they get something else instead now. and the plea of having so little lindens is a pity plea. they could always go to some sims that have sploders or trivia or linden realms to farm up some extra lindens in their free times. now to this.. that was just awesome you took the time to write that out to explain to someone how to make their own. and they could always probably find a script in the scripts sections of the forums to add particle effects to it for added bling if wanted.
  8. either contact the creator to see if they would be willing to make some sort of deal with you to buy one at maybe a higher price. a lot of gotcha items are meant to be limited amounts to make them more valuable so if lost they are lost, so I wouldnt hold my breath on the creator actually making one available, if they did for you others would harass them about it too, making the item less rare and less valuable to others who bought it. so you might just be out of luck and cannot ever get it and will need to move on.
  9. unfortunately as a few others have said; short of the seller being willing to help you out, which dont hold your breath on it, you will have to wait for ll to sort it out. a friend had this same problem a few weeks back. they tried to buy me a new avatar and send it as a gift and it got sent to them. so its happened before. best idea is contact both the seller and ll about the issue then wait and see what happens.
  10. It densest matter what rl courts think. here in sl.. ll is the courts and has the final say what is allowed or not. this is a private run service, not a public service. they have the right to remove anyone or set the rules of what is allowed to happen here or not. just like your statement would not mean anything on any other forum or service either that was being run by a private entity or company. trust me if you tried that on some of the forums I was on they would have banned you and not thought twice about it. and you being a blogger would have meant nothing either. you cannot imply consent was given by any type of message here in sl. shrink wrap is completely different its a physical barrier. an away message is not. for logs here cannot be used as any sort of evidence because logs can be falsified easily because they are stored on the client computer and can be opened and edited at any point in time. so trying to use a log of is not really a valid or verifiable means of claiming consent was given. honestly a snap shot is not even really valid for even that can be photo shopped.
  11. Actually I know more than just a couple who have are that way. I was just not going to take take the time to try and tally them all up then list the number. It would probably take at least both hands and one foot maybe both or even more; but it was not the point of what I said. the point is that there are a lot that are actually this way in sl.. not a minuscule amount, stop trying to minimize it by making it seem it doesn't happen that often. once any creator becomes to popular their ego begins to grow too far and they become full of themselves. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and this is what they have because they dont have to worry about any negative feedback or shaming on their listings. in the real world such behaviors would not be accepted by real consumers. and they would not be stopped from shaming someone that had given them poor customer service. toward the possible smear campaign that would all sort itself out over time when the facts were presented by both sides. anyone with any common sense can see right through a smear campaign when its tried. its not that hard to do really. even a high school graduate can tell a con job when its being presented to them with enough facts from both sides. it doesn't take a high level of iq to figure these things out. just some basic common sense. if a creator fears a smear campaign the maybe they need to grow a thicker skin before selling on the mp.
  12. maslows hierarchy of needs. once you reach the top there is nothing more to worry about or need. you do just because you can do, not because you need to do.
  13. unfortunately this is true and true for a lot of places too online.
  14. unfortunately in sl you are not really supposed to rate the creator or the service provided only the product which I find to be a flawed system it allows some creators to be total jerks about what they can do and get away with no possible repercussions because you are not allowed to shame them for how they act or treated you. believe me if i bought a car and it was in bad condition, it would let the seller know and everyone else going to that seller know, so they were not duped or scammed too. I would also let everyone know if that seller treated me with common decency or respect as well or not so people could decide if they want to deal with such a person. the seller would be held accountable for their actions and behavior as well as the condition of the product. there is way too much hand holding in sl to protect the ego's of some of the content developers. if I was selling something I would prefer to know the good and bad about the item, and the good and bad of the personal interaction between me and them. that way if there was any need to improve on customer relations which would possibly help get more sales it could be addressed as needed. but most developers have their heads up their own rear end so far and think they are so special and should be treated special and cannot take any criticism about them or their products. I know of a couple that are like that, but because of the no shame rule cannot even directly mention them here as a warning to others about their behaviors. it shouldn't matter if its a hobby or not. If you are going to sell something here, you should be respectful or expect to be slammed for not doing so or perhaps you shouldn't be looking for an easy sell with no negative responses..
