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  1. Hi there! So I've been interested for a while in improv comedy but couldn't do that IRL because of Corona. I've been interested in RP in SL because of its relationship to improv in some ways: reacting to characters, character building. I've realised for my interests Para RP isn't really what I'm looking for. I think I'm looking for freeform? But if I understand correctly freeform can also be para... Any recommendations of RPs for any combination of the following? 1) light-hearted, fun, off-the-cuff, not always so serious RP in SL.
  2. A lot of the discussion here is about looting and defacing property. I think this video helps clear up the WHY of what is happening instead of focussing and judging the WHAT, as Kimberly Latrice Jones shows in this video.
  3. Drag performers Peppermint and Bob the Drag Queen are doing weekly videos. So far they have discussed Black Lives Matter and intersectionality (with a focus on queer intersectionality):
  4. Hi everyone! (For context of my positioning, I am white) This is simply a post where people can share resources for the movement for Black Lives. I think we all engage with different forms of media differently. I tend to prefer podcasts and videos than books. But I thought it could be helpful for people to share links to things they have read/watched/listened to made by Black people that discuss the movement for Black Lives/ the Black Lives Matter movement. The following is a video that has been shared a lot on instagram and was a rea
  5. Hello FairreLilette, I do not know what your racial background is, but if you are not black I think that donning a Black skin would be inappropriate. If you wish to support the movement in SL, I think it is much more effective to show yourself as your RL race or with your preffered SL presentation (furry etc.) for the following reasons: 1) For example, I am white. If my white avatar visually supports 'Black Lives Matter' it does the following: People who support white supremacy will see that other White people will not cosign the ideology of White supremacy a
  6. Also, I'm interested in those who are interested in magic/spiritual practice as it relates to social change/collective consciousness/social justice. Didn't mention that in first post, and can't edit now.
  7. A request from OP: A lot of people seem to think this thread was intended to debate, be polemic and to argue why their own brand of spirituality is the best or their own take on it is the best. None of that was what I intended this thread to be about. Especially belittling other people's perspectives. So please start a new thread if that's what you are interested in. Please post here if you are discussing how people interested in spiritual practice can connect on SL. I encourage a diversity of perspectives. I discourage hi
  8. Original message: Hey I'm a witch, energy witch, like everyone is I think but anyway. I'm looking for witches who know they are witches. Not people who are role-playing. But people who wish to create spells for maximum effect. Let me know in forum inworld or in private message where you are Xo Edit for clarity: I should have been more clear about things I guess when I wrote. Clarity is important, so here goes. The existence of atoms and blablabla seems to be very flexible. I'm looking to connect with beings who are interested in using word
  9. same! in the uk here. and to everyone who is writing debating gender, just let this person be!!!! gosh.
  10. Hi there, searching the web and getting confused. I have a macbook pro and SL crashes a lot (Intel Graphics HD 4000, 4GB RAM) I heard Firestorm viewer apparently might be able to solve some of the issues of Intel graphics card, so I will switch to that instead of using SL viewer. I also have slow internet which is getting upgraded by a loooot next week so maybe that will solves some of the issues but I assume that the graphics card is also part of the issue of frequent crashes/slow FPS. Is it possible to buy an external graphics card for macbook?
  11. Ah I meant interactive as in social. That sounds interesting but my interest in SL and in art is primarily on the social/musical side rather than the graphic.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm looking more for interactive avant-garde-ness than visual art, but that could be a great place to make some connections!
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