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  1. Just so everyone who has had this problem knows, I couldn't find the setting in FS to show muted chat, but it is on the nearby chat window....third icon from the left. I had that box checked so the blocked people were showing up. I hope this helps someone
  2. I have had a certain person muted, blocked, and derezzed for months and all of a sudden they have started showing up grayed out in my local chat again. My settings have not changed. I have unblocked and reblocked to see if that works to no avail. If anyone could help me figure out what has changed, that would be great I've tried everything i know to try.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion!!! ...and I checked several of my friend's necks and I actually had one of the shorter necks...giggles...no my friends aren't giraffes...i dont think?
  4. So, when I join other people's dance HUDs, my avi looks like her chin is tucked down to her chest. Other people on the HUD have their head upright in normal position looking around, but not me...i'm looking at the floor. I have tried detaching everything...AO's, physics, mesh ears, mesh eyes, turned RLV off, reloggin ... and nothing has worked. My neck length is set at 50. I do not seem to notice it when I am using my own dance HUD however. Any suggestions? I'm at a loss right now and very frustrated.
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