  15. hmm.. the debate of what is sl is fairly simple to answer. sl is a virtual reality simulation platform. aka an interactive novel with visuals and sounds. where anything and everything is possible within the context of the events as written and created by the users of sl. everyone is a god/goddess in sl, with near unlimited powers and potential. the only limits is we cant really control how people act toward us only how we act and respond toward them. everyone else is a npc that is out of our direct control for they can always just mute/block/derender if we do or say anything they dont like, and so can we about anything they say or do too. It is an extension of the human mind and imagination. A chance to be what you cannot be in reality because of one reason or another. Where no one persons views or beliefs or values or ethics or morals or standards is any more important of valid or true or better or correct than anyone else. You can be what you want, how ever you want, why ever you want, because you want. and there is no real consequences for your actions or behaviors that have any real power to change you unless you allow it too. some use it as an extension of rl, and try to act exactly how they would be in rl including how they might look. some use it as just a story in a book or tv show or movie and escape from reality. some use it to be the main character in that story, to be the hero or villain or victim in need of rescue. some use it act out other events that they might be interested in exploring but cannot for one reason or another in rl. Toward RP that is also simple. you are playing a role within a set scene of events that happen in an agreed set manner over a set period of time. such as remaining ic at all times in local when on the rp sim or even at all times when talking to anyone ever, or maybe even remaining ic even in groups or im. you are that character at all times in all situations at all places. you pose in and out of scenes to enter and exit them properly. then behave and act according to what your character is and can do. if hurt you act that out and remain hurt until healed by someone or an agreed time has passed where you are healed or died and etc.. the problem happens is when an rp/ic only person meets a [rp/ic & ooc] person and neither realize what the other is doing until one or the other gets upset or hurt from lack of proper communication between each individual. each had different expectations of the outcome from the meeting/scene/rp. proper, honest, open and truthful communication is key to prevent this. but not everyone will do so. which is why it would be a good idea to read each others profile before ever rp'ing with someone. ask in im if they are a rp/ic only person and explain why you ask or maybe put some sort of indicator in your profile that you are an rp/ic only user. maybe such as #ICONLY or #RPALWAYS. But I doubt hardly anyone would do this because then it gives a person a heads up.. There are some handy tools in sl that actually let a user display a title above them and indicate in that title if they are ic or occ at that time to help alleviate the confusion for some people. but a lot of people wont use them because they like the head games they are causing by not letting someone know if they are in ic or occ when speaking. that is what they are here for to play with peoples minds and emotions and feelings for their own end desires or needs. Unless I am in a strict ic only region/sim I often bounce between ic/occ but that is me. I will break that fourth wall if needed to get a point across if someone is being a possible jerk without first warning that they are an rp/ic only person. if I know they are an rp/ic only I am more than likely not going to get offended what they say or do and play along; but some people like that and want you to do that because it adds to the immersion factor to them and being the type of person they are dont care if you dont like it. they want that real visceral response from you and enjoy that it might have actually upset/hurt you in rl.
  16. It doesn't work that way, the TOS is the final authority and cannot be circumvented by any disclaimer posted by anyone in any manner. an a-f-k message does not have the authority to override the TOS. a profile disclaimer does not have the authority to override TOS. A nc does not have the authority to override TOS. A group charter does not have the authority to override TOS. A sim covenant does not have the authority to override TOS. No one but LL has the authority to change or override the TOS. It is a legal binding agreement for anyone to access the service, you dont get to change any part of that agreement just to suit your needs or desires. You have no rights but what the TOS and EULA give you, none. There is a distinct difference between opening a peice of software and reading some bs message someone put in an away message. That is not legally binding by any means for that person is technically not even allowed to ask for any user to waive TOS at all. TOS binds everyone that comes to SL and is final. Anything done against TOS is a reportable and punishable offense. So no, stating that in a away message is not asking for or gaining consent by the person continuing to talk to that other person. NO ONE can just take consent from anyone or imply consent was given just because they responded or joined a group or entered a sim or turned on rlv, or worn a collar or a relay and set either to auto. plus any consent given can immediately for any reason be revoked. So the OP could simply state at the end of every message consent was revoked and the other person would not have consent to do anything with anything that was said. but the user cannot revoke or override the TOS ever and be expected to be allowed to continue be here. no one is entitled to be here or has any rights to be here but what LL gives them. LL reserves all rights to end your allowance to be here if you break the TOS. It is their choice if you are allowed here not yours. Same as how any other service provider like a bank or a isp or any other forum can end the agreement allowing you to continue to use them if you break the rules. Trying to claim that you can ovveride the TOS is breaking those rules. NO user has that authority ever.
