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  1. Go to the Land/Assets tab for the group owning the land change your contribution amount to 5120 click "save" it will redisplay with a negative "Land available" number - this is the amount that you would need to sale to drop down to the lower 4096 tier level. Doing that should confirm whether it's the 895 or the 688 or something else. The group bonus is based on the Total Contribution amount, I believe, so when less is contributed, the bonus amount also gets smaller. Remember that the amount to be sold may need to be adjusted to an amount that is evenly divided by 16 - see @Rabid Cheetah's comment above about that. You can then change your amount of contributed tier back to your current 6015 contribution until you either sell the amount needed to reduce your tier (or have another group contributer add that amount to their tier contribution). While it doesn't cause a problem to be short on group tier contributions for a short time, I would not leave it that way for very long. Then change your contribution back to 5120 which should drop you down to being billed at the lower tier level of 4096. (Because tier is billed in arrears, you will most likely receive 1 last billing at the higher tier level after you reduce your contributed amount).
  2. Other graphics settings, in addition to WL or EEP, can also make a difference. If I'm running with shadows on, then I don't have any issues with how the viewer's default midday setting makes my avatar look.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/games/2021/jul/29/dell-pulls-energy-hungry-gaming-pcs-in-six-us-states-after-failing-efficiency-rules My take on this is that either Dell didn't plan well enough with the Alienware destop line, in advance, for the phased-in requirements, or they took a gamble to see if they could get away with not making changes to some of their Alienware desktops and were caught. I went and looked on the Dell site, and it was only on certain Alienware desktops that I saw the "Can't ship to certain states" statements. I didn't see that message it on any of the gaming laptops, or on any of their other desktop or all-in-one offerings, all which fall under the same energy efficiency regulations the best I can tell from the charts that have been posted in other articles or videos. It very well may be more of an issue with the Alienware desktop line itself, than with pre-built "gaming PC's" in general.
  4. It sounds like the more full-featured the pre-built gaming PC is, the larger the idle/sleep energy allowances are, plus the more likely that it is exempt altogether. I am for manufacturers and those using products to be encouraged to think about energy efficiency, and how they can lower energy consumption. From the video Lyssa posted, it indicated the regulations were put in place a number of years ago, and different parts of the requirments for different types of setups are being phased in at different times, in order to give manuafacturers time to redesign their products if necessary. With drought looking more and more like a common occurrence in the western states, I think energy consumption issues are becoming more important especially when some hydroelectic plants are in danger of not having enough water to keep them fully operational, and it sounds to me like these regulations for system integrators are one piece in trying to reduce unnecessary energy consumption for situations where the end-user may not be aware enough or care enough to try to reduce usage on their end (by not turning off equipment that is not being used for long periods of time, for example).
  5. There is a part of it that's about you - in how you handle the situation you didn't ask for and don't want. I think that's what Therapists do - help one to understand the situation or crisis that they are in the middle of, how to recognize danger signs for oneselves, and offer guidance on how one can contemplate their own behavior and expectations about the situation, and then be better prepared to make the best choices for oneself. Basically, how one can navigate through all the twists and turns of life and be able to protect oneself. It's not so much about them resolving the situation as it is about helping one to learn how to cope better with the situation. There is no Utopia to be found in this world - there never was and I don't believe that there ever will be, at least not in the forseeable future (even looking towards grandchildren or great-grandchildren's lives). We all have to figure out and learn how to do the best for ourselves in the world that currently exists around us.
  6. I do the same thing when I'm looking for something I haven't already found a source for in-world. I like seeing home and garden items in person, plus I like it that the creator sees SL as a place to be and exist, and not just as an online place for making money.
  7. When it happens, do you have other applications running on your PC that might be hogging resources, or other heavy usage of your internet connection at that time? If you would, after logging in, go to "Help" -> "About <viewer name>" from the viewer's top menu bar, and then copy and paste the contents of the "info" tab pop-up here, that will provide information about your viewer's connection with SL which can help others here with troubleshooting. (There is a "copy to clipboard" button on the "info" tab, so it's easy to capture that information for pasting here).
  8. After the login process finishes (which it sounds like is happening?) in the viewer menu bar go to "Help" -> "About <viewer name>" and copy and paste the contents of the Info tab - there should be a button on the info tab for copying to the clipboard, so it will be easy to paste here. That will provide information about the state of your connection to SL and will be helpful for others here to help you in troubleshooting.
  9. Also check out the tutorials at Virtual Bloke tutorials. This is a very comprehensive set of tutorials for males, and they are very well written and hopefully easy to follow, even for new accounts. Terminology used in talking about mesh bodies and heads is explained, as well as information about some of the major brands of male bodies.
  10. The password they ask for after you enter and then re-enter the new email address is your SL account password, not your email password. (I just changed the email on an alt account to verify this).
