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  1. I have downsized now, and only have two 1024s. One houseboat in Bellesaria with a gallery to view (not buy) my art way up above it for my Premium account, and a stunning, forested with stream second 1024 in Campbell coast for my male alt, who really needed his own space. Plus a skybox above that parcel for a friend to use when she is online.
  2. Thank you to the nearly 200 people who have peeked into this miserably attempted sale. I'll be abandoning the land tomorrow morning and someone can just claim it from LL. Way too much time and effort for the return at this point. Have a lovely night
  3. Same deal as last night! Except longer. Starting now (Saturday 3PM SLT) and running until 7:30PM SLT. Four-and-a-half hours to buy a great 2048 sailing waterfront parcel and get a free piece of my art. If I get to 200 views and no buys I'll probably abandon it and you can do the paperwork with Linden to get it back.
  4. Not sure (as a newbie) I understand what you are saying, Rowan (and I love your posts and contributions btw). I'm assuming that the screen shot above is your Legacy? So, I fired up my Maitreya with both my Lelutka and my CATWAHDPro Majer Strong head. Granted, I am only wearing a tight dress, heels, bracelets and rings, hair from DOUX, and a choker around my neck (RLV enabled but turned off, I just loved the choker design, dislike the RLV stuff). I am sitting at ... 54706 complexity VisTris 1.19M EstMaxTris1.08M 275m^2 (I have no clue what this measures) Is this low?
  5. Tonight's sale opportunity from now until 6:00PM SLT? Buy my land at the 3,800L, then head to my marketplace store (Heartsong Gallery) and buy one of my one-of-a-kind pieces of art, and I'll refund you the cost of the art. In other words, a free piece of art from my gallery. Starting now for an hour.
  6. Apologies, I am such a ditz. I did not have "Anyone can visit" checked and, therefore, had created by accidental ban lines around this parcel. I've checked it now and it can be visited. (OMG, is this why it hasn't been selling?)
  7. Kupra is getting a lot of good press. Legacy is a better looking shape than my Maitreya (I'm an artist and know body shapes very well, even selling a guide to make your shape correct by showing how impossibly long most avatars legs are, and how unrealistic your torso shape is), agreed, but their HUD is laggy and tied to their servers, and regardless of how unlikely it is to mess it up, I don't want my 5000L HUD relying/living on their server. Sadly, I can not make Kurpa slender enough in terms of hip width and butt size to buy them, either, despite wanting to support the creator. Think 5'
  8. Morning all! Nearly 150 lookers and no one buying this lovely waterfront? Really need to sell. Anyway, my morning bump! Hope you are all having a great day so far
  9. Gorgeous place. But please, how hard is it to list the price and rating? This should be required when folks list their parcel, to make it more efficient and easy for potential buyers. Moderate.15,000L. That came out meaner sounding than I meant so I adjusted some words ... sorry!
  10. Final price drop. Please someone take it for 3,800L? General rated. I am holding up my own move until I sell this 2048 great little parcel, thanks.
  11. I will assume all of these are Moderate or General? I do so wish that posters would list the ratings next to the listing in some way, to save me having to hop all over the maps checking them out one by one, like this: 2048m, 703 prims (Moderate)http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tintafel/242/177/113L$1400 Those are some good prices, though
  12. Had my first a while back, second next month. Had the same pattern as you did for my first, hopefully less of a wipe out after my upcoming second.
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