  17. hmm.. as the topic was 'what could we bring to sl' not 'what could ll or another tpv viewer bring to sl'. I think it would be tolerance and acceptance on differing views and opinions. that no one way is the best or true or correct or right or only way for things to be done in sl. towards many of the other things that were said they are all good too; but are sort of off topic, since the topic was what we as users could bring to sl in the new year, not necessary what ll or tpv developers should bring to sl. for if that was the case there are lots of things that could be added, but it would be pointless to list them here since its highly doubtful some of them would be added because unless they were part of the majority wanted features, then it means very little. And face it the forums make up the minority of the players not the majority.
  18. actually both the votes and like count. both can easily be abused and are often in most forums even here by some people. the other problem the votes has is it rearranges the thread based upon the votes making the comments out of order in which they were posted which can affect the stream and how people see or understand what was being said by everyone in the thread. like counts are kind of used as ego strokers by some and by others as means to try and maybe get some people to think they are important or special in the forums, when really they are not. its used as a cliche system of who is part of the in crowd or not and can become intimidating to some when being faced with replies by people with high like counts, and can be a reason why some do not reply back after their thread is invaded by someone with a high like count. reputation systems in general usually bring out the worst in people not the best, this has been seen in lots of places I have been that used them. It shouldn't matter how many likes a person has, or a rank about what they say and if its important or not, or more or less valid on many things. but some like to think it does and want others to think that way too. its a form of mental/psychological/emotional manipulation in a way. on the voting system up votes would be fine if they didnt move the posts, down votes shouldn't be allowed on any post that has 0 votes to begin with or any more when reaching 0. it just becomes a bullying/shaming system then. the lowest score a answer thread should be allowed to have is 0 with no reactions; for that alone lets people see that no one agreed with them. if anything the like count and post count should be made private for only the user to see.
  19. I have a collar and leash and cuffs and I am a pet to someone here in sl and in rl. I dont see it as dehumanizing or degrading at all. And to any that worry I have been brainwashed to think this way, nope. Its by my own choice. My Master even knows I can and will leave him if he tries to abuse me. Its about trust. People should ever read my picks inworld and look for the one about the 'two collars' it explains why some people wear them. And yes everything in sl is by consent you cannot be forced to do anything in sl you dont want too even through rlv because you can just log out of it which is not cheating even if some try and claim it is. So anyone that took the OP up on his offer would be doing so because they wanted too and consented too.
  20. reputation/point systems never work well in forums and never can. they will always be abused by someone in some manner. which is why I sort of think it should be removed from sl forums. and the emoji's should just be an added in reaction to the over post, with no benefit or drawback to them at all all.
  21. I understand what you mean and to me its about the conversation in sl, not the avatar. It doesnt matter if someone is wearing a furry avatar or human or even just being an object like a chair and actually having me sit on them while we talk. Its that conversation that matters to me. I come from the age of text only, then moved into simple 2d chat systems, then early 3d like furcadia, then imvu then second life. so for me its less about how someone looks and more about the chat itself and how they behave and treat me. I have a few close people that have stayed with me through everything. they actually chase me down to discord if I suddenly log off because I am not doing well that day. And a few that sends me messages and waits for me to come back to reply to them. Its these people that make me come back to sl when I do, not the avatar, not the pixels, not the looks, not the sims, not the groups of random people who dont know me or care if I am there or not. That is why I dont really get immersed with sl, other then the chatting. all the rest of sl is just add-on's and not the main reason for me to be here. honestly if I had all my friends on discord or something else, i might not even really have a reason to return most days. the comment you quoted was about how some people are in sl. to them its just a book, when they log out they are closing and putting down that book and moving on with their daily life and not being concerned about the book anymore. for some its like going home from the local club or bar where you were just hanging out with friends. that is why I started out saying that its different things to everyone. there is no right or wrong about why you come here. we each have are own personal reasons for doing so.