  11. Log into the web dashboard (secondlife.com) and then on the left side panel, click on the arrow to open up "Account" and then click on "Change Email Settings":
  12. From what I've read, vaccines appear to be 'working' as they are intended to do. Once my youngest grandchildren are able to be vaccinated, then I won't care at all about whether other people choose to be vaccinated or not vaccinated. The best way to protect the very young and those whose health is already so comprised that they cannot get vacinated is by everyone who is able to be vacinnated, to be vaccinated. Outside of that, though, I really don't care if other adults want to remain unvaccinated by choice, and risk their lives or their health. However, I do feel for those in health care who were probably hoping for a break in caring for Covid patients, but are now facing increasing numbers of patients again (which by an overwhelming majority, were unvaccinated). Please remember the saying "my body, my choice" when deciding whether to vote for politicians who support or sponsor legislation which limits the choices women have over their own bodies.
  13. Also, after splitting a parcel, I'd suggest going into "About Land" settings for each parcel anyway, to check permissions and auto-return settings. Sometimes, those end up changed after a land split and/or rejoin.
  14. While I don't know what it was that I did to cause the problem, while I was messing around with the BOM on/off button and alphas for a mesh head, my head did turn completely black. After a bit more finagling with things (and probably wearing a different copy of the head as part of that - it was a few weeks ago, so I don't remember all the little details) I did get everything returned to normal and have not had that issue occur since then. I'm not familiar with the Kupra body and it's HUD, but after double checking that you have BOM "turned on" (if that's needed on that body) and do not have more alpha layers for body or head on than you need, if it's still black I would try uppacking a new copy of the body and HUD, and starting from scratch with the new copy (you can still use your shape from your setup).
  15. We do a lot of driving around our state and a few neighboring states for little 3 or 4 day trips, and we like to take the small highways or country roads. Paper maps are the best for finding those types of ways to get places, though a map app on a PC isn't too bad, if you have the app full-screen and zoom out so you can see a good amount of area (but not so far you loose the detail of the smaller roads). Once I've seen the big picture that way, then I can navigate using a map on a phone, but I have to have seen that bigger picture of the full route first. I'm looking forward to when my husband retires next summer, because we'll have more time for trips planned just for the sake of that trip - there are a couple of trips I've planned just because of neat routes I've found on maps that look like they would be fun to drive and fun to stop and visit the little towns along the way.
  16. I bring up the map often to see where places are located. I like to see if a destination is on a mainland continent (and if so which one) or if it's a private estate and is it a single region or a group of regions, to see how full a region is, checking out parcels for sale, looking for roads or protected waterways on mainland - a lot of reasons.
  17. It's true it would increase the immersion, but I think you're correct that users prefer convenience over anything else. I do walk or ride to quite a few places in-world, when the idea of doing that suits me, and there are clear transportation routes available. When I lived on Heterocera, I did drive, and boat, and drive again to an event in Bay City several times, but only when I had nothing else to do that day and could spend all that time inworld to just travel from one location to another. Other times, it's either not possbile to do because of no transportation routes available, or I just do not want to spend the extra time to do so at that particular time I'm in-world. It's fine when traveling with TP's is an option that one can choose to do when they wish, but I would hate to see it be the only choice.
  18. I enjoy reading the little stories that accompany your pictures.
  19. You didn't say which viewer you are using - whether it's a 3rd party viewer like Firestorm, or the standard LL viewer. Either way, you might want to take a look at this Problems During Startup info from the Firestorm wiki. If you are using the LL viewer, things will be similar to as described in the wiki page, but PC file directories named as "Firestorm" or "Firestorm_x64" would be named as "SecondLife" on your PC Also it's helpful, if the viewer is hanging during startup, to let us know where in the process it is hanging (what progress info is displayed on the screen when it hangs, or just before it hangs). That can help pinpoint where the process might be running into issues.
  20. Yes, this is the same in the LL viewer - from the viewer top menu bar, "Help" -> "Abouit Second Life" and then the "info" tab in the pop-up window (which is the default tab). There is a "copy to clipboard" button which will copy all the information from the "info" tab for easy posting here.
