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  1. I'me getting only 20-30fps in crowded areas with a 3070 Nvidia, 32GB RAM, and a i7-10700 on HIGH. But I am pushing 4K UHD screen as well, so lots of pixels. 45-55 in better areas.
  2. i7-10700f. 32GB RAM. A 3070 video card (yup!). Sitting on an uncrowded beach at 256 drawn and High graphics and 45fps. Then again, my monitor is pushing 4K UHD pixels as well. Way better than my 2017 27" Retina iMac let me tell you.
  3. These days, Rowan? Yup! P.S. Wonders when "Heartburn" will become a LL last name?
  4. There is a great Artist Q&A coming up next week, and most us artists in the Colony will be around to answer questions and give tours of our galleries. The folks behind Campbell, btw, are some of the nicest folks I've this time around in SL. Have fun tomorrow, Yukiko!
  5. Incredible and rare find! 1024sqm parcel on the very NW edge of Malyskin with direct sailing access to Blake Sea. Flat parcel with steep coast to water, ideal for rocks, trees, cottage and a sailboat. Quiet neighbours and great landscaping/themes all around the coastlines. This will not last long. Taking a small hit, but asking only 9,000L. Thanks for looking. Teleport here > http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malyshkin/16/245/25
  6. Just noticed that. Trying to put on some nice lingerie clothing (yes, clothing, ahem) for my partner, kept staying naked. He wasn't complaining, but even his alphas weren't working so all I see of him is head, arms, and feet. Kinda wanted the rest
  7. I've been told that, and yet have a huge gap between how my partners system and mine performs. He's got a comparable CPU (okay, a rich better but not by much) and a 2070 Super, mine's an older Radeon Pro 580 and he's getting 3-4x the frame rate at twice the draw distance and almost Ultra graphics so in terms of shadows, textures etc his card is smacking mine hard. Will write up my difference in same scene when I get this all set up this coming week. If it is this darn CPU, then at least I can play MS Flight Sim and X-Plane much nicer with the 3070. Update ... okay, apologies Ansariel ...
  8. Ginger always and forever. As my late Irish grannie said ... Blondes get noticed. Redheads get remembered.
  9. Interested to know as well. Running on a retina 5K iMac atm, but Monday my i7-10700 with 32GB RAM and a lovely nVidia 3070 video card arrives. I get 15 fps in a busy place, my partner same spot with a 2070 Super gets 50 with twice the viewing distance (and set two notches up on quality, just one under Ultra he is). Can not wait. Will post by Tuesday with notes, Jackson.
  10. Sent an IM not about buying, just want to know where you got the Asian garden walls from, thanks!
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