  22. yep and just because someone doesn't like it doesn't make it automatically bad. there are some I dont agree with and wont do but if others want to and know what they are doing, its not my place to tell them no or to stop or make fun of them, i might playfully tease them about it but I dont openly try and shame them or make them feel bad about it. if it makes them feel good and helps them get through the day in this mixed up crazy world of life that is their choice.
  23. Hmm... yep typical responses from both sides of the equation. No get ready for my off the wall take of it... Being 'bred' or used for 'breeding' is not dehumanizing or objectionable or abusive if both parties are agreeing to what is being done and enjoy it. It becomes a term of endearment to each person. 'i am going to breed you well tonight' with the return response of 'oh yes I cant wait for the pleasure and fun we are going to have' The idea behind the word is that the one is having unprotected sex and understands the risks that she may become pregnant by it. And that risk can be exciting to some women. And it can lead to perhaps a longer term relationship with the one who did it if both parties agree. Two people thrown together out of circumstances because they were young and dumb or just foolish and didnt do what was needed to protect them selves. there are lots of women online that actually enjoy the idea of being constantly pregnant and being taken care of by other people because of this. so being 'bred' or used for breeding is not disrespectful or dehumanizing or degrading to them at all. it makes them feel like they have value and purpose to someone else. it gives them a reason to be and live. just like not all gay men see being 'bred as being disrespected or dehumanized. I know a few who do not take the word as any sort of insult to them or what was done to them but as a compliment on how well they performed or what was being done. That the act of being 'bred' was an act of care and love for the person and not some inhuman act of abuse or degredation or humilation. its only those things if you see it as those things, which not everyone does. I know someone into heavy bagging/breath play..choking until passing out. But both of them understand the risks and enjoy the sensations about it and watch each other closely. I know someone into heavy canning until they are bruised and bleeding at times. they enjoy the extreme pain to their body. just because we find something objectionable in our own mind doesnt mean its a bad thing for someone else to do or enjoy or like or want done to them as long as they understand what is going on and why and any dangers or risks. I think the op is really just looking for someone who is less fake and wants a more dedicated relationship, I could be wrong though. he just uses objectionable words to scare away the meek so only the strong will seek him out.
  24. I think it really just depends upon each person and what they are seeking or desiring from it. To some its just a movie or book to read and enjoy and relax with and waste time not thinking about the troubles of reality at that time. A means to escape time and reality and responsibilities for a little while. To others its an interpretation of what they wish their real life was a like, a fantasy a dream a desire of what they cannot have or cannot be or cannot do for one reason or another. So they invest a lot of feelings and emotions trying to make it feel as real as possible. For me its about the people behind the avatar, how they act, how they speak, how they behave towards me. I dont care if their avatar is dancing, or laying on a log about to be cut in half. Just like I equally dont care about that character in the book that just died or lost a family member. I know its fake and not real and not happening, just a story made up to entertain and nothing more. Its not that I dont have emotions, I do but I chose how they are affected and by what. not some pixel animated character in an online media source. For as long as there is no tactile interface beyond a keyboard or controller, as long as their is no olfactory interface, no taste interface, no temperature interface.. no neural network interface it will not ever really be truly immersive. imagination is all great and wonderful but it can only take you so far before reality will step in and remind you its all just fake, not real, not important. That there is no real danger of anything happening to you other then your head/heart/emotions being played with if you let them. at the end of the day when you log out, it stops it ends, its over, it doesnt continue, your avatar does not exist, it cant even be seen or interacted with by anyone else. I see the screen before me, I hear the click-clack of me typing on the keys, I watch the letters dance across the screen as I do and stop when I dont. im on the outside looking in, just like when reading a book or watching a movie. Its not happening to me, but to the character within, which is not me.
  25. maslows hierarchy of needs. anyone? sounds like they are currently stuck at the bottom or second level.
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