  21. I'm not a gamer nor a technical person, but here's my thoughts... To me, one of the major things that makes SL unique is that just about anyone can build things (or create in outside 3D modeling tools and upload). So there will be unoptimized, non-game quality content, particularly as so much of the content in-world is created by users. There are discussions about this by users in the forums from time to time, but I think the challenge is to figure out a way to address this and still allow amatuer creators to create content and not break existing content / inventories. The answer though, in my opinion, is not to have LL create all the the content - if that was to happen it would completely change what SL is. I believe what you are referring to regarding "known issue with if your sl speed is set too high..." has to do with the network maximum bandwidth setting in preferences. From what I understand, that has to do with UDP (?) traffic of which there is not as much of as there used to be in SL's earlier years. This was discussed somewhere in the forums this past week, but I'm not sure in which thread. If you are experiencing texture thrashing - where a texture loads, and then unloads and then loads again, that may be from the Hardware Texture Memory size in the LL viewer (where it is capped at 512 MB). Several other 3rd party viewers have a larger cap for that. When I'm not using the LL viewer, I use Kokua viewer, and it caps out at 2048 MB, and I beleive that is what Firestorm caps out at also. So you might want to try one of the 3rd party viewers to see if that helps with that issue. Firestorm is very popular, has a very active group for help in-world, they regularly hold classes at their regions in-world about using the FS viewer, they have an extensive help wiki, and many here in the forums use Firestorm exclusively. Kokua is very similar to the LL viewer in look and feel, but with some of the 3rd party viewer enhancements as well. Others like Catznip which has some helpful inventory features that others don't have. Black Dragon has great tools for those seriously into taking pictures in-world. As far as resident solutions / options, many use a 3rd party viewer, many have spent time fine tuning graphics preferences for different region situations, having a handful of saved presets for different situations. Many derender items that cause problems for them or that they prefer not to see. Several settings in graphics preferences that can make a difference are draw distance (I usually cap mine at 128, but others may keep it around 64 or 96 depending on where they are and how much content is in that area. Mesh Level of Detail LOD for objects can worsen performance if it is set too high. Whether Advanced Lighting Model is on or not, and whether shadows are on or not can also affect performance. You can play around with some of these setting by going into preferences -> graphics and trying out the different settings on the quality and speed slider (low, mid, high, ultra - and points inbetween) and see how the different settings affect different setting values and your performance and rendering. Many people find settings where they are happy with the performance and save going "all out" (ultra) for special situations, like for talking pictures. It can be a trade-off for what's most important for you. There are also threads in the forums from time to time that cover or discuss topics like best practices for creating mesh for SL, tips for setting preferences for better performance, and tips about how to buy good quality content (in terms of render/load quality - land impact, texture sizes, number of tris, LOD's and so forth). Bellisseria, though very beautifully themed and landscaped, has quite a few houses and a lot of content on each region (both default landscaping and houses, and resident content on each parcel) so rendering may be more difficult here for some than on other regions in SL, or for others here in Bellisseria, depending on each person's PC capabilities and viewer settings.
  22. They should all render for you, though it might take a bit longer than you'd like. The viewer's recommended graphic settings are based on your PC and it's graphic capabilities, and it's a good starting point, but it doesn't mean that those settings are perfect for every situation you will come across when visiting different regions, nor do is mean that those settings would be the best settings for someone else. I usually start with the recommended and then do a bit of tweaking for my normal, when I'm at my home, graphics. A while back they introduced the abiltiy to create different settings in the viewer, and save them so that they could be easily switched between. Some people have one setting for 'every day around their home area', a setting for busy shopping events, a setting for going out to the club, a setting for taking pictures, and so on.
  23. I would argue that was not, and is not, the intent of that forum thread. Many posts don't make any mention of brands or specific products/add-ons, while others do because of a curiousity from someone else asking where someone got something. Second Life is really a user-created world - the amount of content that LL creates (through the Moles, who are contracted with for that purpose) is very small compared to the vast amount of content and innovations in content that have been created by residents through the years. The introduction of the new Linden Homes caused a lot of excitement among many residents, many of whom really like to decorate - and see how others choose to decorate - and that was the genesis for that thread, as well as for the 'open houses'. Back to the 'gray blob' trees - I hadn't been out in Bellisseria for quite awhile, so I popped out there a little bit ago, and stopped in the log home area, chalet area, traditional area and victorian area. I waited at each area until everything fully rezzed at the location I was at before TP'ing to the next theme area. It took about 6 minutes total, so I'd say it only took a bit over a minute at each location for everything to rez for me (including all the initially gray blob trees) which for the most part, were LL trees. Individual performance is going to vary from person to person, particularly based on viewer settings - amount of draw distance, LOD setting, where one is on the 'quality and speed' slider, whether one has shadows on or not... there are a lot of tweaking that can be done to graphics preferences to improve (or not improve) graphic performance. Where one is in SL also has a bearing on this - regions that are heavily populated/decorated often take longer to fully load. There also have been some conversations in other threads here on the forums about textures remaining gray longer than usual, but also that online performance outside of SL is not as robust for some as it was a little while ago - so some may be viewer/SL caused and some may be from other stuff happening with internet traffic in general.
  24. While there is not yet a linden home guidance book, one of the options on your mailbox does deliver a Notecard specific to the LH theme (traditional, house boat, victorian, etc.) that explains some general things about the new Linden Homes and then information specific to the type of LH theme, explaining all the options that are available to you from the control panel in the house. Many of the Bellisseria residents feel as you do (that it's a forever home), but LL has been very clear when asked about expanding functionality, etc., that they consider it an entry-level home. In addition to getting help and suggestions here in the Forums, don't overlook taking a look at the Knowledge Base (There is a tab for the Knowlege Base also, up near the top of each forum page). Information specifically about LInden Homes can be found here and also here (on the official Second Life Wiki).
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