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  1. words can only hurt until you learn they have no power over you but what you give them, beyond that point they can not ever hurt you agian. its a lesson that most people take nearly a lifetime to learn. it is completely a conscious choice just most people like to claim its not to use that as some excuse or defense for their actions towards others.
  2. i do live alone but that is by personal choice. but I do have family and friends i do interact with and am the same way around them too and they dont try and change me to suit their views of how I should be according to them. before you say or think that is what im trying to do its not.. im just showing the otherside of the coin that people often forgets exists. why because I chose to, because I can. not because I think its a right or entitlement.
  3. incorrect all emotions are chosen reactions based upon past experiences. no one can trigger or make you have an emotion, you chose to have that emotion based upon your past life experience and how they affected you by the choice you made about how to deal with them. all triggers can be controlled if a person so choses to and be mindful of what they are doing and feeling in the moment they are doing so. there is an old saying. sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me. It is a very true saying even if some dont want to accept the validity of it.
  4. nah, I dont read the room. as I said before im blunt and brutal. it keeps those away from me that cant deal with it. which is fine with me. im not a socialite or social butterfly nor do i need or want to be.
  5. maybe its blocked to you because its a new account, not sure. give it a few days then try again. if you really put the right date in that proves your 18 or above I think it would be open to you. have you logged in to the viewer and made sure you ticked adult content in that, it might have some effect but I dont really see how or why.. maybe try going to the marketplace and see if you can see any adult items with the account.
  6. there really is no difference between the two. some people like to think there is but there isnt. all emotions are based upon theories and not facts. the only fact is that she has not been on the forums for a time, nothing more. the rest was all emotional theories of what could have happened. if you get mad it is not because the person made you mad, you chose to get mad. no one can make anyone have a specific feeling about anything. if you get upset no one made you get upset, you chose to get upset based upon theories and not facts.
  7. never said I was debating, debating means someone wins or looses or is out to changes someones mind. there is no win or loose to me. its just information and a discussion with no right or wrong way to do it. but some like to think their etiquette trumps others when it doesn't.
  8. its not their place to force their opinion or views or ethics or morals on me or anyone else either.
  9. no, that would be boring but the turning down of the personality would be a nice thing at times. problem is they dont like it if someone gets just a bold back with them.
  10. what does not kill you makes you stronger. i could always go for the gut punch method and not sugar coat anything I say at all. but that would mean I would have to care what someone who does not know a thing about me but how I respond on the forums thinks about me.
  11. thanks for the attempt, but no really other than my eyes burning im doing ok. believe it or not I do appreciate the attempt.
  12. never said I didnt have ego issues. but some are worse than mine here.
  13. oh I understand more than you think. we just dont agree on the same methods is all. which is fine by me.
  14. no I never said that people who were sad that their friends 'did' die were pansies. there is no proof that alyanna su is dead. she might just be taking a break from the forums and the internet because other real life issues are more important at this time and people need to accept and deal with the fact that these forums and sl is not the most important thing in everyones life like some seem to think or act at times. people are allowed to leave or disappear for no reason and not have to explain why or expect others to get all boohoo they are gone, please come back we miss you. she will be
  15. Actually i am doing fine other than a very irritating eye allergy at the moment.
  16. hey search for some bdsm groups inworld and join them and listen and join in the conversations and go to any of the meeting they might have. it might take a little while to find the right person for you, but the wait will be worth it. dont just hop on someones collar just because your in a sub frenzy at the moment. trust me you would regret doing that later.
  17. Whaaa I am taking my ball and going home to play by myself and you cant come.. that is all that post sounded like.. an entitlement minded forumite who cant stand they are not on top of the world and everyone has to bow to them and their views.
  18. Well any collar can be set to do this, but there are some chastity belts that use rlv that you can set and owner and block yourself from access to it as well. chasity belts on the mp one for sissies.
  19. Yeah, there are a lot of fake dumbinants in sl that think that just by putting a label or title on them makes them so and everyone has to bow down to their wishs. They are just jokes and deserve no respect from anyone at all. You get them in all flavors, Masta's and Dumbinants and wannabe owners that have no clue how bdsm works. they are just flakes and fakes and just obsessed with the fantasy of being a dom because they watched 50 shades of no way in hell or read the books of gor and think that is how bdsm works.. Not my Dom dont try and order me around or use any sort of honorific or pe
  20. I know its childish and immature, it just shows they cant take what they dish out. They want to mud sling but keep their clothes all clean and then cry foul play when dirtied back as if their rules are the rules that everyone has to go by when they are not.
  21. there is a point in time where civility no longer has a place in a discussion if you have not learned this yet, then you still have more to learn about life. start firing bullets be ready for the hail storm that might come back your way. never said everyone has to be rough like me. just dont expect me to be soft like you or others. never said being vulnerable made you weak, but if you think someone has to cowtow to your opinions or views or be seen as mean or rude or a troll, thats a you problem not a me problem. to those who I trust i can be quite vulnerable and open. those who I d
  22. my pet peeve forumites who cant handle someone not playing by their rules who think they are special or important or awesome and should be respected because of their over inflated egos or age on the forums or number of posts or reputation point level. and then someone comes around and pops their little balloon and they cant deal with it. cant stand the heat stay out of fire. dont come slinging mud if you cant stand to be dirtied yourself. think the forums will remain your cozy little place all the time. no its not going to happen. times change, all things change, nothing stays the same forever
  23. security orbs more for you to choose from. security
  24. but that requires extra time and effort to manage it and its not automated... security sytems. pick one and give it a try, see if it has a demo first.
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