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  1. Pretending? Pretending what? If you're talking about cat-fishing, liars, deceitful players trying to trick you into believing they're female, sure, I dislike those too. I hate all deceptive folks on any platform. I don't need to waste my time with anyone not being open about their goals. If you are deceitful, it doesn't matter to me what skin your avatar is wearing here. Easy to see through most of the "poorly acted women" though, with a few simple questions and overall conversation. Some are good enough to fool most everyone, including GG's (genuine girls), but not many over the long ter
  2. These are things? I am so darn naïve.
  3. Honest and open are the best ways to be in SL. You sound adorable. We have basically abandoned another game due to the drama and screwage there (and the fact that 90% of the attempted D/s relationships are so poorly acted/roleplayed it's just embarrassing, speaking as someone who knows the lifestyle IRL from the D side for both Romantic and Sexual subs). I am in a non D/s (but still very special) relationship with John and neither of us is looking for more, but I do hope you find what you are looking for! Say hi in game if you like, we often can be found at Foxxies (formal attire) da
  4. John and I are friendly, but often just dancing at Foxxies (formal) or sailing. Say hi though if you like!
  5. That is, indeed, a good idea! My lingerie drawers are filled with items that seem to be either BOM stuff or mesh, never both. I wonder if you could write a script (like the Maitreya feet height thing) that would detect if item X (say, your tight fitting dress) was removed, it would automatically detach the BOM items and Add the matching mesh items? And, as a newbie, it was only this evening that I noticed that some of my right fitting tops and a few other clothing items do come in both types. I have to update my one outfit with that nice silk blouse I have.
  6. New-is SL player but RPing since D&D was called Chainmail. You know, back in the early 70s. I'd love someone to make that mistake assumption with me. Running a City of Mist RP session online. Might try to bring it to SL.
  7. Male. Older. Always play female avatars in my online games. I state it in my info to make sure if you take a moment, you are aware. Not looking for anything beyond playful flirting in SL anyway, have a partner in game already. But, even if I was and am honest about my RL gender and wanting to play female ... what of it? As I say, I am "adorably feminine".
  8. I know how to lock our house, set a security/boot radius and time on the house, and set our sailboat, jet skis etc to group (we have a private group just for John and I) so that only the two of use can use them. What I am unsure of are the needed permissions I should set to allow visitors to: teleport to and visit the parcel to see my art studio which is on one side of the parcel (away from the house), maybe sit on my beach chairs, but not do anything "bad". And what is "deeding" the parcel to the group, what does that help set for us? What is the benefit? Figured this one out,
  9. John and I are selling our fully sailable 1024m island parcel! Great square 1024m plot all ready to add an island to, build a little beach shack, moor your sailboat, and have fun. Sail from the parcel's SE corner past docked yachts and out into open waters! Asking 7,000L. Feel free to visit or view the parcel. Look at that map and all the open water you have at your disposal. It won't last long! IM in world with any questions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kileinan/140/178/21
  10. We just rented a nice 2048 parcel from FairChang with access to Nautilus and Blake. Thank you everyone for your help.
  11. I am giving up my small parcel eventually that is currently sailable, and am wondering what spot has the largest/longest body of continuous water for sailing? I have heard names but do not know my geography yet well enough to know what is what. Obviously we will also need a place to rezz our lovely BBX sailboat in this place as well. Recommendations?
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